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McSteamy's Crotch Gets McGrabbed

McSteamy's Crotch Gets McGrabbed

Public groping alert!!

Grey’s Anatomy hunkadoc Eric Dane, aka Dr. Mark “McStreamy” Sloane, gets the squeeze from actress wife Rebecca Gayheart aboard a private yacht on Sunday in Porto Cervo, Italy.

Gayheart, 35, got frisky in the middle of the boat ride, copping a couple feels of her hunky hubby. Dane, 34, maintained a straight face the entire way through his wife’s public crotch massage. Good thing the boy nearby was busy playing with his PSP!


Later in the afternoon, Dane took the pleasure in hosing down Gayheart‘s derrière before she went topless tanning on deck.

25+ super steamy McStreamy pictures inside…

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01 mcsteamy crotch grab
02 mcsteamy crotch grab
03 eric dane crotch grab
04 eric dane crotch grab
05 eric dane shirtless
06 mcsteamy shirtless
07 rebecca gayheart bikini
08 rebecca gayheart bikini
09 rebecca gayheart topless
10 rebecca gayheart topless
eric dane bikini wash 01
eric dane bikini wash 02
eric dane bikini wash 03
eric dane boat ride
eric dane shirtless 01
eric dane shirtless 02
eric dane yacht 01
eric dane yacht 02
eric dane yacht 03
eric dane yacht 04
mcsteamy bikini wash 01
mcsteamy bikini wash 02
mcsteamy bikini wash 03
mcsteamy bikini wash 04
rebecca gayheart bikini 01
rebecca gayheart bikini 02

Photos:, Italy Press/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Francophile


  • Sophia

    Oh she was in Nip/Tuck. She played the blind chick. Believe me, I know.

  • uhhh

    he is way too hot!

    i want more eric dane pics.

  • J3$$!C@

    har har nice. Me next.

  • Colbert ROCKS!

    Nice, he is very hot and so is their feelins for one another.

  • sami

    How funny!

  • Mimi

    I remember her in BH,90210!
    She was a wife of Dylan who died so soon, right?

  • spunky

    kinda cute…love him on Grey’s Anotomy

  • Cat

    shit, he cut his hair….

  • Meagan

    geez thank goddness that little boy didn’t see

  • Um

    Did you ever think you’d see a straight guy look p*ssed that a hot woman was grabbing his crotch? What’s up with that?

  • spunky

    im glad the the kid did not turn around to see what was going on…LOL!

  • Natalie

    Good GOD. That man is fine as hell.

    I love Eric Dane

  • Didi

    poor kid, I bet he can see the reflection on the screen and is probably thinking oh god moms grabbing dads peepee again I wish theyd get a f*cking room and stop grossing me the f*ck out.

  • Mrs. Fugly

    Jesus! It’s hilarous but, people sure love to flash don’t they? A little sun must make them crazy.

  • [marie]

    His bulge looks a little small doesn’t it? Or maybe it’s just me.

  • sarah

    OMG, eric dane is so hot!!! but I don’t like his wife!!!I don’t think she’s hot!!!she’is ………………..!!!!!!ahahahahahhahah!!!!!!!

  • Shoes4life

    She has a really great body and he is hott but need a little more sun.

    I must say the pappzo’s are really invading celeb’s very private moments nowadays, there is nothing sacred to them if they think it will turn them a buck. The next thing we will be seeing are celebs in the bathroom taking dumps and it will be all the new rage. Geez!

  • Meagan


    that’s not that kids parents, Eric and Rebecca has no kids, fyi

  • Burpie

    Hot, hot, hot. That man is one of the finest I’ve ever seen. Yum.

  • Honey

    That poor kid lol

  • Didi

    well if you’re are bothered about privacy then dont try and feel up your husbands f*cking balls in clear view. it’s their own fault. i have no sympathy for celebs. they love this attention. you’ll be suprised how many pay to have these kinds of photos taken just to get into the tabloids and be talked about. don’t be fooled as it’s all a game and it’s all choreographed most of the time. yes theres the odd juicy scandal or indiscretion thats exposed now and again but tough sh*t. thats the price you pay for having notoriety and fame as well as being a d*ck for putting yourself in that situation in the first place. However, if you want to control your image and live a private life it’s possible as a famous person..look at janet jacksons, she was secretly married for 10 yrs and no one even knew until she filed for divorce.

    the only downside for these people is they can’t have sex in public, or defecate in the streets anonymously. well boohoo my heart bleeds.

  • Didi

    makes sense because married couples stop all that fondling sh*t after kids. they are both still in the ‘can’t keep their hands to themselves stage’

    anyway, why is there a kid on their private yacht

  • dont be

    he is way to hot for her eric dane is seriously hotter than any guy out there good thing he grew out of that awkward teenage days because he was a little fuggly

  • Mondo Bongo

    Say What????????

    I love a girl that knows how to handle her Business.. :smile:

  • Mary

    puhahahaha it’s funny that his member is already hard when she’s touching it. muhaha

  • Ms. Annabelle

    theres a place and a time for that, get a room

  • Mrs. Fugly

    That’s grabbing him by the BALLS! FuckingHillariouASS!

  • Sarah

    Mrs McSlag or McKiller? Which one best suits?

  • black

    Wow——–they really fit I would say.

    And they kinda have that “we will be together for a while” vibe going, don´t you think?

    Ts, ts…….crazy girl.

  • black

    The look he gives her is so Mark sloanish……really funny.

  • black

    Ok,ok…..I know, triple posting…..BUT, he´s 34??

    I really thought that he was 40 or something like that. And is his hair grey or what??

    It shines way too much!

  • buggey

    IT’s her husband! It’s hers to grab. Women do this all the time. No big deal.

  • Tallchic

    Eric Dane is awesome! It’s funny tho………he doesn’t look too happy in any of the pics. Not even a smirk for the crotch grab! Nice!

  • Dieter

    she is really hot. wonderful woman with a hot ass and nice tits – I would love my dick being grabbed by her !!!

  • EAD

    Based on his body language (which could be very misleading) he doesn’t really look like he’s getting into the wife running around topless. I don’t know, if it were me I’d kinda want him to have his hands all over me (just how she has her hands all over him). Looks like she’s way more into him.

    I think they are both very good looking and I like them as a couple. I could careless about the topless stuff, I assume this is a “When in Rome” kinda thing. It sucks that their private vacation gets this kind of attention but they know the razzi is all over this stuff. I won’t feel sorry if she gats upset over the public topless pics, she knows better.

    That’s my $.25 cents worth.

  • Martha

    How very European of her… trust me, toplessness on beaches and boats is common practice around the Mediterranean.

    I’m a little surprised at the crotch grab when kids are around though… not a good thing.

  • Jim

    Le b**** is trying to make us green to dead or what ?
    Oh Mcdreamy!!

  • me

    um.. ok.. kinda wierd… but still cute. i can understand her i would wanna do the same thing ^^

  • Natalie

    She is not hot enough for His Royal Hotness!!

  • Holly

    This crazy bitch killed a little boy a couple of years ago by running him over while chatting on her cell phone. I doubt grabbing her hubby’s crotch in front of a kid even phases her. Disgusting!

  • Chris

    He’s way too hot for her. I smell a breakup in the future here. He’s doesn’t look interested in her at all and she’s grabbing his balls.

  • Chad

    Gee, when you said he hosed down her derriere I figured it was some double entendre for what happened after the grab. Disappointing.

  • settle down kiddies

    Oh come on, let’s not get upset over a little fun, adult play. They are a married couple who probably didn’t see the cameraman.

    At least his WOODY isn’t poking out of his pants.

    There is nothing wrong with preparing the guy for a little action later on. When people do things like this with a whole boatload of people on board (plus little persons), it makes everything DANGEROUS AND FUN.

    To keep the married life fires stoked, a girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do sometimes. He was not grinning here, but he was grinning later on.

    McSteamy is hot. He sometimes looks like a better-looking Brad Pitt. His wife has beautiful eyes.

    Great couple.

  • Gayheart = child killer

    Please stop giving press coverage to this reckless-driving child killer who never served a single day in jail. She’s the epitome of everything that is wrong with our justice system: the unfair privilege given to rich Hollywood white actresses, the racist disregard of non-white lives.

    If she had ANY shame at all, she’d get out of Hollywood and the public eye. But she goes on trying to act like it never happened, and hiring a publicist/ paid bloggers to support her. Bitch deserves no support whatsoever.

  • Juicy Couture

    Eeek, he has chicken legs !!! All my fantasies are shattered !!

  • Justin

    they look like they’re discussing their income taxes while she’s squeezing the bejeezus outta his crotch. Not that hot, people.

  • athena

    oh plis, jst leave thm be its not like ya’ll dnt do that. u r goin on n on abt da kid he wasn’t looking. thy r married n having fine. to hell wit ur hollier than thou plis! shame on ya’ll

  • athena

    mcsteamy any day

  • tebogo

    a ko le lese batho bao! ka ba nyalane le tshwenngwa ke eng? gape ngwana yoo ga a leba ne ba e kutswa hela. makgoa the le rata go itira botoka! ka le lona la ira le phaphisiwa eng?