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Jude Law & The Young Zulu Warriors

Jude Law & The Young Zulu Warriors

Jude Law helped kick off the month-long tour of Thula Sizwe: The Musical on Friday at the South Africa House in London, England.

Thula Siswe is an AIDS-themed musical written by God’s Golden Acre (GGA) founder Heather Reynolds (pictured) with Zulu tribal dancing, thundering drumming and blood-stirring songs.

The Young Zulu Warriors are a remarkable group of 18 boys and 10 girls, all teenagers, from Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa, who have been raised by GGA, a charity that cares for orphaned children and young people abandoned as a result of HIV/AIDS and violence.

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Photos: Big Pictures/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Hassy

    FIRST… Am I?

  • Pole

    He seems genuinely interested in helping these kids – that’s really good of him I think.

    He’s really looking good again – thanks for the pics Jared :)

  • Sandy

    Bravo Jude! He promised them when he was there at Xmas with Sadie and the
    children that he would help them with their tour and they have 20 dates in
    the UK and have appeared now twice in London. What a lovely genuine guy he is. He works with Make-A-Wish and has done two presentations that Iknow of this year and he has promised Music for Tomorrow (the charity in new Orleans to bring the musicians back home and that he will be there again next year (in Sept.) and I’m sure he intends to keep his word. It’s beena very good year for Jude – he’s been honored for his work and found thetime to work for his favorite charities and let’s not forget the Young Vic for which he was patron of the fundraising campaign and the work was finally finished this year – another dream come to fruition. You make my heart sing, Jude. I wissh only that you go from strength to strength and
    continue to show the public the goodness that is the real Jude Law.Once
    again, Thanx Jared.

  • blueberry

    he is alwayssssss perfect. I love u judeeeee

  • liliac

    I like how he’s in the background and not hamming it up like Jolie, center of attention aka humanitarian attention whore.

  • daphne

    Nice pics. He looks genuinely happy to be there and this is not just another photo op. I like that. He’s a sweet guy.

  • EvilLynn

    Well, good on him! Beats having Lohan blow up his phone…

    On another note, the kids are cute and I’m really digging on the art that the gals accessorized their dresses with….I know it’s kinda shallow of me, esp. since the ensemble has a cultural significance of which i am unaware..but…I’d love to have one of the necklaces

  • dolorescraeg

    jared, bless your heart. you found the pictures and made not only my day but my year. it’s funny…when you posted the pictures of jude with drummer meg white about 40 people commented, half of whom made fun of her and jude. this is jude doing humanitarian work i would love to see those same people commending him for the wonderful work he does. again jared…thanks for these glorious pictures of one of the most berautiful men in filmdom.

  • cutie pie


  • erica

    Bravo Jude ! He always amaze me with his beauty and kindness. Thanks Jared for the lovely pictures.

  • qeeksquad

    yeah and the next night he’s hamming it up at a club! jude pick and choose your photo ops because you look stupid helping a charity one day and looking drunk as a skunk the next night. dang at least space it out a bit. lol

  • Sandy

    geeksquad simpleton – I just love it when someone shoots their mouth off and does know what in the hell they’re taling about. you are intimating that he gets drunk every other night which is slander because you cannot
    prove that, can you, but like all bullies you practise the art of inendo
    and rumor mongering. Slink back into the dark corner form which you came
    and stop this stupidity. He’s done nothing but good and you are nothing
    but rotten in your comments. I’m sick of it. Get lost.Someday there will
    be laws for creeps like you. But we know and recognize you for what you are.

  • qeeksquad’sgirlfriend.

    looks like geeksquad was right, here he is hamming it up coming out of the cabarat club looking worse for wear, just one night later after his humble charity event,i bet he was thinking about all those young africans he was helping while downing $500 glasses of wine. LOL LOL LOL

  • erica

    Jude is doing good things. The trolls on this board never go out or party, they just sit at their computer and make negetive comments.

  • dulcemirita

    I thougth that Sadie was involved in that project too, and was her who lead the project, with Jude’s collaboration on it.. it’s strange she’s not pictured. Anyway, it’s great that his interests are not only focused on acting, but as well in helping that cultures to be known worldwide that maybe without the aid of people like him (who obviously draw tons of atraction wherever he goes)will never surpass their own frontiers. Kids seems really happy and he can’t hide his proudness. It is a pity not to see the show, it must be a spectacle of sound and tremendous rythm…From here I encourage him to go on with that kind of support, but I’m sure that any foundation who helps music, arts or children, can count on him because he’s got a golden heart…

  • ****

    Jesus, Sienna Miller has really let herself go! Is she wearing a muumuu right there?!

  • gini

    so cute!! is he single?

  • Ria

    Notonly is he promoting the Zulu group, he even took them to kabaret all 30 of them and treated them for a night out. He even entertained them by breakdancing with them. Cool.

  • rudy

    I’m just lovin’ Jude right now! Like “they” say, talk is cheap, but actions speak so loud. You made a promise to these kids & you kept it. Mad props to you Jude baby, for walking the walk and not just talking it!!

  • Lindsay

    he’s so sweet! he never gets the credit he deserves!

  • Sandy

    He does with us. Anyone who is really up on Jude knows about his good heart and love of children and his endless charity work. Including worrying about the whole planet as well. the real Jude, not the paprazzi or tabloid Jude is someone who can hold his head high and elicits ourtotal
    admiratioon on many counts. And to top it all of, he is a brilliant actor
    and a gorgeous and thrilling sight to behold. Bless yhou Jude and all athe
    good work you do.

  • dolorescraeg

    for those of you who spend your time on the internet hating and spewing venom..take the time you spend hating the world and yourself and do some good charitable work like jude law and other notables. eventually hate and envy eats away at your spirit. try a little generosity to other people. you might even like it.
    you don’t know jude law but putting him down makes you feel superior. i pity you. jude, according to anyone who has worked with him or knows him, give him the highest marks for caring, sweetness and generosity. from your posts i see these are virtues that elude you. you should get a life.

  • natalie

    it’s wonderful news. they are lovely kids. thanks jared.
    love u jude, keep on good work.

  • natalie

    don’t ever judge people. better you do something good than never.

  • sheryl

    I love him!

  • test!

    :blush: :roll: :evil:

  • test!