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Kate Middleton: Mommy & Me Time!

Kate Middleton: Mommy & Me Time!

Kate Middleton goes for a walk with her mom on Monday morning, the day after the Concert for Diana (she sat close by ex-beau Prince William).

Kate‘s mom, Carole Middleton (née Goldsmith), used to be a flight attendant (air hostess).

Kate and Wills reportedly did not break up after all. It might have been a “carefully planned royal hoax.”

10+ pictures inside of Middleton & and her mom…

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Photos: Simon Hammond/Splash News Online
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  • gala

    kate is thin, but she looks good

  • michelle

    I wish they would get married if it was a good match!

  • JustJaredPoster

    Prince William needs to date someone who does something other than shop and follow him around.

  • Mattanja

    She does not shop all the time, she has a job at Jigsaw.

    I hope they get back together..
    They were a nice couple.

  • Maria

    Hope William finds someone else. There’s something about this girl I don’t like. Sorry.

  • JustJaredPoster

    “she has a job at Jigsaw”

    Oh yeah she works four days a week as an accessories buyer. Sounds like she’s doing serious things with her life. I bet

  • Hassy

    She’s Royal Beauty. Only Wills can like her….

  • kiersten

    I hope William nor Harry marry before the age of 30. They have a lifetime to be married and if more people waited until they matured fully, there would not be so many problems. Why even have a serious girlfriend for five years like William and never date anyone else in the prime of your life? He has no life experiences except with her as far as relationships go?

    And why is Harry in a serious relationship at his age? These are the times of your life before such serious commitments.

    Diana married at 19 and look what happened. Hopefully, they will not settle until they live more of their life without such ties.

  • Maria

    Kate’s slenderness may mean something, like getting ready for an upcoming wedding like most bride-to-be does when they’re getting ready to fit in their wedding dress. That’s probably why they staged a hoax breakup so they won’t be distracted with their plans.

  • anon

    Prince William should have takened Charlotte Casiraghi for his Princess. She’s already in the lineage and way more beautiful and regal than Kate Middleclass.

  • JustJaredPoster

    “Kate’s slenderness may mean something, like getting ready for an upcoming wedding like most bride-to-be does when they’re getting ready to fit in their wedding dress.”

    That’s stupid anyone with a brain knows that when your that famous breaking up will only cause more attention to the relationship. She’s probably losing weight because she’s stressed about the fact that she got dumped and now Will will only see her in private and ignores her in public.

  • hu

    ” 8 kiersten : 07/02/2007 at 1:45 pm”

    i agree with you people should marry in their 30′s
    you first of all have to know what you want to do with your life
    know who you are and then marry if you want
    look at britney she married when she was 22and she obviously doesn’t know who she is that’s why her marriage didn’t worked.
    Concerning kate i think she’s boring and average nothing really stunning .
    Isn’t she part jewish(Goldsmith)?

  • Mmmmm

    She seems real tall but way too thin.

  • sarah

    she looks like a princess!!!GO KATE MIDDLETON!!!!!!!

  • myself

    I dont think she’s thin at all..not fat, but she’s got meat on her..she has a good body – not too thin/ not fat. I think she’s extremely average..her face really is plain jane.

  • Diana

    She must look like her dad.

    I think she is stunning.

  • inhirnamy137

    I think she is average pretty ,very girl next door,…nothing special or exotic, Will is average looking, so looks wise…GOOD MATCH. Her n Will are boring and the Queen probably likes the “good girl” Plain Jane who will fit right in with the stuff royal clan.

  • Apple

    She looks like a whore.

  • Mediterranean

    to ANON, I haven been thinking like you for very long time. Charlotte of Monaco is the best thing can happen to the British Family in these days, especially to William of Wales.

    If they made up this break-up story just to get rid of the papparazzis around Kate, WHY DID THEY SHOW UP TOGETHER ONLY AFTER TWO MONTHS? This sounds really stupid, swear by God! All this comedy was just for 2 months? Who is trying to fool who here?

    “This is MY OWN opinion”, they broke up but the things have been said, written about Kate and her family must not have been found nice by some of the British Royal members. They are trying to save the dignity of Kate and her family.

    Kate is a bore! I do hope that William finds someone very soon! Maybe he’ll have a holiday in South of France….

  • none

    I had always heard that Charlotte/William was a match made in heaven. However, isn’t it impossible because she is catholic? I like Kate though, and think she is a good match for him.

  • maddie

    Charlotte of Monaco may seem like a good prospect for William; however if he wants to remain in line for the throne he cannot marry a catholic. There is a provision in the Act of Settlement, 1701 which states that only protestant descendants of princess Sophia grand daughter of King James 1 can succeed to the English Throne.
    If William did want to marry Charlotte, or any other Catholic, then he, Prince Charles, or the Queen would have to talk to the Prime Minister about amending the law. But the Queen is also, formally, the head of the church of England which is protestant.
    So unless William abdicates he will to marry someone who is member of a protestant faith be it Kate or someone else

  • sa

    BORING and not special plus why are we seing her more than the princes???????????

  • Davidson


    Where the hell are you from–Afghanistan?! What part about her photo just screams, “Here is a woman of loose sexual morals?” Your use of a blatant slur (as overwhelmingly popular as it may be) is a sign of your bigotry towards this woman for being female (Yes, you may be female yourself but it doesn’t preclude you from being an intolerant ass).

    Good God, people.

  • Davidson

    I agree: Charlotte is absolutely gorgeous, but she is, indeed, Catholic and also she despises press intrusion of her privacy. Besides, William is quite unfortunate looking now. Quite.

  • Mediterranean

    I am not English and I would like to ask someone who is English: H.R.H. Prince of Wales is married to a divorced lady. Is there any law which does not allow the future king to? Will he become the head of England with his second marriage to someone who got divorce before marrying him?

    William will become a symbolic king in 21st century. Maybe until he becomes king, many things can be changed.

  • Gen


    So extremely well said. Apple has been making a few questionable comments lately. YOU SAID IT, I COULDN’T AGREE WITH YOU MORE :)

  • rtms

    I can understand why they may have pull a fake break up and now seem to be back together again. When they broke up there was so much publicity and speculation that they were engaged, with the press hounding both of them, especially Kate. By faking a break up they lessened the pressure. Yes they may be back together but for now it’s more muted.

  • ST

    why should we care about british monarchy?
    It is out of fashion and boring indeed this girl is not even beautiful
    and seems to be fake.

  • malibumom

    The British Monarchy is a part of history. I care. If it were not for the British Monarchy-America as we know it would not exist. We fled to worship as we pleased-we fought to be free from taxation that gave us no representation so Britain is a part of our history too. I don’t care who they marry as long as they are happy-loved Diana -wish she were still here-

  • angelinammm

    beautiful girl

  • Walter

    Beautiful she is! Good luck to her and Prince William! Best couple that can be!

  • marina

    to the posters above about age and marriage: Prince Charles did marry in his thirties, and look what happaned. I think that that mess inhis marriage was no only Diana’s fault, he ws way older that her…

  • Jane

    Kate’s gorgeous and sensible. If that’s boring, fine. The royal family doesn’t need drama. They aren’t entertainers or movie stars, they have a serious public role in the nation’s life.

    I have also been wondering why both Wills and Harry had longtime girlfriends at a relatively young age. Maybe because they lost their mother as children? Or women throw themselves at them, so it’s easy to find girlfriends… or they pretty much stay inside a close cirle of friends that they know can be trusted?

  • me

    How abt if Charlotte convert to Protestant?? Then “match in heaven” happen..but is it too good too be true?.. seems like both parties try very hard to avoid each least their families did. Unless someone wants to be cupid here… hehehe!! Kate?? Ohhh..pleaaaseeee noo..

  • Dk

    Charlotte could convert away from the Catholic church, become Protestant and then she and William could marry. Did yo think of that people. It has happened before. I have nothing against Kate, but look how Williams parents was when you put a commoner with a royal. It did not work out so hot. William needs someone on his own level and understands the life or a royal. The duties as well as the priviledges and like Diana, I do not think Kate can handle that.

    This is Williams and Charlotte’s life. They have been raised in it since birth. Kate can try all the wants, but truly she will never understand and she will always be an outsider looking in.

  • Sarah

    I think she looks kind of dumb to me. :p

  • allie

    If you see Kate in her bathing suit, you’ll see she’s not too thin. She has really good muscule tone. We just aren’t used to seeing that in this chunky country. She’s feminine and athletic!

    Why are people bashing or even mentioning Prince Charles? Let WIlliam and his Katherine have their time, and the Monarchy can be discussed elsewhere :)

  • allie

    @anon: I don’t know what “takened” means, but Charlotte is not in the lineage and she is not Royal. Her father was a “commoner”, her Mother was born Caroline of Monaco (a principality, so they are not “Royal” they are HSH) and her husband, Prince Ernst of Hanover, actually was in line but has been tossed out. The Grimaldi family is Catholic, she would have to change to Church of England. Her Mother kept her out of the public eye for a reason. I can’t imagine Charlotte ever wanting to be Queen. William and Kate have been a couple for a long time – i think this will work out happily! Cheers to them and a long, long marriage!

    Middle class. When did that become a bad thing? At least she doesn’t behave the low-class way some people who post here do. No wonder people in the public eye can’t read anything on the Internet, there is so much mean-ness. :(

  • allie

    @hu: Why, are you anti-semetic? Why in the world are you talking about pop stars and “Is she Jewish?”.