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Hugh Jackman's Wife is an Alien

Hugh Jackman's Wife is an Alien

Hugh Jackman and his wife Deborra-Lee Furness arrive hand-in-hand at LAX airport on Tuesday in Los Angeles, Calif.

Deborra seen sporting a concave pair of alien-looking sunglasses. Completely out of this world!

Earlier this week, Hugh wrapped up filming a six-week shoot for his latest movie Australia in Bowen, Australia. Production for the film will soon move to next location, Darwin, for the next few weeks.

Hugh may also be one of the emcees for Saturday’s Live Earth concert during the 10-hour affair in Sydney.

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Photos: Gabo/Den/Matingas/Bauer-Griffin
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  • HF

    Love seeing pictures of Hugh and Deb – surprised they were in LA for the weekend considering he needs to be in Darwin, Australia this week to film “Australia” (I guess this explains why he wasn’t there on the first day of filming). The picture where he’s doing the thumbs-up is him coming out of a gym on his last day of filming in Bowen, Australia. And an early Happy Birthday to daughter Ava, who turns 2 on July 10!

  • Sophia

    People, check out my favourite website, next to of course:

  • Patty

    Her sunglasses look like the ones you wear over you regular glasses. I saw them recently at the eyewear store. Can’t remember what they are called – something like cocoons. I didn’t like them – they look like goggles.

    I don’t understand why so many people think Hugh is gay. Just because he’s been in musicals and once played a gay guy. If that the case – then Clive Owen, Daniel Craig, Ewan Mcgregor and Christian Bale – must be gay – as they’ve played gay men. That is so stupid….

  • nika

    ugly looking glasses.

  • Robbie

    Hey, JR…I suppose you yourself are God’s gift, right? That gives you the right to talk trash about a terrifically talented, attractive and mature woman like Deborra-lee, I guess. It’s the old, tired double standard–it would be fine if Hugh were years older than his wife, no one would object to that. But let the woman be the elder in a relationship, then there has to be something “wrong” there, i.e., the man HAS to be gay, because of course there’s no other explanation as to why he’d be with an older woman, even when that woman is warm, funny, ballsy, intelligent and talented. Nope, no reason any sensible younger man would want any of that. Jeeeez. Buy a clue, JR, and drag yourself into the 21st century.

    Take it from one who’s had the privilege of spending time with Mr. Jackman and Ms. Furness, they are the real deal. I’ve rarely seen a couple so loving and devoted to each other, even after 12 years together. Unless perhaps it’s my own relationship with a man who is several years my junior. I applaud Hugh and Deb for remembering what’s important in a long-lasting happy marriage and respecting and loving each other enough to let all the idiotic comments from ill-informed folk to just slide off. It’s just too bad such small-mindedness still exists in this day and age.

    And does EVERYTHING anyone wears need to be dissected?? Cripes, these people just got off a friggin’ long international flight, so I’m sure the last thing either Hugh or Deb was concerned about was making a fashion statement to suit hypercritical members of the public. Give it a rest, people. Do you go through your days being this nasty to the people in your own lives, or is it just reserved for those people you’ll never meet and therefore feel safe dissing? Ugh.

  • JR

    Hey Robbie – since I happen to know his former publicist VERY well, I have it on first hand authority he’s gay. And not that there is something wrong with that but pretending not to be is not cool. Anyone who wants to see his BF, click on this link to see his hot dude.

    And the wife, no matter how old or young def ain’t no winner. Maybe the nicest person out there, but not attractive. Deal with it Robbie. BTW: who over 12 is named “Robbie??”

  • Marla

    He’s so gay and she’s ugly.

  • Sidney

    i find those pathetic that admire Brad and Angelina but mock the real married couples who have dignity. Goes to show the world these days is so screw up.

  • Didi

    Oh god I love this gorgeous man, Debbie is so lucky she gets to sh*g him everynight. more hugh news please JJ.

  • H

    so Hugh has to be gay because he’s married to a woman who is considered beneath him in the looks department? what is wrong with you people there is more to a relationship than looks.

  • Didi

    they are kids what do they know about lasting relationships that supersede all the aesthetic bullsh*t. What can expect anyway, they get excited about ‘TomKat, Brangelina’ Spederline and Vaughniston’
    I mean what the f*ck is it with these stupid names?

  • alaina alexa

    ugly sunglasses

  • Angelina

    i cant help posting this but what’s up with those sunglasses?

  • Lizzie

    Sunglasses are wierd and she doesn’t ever dress to be attractive. Regardless of his sexual habits, they have a committed relationship. On every block in every nation, relationships come in every combination, most I can’t comprehend. Not my business. He’s hot, great with his kids and good at his job. That’s all I need to know.

  • HF

    Hugh must have a short break from filming AUSTRALIA since he was in LA, and there was a posting on another board saying he was spotted at Morongo Casino in California – which is where his TV show VIVA LAUGHLIN is/was being filmed. He must have flown to LA either for reshoots of the pilot or to do a new episode since he has a recurring role in it, besides being a producer. Then it’s back to Darwin to continue filming AUSTRALIA.

  • Lisa

    He’s gorgeous! thanks for the pics Jared

  • Robbie

    Oh, now, JR, if we’re going to make this personal… Robbie is a nickname. Much like JR is, I suspect, unless that’s what is on your birth certificate? And if it is, that’s cool, I personally don’t have a problem with what people choose to call themselves.

    Um, this would be the former publicist who tried to get Hugh to change the way he presents himself to the world (his appearance, dress, mannerisms) which would have meant Hugh had to not be who he really is while in public, so Hugh quite rightly kicked that publicist to the curb? Hmm. Would seem to me you’d want to keep someone who knew gossip crud like that closer to you, not send them off without a job and possibly disgruntled. Good source of reliable info, that. There’s a reason that person is the “former” publicist for more folks than just Hugh.

    Wow, Hugh must have money to burn and be on the watch 24/7 these past 12 years, paying everyone on several continents to keep quiet about his orientation–the man has an awful lot of family and friends around the world who I’m sure have been asked about this by super-nosey press. Ya know, frankly, at the end of the day, it doesn’t even matter if Hugh plays for both teams, or the same team, or what-the-heck-ever. But if that turns out to be the case, it won’t change how I feel about him. He’s a good bloke, as they say where I come from, one of the best in this business. And that’s not gonna change. ‘Cause folks, celebrities don’t “betray” us. We don’t know them, for the most part, so how can they? Neither Mr. Jackman nor any other actor owes the public anything beyond doing good work when he steps onto a stage or a screen. His private life and arrangements whatever they may be are NEVER our business, just as how we all choose to live our private lives would not be his business. It’d be like you spying on your neighbors…just because you CAN do it doesn’t make it right or anything that is your business at the end of the day.

    And please don’t start up with the “we have a right to know about celebrities’ private lives” drivel. No, we don’t. While we have certain unalienable rights, that isn’t one of them. Sorry. Neither Hugh nor any other actor out there needs to have their photo splashed across every single glossy rag every week in order to do the jobs they’re being paid to do; that is just a regrettable side effect that most of them would willingly do without. Most actors, most serious actors who focus on their profession, don’t court this sort of attention but have to deal with it. And how this national (international?) obsession with other people’s private lives got so out of hand in the last few years I’ll never know, but it is one of the saddest and most pathetic side effects of modern society. As we’ve seen here just on JJ, it doesn’t tend to bring out the best in folks, does it? It engenders meanness and snarkiness and a feeling of entitlement into the lives of complete strangers, and that’s just messed up to think that way.

    If only we all paid as much attention to our own backyards instead of finding fault with total strangers who happen to have really cool jobs, it might be quite a different world. Golly, just imagine it–no infotainment shows, no Us, no People, no In Touch. Man, the world would spin off its axis, I guess…how would we ever get through the day?

  • A Certain Smile

    You tell ‘em Robbie. Go Robbie! Amen to that.

  • mouche

    Wow Robbie lol lol lol! Does it really matter that much if the man is gay!?? I mean his wife obviously doesn´t care – so whatever!

  • JR

    Robbie = Hugh’s boyfriend.

  • Passing Through

    I know gaybe rumors have dogged Hugh Jackman for years, but who cares? Cover that man in some hot fudge! Daaayyyyuuuuummmmm! The Mrs. is a lucky woman.

  • Rylee

    oh man that is so immature JR. nice comeback.

  • JR

    Thanks bitch!

  • Didi

    can’t do fudge, i’ll get cavities.

  • jack

    Robbie has only proven one thing, that he’s a douche.

  • Matingas

    goddamn Robbie.. you wrote like a whole boook complaining .. thanks for commenting.. but IM NOT READING THAT.. too long

    anyway.. this is what he said

    -Hey.. what are you doing? aren’t you busy enough with Paris?
    (me)- ohh I am.. actually she just came in two hours ago.. you just missed her
    - ohh thats a shame…
    - well… thanks for the pics hugh
    - Cheers mate

  • kirsty

    those glasses look like the ones people wear after they get laser eye surgery so maybe she had that done her eyes do kinda look a little red and sore

  • Robbie

    Not that it really matters, but apparently some failed to suss the gender content in my post. LOL I’m the older woman (not man) in my relationship with my husband, and he’s more than a bit younger than I. We’ve been going strong for nearly 11 years now. So such things are possible in life, so I know how lucky Hugh and Deb are to have found each other and to have it work so well and for so long. More power to ‘em!

    But thanks for the “Robbie = Hugh’s BOYfriend” thing, JR. ;->

  • Cookie

    I thought she was his mom.

  • Matingas

    i thought it was his mom too.. i’m glad i didn’t say anything about them.. cuz i had no idea

  • Janeway

    Thanks Jared, I was really missing my Hugh fix. He looks hot as always and I love the way he holds his wife’s hand as they walk through the airport. Always the gentleman!

  • Didi

    Ok, I nominate myself as a scientific subject to prove his heterosexuality. come on hugh lets have some angry sex and show em your not gay

  • Davilyn

    For the record; John Palermo (former assistant to Susan Sarandon, and Bryan Singer), met the Jackmans in 1999 during the filming of the first X-Men, but was not hired as their assistant until two years later in 2001. Seed Productions was not formed until last year (2006), meaning that they worked together for FIVE years before Hugh promoted him to producing partner. Some seem to think this “partnership” happened the moment they layed eyes on each other. Not so.

    A question I have is…if Hugh and John are “together”, why are they very rarely seen together; walking down a street, schleping through an airport, out to dinner somewhere? They are running a production company now. It’s the perfect cover. But all you ever see him with is his wife and his children; in a park, on the beach, in the airport.

    Don’t you guys know how this really works? Male movie stars (and professional athletes) -whether straight or gay- get more tail than anyone else on earth. What they do is, they plant the wife and kids in one spot (usually Beverly Hills), so the kids can go to school and the wife can play show business socialite, while they travel the globe making their movies and sleeping with whomever they want, whenever they want. This is the deal that is made. Wives and children of movie stars do not travel the globe with them. Oh, the occasional visit now and again. But not so with the Jackmans. THEY ARE TOGETHER ALL OF THE TIME. If Hugh and John were really a couple AND as official and public business partners now, THEY would be the ones traveling and living their lives together. But they are not. He is living his life with his wife and children and there is photographic evidence of that -from all over the world- on nearly a weekly basis.

    Boy I’m telling you, if I were John and Hugh was my boyfriend, I’d break up with him with the complaint…”were never together. You’re always with that woman and her kids.”

    And you keep right on talking Robbie. It’s so very obvious that alot of these posters are just kids who don’t know sh*t from tar about much. And that’s okay. They’re young. But hopefully one day, they’ll learn. We think we know so much at 20, only to look back a few years down the road and laugh at just how stupid we really were.

  • http://- mia

    I TOTALLY agree with you Davilyn!!!
    These people who came here and start to say these things about hugh should NOT come here anymore.
    If you don´t like him and Don´t respect him so then go and find another thing to do…it´s clearly that these people does not have anything better to do..STOP saying these things about him!!!Hugh is an AMAZING person, a very lovely husband and he LOVES his wife. Deb is a BEAUTIFUL woman and they are perfect together!!!
    Now,I LOVED these pics,we can see how much Hugh and Deb are very happy together and i hope they be together for the rest of their lives!!!

  • jp

    Yeah, the glasses are rather odd and insect-like; wished that she would have chosen something closer to Jackie-O specs. Now if his wife Deb would have worn the Peggy Guggenheim Surreal sunglasses instead that the Guggenheim Museum is selling, I would have thought that was truly cool…

  • Davilyn

    I find it rather sad that the younger crowd these days (the twenty somethings and the teens) seem to measure the worth of a person with just one criteria…how “hot” are they? They don’t appear to care about any other qualities; not kindness or generosity or character. But I suppose it’s understandable. You’ve been raised in an era when images of physical perfection are being shoved down your thoats, 24/7. But here’s the thing that you have yet to learn; “hotness” (or what you look like) has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with sensuality. Or in other words…how good you are in the sack. And isn’t that what being “hot” is really all about? For some reason, you’ve been convinced that being good looking automatically means, you’re good at sex. WRONG!

    In her day, Marilyn Monroe was considered THE sexiest and one of the most beautiful women in the world. And every guy in Hollywood had her, but you know what? She was no good in bed. She was frigid. Her cripling insecurites left her unable to trust enough to “let go” and enjoy her sexuality. How’s that for irony? And pretty heartbreaking too.

    I wish I was able to post some pictures here. I’d love for you to see just
    what it was that Hugh Jackman fell in love with 12 years ago (and for the purpose of this comment, I am talking about Deb’s looks only). She was absolutely adorable; small but curvy and…well…very sex kittenish. But then she did something just horrible. She got older. And she went and did something unforgivable. She gained a little weight. And for the record, do any of you know why that happened? I’ll tell you. They couldn’t have a baby and so they went the invitro route. And do you know what that does to a woman’s body? The hormones you have to take, cause you to gain weight. So she put on a little extra trying to give him a baby and then some of you have the gall to question his sexuality because he still WANTS her? You just can’t figure out why he would want an older woman with a few lines on her face and some extra weight on her body, when he could have all the Jessica Albas and Scarlett Johannsons; all the young, “hot” physically perfect ones? Some of you have no idea at all of what REAL love truly is, do you? I hope as you grow older and gain a little maturity, that you find out. It’s pretty wonderful.

    So…chatter away. But my wish for you all would be, that one day you fall so hopelessly in love with someone, that you just simply cannot see their physical imperfections. And everybody’s got some. Even that gorgeous beyond despcription “freak of nature”, Hugh Jackman. He’s got “elf” ears. But I think they’re adorable.

  • Luca

    does she know the term “stylist”? she really needs one, i think…

  • Brianna Palmer

    Let me imagine:
    I’m Deborra-lee Furness. I’m middle aged, happily married to the love of my life, who just happens to be widely regarded as one of the hottest guys on the planet. I’m a mother of two, a career woman, a world traveler. My husband is apparently happy with who I am. Let’s see, should I worry about a stylist for those 13-hour intercontinental flights, for running errands with my husband and kids, for playing on the beach with my family? Should I get all fixed up just to please those carping people on the internet? Hmmmmmmmm… Nah.

  • flower

    hugh is so handsome,I think he is all the woman dream. And he is NOT gay!

  • Victoria

    Robbie… you’re kinda my favorite. That’s pretty much all of what I’ve been wanting to say on just about every post here. Thank you.

  • ALEX

    I adore Hugh Jackman-he is a very talented man and it makes me like him more that he is a dedicated husband. There honestly needs to be more examples of this in Hollywood.

  • Lucy Scott

    @Colbert ROCKS!:
    Hugh is toooooooooo HOT!!!!!!!!! But his is crazy also!! Look at his wife!!!! She is a Monster!!!!!