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Maddox & Pax Share Clothes!

Maddox & Pax Share Clothes!

Not only do Maddox and lil’ sis Zahara share clothes, Maddox gives his hand-me-downs to lil’ bro Pax as well!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie‘s 3-year-old son Pax wore the black-and-gray striped shirt mid-June during a visit to the doctor’s office with dad.

Maddox, 5, also wore the same cute striped shirt last November during a boat ride in Mumbai, India with lil’ sis Zahara and their parents.

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688 Responses to “Maddox & Pax Share Clothes!”

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  1. 676
    the truth teller Says:

    Lmao baby carrot. that’s a good one.

  2. 677
    carrots Says:

    LOL. More like a vienna sausage! yum!

  3. 678
    NEW THREAD Says:

    ***NEW THREAD***

  4. 679
    live and let live Says:

    Truth tell and carrtos stop watching porn tapes.

  5. 680
    Jill Says:

    671 NY Lurker :

    I’m from NYC also and I haven’t seen anybody drinking that Smartwater cr*p.

  6. 681
    Jill Says:

    The Jenhags have finally realized that Brad has dumped Jen’s ugly a** for good, so now they’ve decided Brad is gay and/or has a teenie weenie.
    Question: do you have to be terminally stupid to be a Jen fan to begin with, or does being a Jen fan make you stupid?

  7. 682
    abby Says:


    Honestly, if you need to resort to discussing their sex life (which none of us know anything about so please, don’t pretend that you do) or insulting the person on the opposing “team” or whatever just to be loyal to your own “team” then really you’re no better than the person you’re arguing with. It is ignorant and a waste of time to run on with a fool.

    I visit this site to check in on my favorite celebs – it is meant to be a pleasant experience yet day after day every JP thread devolves into a childish skirmish between Team JP and Team Aniston. I don’t post often, I usually just check out the pics and get out quickly but I like JJ and this has gotten out of control. Yes, I get it that Team Aniston can’t get over what was apparently the break-up of all break-ups (no one acted this way 2 yrs later with Tom and Penelope, and just think Nicole was pregnant but I digress) and Angie has been deemed the cause of all evil in the world and we, Team JP feeled compelled to fight for her honor but must we lower ourselves to such levels? Can’t we allow our adversaries to show simply by their own fanaticism how their hatred and invective toward AJ on JA’s behalf is somewhat out of sync with reality, especially since they held no personal stake in the relationship. Can’t we, as Team JP have a bit more class than Team Aniston, and not allow ourselves to be baited time and time again. Why bother? You’re not going to change their attitude toward AJ or make them go away. Yeah, maybe you alleviate a momentary frustration but each time we sink to their level we can’t exactly look down on them for using the same outrageous behavior when defending the celeb they happen to love.
    For my part, I am indifferent toward JA. I’m not a fan of her work but I don’t hate her simply because she was Brad’s wife. They had a relationship and whomever you choose to believe as to why it ended, she was hurt naturally. Whether I agree or not, I can understand her actions. I don’t understand fans, again, who are outside of this relationship, taking it upon themselves to personally attack another person that they really know little about beyond their public image, and beyond that, attacking fans of said person. It’s been two years; the only person who has a right to be upset about this is JA. As fans, it only drags out JA private pain further into the open and encourages the rags to be even more ruthless in their weekly pursuit of a juicy story. But the thing is, this is REAL people! The atmosphere is helping no one.

    Anyway, before I get out of here, it just boggles my mind how certain so many people, on both sides, claim to be of so called “facts”. Just because you may read every rag on the newsstand from cover to cover and troll the internet 24/7 for all tibits regarding these people doesn’t mean you know the entire story. It galls me that we fans seem to think that we know absolutely everything there is about our favorite celebs as though life and conversations don’t take place outside of the view of the pap’s camera. And I won’t even start on the so called “insiders” that every rag gets their anonymous quotes from, yet we follow this crap, and apparently, many of us (Team JP and Aniston alike) seem to take it as gospel – cause L&S and the like has never been known to be wrong. Those mags should be found in a new “fiction/nonfiction/It’s anyone’s guess” section at the bookstore yet here we fight to the “death” over rumors that are mostly the result of a few vague truths and the overactive imagination of some writer who needs to make up something in order to make a deadline than anything truly factual. But you can’t tell a fanatic to stop and think …

  8. 683
    truth be said Says:

    PT, you make my day! the commentary on the tabloids were hillarious… really cracks me up!! Been a long time since I’ve taken time to read the comments… too many trolls and venoms…uuugghhh.. made my skin crawl.. I usually read JJ then skim through first few comments , that says 1st!! and that sorts :) ( made me smile ) then when start hitting the trolls I’ll back out and read other stuff.Sometime put in a comment but usually too sick of the whole mud slinging thing to bother. But I’m glad today I make the time to read, rather than pass!
    Funny thing you say about Putrid LOL I always though she has the foot and mouth desease too! Pretty flaky thing , that one.
    Sometimes I feel guilty for enjoying Brangelina and Family too much as if contributing to the invasion of their privacy but if a week go by and I do not have new news of them I get withdrawal symptoms , so I cave in and go thru the blogs combing for any scrap of news, though my Fav site is always JJ since he has the best stuff about them.
    I agree with Emily , my God if Mcdreamy and gayheart were Angie and Brad can you imagine the comments and the HOTNESSSS!!!! I actually sat and watch the blurry vid on U-tube of the make out session at Cannes about 20 timess.. felt a bit dirty praying in their privacy like that but my God, thet piece of Pitt Porn made my man happy for a whole week!! ;)

  9. 684
    Angelina Says:

    screw it. they’re adorable.

    or maybe they’re doing it on purpose to see what the reaction of the media is. maybe? anyone agrees? haha

  10. 685
    Lolita Says:

    Lora #675

    One of the dumbest things I’ve read on these boards in a long time
    is your comment: ‘pictures don’t lie’—and that is saying something.

    Don’t ask me why I care to respond but I do.
    I suppose its ’cause it worries me that you are so misguided.
    How on earth are you getting thru life thinking that what you see in
    a photo is truth?

    A photo snaps a moment in a 2 dimensional way. It cannot possible capture
    our true essence because our true essence is multi-dimensional.

    eg. I don’t have a double chin but if you snap a pic of me leaning back
    in my lawn chair, it’ll look like I have a double chin. Duh.

    Anybody that ‘knows’ me here, knows I don’t care for Janiston.
    But let’s get real. She is not ugly. She spends a lot of time
    and attention on her looks and it pays off.

    She has many attractive physical qualities and calling her ugly is
    just plain silly—
    By that standard of what constitutes beauty, most women are ugly and
    that is not fair.

    Do you like it when people show pics of Angie’s veiny arms and suggest
    that she is anorexic and worse, an emaciated drug addict?

    I should think not. But there are pics of her with her veins showing.
    And those that hate our Angie rejoice.
    *** for tat.

    There’s plenty to dislike about Aniston to keep us posters busy.
    My point is that dissing her physical features inadvertantly disses
    a lot of sweet, lovely, innocent women and that’s unbecoming of us.

    Feel free to continue if that’s your bag but don’t get defensive when
    Jensfans come back swinging at Angie.

    Posting unattractive photos is for those too lazy or too illiterate to
    get into a respectable debate IMHO.

    You better look more closely at photos Lora. You are being lied to
    everyday and apparently its going right over your head……..

  11. 686
    cannes-do Says:

    i liked ur posts, lolita, especially the last one. the fugly pics of
    maniston are getting old. i cant stand her either but i was so p*ssed when
    i saw them chop of a few millimetres of angie’s arms last STAR issue.
    they do stuff like that all the time all the time all the time.
    so people still not know this?
    i agree with you that when we keep putting up ugly photos of maniston
    over and over again, her fans will scour the internet looking for payback
    photos of angie—–so what was accomplished?
    thats why keeping it real is always the best policy!

    passing thru—great post, great read, thanx muchos!

  12. 687
    daria Says:

    Why wouldn’t they? Kids grow fast. I’m sure Maddox only wore that shirt two or three times before outgrowing it anyway. If it were my family, Z and Shiloh would wear it at some point as well.

  13. 688
    Tommy Says:

    Looks like Pax is pretty comfy in his new black burnout t-shirt from Lollipop Zen! Check him out!

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