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Ashley Tisdale + Jared Murillo = Jashley

Ashley Tisdale + Jared Murillo = Jashley

High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale, aka Sharpay Evans, celebrates her 22nd birthday with a Hawaiian getaway on Monday.

The singer-actress enjoyed some fun in the sun with her dancer boyfriend Jared Murillo in his hometown of Honolulu.

Murillo, who turns 19 next month, was Ashley‘s back-up dancer for her “Be Good To Me” music video and has also been a principle dancer in the High School Musical touring concert. He’s also picked up numerous world and national titles including 2006′s U.S. National Youth Latin Championship with Lacey Schwimmer, a current contestant on the third season of So You Think You Can Dance.

Tisdale and Murillo, aka Tizzillo/Jashley, have reportedly been dating as early as February.

Happy Birthday, Ashley!!

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Photos: Starsurf/Splash News Online, Ethan Miller/Getty
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  • Fio


  • Fio

    YEAHH! i was the first one here :)

  • bella

    who are they?

  • Amy

    dude, there’s NOTHING like zanessa in hawaii.
    i mean jared and ashley r cute, i guess. but seriously zanessa in hawaii was just love.

  • Bell

    no offense but she has doesn’t rly have a nce body…i mean shez skinny and all but her upper area is … no comment.and she still has baby fat? on her face so it makes her look fat cuz you cnt really see her chin line

  • Stacy

    sry but this is nothing clost to as cute as zanessa are……

  • cony

    I love Jashley!!
    they are so cute!!!
    Thanks for the photos!!


  • laurennn

    im glad ashley is taking a vacation.

    zanessa in hawaii

  • laurennn

    i like zanessa in hawaii a lot more.

  • Elisa

    zanessa is hawaii owns jashley in hawaii.

    as simple as that.

  • Madi

    They’re cute. I do like them together, but I just have to say that I like Zac and Vanessa together so much more. I don’t know, they juse seem to have more chemistry. But I still like J and A.

  • Stacy

    zanessa is so much more better..they just look better more chemistry and hotness

  • Elisa

    Yeahh, I agree with Madi. It’z cuz everytime I see the zanessa pictures in Hawaii I just can’t help but ‘awwww’ at them. And these jashley pictures are kinda boringg. but yeah I LOVE ASHLEY TISDALE TO DEATH, =] and I love VANESSA SO MUCH TOO.


    OH MY GOD. Do you know where exactly in Honolulu this was? I LIVE IN HAWAII OH MY GOD OH M GOD.

  • Rose

    Not as cute as Zanessa…btw he’s only going to be 19!

  • Madi

    Oooh I wonder if Ashley’s gonna see this. In your interview with her, Corbin, and Monique, she said that she checks this!

  • sally

    theyre ok, but she seems to be soo thin. she needs to eat more and fill her frame.

    further, Zanessa rocks harder.

  • Kristen

    Love Ashley Tisdale,

    but Zanessa freakin DOMINATES Zashley

    these pictures are nice, but. Zanessa’s are much more genuine because You can just SEE their chemistry

  • Vanessa

    I like Jared & Ashley, but seriously Zanessa kicks owns Jashley.

    Zanessa > Jashley.

    The End.

  • Who the hell cares

    Why is everyone obsessed with comparing Ashley and her boyfriend with Zac and Vanessa? Obviously, they are in two very different leagues. Jashley = not a publicity stunt. Simple as that.

  • sup

    zac and vanessa aren’t a publicity stunt either, so i don’t know what you’re bitching about.

    jared, heads up, more pictures at splashnews.

  • idaaa

    i prefer zanessa hawaii pics, they looked more in love and they are more romantic, they are cuter :) anyways i like ajshley too but i prefer zanessa, they a perfect :)

  • Didi

    who are these f*cking losers and why are they still on the front page?

  • Stacy

    Ashley and Jared are cute together, you cant compaire their relationship to Zanessa. I am a fan of both. Glad Ashley had a happy birthday!

  • katie98

    who the hell cares –> how can you say that zanessa in hawaii was a publicity stunt? when these jashley pics are similar to it, except zanessa is 100x hotter. You’re so stupid!!!

  • Badjola

    I don’t like jashley… I like ZASHLEY!!!! Zac+Ashley=Love

  • SchoeneDame

    Am I the only person in the world who has no clue who these people are?

  • stifler

    28 SchoeneDame : 07/03/2007 at 8:55 am

    me too

  • Bella x3

    why s everyone comparing them to zanessa? its not a contest people…come on! do u honestly think they care if they are not as cute as zanessa? if they like each other and they want to go on a vacation together then they should be able to without a whole bunch of people comparing them to other people. we shouldn’t be comparing jashley and zanessa. especially because they are all friends and dont give a sh*t what you guys say. (sry if that sounded mean, lol!)

  • Vanessa

    These are cute pictures, but I have to say the Zanessa pictures in hawaii blew these out of the fuckin water. Zac and Vanessa just have a stronger chemistry. It’s something that comes natural.

  • Sarah

    Ashley looks like a man! She’s a bad actress too, she’s 22 years old and she’s doing Disney movies! Loser!

  • aishah

    are they copying zanessa???????????????????????????


  • megan

    I think jared is gay

  • pwincesspink

    Is funni cause they both gt caught in the sme place IN HAWII lolzz am so happi 4 ash n every1 else should be 2 !!

  • suzy

    well he is a dancer and in a wannabe boyband. gay ?

  • megan

    sombody agrees with with me

  • Bella x3

    um, they werent copying zanessa. jared grew up in hawaii and he probably has family there that they could spend time with. duh. and he’s not gey if he’s dating ashley…and wjo cares if ashley is still on disney and she’s 22 years old. she probably wont be on there very much longer but she does have a contract with the suite life and she cant just leave as soon as her career takes off! wow, some of u people bother me…

  • somebody

    they are so copying zanessa.
    but too bad zanessa is better.
    ashley does not have a nice body as vanessa shes too skinny

  • Darik

    Jashley is better than Zanessa, I think Zanessa is only an advertising for HSM 2… Instead Ashley really loves Jared!!!

  • Elisa


  • Paige

    Darik and everyone else who thinks Zanessa is a advertisment should really get their eyes check!!!! If Zac and V didn’t really like each other and had to pretend all of this their Hawaii pics would have turned out like these Jashley pics! Boring and little to none affection for eachother! When are people just going to accept that Zanessa lives?! Come on now, get with reality!!!!

  • bleh

    theyyyyyyyyyyy are so cute.

  • megan

    Bella x3 he looks gay alot of gays shop at Abercrombie & Fitch

  • Lilly

    did the kiss?

  • Genie

    she looks fugggg, and skinny.
    no offense.

    Zanessa OWNED them. HAHA

  • emily

    you guys are idiots!!!!! zanessa is stupid.. forget them…OMG!!!! why are you stupid people comparing them to ZAC and VANESSA? its just a vacation…. GET LIVES PEOPLE!!!! anyways.. i love these pics. They lok cute together!!!! love always Emily. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHLEY!!!!

  • Zanessa/Jashley

    Ok..1st of all BOTH couples are cute, so stop comparing Jashley to Zanessa like wat Bella x3 said. 2nd, Vanessa and Zac, in HSM they’re in it and they act all bf and gf in the movie, and they had to watch Romeo and Juliet to become romantic. Jared and Ashley, they were in the movie but they didn’t watch Romeo and Juliet and they weren’t bf/gf in the movie. So my point is, Zanessa have more chemistry cause they were in a movie together and they were forced to be all romantic and they had alot of chemistry in the movie which is why Zanessa’s pics in Hawaii were more wat ? romantic…And Jashley, Jared really wasn’t in the movie…he was just a dancer and so Jared and Ashey didn’t click in the movie…does that make sense ?? But overall both couples are cute. Zanessa and Jashley Forever!

  • Alex

    I think it is kind of dumb that people are comparing them to Jashley. It is not like Zac and V were the first couple to go to Hawaii for a getaway. And Ashley stated that she was going to go there since she had not had a vacation in almost 2 years. Now they are not as affectionate as Zac and V were is Ash is trying to keep her love life underwraps and Ash has stated she does not like to be caught doing things in front of the camera. SHe is trying to avoid scandal. But I love her and if she is happy than I support her 100%

  • Alex

    Sorry I meant to say Zanessa in my first sentence

  • saima

    oh for god sake stop comparing them to zanessa i mean heloooooooooooooo does it mention zanessa in the article! NO!!!
    I think they loooooooook so cute together
    and jared is hot!!!!!!!!