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Lauren Conrad & Josh Henderson -- New Couple?

Lauren Conrad & Josh Henderson -- New Couple?

The Hills star Lauren Conrad and her new boy toy Josh Henderson (Ashlee Simpson and Paris Hilton‘s ex’s) shared a table at Wallop Lounge and even left together from Eleven in West Hollywood on Saturday.

The new “couple” celebrated the birthdays of actor pal Chris Evans (Fantastic Four) and talent agent Eric Podwell at the joint birthday bash presented by p.i.n.k. Vodka and Monster Energy.

“They totally hooked up,” reports one source.

15+ pictures inside of Lauren and Josh leaving Eleven and continuing the party elsewhere

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Photos: Filmmagic, G-Hollywood/Splash News Online
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  • katrina

    Shut up sodef, it’s so not cool to rank on people. Besides, this post is about LAUREN who is looking fierce.

  • havingfun

    sosodef, just disapper, you are not funny. LC and Josh are cute, I hope it lasts.

  • rammalammadingdong

    She’s hot, don’t know the guy.

  • sosodef

    This post is about Lauren, I know that. Rank on people? No, she asked for it. Shut Up, no I won’t.

  • grainofsalt

    I don’t know what to think about this hookup.

  • mightfine

    I think they look cute.

  • CeCe

    Lauren is beautiful, love the outfit, she’s really rocking the skinny leg/dark jeans look recently.

  • spankysmartass

    Why is she always covering her face?

  • CeCe

    Forgot to say who knows what’s true about them dating. Maybe they are, maybe they’re not. He is hella cute though.

  • rita26

    Spanky, I think she’s covering herself because it’s the end of the night and the littlest things like who you leave with start BIG dating rumours but that’s just my guess ;)

  • perrin

    Cute boy. They will make a cute couple. I hope it’s true.

  • L

    She’s gorgeous! I’m dying for season 3 to start. Anyone have any spoilers?

  • Ashley

    Honestly, I really don’t care if you believe me or not. I really don’t have the time to make up a story like that if it were not true. Just trying to clear the air about Josh Henderson. Take it or leave it, Honesty! Thanks!

  • Dev

    They’re both hot. Go Lauren get your groove on

  • L

    I thought it was awesome that you shared Ashley! I for sure believe you. Isn’t one of the Stultz brothers supposed to be engaged to Stacey Kiebler (sp?) the dancing with the stars girl?

  • Frannie

    Love Lauren but Josh is too scruffy for me plus he dated Paris the herpes queen!

  • Cat


  • Geeyourhairsmellsterrific

    Love her, can’t stand him. He dicked over Ashlee Simpson.

  • EvilLynn

    OK, everything I ever knew about these people I just learned from you guys.

  • EvilLynn

    Now I’m going to have to do a search and find out who Spencer is, and what he did d*mn you people, I’m addicted to this $hit now!

  • angie

    why why why??? she’s way too good for him. didn’t she learn a lesson from dating jason?? dump him LC!!!

  • Alice

    LOL@lynn it really is pure drama isn’t it? About Spencer, the guy is a jerk with a capital J. Nothing to look at, big chomper teeth, fugly girlfriend who used to be Lauren’s bestfriend, basically the 2 of them live to spread rumors about Lauren. We all (my group anyway) hate them because they also do weekly staged photos of their ugly a**es and they also lied to the press about being engaged to make money. They’re totally ridiculous and I will HATE if they’re a part of season 3!

  • Degrassigirl

    here’s the details mag link for anyone who wants to read it. judge 4 yourself

  • Ira&me

    They look cute together but who knows that they’re really dating? My guess is No.

  • CoffeTea&Me

    One of my best HS girlfriends came over tonight and she shared some cool gossip w/ me. She goes to USC w/ Christina, the minister’s kid who sang, from Laguna Beach. Turns out Christina is best friends with Whitney, the girl who interns at Teen Vogue w/ Lauren. They have been friends forever and have lived together since H.S. Another wierd tidbit is that Whitney and Spencer went to HS together, what a wacky small world!
    She says Christina is super nice and is still friends with Morgan but not BFF’s like they used to be.

  • MM

    Josh is hot…I seriously think the he will make it into the “bigtime’…
    one of the hottest guys in Hollywood at the moment.

  • jeo

    who are these idiots!
    and why do we even care!!!

    What happened to the old hollywood glamour, what happened to all those great stars?

    Now we’re stuck and fascinated with all these NOBODIES who couldn’t act, or sing, or do anything but F**CK their way out of a box.

  • nikki

    The times they are a changing jeo but, think for a minute,you’ve CHOSEN to be here with us sucked in and reading about these “idiots” instead of watching a DVD of “Philadelphia story” so why the rant? There are always choices..don’t like your choices..change the channel…

  • untilnow

    For anyone who has cable, right now “the N” is running a Laguna Beach 1st season marathon till 6am this am

  • Ashley

    In reply to L: Yes, the dark headed Stolz brother (don’t really remember his name as he was pretty forgettable) is supposedly dating Stacy Keibler but it sure didn’t look like it last weekend. He was hitting on everything with legs that night as was his brother (who is really creepy in person by the way). I actually have photographic proof of the dark headed brother hitting on my girlfriend. So, I guess they’re taking a “break”. James Lesure (Las Vegas) was also there and he actually turned out to be really nice guy too!

  • peg

    thanks until, i just turned it on and saw a commercial saying there’s going to be a hills marathon on july 30th but I’m not sure of the time.

  • Sharon

    UGH not only did he date skanky a** Hilton he’s ugly. He also looks stoned out of his mind!

  • sharon

    hey why did the word s-k-a-n-k-y get deleted from my post?

  • cheribin

    I’m disappointed, Lauren is too good for him.

  • L

    Thanks for answering Ashley and lol re taking “a break” What a jerk he is, I think his name is Geoff? Stacy seems like a smart girl, hopefully she’ll realize what he’s up to, or someone reading it here will tell her.

  • tibsy

    Ashley, have you met LC?

  • tibsy

    LC and Josh are really cute. By the way, I think Stacy Keibler is hot, I hope she gets movie roles, I really like her.

  • seany

    tibsy, I heard she is nice but some people are saying she is not as nice as MTV portrays her to be.

  • Tabitha

    I’m not Ashley but I met LC recently at a Starbucks opening in Laguna. She and Audrina were together. They were super sweet and spent a lot of time talking to everyone and making sure nobody got missed. They were so pretty in person and super skinny and super nice too, I was jealous before now I’m super jealous lol

  • seany

    wow Tabitha, good for you. I would like to meet them.

  • Junebug

    Total mismatch. She’s beautiful and sophisticated and he’s a skeevy wannabee

  • camina

    It is shameful for her family. This girl was given a great life, chance at a higher education and loved by mom and pop. She is obviously beautiful. yet, she insists on degrading her family by dating a bunch of losers and/or cokeheads. First, Jason, then Brody and now the worst JOSH HENDERSON. she needs therapy.

  • Daisy

    LOVE HER. I’m really hoping though that she’s not dating this Josh character, I don’t know much about him other than he dated Ashlee and Paris and that is NOT a good thing.

    I really doubt there’s anything serious between them though. I think ever since Jason, she has wisened up. Everyone makes mistakes, and Jason was her mistake. The thing with Brody doesn’t even count because it only happened for like a second. Lauren is just having fun.

    I’m glad to see Lauren getting success. I think she has really matured and has a good head on her shoulders. I like how she cares about being a role model for young girls. The girl is not only beautiful but also definitely classy. I can’t wait for season 3 of the Hills, and for her clothing line. Go Lauren!!

  • terrylee

    Love that girl, watching the hills is my fave guilty pleasure. Not so sure about Josh, who is he aside from being Ashlee and Paris’ ex? He definitly has that grunge look going on and I agree about him looking high. I think Lauren should pass on this one..

  • nidyzylc

    LAUREN you can do sooo much better…runaway from josh…he will not do you any good!!!!

  • wanted

    Camina, are you for real, your post is too funny.


    Maybe they are just friends. I hope so for her sake. she is way too beautiful and classy for him.

  • Stella

    camina, girl, you’ve got issues! I think Lauren’s ACHIEVEMENTS are more what her parents are looking at in regards to their daughter, Neither Jason or Brody would be my choice but then again, we’ve all dated a few frogs. I’m sure both Lauren AND her family know that she is not responsible for the actions of her boyfriends or her exboyfriends. Lauren has accomplished a huge amount in 21 years, shes designing her own fashion line, has a hit show, and is also codesigning a line of handbags and is the spokesperson for Mark cosmetics!!! All amazing ACHIEVEMENTS. Who cares who she wants to date, I mean really? At the end of the day, thats HER choice.

  • Louise

    Lauren is a stunning girl. Josh apparently has herpes from some internet posts. She should try to date someone else.

  • Louise

    LC is a stunning girl. Josh apparently has herpes. She should date another guy.