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Ashley Tisdale is Hot in Hawaii

Ashley Tisdale is Hot in Hawaii

Jashley‘s back!

High School Musical actress Ashley Tisdale and dancer boyfriend Jared Murillo enjoy their second day at the beach in Hawaii on Tuesday.

The loved-up couple spent the day laying out in the sun and building a sand castle with friends.

Ashley celebrated her 22nd birthday on the beach yesterday with Jared, holding hands and crashing into waves together.

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Photos: Starsurf/Splash News Online
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  • Stacy

    not hot….

  • Vanessa

    i dont think ashley tisdale and her boyfriend are hot. to be honesttt. but yeah thats good they’re having fun

  • Babysis

    Wow she’s really tan!!
    I think she’s pretty cool, but who’s Jared Murillo?

  • *


  • Just Jared

    Babysis, read the last entry of them in Hawaii. Should shed some light…

  • Tucker

    I think she is much hotter than Vannesa. But her boyfriend is rather unfortunate looking. Shes pretty!

  • Stacy

    Jared you are awesome. Thanks for posting all the great pics… keep them coming!

    Babysis- Jared Murillo was a backup dancer in the first HSM movie, was one of the assistant choreographers and dancers for the HSM concert tour and was a dancer for HSM2. He was also a national ballroom dance champion.

  • M

    Yuck! I always thought that Ashley was super skinny, but her bf is way skinner! Building sand castles…is it just me or is this story beginning to sound like Zac and Vanessa’s in Hawaii?! lol

  • Ali

    Vanessa is HOT and Ashley’s NOT! I agree this story is almost sounding like Vanessa and Zac’s. The difference these pic are not as cute and the Zanessa ones! Sorry can’t compare!

  • ~~~~~~

    hmm isnt it weird how she’s there now?
    vanessa and zac were there a couple of months ago.
    they probably recommended it to her.
    anyways they dont make me wanna go “OMG OMG OMG” but they are cute together.
    i guess ash likes younger men

  • cor



    hmmm..dejavu from the zanessa trip

    how sad that shes starving for attention that much

  • Just Jared

    Murillo grew up there. Plus, it’s Hawaii. Anyone can go to Hawaii for vacation!

  • nicole

    its just like zanessa, flower in hair, building sandcastles…

  • Madi

    I agree with Jared. Come on, lots of couples go to Hawaii, build sandcastles, and wear flowers in their hair. Why do they have to be copying Z and V?

    Oh and I think Ashley has a great body.

  • carla

    when i saw the zanessa pix i was like OMFG but these when i saw them i was like OK…

  • kris

    Some of you guys sound like 13 years old: oh my gawd they’re SOOOO copying Zanessa, she’s not hot or Vanessa is way prettier than her.

    Please, it’s Hawaii. What tourist does not build sand castle in the beach, getting a tan and doing what I think most people would do in Hawaii?

    I smell cattiness.

  • pickle

    Hate herrrrrr, love the bikini!

  • b

    shes hot…she seems nicer than vanessa.

  • Stacy

    I think Ashley looks great. Plus as Jared mentioned Jared M. is from Hawaii and they are visiting his hometown. If I ever make it to Hawaii Im sure I will build sandcastles too.

  • Lisa

    Sorry not Hot! Why are is she even on here, I thought this site only posts famous people?

  • Carly

    awws they seem cute together
    but goodness shes way too skinny. shes looks awful in that bikini.i like ashley and all but i think vanessa is way prettier + has a better body. but thats just my opinion.

  • Jenna

    Carly, I agree with you! She so skinny, the swim suit doesn’t look really good on her. It’s like she’s missing boobs! lol Please someone get her a Big Mac!

  • Amy

    That’s funny! Get her a Big Mac! lol By the looks of her pics she needs like 10 big macs! Vanessa is more appealing to me! I met her in NY and I swear Vanessa is about the sweetest person ever! Love her! I’m a huge fan of Vanessa!

    JUST JARED: Did you ever post pics of Vanessa at the Toys R Us event in NY? Just wondering because I want to see them! I want to see if they took any pics of the fans in line. Maybe I might be in shot? Where can I find them?? Just wondering….

  • tania

    Vanessa is so much hotter
    to be perfectly honest
    Good they are having fun i guess

  • Mindyy x’O.

    Awww arent they just cute =].
    i like her swimmers.
    They’re rad.
    Stripes are the bomb diggity =].


  • KL

    To me her hair looks like the bottom of a mop.

  • matt

    i think ashley tisdale is Hot she i whould date her if i could. i think she will be a big star one day if she keeps on doing what she does. Jaerd keep on giving info about ashley is is so hot and really good actress

  • Emily07

    omg Ashley is so pretty i love her.

  • Tara

    Oh come on people! Ashley is so Full of herself. What a slut!

  • Steve

    Look, I’ve had a crush on Ashley for a long time, and I’ll be the first to admit she doesn’t look great (or good at all) in these pics. She actually looked worse in the other set of Hawaii pics, when her hair’s all wet.

    I’ve always liked her because she seemed nicer than Vanessa (please don’t rip me apart for saying that, it’s just my opinion, Vanessa’s nice too), but she’s starting to change a little. For one, Ashley, PLEASE get rid of the oversized sunglasses. They’re so unflattering it’s amazing. It’s not ‘cool’ or ‘trendy’ or ‘trendsetting’ in any way shape or form. It’s just awful.

    Meh. Still love her though.

  • Emma

    she’s so cute! i love her & i think her bikini looks good.

  • Jennie

    Ashley’s very cute ! My sister and her boyfriend vacationed in Hawaii last summer, they sure build sandcastles together, it’s a normal thing to do on the beach. She looks great in my eyes.

  • Teresa

    OMG Jashley looks soooo cute!


  • sophie

    i like Ashley alot. I find her far more genuine than Vanessa. Yes Vanessa has that whole hot latina(if that’s her ethnicity) thing going ect. but there is just something about Ashley. I really like the girl, what can i say.

  • sally

    at first look i thought this was a nicole richie post!

    good grief, girl get some meat in your bones. shes bordering on the too skinny tanorexic bimbos that we have too much of now from young hollywood!

  • sally

    at first i thought this was a nicole richie post!?

    good grief, girl get some meat in your bones. shes looking much like a tanorexic skinny young girls of hollywood.

  • jashley

    guys. if they wanted to copy zanessa or get loads of publicity, they would have gone alone, nto with friends.. and they would have been more affectionate. stop putting them down just cause they went to the same place as zanessa, and everyone puts flowers in their hair when in hawaii.. come on.. seriously. and ashley looks fab, shes not too skinny.. she actually looks like she has muscle on her, not like models who starve themselves.

    anyway, they look really cute, and like their having a good time, and thats all i care about.

  • jashley

    oh, and also about the flower in the hair thing.. in the last picture, the other chick that shes with also has one in her hair.

  • Sara

    Sophie how do you know that Ash is far more genuine than Vanessa? You’ve never met her in you life! I disagree with you! I like Vanessa way better!

  • Kari

    I really don’t understand why people are trying to prove that Jashley is way better than Zanessa! I mean nothing can hold a candle to the couple who started out first! Zanessa is way cuter together and Vanessa is denfinately 100% better looking than Ash! It’s as simple as that….

  • Matt

    Seriously only real famous people should be posted on here. Who is this girl? and does she have a eating disorder? Is that why she’s on here?

  • angelinammm

    i like her bikinis

  • meme

    ok..people stop this…this thing is about ashley and not vanessa..ans stop bashing vanessa…so many have met her and say that she is the sweetes person in the can you judge vanessa without knowing her…
    stop comparing those to and stop comparing jashley to zanessa..zanessa is zanessa and jashley is jashley..and stop calling them zanessa and jashley..for gods sakes..those are 4 people with there own names…

  • blah

    another paid endorsement? must be because i have no idea who these douches are.

  • suzy

    i think people find it easier to hate on vanessa because she is stunning and they feel bad about themselves. ashley on the other hand is normal looking nothing special so they like her as they don’t feel bad comparing themselves. fangirls don’t hate on vanessa because she is blessed with the looks , zac and fashion sense.

  • kenn

    they are copying zanessa (i think) !!!!!!

  • http://justjared Amanda Cohen

    shes cute and it doesnt look like she is fishing for attention she just looks natural but the hair needs a touch up

  • Sarah

    She is a MAN!

  • Abbey

    GOD! SHUTUP EVERYONE! why are you criticising her? she looks great and shes not full of herself or too skinny. and btw Steve the big sunglasses ARE in and trendy so you CANT have much good fashion sense. leave ashley alone, shes not copying vanessa and zac, EVERYONE goes to Hawaii for hols. Her hair is fine and NOT like the bottom of a mop. and for gods sake she doesnt need a b****y big mac you low life idiotic jerks. GET A LIFE.

  • saima

    omg it’s soooooooooooooo annoying when people go “omg vanessa is so much prettier and ashley is sooooooooo skinny”
    GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it’s like u have to judge ashley alllllllllllll the time and i bet she don’t like it when u compare her to vanessa i mean it’s not a competition.
    She looks really cute and u can tell she’s having fun!!!!