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Shia LaBeouf - "Vanity Fair" August 2007

Shia LaBeouf -

Shia LaBeouf goes astronaut chic on the August 2007 cover of Vanity Fair. Says VF: “LaBeouf, the precocious star of Transformers and Disturbia, is poised for major fame: he will play Indiana Jones’s son in the upcoming fourth installment of that series.”

Watch the video of Shia‘s Vanity Fair cover shoot with photographer Mark Seliger here.

You can also watch his interview on Letterman from last week here.

Below are some great gURL interview questions Shia recently answered:

Do you have any tattoos? Yeah. On my wrist, it’s a timeline. 1986 and then it has a dash and then it says 2004. That’s like my childhood… My dog died when I was young and I got him tattooed on my left arm. And on my ribcage there’s a piece of artwork.

Who’s your favorite performer? Best performer? I don’t know. Justin Timberlake’s a sick performer. Really when you step back and look at it, I don’t know if there are many people who’ve done it like he does it. A guy could be watching and going, “Damn. He’s sick.” Not even in a homosexual way. Literally, you’re just sitting there and going, “Damn. This guy is sick.”

So you have a crush on Justin Timberlake? A man crush.

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  • brookbeck

    first finnaly. shia is kinda cute.not really lokking forward to transformers though.

  • brookbeck

    yes first. shia kinda cute not really looking forward to transformers though

  • Mimi

    GOTTA LOVE SHIA! He’s so charming!!!!!!!!! LOVE HIM!

  • shopgirl

    Nice to see Shia get a big commercial film, I first noticed him in Project Greenlight!

  • boss

    there is just something about this guy that seems abnormal. what was he on again, some tv show,right? he just looks odd.

  • Maniston

    Ummm Transformers is getting really bad reviews. His acting is horrible. No comment on Justin Timberlake.

  • Christina

    Shia is not a bad actor, he’s really good. Anyone who watched even stevens knows, he’s HILARIOUS as Louis. I miss that show=(

  • [marie]

    Who the hell is Shia LaBeouf? Seriously!?

  • matt

    i thought he was pretty irritating as Louis but i changed my opinion after i saw Disturbia. i think he was great in the film and it’s awesome someone his age is doing some really fun films (ie Transformers, Indiana Jones, Surf’s Up).

  • live and learn

    “Who’s your favorite performer? Best performer? I don’t know. Justin Timberlake’s a sick performer. Really when you step back and look at it, I don’t know if there are many people who’ve done it like he does”

    Only a 21 year old can say somthing that silly.

  • natalie

    I just saw Transformers and I’d say Shia was the only good thing about the movie. He has a charm and sense of humor about him that is appealing.

  • nika

    Like the title “the new kid” hehe.
    He’s so charming!! shias hot, and looks good in space suit lol.
    Vanity means big stuff people, hollywood is noticing him. After transformers, and indiana, scripts will be falling on his lap.

  • lurker

    He’s everywhere lately, but I like him.

  • sassy

    he’s very handsome, i pray he doesn’t come out saying he’s gay in the future, and totally surprising everyone, kind of like what lance bass did. the comment he made about justin makes me wonder.

  • ann

    Next TOm Hanks?!
    Give me a break.
    He will never be able to touch Hanks’ talent or success

  • rachel

    I’ve never heard of one nice thing “maniston” has to say so stop already. ugh

  • jeo

    I wish the media would report more about actors like Shia and Scarjo and just all around talented people. I’m sick about hearing about all the no-talents waste of space. Why are we so fascinated with nobodies and reality stars?

    Well I guess as long as we have all these stupid people making the headlines, the talented actors that actually do it for the love of the craft and not just the attention can enjoy their privacy.

  • http://1 yuehun

    he’s an actor?

  • ann

    I don’t even know why people consider him the next Tom Hanks. His movie choices are Nothing like Hanks’. Shia: Charlies Angels, I Robot, Constantine, Greatest Game Ever Played, Transformers, Disturbia, Indy??
    For the first part of Tom’s career he was doing Comedy, just plain ol comedy. Then he moved into drama. Hollywood is just labeling this kid just bc he has brown, curly hair, as the next hanks. As an actor, hes good, but nothing special. He seems to have a bright career tho, at the rate he’s going, but he doesnt have any acting cred to me w/ all these popcorn blockbusters.

  • Halli

    How far has Vanity Fair fallen?

  • Yari


  • ace

    i remember hhim when he was in even steven.was such a goofball =))

  • bella

    H O T

  • Didi

    i think it’s past his bed-time.

  • blabla

    Yeey Shia :).

  • just in time

    cant wait 4 da movie hes gorgeous and yess there has been pple who dne it like justin that person was called michael jackson justins idol and thats y justins so great he learned from the best

  • Gillian

    oh shia! he’s so cute..and he looks good in a space suit :P

  • hee

    Shia is so cute :)

    Not really looking forward to Transformers though.

    But I think he’s a good actor.

    Wouldn’t it be funny if Transformers came in like 2nd or 3rd, ya know cuz it’s supposed 2 be a BIG blockbuster? lol

    That won’t happen cuz of the ppl who are fans of the book, but it’d be hilarious

  • gini

    very cute….

  • Lihara

    He’s SEXY..i grew up with him with Even Stevens which I didnt have a crush on him then but NOw hes a cutie I wish hes successful and i doesnt fall in the crack of being a CRACKED drug big headed actor

  • not sexy

    sexy?He’s very average

  • sophie

    i knew shia would be huge ever since Even Stevens, and then that Disney movie where he was mentally challenged. Im so happy for him, and i hope he continues to blow the f….. up.

  • q2bess

    Believe me, Vanity Fair knows exactly what their doing. But Tom Hanks? I think he’s more John Cusack, an “everyman” with a little more edge. There is an old soul lurking behind those doe-like eyes.

    People need to give he kid a break he is only twenty-one, Tom Hanks was thirty when he did “Splash” for God’s sake. Shia needs to mature a little more but I think if he can stay focused he will have a great career ahead of him.

  • Luv’nShia

    Shia is so handsome!!…He’s growing up so nicely. I love is sexy lips and those beautiful eyes. His smile is so contagious. He’s going to be quite the “stud” one day – soon.

  • CAT =)

    he is so wonderful and talented i love this guy. I can’t get enough of him. He’s so cute in a non-hot way but he’s getting hotter. I love transformers, is it getting bad reviews?

  • kary

    Shia is a great young actor and a versatile one too. He is great at comedy, drama, action and mystery. He is showing range in Disturbia and Transformers and to be honest he save those two films with his next door looks and his acting. If you want to see him act at his best watch “A guide to recognizing your saints”. He is excellent in that indie film.

  • http://????? alyssa

    i LOVE shia labeouf i think he is soooooooooooo hot n such a good actor n hes funny n i just cant stop thinking about him ever since the movie transformers I LOVE U SHIA!!!!!!!

  • Marissa

    Shia Labeouf and I are getting married he is mine so back off

  • Marissa

    Shia Labeouf and I are getting married he is mine so back off

  • http://vanity soma

    he is gr8! so funny! hes got style and he is his own person…after reading the interview with vanity fair, it is clear that shia’s still got his feets on the grown and doesnt want to get avove his real self! thats real! however he isnt just another boy thats clear 2 lol good luck shia labeouf….from love huges and kisses SOMA

  • Jazmin

    Shia you need to tell them gurls in transformers and Disturbia to get back or they will catch a major beat down!!!

  • maria

    i think he is so cute and i love him!! so all those people that said he is bad actor well why dont you try being an actor or actresss dont critizize people you dont know!!

    i love you SHIA

    with love,
    future Mrs. Labeuf

  • jess

    omg! sooo sexy!, like i mean, i don’t even underdtand how someone could even be that sexy, i didn’t even think it was humanly possible untill i saw him!, omg!, i can’t wait to marry him, cause you know, i will, someday, when i meet him, which i will, omg!, i love him soo much, like, words can’t even express. i love him !!!!!
    love always,

  • Miasara

    What R you people talking about how can you not know who he is?? HE is freakin’ sexy!

  • Erica

    OH MY GOD maria____ if your gonna be MRS. LABEOUF learn how to spell his damn name first and know that none of you are going to marry him because i only need 1 more year to be 18 and im gonna meet him and get to know him AND MARRY HIM before all you bi***es do… so back the f*** off you stupid hoes!!!!

    the REAL mrs.labeouf

  • Magdaaaa

    shia jest cudownym aktorem
    moim zdaniem jednym z najlepszych
    Shia powinien przyjechac do POLSKI

  • lisa

    @[marie]: who is Shia LaBeouf well hes your worst nightmare- loveya Shia ~lisa~

  • http://yahoo lisa

    love ya Shia iv seen all your movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!