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Mandy Moore: I Was Sexiest at Age 15

Mandy Moore: I Was Sexiest at Age 15

Mandy Moore is featured in the July 2007 issue of Blender Magazine.

On being suggestive for her first music video “Candy”: “It’s funny: I think that was my sexiest time, at 15 – my gawky body, swaying like a little stick figure. My most overtly sexy thing was the first one, right off the bat. [makes fake-sad face, pulls the sides of her mouth down] And from there it was aaallll covered up. I went from being a child to making love on the floor. There was no intermediate step.”

On being forced into being a cookie-cutter pop singer: “How accountable can you really be when you’re a kid in an adult world? There was no way they were going to give me any say over my music or my image at that point. But even at the time, I was like, ‘Oh, gosh, I really don’t like this song … ‘”

On her brief but public fling with DJ AM: “It was a nanosecond!”

Read Mandy‘s full interview with Blender here.

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Photos: Nicolas Moore/Blender
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  • lucylie

    i’m the first

  • lurker/fan

    Are those contacts she’s wearing or her eyes blue?

  • Angelina

    why are people so excited about being first? just curious, dont bash me.

  • wow

    boasting that your the first one to post simply shows/means that your a loser who tries their best to be the first person to comment on a blog.

    If you had a hobby or perhaps a life then it really wouldn’t matter.

  • wow

    btw, mandy is so…blah, like, who cares about her?

  • x

    At least she has never been ugly like britney spears

  • saskia

    i dont like her!!!!
    i am so happy that is over with her and Zach!!! Zach is the best!!!!

  • mackenzie

    Nobody cares about her..

    by the way great photoshop

  • Amy

    She has blue/gray/green eyes. They seem to change depending on the lighting.

  • Amy

    Her new CD is GREAT

  • Violet

    I liked her when she was young. Now I don’t know.

  • André

    yeah…she was sexier back then…
    she was even funny..
    now she’s just blend to me.

  • Vesper

    I have no idea why this girl is still working. No talent + no beauty + no charm + no scandalous affairs + zero personnality = Mandy Moore. And her speech about being sexier at 15?? Please, she was ugly then and she’s still ugly now.


    amazing PHOTOSHOP

  • lili

    I think she is pretty, but she is just damm borhing that I really don’t care much.

    Her look is borhing, she is borhing and her music is borhing.

    No mather how much the media and the haters HEATE it and it KILLS them Britney was never a flop in her music.

    24,000 album sold of her new album-Does anyone wants to say Flop.

    It seem the haters still don’t get it the thing about Brit is that is can look O.K 1 DAY, UGLY THE NEXT DAY, PERTY IN ANOTHER DAY AND JUST STUNING AND HOT WHEN SHE WORKING , PREFORMING AND HAVE TO,


    that is why we still like her, SHE IS A REAL STAR WITH problem like everyone is just that with her pepole think they are in the trueman show and they have the right to tell her and dicied for her how to act how to dress etc.

  • Elenia

    i can remember her several years ago, she was so thin!
    and i can see she’s put some weight on, we’re all humans you know…

  • natalie

    I LOVE mandy. she is absolutely gorgeous and has a lot going for her. i wish her tons of success!

  • Alex

    She’s so beautiful. Moreover she can act and sing. No matter what you say.

  • Kate

    Mandy is beautiful and talented. She rocks!!!

  • daria

    I thought her eyes were brown.

  • bataglio

    “I think that was my sexiest time, at 15 — my gawky body, swaying like a little stick figure.”

    ummm, she says THAT, and it’s NICOLE RITCHIE who is widely believed to have the body image problem?! please.

  • ♥yes♥

    those pictures are great. i love computers

  • Bonnie

    So, not being part of a scandolous affair is a bad thing? It’s pretty sad how our society thinks.

  • somegirl

    everytime mandy moore talks its like u just want to tell her to stop talking. How many times in an interview is she going to say “I was forced into this good girl cookie-cutter role” and blah blah blah. “Im no Britney, let me show you who I really am”, etc. Alright we got it already after the millionth time you’ve said that on TV. Move on. Stop telling us who you are now and just show us and maybe someone might take u seriously?

  • david10006

    she rules.

  • realman

    You are all either obese girls or guys who like jizz in their mouths and butts, or arab moslems.

  • realman

    you arab scum

  • Justin

    There are some real loser comments!
    Mandy is awesome! Great vocals! She’s being herself and lovin’ it! Way to go Mandy! Keep it up!

  • elle

    hey guys, you dont have eyes? she is ugly. I am watching her movie right now and really she is ugly!