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The Princes Preview 'Concert for Diana'

The Princes Preview 'Concert for Diana'

Princes William and Harry attend rehearsal with neo-soul singer Joss Stone prior to The Concert For Diana at Wembley Stadium on Saturday in London, UK.

Concert for Diana, the musical celebration of the life of Princess Diana, can be seen in its entirety on VH1 Sunday.

The network will air the show from 11AM to 5PM Sunday, on what would have been Diana’s 46th birthday. NBC will air highlights of the event from 9 to 11 p.m. Sunday.

Here’s a tentative run-down of the concert’s events:

The first segment: A welcome from Princes William and Harry; Elton John (who closes the night as well): Nelly; James Morrison; Lily Allen; The Feeling; Fergie; Duran Duran; The English National Ballet.

The second segment: Status Quo; Joss Stone; Orson; Roger Hodgson of Supertramp; Tom Jones; Will Young; Natasha Bedingfield; Pharrell; Bryan Ferry; an Andrew Lloyd Webber blowout, featuring Donny Osmond, Andrea Bocelli and more.

Third segment: Rod Stewart; Kanye West; Diddy; Take That (possibly reuniting with Robbie Williams); Elton John.

P.S. WOW!! I never knew how light Harry‘s eyebrows were until I saw this close-up.

15+ pictures inside of Prince William & Prince Harry getting their concert on…

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01 prince harry concert for diana
02 prince william joss stone
03 prince harry concert for diana
04 prince william concert for diana
05 prince william prince harry concert for diana
prince harry concert for diana 01
prince harry concert for diana 02
prince harry concert for diana 03
prince harry concert for diana 04
prince harry concert for diana 05
prince william concert for diana 01
prince william concert for diana 02
prince william concert for diana 03
prince william concert for diana 04

Photos:, MJ Kim/Getty
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  • lola

    hot harry!

  • Amy

    I agree, Harry is the sexy one. He looks just like his real father.

  • gala

    joss stone has great legs

  • Sophia

    I see Bryan Adams is not on that list?!?!!

  • Sophia

    Too bad. I thought they changed their minds about that. I read about a month ago that Bryan Adams is not going to be there, there was an article about it I don’t remember where… Well, too bad.
    By the way isn’t Lilly Allen gonna be in prison?

  • alexandrina

    Their Mother would be proud of them both!She loved them dearly also!!God Bless them!

  • Christina

    this is so sweet, I can’t wait to watch it. It’s nice that they’re doing this for their mom. It’s so sad that they had to lose her and so young too..

  • Hunter

    2 Amy : 06/30/2007 at 12:14 pm
    I agree, Harry is the sexy one. He looks just like his real father.

    I agree with the first part of your post, but who did you mean the “real father”??? I havent heard that part of the gossip yet

  • Christina

    Harry’s eyebrows are like that because a lot of natural redheads have light light eyebrows

  • Lillianne

    Both princes are wearing ID? Seriously, is there anyone on the planet who does not know who they are?

  • Natalie

    William is so hot. Yum.

    Anyway, I think its really awesome that the two of them have stepped up to do this for Di, in her memory. Everyone in the royal family seems to have their own major flaws, drama, and secrets.. Diana included. But all in all, she was a beautiful person inside and out. She’d be proud of her sons if she was with us today.

  • Diana

    Joss is really tall …

    They both look unusually cute in these pictures, they look happy!

    Harry´s real father is …. another red hair chap! so they say.

  • WTF

    ” agree with the first part of your post, but who did you mean the “real father”??? I havent heard that part of the gossip yet ”

    Yet?? That rumour is so old.

  • blah

    william is hot

  • r

    diana’s brother has red hair too so his hair color comes from his mother

  • Davidson

    Even I know that Diana didn’t mean that other red-haired “chap” until Harry was two years old. Harry looks like Charles in terms of the eyes. Seriously, compare the two.

  • Davidson

    I meant to say, “…Diana didn’t *meet*..”

  • Leslie

    Dayum they’re both looking good, I think Harry wins by a tad.

  • Dina

    For God’s Sake, Prince Harry IS PRINCE CHARLES’s son! Anyone, who’s ever seen the picture of the two of them together can hardly doubt.

    1. Diana met that Hewitt man only in 1986 (Harry was born in 1984)
    2. Those red hair come from the Spencers
    3. Harry’s shade of red hair differs from Hewitt’s shade
    4. Hewitt himself admitted Harry can’t possibly be his son
    5. Harry reminds Charles in every way – mannerism and physical traits like ears, chin, eyes, nose.

  • Suzz

    Yawn …

    Since when blogs are taken seriously! Go and read The New York Post or The Guardian and chilled out!

    I hope to see Kate there, that is for sure.

  • You/Me

    Harry is so damn good-looking! I mean, he just exudes sexiness. I’m sure Prince william is a nice guy too,lol. He has a certain charm to him.

  • Amanda

    William & Joss should date. She’d be a bitchin’ future Queen of England.

  • Mary

    wow joss stone is giving harry a really close tight hug!

  • ME

    Joss Stone’s hair is such an offensive color. She’s performing on behalf of the royal family, you’d think she would make it not so vulgar.

  • Raichill

    Harry gets his red hair from Diana’s family. He is not James Hewitt’s son, he is definitely Charles’ son. He has the same eyes as Charles and his grandfather Prince Phillip.

  • Matahari

    How tall is prince William? Josh Stone is a tall girl, and P. William still a lot taller, he must be really tall.

  • H

    william and joss stone make a great couple. I think they should definitely date.

  • Cyndi

    They look great and I can’t wait for the concert.

  • http://deleted gmami

    I heard that Joss is a slut. i heard that in the music industry is known that she sleeps with everyone. If it would help her career, she would even have sex with a dog. She should serously think about doing a porn videeo for publicity. She is not even all that she should be careful about concracting something.

  • B R Girl

    I think Harry is cuter now. When they were kids William was cuter but now I really think Harry is hot now.

  • http://deleted gmami

    Damn Harry is so freaking hot i’ll do him. william seems a little slow like his father. He looks so much his father he is so freaking ugly.

  • boss

    oooooohhhhhhhhh, i bet chelsey davy wasn’t too thrilled with that so obvious i want to eff you hug joss stone gave harry! girl needs to be a little more subtle, ya think? hope harry has the good sense to stay away from joss. this is a good thing they are doing for their mother, glad they did it.

  • Natasha

    What a nice gesture to remember our Princess Diana.

  • Miss Windjammer

    So funny, when these two were younger I always thought William looked just like Di and Harry looked just like Prince Charles… now they’re both taking on characteristics of the other.

    They are both really hot.

  • angelah

    Nice line up!! What theyre doing is really nice for the remembrance of Princess Di.

    Oh yea, Harry’s my pick ;-) .

  • cat

    harry looks exactly like james hewitt. it’s uncanny.

  • Lillianne

    There’s a star shining brighter tonight and it’s Princess Diana beaming down on her two precious boys. They are a reflection of her kind heart.

  • Anonymous

    Google says Prince W is 6’3″ and Prince H is 6’2. That is very tall.

  • [marie]

    I’m not sure when Harry got cuter than William, but it sure is evident in these pictures. WTF happened Willy my boy?

  • mj

    Joss Stone is amazing!!!!!!!!!! I love her voice and styling so glad they asked her to be part of this wonderful tribute. That being said, I do wish she’d go back to her natural color hair-but she is til beautiful and down o earth.

  • boss

    36 cat : 06/30/2007 at 11:38 pm
    harry looks exactly like james hewitt. it’s uncanny.

    Really? I think he resembles Princess Di’s brother and in that one picture he is the spitting image of Diana. I know alot of people say he might be Hewitt’s son but I just don’t see it. I saw on FOX NEWS this morning how they were comparing his “red hair and ruddy complexion” to Hewitt’s and I was thinking ‘Hello? He IS English!’ his father has a ruddy complexion and his uncle has red hair….so did his mother when she was younger. I think it’s cruel for the public to speculate on who his father is. Besides, Harry is his own man.

  • Didi

    you shouldn’t speak ill of the dead but fact of the matter is, Diana was a sl*t when she was alive, so this entire concert is a load of fawning sh*t. yeah she did some charitable walkabouts and was fond of some leper, but this hysterical bufoonry which turned her from sl*g in the gags to overnight untouchable saint and icon needs to stop. It’s been 10 f*cking years and we don’t care about Diana anymore (i never cared then either). Her life was a joke and she was a publicity wh*re like every other celebrity, yes she did charity work but so what? did the rest of the royal family it was just never reported and paraded on purpose. It’s about time we stopped putting her own some sky high pedastal and her two fagg*t sons. ie goldicocks and ginger b*llocks, need to get a life because the rest of the country has moved on and will no longer walk on egg shells for the sake of their sensibilites since they are men now and not boys. They need to stop complaining about documentaries showing photos of their mums crash because it’s a public right to know what happened and to show that the paparrazi were not to blame for her death. She died because she was an idiot, her entire relationship with Dodi Fayed was a fabricated publicity stunt to make Hasnat Khan, the real target of her affections, jealous. The photogs were hired by Diana to take pictures of her on Dodi’s boat in her bathing suit. She was no admirable figure so this concert is a pile of p*ss.

  • blabla

    It is so nice that they are doing this for there mom.

  • Elizabeth

    My heart still breaks for Diana, she would be so proud of them! And man has Harry grown into his handsom-est or what??

  • Davidson


    Your moral hysteria is pure hypocrisy. Heterosexuality is quite natural (in case you didn’t know) and if it’s acceptable for men to have sex with woman, well then it should be acceptable for women to have sex with men.

  • André

    I love Joss Stone.
    She’s just amazing.
    William is adorable.

  • André

    These rumors about Joss sleeping with someone are nonsense because when you sing like her you really don’t need to do anything else to be recognized.
    It’s either jealousy or a attempt to bring her down. For sure.

  • André

    Ans I think she should go back to her blonde hair. It was the most beautiful hair I’ve ever seen.

  • Jill

    Both William and Harry are handsome looking men. From the pics it looks like William must have a good sense of humor.

  • cat

    great post didi, i whole heartly agree.

    and it didn’t hurt that di knew the royals would hate her being with dodi for all the obvious reasons.she stuck it to hasnat along with the royals by being with dodi, but in the end diana wound up destroying herself.