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Lauren Conrad & Josh Henderson -- New Couple?

Lauren Conrad & Josh Henderson -- New Couple?

The Hills star Lauren Conrad and her new boy toy Josh Henderson (Ashlee Simpson and Paris Hilton‘s ex’s) shared a table at Wallop Lounge and even left together from Eleven in West Hollywood on Saturday.

The new “couple” celebrated the birthdays of actor pal Chris Evans (Fantastic Four) and talent agent Eric Podwell at the joint birthday bash presented by p.i.n.k. Vodka and Monster Energy.

“They totally hooked up,” reports one source.

15+ pictures inside of Lauren and Josh leaving Eleven and continuing the party elsewhere

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Photos: Filmmagic, G-Hollywood/Splash News Online
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  • skipatrol

    goodtv, josh is in no way on the page as Spencer. I don’t know Josh except from Ashlee’s show but she was like what, 16 or 17 then and he was young too, I’m not saying he wasn’t a jerk but compared to Spencer’s antics and his creepy staged photos. I’ll taker Josh any day. And he’s not bad on the eyes either.

  • relax..people

    Josh is fine as hell.
    Who cares about his past
    We all make mistakes.
    Let them have their fun!

  • hayles

    So true justrelax. I would hate to be judged by my high school relationships. We were all just kids trying to figure out life and which guy (or girl) was right for us. Who knows if these 2 are even dating? Maybe they just made out and called it a night? Point is, it’s their lives, let them live it.

  • mygames

    I will rather watch Josh on The Hills than Spencer.

  • juliehooley

    spot on relax and Hayles. let her date whoever she wants. Lauren has been in a bunch of serious relationships, and I think it’s great she’s dating around and not just jumping from one relationship to the next. She’s a smart girl, she’ll be fine :)

  • morton

    He was a jerk to Ashlee, if he can change then Spencer can change too. He is fine though.

  • juliehooley

    me too mygames, at least Josh is HOT!

  • wannabestartingsomething

    LC and her loosers, add josh to her list.

  • honesty

    Ashley, do you really expect us to believe that, lol.

  • mightduck

    Is Josh still on desperate housewives or he was fired? Someone told me he was fired.

  • amy&todd

    Josh dated Ashlee awhile back so who knows what type of guy he’s become? Spencer has been and will always be an ass, the guy sold a pic of Mary-Kate Olson to the press when he was in HS (they were classmates)!! If that’s not enough to convince you read the details magazine article he and brosy did and rewatch season 2 of the Hills. The guy is CLASSLESS!

  • kinnally

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Lauren. Who know’s what’s up with her and Josh but it will be cool to see her dating again

  • hope

    They are cute together, I’m not gonna lie.

  • livelikelove

    they will make cute babie. I want beach pictures jared.

  • Frank

    She looks smoking. Stop analyzing everything to death peeps. Lauren has her own mind, it’s her life.

  • LCfan

    Love Lauren’s outfit, skinny jeans look amazing on her. Anyone know whose top that is?

  • tenda

    I love LC but Josh? That’s an OMG moment.

  • money

    Someone should tell me this is a F@#King Joke.

  • questions

    Can someone tell me who these two are?

  • megan

    Can’t wait till S3! We get 21 episodes this time insteasd of a measly 12, it’s sick how excited I am LOL

  • megan

    questions- Lauren is on “the Hills” an mtv reality show, before that she was one of the stars on the show laguna beach. she’s also interned at teen vogue and is coming out w/ her own fashion line she’s designing.Josh, don’t know much about but he was on desperate housewives, not sure if he still is.

  • questions

    thanks megan

  • Steph

    Go Lauren. I’d hook up w/ Josh, that boy is cute. Besides I don’t think she’s going to marry the guy, it’s summer, you know, time to get your fun on!

  • tenderoni

    Another manwhore, good luck LC

  • madam

    josh is cute but she should go with Shai Labeauf.

  • Lila

    you guys are ridiculous, no one has even confirmed they’re dating.

  • speechlesswhisper

    pink vodka is off the hook

  • brokenborders

    Thank you Lila, this rumor has not been confirmed and people are going crazy. I feel bad for josh if it’s true, he has no idea what he is getting himself into.

  • Danigirl

    i like Shia but I think he’s the type of guy you’re best friends with not the kind of guy you have a hot summer fling with, just my $ .02

  • isaahwashington

    Wow LC, another loser.

  • sosodef

    Shia looks gay, just like Z Efron. They should come out already.

  • ja

    81 comments on a rumor that has not been confirmed, hilarious.

  • soundsofsilence

    Lauren looks AMAZING! I’m not jumping on the bandwagon about Josh, who the heck knows what true there, but, it’s great to see her back in the swing of things and looking so happy.

  • shopgirl

    Sosodef – how profound, and what exactly does gay look like?

  • TeamLC

    Lauren looks really pretty. I like her purple shirt. Whose it it?

  • sosodef

    shopgirl, why don’t you visit san francisco then you will know what I’m talking about.

  • elephantman

    sosodef, you are ignorant.

  • hudini

    teamlc, register at fashionspot, you will get the answer to your question there.

  • shopgirl

    sosodef, shakes head, it was a rhetorical question to point out what an absolute tool you are, but, thanks for further illustrating my point.

  • timeshare

    sosodef is entitled to his/her opinion. Don’t call/him her ignorant because he/she stated the obvious.

  • shopgirl

    opinion is one thing timeshare, being offensive and ignorant is quite another…

  • what

    timeshare, I can’t believe you are supporting sosodef, that statement was uncalled for.

  • daishstarter

    Z Efron is Gay, Shai Labeauf is gay, yes I said it, now choke me. Lauren looks cute.

  • wishmewell

    Aww Laure the cutie. I still don’t understand why people get mad about someone’s comment. This is the internet people, it’s not that serious.

  • shopgirl

    Another “special” one! Who cares if they’re gay, does their sexuality threaten you in some way?

  • gimmemore

    Anyhooooooooooo , you can’t talk sense into morons shopgirl but good on you for trying.

  • gimmemore

    PS Lauren is stunning

  • sosodef

    lmao, shopgirl needs sex asap. Lauren and Josh, whatever.

  • wildcat

    How did it get from LC dating Josh to Shia and Zach being gay, did I miss something?

  • shopgirl

    sosodef- let’s get this straight? I need sex because you find it necessary to discriminate and put down others? hmmm, that makes tons of sense…