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Lindsay Lohan Breaks Outta Rehab

Lindsay Lohan Breaks Outta Rehab

Lindsay Lohan skips out of Malibu’s Promises Rehab Center on Thursday afternoon and pays a visit to the Malibu Country Mart at Cross Creek, where she picked up two coffee blended drinks.

The Herbie actress wore a pair a red hot sunglasses and a summery minidress. She also had her hand and toe nail polish colored bright pink.

Lindsay, who just turned 21 yesterday, returned to rehab after her quick break.

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lindsay lohan red sunglasses 01
lindsay lohan red sunglasses 02
lindsay lohan red sunglasses 03
lindsay lohan red sunglasses 04
lindsay lohan red sunglasses 05
lindsay lohan red sunglasses 06
lindsay lohan red sunglasses 07

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  • jardley


  • Danny

    YAY!! LL

  • Suzie

    Whoa–that second pic is very unflattering!

  • BBperfume

    Please jared, there’s nothing appealing about Lindsey Lohan, and she is an ungly Duckling too.Must be a slow day. Why are u putting threads that are not not news at all, just pics of her walking???!! I used to enjoy coming here..(sigh)

  • sami

    Is that acne on her chin? I guess they don’t offer facials in rehab.

  • coalharbourqt

    “Thursday afternooon”??? JJ – don’t tell me you’ve got a crystal ball hidden back there! Is that how you always get the pics of BAMPZS so fast? ;-)

  • Colbert ROCKS!

    Fire crotch, I bet her crotch looks like her chin PUKE

  • LALAbanks

    double chin. least we know shes not high just bloated. rehab does that. glad shes working out though but creamy sugary drinks are a no-no

  • c u next tuesday

    LALAbanks, the f kind of name is that? go ahead and make fun of these girls who are probably genuinely trying to straighten their lives out. america has become quite obsessed with weight, from “ew double chin bloated chubby chunky” to “oh she’s too skinny, emaciated, anorexic”. no wonder so many people suffer from eating disorders and body image issues, you people never let up, like you’re all perfect when this country is high up there in obesity rates. sickening.

  • Sophia

    She’s getting fat. The next tabloid sensation will be how she lost all that weight. *sigh*… lol, I can’t WAIT of pics of extremely fat Lohan. We’ll call her Flohan. Hehe. That sucks. Missing your 21st birthday. What a whore. She probably spent it with family and “friends”. What a slut!

  • T

    Go LL.

  • Colbert ROCKS!

    LL is LL cool J now some washed up tart

  • coalharbourqt

    She looks like a normal, healthy 21 year old – enough with tearing apart young girls over 5 lbs gained or lost – it’s ridiculous! Funny how you rarely see people doing this to guys in Hollywood…although even that is getting worse too.

    How about ‘good for her’ for sticking with rehab and taking on an extra program. If she had lost major weight in rehab she’d just be accused of switiching addictions anyway.

  • Kira

    Happy 21st Birthday, Lindsay Lohan!

    It appears you’re off to a good start….get sober and remain committed to your therapeutic program so as to work through your core issues as a sensitive and leave drugs and alcohol behind at this early age so as to fulfill your destiny of being a solid actress.

  • cat

    she almost looks as bad as britney.

  • Didi

    freckled fat people on coke should not be allowed to be seen in public as they are unsightly and induce uncontrollable vomiting in passers-by.

  • Ms Katie

    She is reminding me of Britney now! and with the zits on her chin, she must be spitting and not swallowing anymore.

  • Jill

    I think Lindsay is cute. She’s a kid going through things and just needs to get involved with the right friends. I feel sorry for her. And the alcohol doesn’t help either.

  • sami

    The reason people talk so much about celebrities’ weight, acne, hair etc. is because they are so self-obsessed. They spend an enormous amount of time and money working to look good. (Let us not forget that LL’s breasts are enhanced.) It is their job to look good and they should. So I say to Lindsey,”Comb your hair, put on some lipstick and smile pretty for the cameras. You take the money for being a movie star, act like one.”

  • Nonnie

    I hope she continues on with her sobriety.

  • SchoeneDame

    All I can think of whenever I see a photo of this horrid girl is ‘STD’!

  • Sarah

    She looks good. What is wrong with having ‘zits’? It’s a natural thing and I love how people are always trying to find something horrible about her. For once she isn’t doing nothing wrong, let’s just leave it at that.

  • JO

    ok, what calendar are you guys using? This is Wednesday the 4th of July. LL’s birthday was on Tuesday – right? So on what Thursday of what month were those pictures taken? Guess you used your crystal ball. LOL Makes one wonder how often you guys get your facts back assward.

    Anyway, leave her alone. She’s 21, and looks like a normal 21 year old. This was not a news worthy item, walking, talking, drinking coffee, etc. is just normal everyday stuff that every one does.

  • scandalmonger
  • Oren Iishi

    EEEewwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! She is chubby and what is wrong with her chin?