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Nicole Richie: Pregnant and (Almost) Married

Nicole Richie: Pregnant and (Almost) Married

Nicole Richie is pregnant and getting married this summer, reports In Touch Weekly. (UPDATE: TMZ also confirms this report.)

“Nicole didn’t want to tell anyone until she was past three months,” a pal explains. “She really kept the news from everyone.”

A pal of daddy Joel Madden says, “He kept talking about his fiancĂ©e. He was talking about looking to settle down someplace nice and start a family.”

Here are some snippets from the August 2007 issue of UK’s Marie Claire magazine:

On staying positive about relationships: “The world isn’t perfect, but I’m optimistic about family and marriage”

On what she looks for in a guy: “Circumcised and a bit grungy.”

On trusting no one: “I don’t trust valets, waiters — nobody. I don’t waste my time anymore trying to figure out who [leaks things to the press].”

On Nicole’s biggest tabloid issue, weight: “It’s not me that’s obsessed with my weight, it’s evryone else. I know that I’m healthy, so I don’t really feel the ned to answer to anyone. I’ve never substituted a meal for a salad in my life.”

“Hip Hop Hooray We All Love LA” T-shirt designed for Marie Claire UK by House of Holland.

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Photos: Mark Abrahams/Marie Claire UK
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  • mandy

    she’s growing up and i think she deserves the happiness that she’s experiencing now. so if it’s true, i don’t mind

  • EyesOpen07

    Personally, from folks I know in the industry, the wedding part IS TRUE although, I’ve gotten different versions about the pregnancy part. Mostly I hear they are trying but getting Nicole’s body in shape had been the first priority.

  • nona

    ugh, when is this useless piece of flesh going to whither away and die.

  • Mmmmm

    WOW good for her and him. I like her and think this is a good step for her .. settling down.

  • Shoes4life

    Good, maybe she will gain some weight.

  • Sally

    AWW…i love her
    Nicole is so adorable. i really love the cover.
    she looks so happy :)

    Jared do you have the whole interview…please?

  • T

    I hope she she is, I think it would be a positive, perspective giving, thing in her life.

  • Sarah

    Joel as in Joel Madden…Hilary Duff? Or am I wrong?

  • natalie

    In Touch Weekly isn’t exactly a reliable news source. Until that pregnancy and marriage news comes from Nicole, I don’t believe it.

  • pitt &angielina beautiful

    I just hope Nicky takes care of the baby an herself,her bizness pray she gets it right.luv nick!In touch is a garbageloid!

  • Julia

    where can i get that shirt?! :]

  • lh

    oh nicole

  • Stella

    If this story is true, I’m happy for her. She seems to be really down to earth and sweet in her interviews. I wish her well.

  • #3 nona such ugly words

    Watch what u wish on this young woman -u do not no- fate just may bring on you and what a ugly @ss thing to say. Why r u even on here with evil thoughts towards her as that STEP OFF! Go Nicky keep striving to get well!

  • crazyboy

    i hate her !! EWW !!

  • agree

    she is delusional about her weight – the girl has a serious problem.

  • julia weinstein

    Love her, congrats!

  • EyesOpen07

    LMFAO…TMZ claims they have “independantly confirmed” the pregnancy and that the story is developing. This should be interesting….

  • love me some Nicole

    Nicole is GORGESS AND AT JJ WE appreciate news about her .This anit PEREZ FILTHY SITE and we know most of you haters are from there.

  • Izzie

    oh dear….

  • JP’s their hot

    16 agree : 07/03/2007 at 2:25 pm
    she is delusional about her weight – the girl has a serious problem.

    Nicole has said many times on interviews she knows she has a problem. Lets not kick her while she is down like her so called herplex friend Queen Bee Parasite does. At the end of the day her health is up to her I wish her well.

  • [Fug Face]

    Ok, even Nicole Richie is willing to sacrifice her body for a Baby with a guy she loves.

    OK Jennifer Aniston, this is what you would call a young mother.
    what is your new excuse for not having brad pitts’ baby?????

  • Richee is so Pretty

    Pretty smart and I like her. Dont care what lies are spread.

  • Pearly

    I hope that baby is healthy, I have a super thin friend (just skinny naturally) who had problems carrying a baby to term, just cause her body was so tiny!

  • L

    Good Luck Nicole!

  • to #15 crazy boy

    You must HATE yourself. Cuz if you Hate Nicole an you are here then you must like punishin yourself by postin on some one u HATE.Get it? Maybe not your name fits You.

  • Prada

    Nicole is very sweet and witty.
    I wish her and the baby all the best of luck.

    For those of you bashing her aabout her weight,, I think you need to mind your own business,,, worry about your own lives.

    You can not claim to hate her. You do not know her like that and she doesnt know you either. I am sure she will be a good mother.

    Good luck Nicole!!!

  • please–not this again!

    22-Fug Face, Aniston doesn’t want stretch marks and stretched out muscles ok? Some women look great after birth, but for many, their bodies are never the same. Their waistlines go completely straight.

    Mommy and Daddy should both want the baby, not one or the other. A woman should really want to give birth since she does most of the bonding.

    Lay off Ms. Aniston. She has a right to live her life the way she wants to.

  • Celeb_Star

    oh dear. love the house of holland t-shirt though!

  • Lily

    Nicole is not healthy enought to have a baby. She needs to gain a good 15 pounds (pre-baby) to ensure the unburn child will be able to survive. I just hope her doctor’s keeping a very close watch on Nicole’s progress.

    Oh, and what a get out of jail free card!!

  • jenny

    Is she gonna call her baby bitch!!!






  • Michelle

    she looks pretty in the pics but i still don’t like her…

  • turkey

    love nicole!
    love the house of holland shirt too!

  • Brink

    Nicole is so damn cute you just know that baby is going to be adorable! How blessed that baby will be to have a sweet, fun loving, care free down to earth mom like Nicole.

  • lene|

    YAY For Nicole.Love her. She is so funny, & seems like a good person. :)

    Good luck to her & Joel. ;)

  • Wwwww

    Hope everything goes fantastic for her – she deserves it. Nicole has already gained weight and I am sure the doctors are watching her.

  • jamie

    Well i’m happy for Nicole. She seems to be really in love with Joel. And the same for him. They will make a cute family! Thanx Jared and keep on postin!

  • Brangelina

    I wish that Nicole, Paris, Lindsay, and Britney would just GO AWAY.

  • Colbert ROCKS!

    Why is JA on this thread, if she is mentioned the next thing you know the freaks will be here.

    I am very happy for her, I think she will be a great mom and certainly hope she gains some more wgt.

  • lookwhaticando

    I just hope that this leads to her growing up. And that she gets help if she needs it to get off the drugs and booze

  • daria

    Congrats to her. I too favor the circumcised bunch.

  • Bradsis 1 hot papa luv Angie

    Report Abuse 39 Brangelina : 07/03/2007 at 5:47 pm
    I wish that Nicole, Paris, Lindsay, and Britney would just GO AWAY.

    To Brangelina, we wish u would go away at times on the JP threads but no such luck does dat sound nice no it doesnt, kd. Your point? U an Michelle are like trolls on JPs thread,da need to post on thread of celeb u dont like to say it.

    Im a JP an I love Nicole and I hope she will do well for her an if she is indeed pregnant..luv Nicole heres to u.

  • dat_dOod

    lol what a fawking loser this worthless cunt is. She has NO talent, she IS ugly, and she IS ANOREXIC. THe dumb slag thinks having a baby is going to get her out of jail. SHe is such a piece of dog shit.

  • NesseGirl

    Aww. While Im not a fan of Nicole – I truely can’t stand her.. I don’t know why, I jsut cant. I absolutely loooooooove Joel. Like, I truley adore him. He’s gorgeous! And it wouldn’t hurt to have another little him running around, if the story even is true.

  • fan of nicole

    43 44 proves your point i like nicole richee.

  • Amy

    She’s having a baby, when she is facing DUi charges and possibly jail time!?!? Yup, the baby has no chance to be raised right with a stupid, irresponsible donkey mother like Nicole! Poor child! They should take the baby away from her!

  • Didi

    circumcised? thats a quality she looks for in a guy? WTF

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    i like nicole but i don’t think she is ready to be a mom. just a few months ago she was drugged out dribing the wrong way on a busy freeway.

    not the sign of a ready mom. oh well….

  • blah

    yay! another bastard child! thank goodness, and i’m happy to hear it’s such a great father-figure as one of the madden douchebags. congrats to all parties involved, i can’t wait for the inevitable shotgun marriage, followed by constant fighting in public, and an eventual divorce. just remember nicole that this guy dated a girl that was what, 14? he likes them looking young and child-like so you better not gain any weight.