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Hilary Duff + Brody Jenner = New Couple?

Hilary Duff + Brody Jenner = New Couple?

Hilary Duff leads the way for playboy Brody Jenner as the pretty pair partied at Hollywood hotspot Joseph’s on Monday.

Jenner has been romantically linked to lotsa ladies in Hollywood including Kristin Cavallari, Lauren Conrad, Nicole Richie and even Lindsay Lohan.

We hope they’re just friends!

Earlier in the day, Hilary and attached-at-the-hip big sis Haylie spent the day eating and shopping in Beverly Hills — they picked up some lingerie at Faire Frou Frou, dropped a few Benjamins at Barney’s New York and lunched at the trendy Newsroom cafe.

It’s tough being a Duff!

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  • jemoeder

    Their both ugly, so they have that in comment.

  • shopgirl

    No Hillary No!! The guy is best friends with Spencer Pratt – enough said!!

  • dali

    She must be really desperate. But then again so is he.

  • mackenzie

    D I S G U T I N G

  • cari

    maybe this is hillary’s way of trying to make nicole jealous for being knocked up by joel madden.

  • Diana

    This guy is so stupid! boring!

  • pickle

    EW. Hilary Duff is a horse face. But that Brody guy is a cutie fo sho.

  • TiaBia

    Say what you want about him, Brody is still as cute as ever!!!

  • golden

    you cant blame the guy… brody’s got it! wow, imagine undressing him, now! meooow….

  • Sally


    hilary’s hanging with Brody; nicole richie’s ex lol
    that is really funny.

    Word to Hilary, to make Nicole Richie jealous, go after DJ AM not Brody!!! He dated Nicole for fame. she hates him now….she could care less. Now Adam she still loves….lol

    How pathetic is Hilary…this most be her revenge for feeling soo disrespected.

  • charm

    wasn’t there an interview with this guy where he pretty much admitted to hanging out with Nicole and L.C. for publicity sake? I don’t see why Hilary is any different…

  • Jennie

    She looks awful, she should go back to being a blonde, every since she became a brunette, her hair is just a big mess. Still, I wish this is just a rumor, though I don’t really like her, she deserves better ! And this is not the best way to get back at Nicole, if that’s her intention. She has just sunk.

  • pathetic

    What is this? Like musical chairs, musical celebs. They all date and trade partners within the same stupid little social circle. Ugh! These relationships are so superficial. They won’t work.

  • jenny

    why would she wants to make Nicole jealous!!!^ Hilary has no time to waste…shes young and she can have fun! By the way, i think shes really pretty! And Brody too.

  • Danielle

    That bright red lipstick shouls go away. Brody is dressed like shit.

  • dedu

    stupid slut

  • EvilLynn

    My lord. Is he wearing a sleeveless plaid lumberjack shirt? In public and everything?

  • Gabe

    this girl is so stupid and boring, ewwwwwww.
    Nicole is so much better.HASHAHAHAHAHAHHAH!

  • megan

    That Hilary Duff, she knows how to pick ‘em.

  • daria

    Wow. Leftovers from every 18-25 year old in the state of California.

  • john
  • lora

    The girl is beautiful. She just had a momentary lapse in “guy” judgement. I don’t think she’s trying to make Nicole jealous at all, Brody is always around all the clubs and parties trying to leech onto someone famous who will his mug into magazines. He’s trash, pretty trash but trash none the less.

  • Cynthia

    That bright red lipstick Hil was wearing was all over the driver’s face! Hil isn’t with Brody, if so he would have lipstick all over his face. I believe he’s with Hayley.

  • cindy

    I hate hilary duff and her sister.If she is trying to make Nicole jealous i don’t think its working.Nicole dated him for like a second.

  • lily



  • Rochy

    Hilary really needs a boyfriend
    I think that Joel was the right guy for her
    but now she needs revenge

  • aubri


  • Wayne Geddes

    Hillary Duff is hideously ugly. Send her back to Texas.

  • she’s a good girl

    I sort of lump Hillary Duff with the Olsen twins. Gosh, all 3 used to be such darlings. They were like fresh-faced young cover girls. Cute as a button. Then “HOLLYWEIRD” happened to them. All three changed their looks by becoming too skinny. The Olsen twins look like frail old ladies who dress like nomads.

    Hillary Duff made the mistake of also changing her teeth, which changed the shape of her mouth. She just isn’t as cute as she used to be when her face looked fuller and her mouth fit her face. All 3 have lost their wholesome appearance.

    Duff is a nice girl though, but she needs to stop trying to play the rock star and date someone more like her. She needs a smart guy who isn’t in the public eye. I think she will one day find happiness with marriage and children. She seems like the type of girl who will be blessed like that.

  • Alice

    OMG!! Hil is a nice girl, and Brody is a PLAYER!!

  • kate

    shopgirl or whatever your wrong brody jenner is not friend with spencer pratt anymore and he is a way better perosn then that and for the people that are saying hilary is ugly and all are just jelous and you need to get a life and i think brody jenner would be good for hilary duff cause she has not had a boyfriend since joel madden and he was a loser and i have no idea why she even went out with that guy and going out with hilary just got his name more out there and now he is going out with nicole richie and he would have never met her with hilary duff because he was a loser but yeah everyone thinks that brody jenner is not good for hilary duff