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Britney Spears Uses Medicated Chapstick

Britney Spears Uses Medicated Chapstick

Britney Spears leaves Hollywood hotspot Les Deux late Friday night sucking on a lollipop and holding medicated Chapstick.

She was also seen covering her face with a GAP button-down shirt.

Something looks off about these pictures. Is it the camera angle? The shape of the sunglasses?

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britney spears chapstick 01
britney spears chapstick 02
britney spears chapstick 03
britney spears chapstick 04
britney spears chapstick 05

Photos: Splash News Online/Phamous Fotos
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  • Cynthia

    Her legs are tore up from the lipo she had. She had the shots everywhere according to Star, Enquirer and In Touch magazine. Liposuction is tricky, when they suck the fat away a doctor said, you will lose weight but you will start gaining weight someplace else! That sounds scary, like maybe Shitney’s turning into an……..amoeba, you know a shapeless blob!

  • Janel

    11 BE : 06/30/2007 at 12:40 pm
    If you had some brain and knowledge in you little box you would know that more than 80%
    What you said is a lie. I have 4 children and all of my friends have 2 to 5 children and non of us have ever acted like that trashy woman.

  • Janel

    Flashing her privates, making crazy looking faces, to me that is insane.

  • Janel

    She has turned on her mother and entire family, just like Jennifer Aniston. What is wrong with these rich b*tches.

  • vera

    If she wasn’t rich, she would not have her kids. She is never with them at all and acts like a nutcase. “poor Britney” is a talentless piece of white trash.

    She can’t sing, she never could.

    She is a spoiled brat who needs to be taught a lesson by having her kids taken from her for good.

    Who watches them when she is out every night and out all day with her cousin?

    And she hides from the press after telling them where she is going to be.

    She is a pathetic slut, who is stupid and ugly too.’

    Yeah, flashing her butt to the cameras is normal. She is a stupid pig.

  • Dizzy loves britney’s dingle berries

    Dizzy, now go lick britney’s asshole. you know you’re dying to

  • Dizzie loves britney’s dingleberries

    Dizzie, Now go lick Britney’s A-hole

    you know that is what you live for

  • m

    Is it just me…is that really her? The face shape looks all wrong. Look at the nose and mouth – it really doesn’t look like her at all.

  • Courtney

    Poor Britney. She just looks AWFUL. I love that girl, but she really seems to need help.

    (Plz check out my celeb site, click my name to visit it)

  • me

    Britney? Eh over it already.

    Come on…do more stuuff on Sophia Bush, for me, please lol
    Seriously she’s awesome :)

  • eternal*damnation

    why is this biatch never around when there’s a terrorist atrocity? why must good people die and this skank live? There are so many innocent people who have real lives, real responsibilities and people who love them. Then there is Britney Spears..the most futile life on the planet. Can’t we exchange her for some hostages like that BBC journalist Alan Johnston? He is such a good man and doesn’t deserve to die and surely the terrorists would want someone more high profile and somebody they’d take great pleasure in executing, like this f$%&ing weaved c&nt. I would love to watch this wh**e get whacked on the internet.

  • Didi

    61 I hate the sk*ank but you are beyond contempt for that horrible comment. I mean why would anyone want to watch Britney being executed on the internet??

    we’d rather have the DVD please, bonus features included~ blue ray if possible.

  • Christine

    damn Britney!! that GAP shirt is a size XXL! hmm…i wonder if that shirt is hers or someone elses??

  • shelly

    she looks terrible she really has gone down hill her complexion is suffering now

  • Lu

    I can’t believe that ppl are still blaming her eratic behavior on postpartum depression! That is so damn funny.

    Listen, you can NOT get admitted to an alcohol/drug treatment center UNLESS you fit the criteria. They do not admit people simply for PPD. That would be a whole other type of treatment center.

    It is a known fact that not only does Britney notify the Paparazzi as to where she will be going but that she herself SELLS her own photos.

    Britney is spiraling out of control – I seriously hope that Kevin & Lynne file for full custody of those boys before Brit pulls a Benoit. She is not a stable person.

    (Oh & she can’t sing either).

  • cat

    is she going to a rave with that lollipop, using extacasy much, brit?

  • Shy

    Oh my God… and i thought that only fanistons are from another planet. Apparently Britney’s fans have the same mental problems. At least fanistons have an excuse to be that retarded hypocrites – they were once cheated or terribly afraid to be one day. But Britney’s fans – what are your excuse? Seriously people – how can you be fan of THAT? For God’s sake – HOW? They way she behaves her mother, family, children…. That is unforgivable. And YOU… They way you were saying when they media reported that she restrained an order towards her own mother… they you sad – “Go Brit, fu**k you Lynn, go away Lynn ” and other stuff like that… Gosh people…. Fanistons looking more like hypocrites, but you don’t look like you are stupid – you look like retards.

    I did like Britney back days. When she was with Justin and after. I used to come to her sites for news and stuff . But after her “baldness” the old Britney died for me. But it was that her sarcastic statement to the paparazzi on the X17 site that have killed me. They way she talked in her tiny little voice at the beginning (when she talked to her fans) and than that talking about Jesus, rehab, manager… HOW SHE WAS TALKING. My first thought was deep-deep shock. Who is this person? It’s now the person i saw on tv for 7 years. Who is that spoiled brat? THAT IS THE REAL BRITNEY. And that is not the person we all thought we new. That is how she is in real life. AND THAT WHY SO MANY PEOPLE BEGIN TO HATE HER. Me included. Because now she is showing what really person she is. Before she was playing role that her producers create for her. And don’t understand why. Go to X17online and watch that clip. That was the moment when Britney died for me once and forever.

  • what a waste

    She’s awfully pathetic. I used to like her but not now. Poor kids of hers.

  • Gargamel

    That’s not her. Look closer. This girl has a cleft in her chin, her face is narrower, and her features sharper. Flatter boobs too. Perhaps a double to throw paps off the scent?

  • doxielu61

    I am sorry for her children. Their Mom does not know the first thing about raising babies. She is a baby herself. Never thought I would think KF would be a better parent but he has seemed to have stepped up to the plate. Their Mommy has stepped into outer space…..shame on her.

  • KD

    Coo-coo! Call DHR.

  • well

    Wow for a moment I thought she was Alice Cooper. Yikes!

  • sparrow

    the 25 year old girls I know look GREAT. they don’t need lipo, they don’t need hair extensions, they have nice skin and nice bodies–

    OH but I forgot to mention that they eat well, exercise, don’t stay out all night, don’t drink all the time, work at a job they like, and love their mothers.

    Maybe there is a correlation????

    If your soul isn’t beautiful on the inside, it does tend to affect the outside.