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Prince William Reunites with Kate Middleton

Prince William Reunites with Kate Middleton

Prince William and Kate Middleton reunited for a candlelit cocktail after the Concert for Diana, where they sat just a few seats away from each other.

The Sun caught the pair getting cozy with one another once again — Wills rested his head against Kate‘s shoulder, whispered in her ear, and held her hand under the table.

Their source reveals, “The pair went wild when the Bodyrockers’ hit I Like The Way You Move came on. It used to be ‘their song’. Kate was dancing so sexily in front of Wills that chemistry was just oozing off them. None of us had ever seen so much electricity between them before. It was as if they had just met and fallen in love for the first time.

Wills and Kate couldn’t get enough of each other. It was almost embarrassing to be around them. We all kept saying, ‘Get a room, chaps’. They didn’t leave each other’s side for the whole party – and danced together constantly. Wills’ eyes were out on stalks as Kate shimmied seductively up and down his body. It was like something out of Dirty Dancing.”

Just get back together already!!

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  • http://notenho! leeth

    i’m the first

  • patty

    I want them back together!!!!

  • Mmmmm

    Bummer, she is so overrated.

  • Didi

    lmfao @ that stupid source’s words.

    sounds like something out of a Catherine Cookson novel. barf city or what

  • Walter

    Good news!!!

  • Julianne

    She should grab him, and take a step towards being the Royal Couple..

  • Mia

    How sweet….

  • boss

    i’m happy for them, i think kate is a great girl and if william really loves her then it should be his choice to be with her regardless of public opinion.

  • Diana

    Didi, I thought the source words were so lame … lol

    But, that will be great if they are back together … right on the noses of all those other high girls society wannabe Princes of Wales … JA!

  • Rose

    Harry and Chelsey are in a real relationship. Kate hung around all night until Will got drunk enough to pay her some attention and then she went home alone. Still going home alone after 5 years? Future Queen my arse.

  • Ghazal

    jeeeeeeeeeeeezz noooo lol im so jealouse !!! but i totaly agree on the fact that she ‘s a cutie !! but i want to be the PRINCESS lol

  • sara

    Awwww….The queen not going to let them marry though. This is Charles and Camilia all over again.

  • Lolita

    Holy Moly! A little ‘body heat’ with my morning coffee???!!!
    Jared, what are you trying to do to all us romantics on these boards??

    Loved this story.
    These 2 are a tad young for me to be too interested in BUT
    after I (reluctantly) watched the princes interview recently, I was
    pleasantly surprised at how cool(meaning: groovy!) and
    authentic (down to earth) they come across. Who’da thunk Harry would be neck and neck with William in the studly dept.??? Love it!

    Kate is a pretty girl and a girl’s girl: meaning she doesn’t look all
    fake and over-the-top sexy like say, the chick Jeremy Piven dates (yikes!)
    She looks all nice to bring home to mommy and then there’s a veritable
    sex kitten going on……my kinda gal! :-)

    And the way she conducted herself after the public breakup well,
    since I can’t help myself (I am a certifiable BAMPZS-ter and proud of it!)
    —certain other ex’s should take notes!!!

    Oh how it upsets my romantic heart—I wish them well BUT gosh darn,
    my unromantic head knows they are too young to commit to ‘going the
    distance’—-for now.

    In the meantime, you gotta hand it to Kate—-he could have any girl
    he wants! She must be the real deal and then some. :-)

  • prison break fanatic

    people who aresaying she is overrted are just haters who hate tto see people happy she is young and just enjoying life just leave her alone already jeez your acting as if she asked for the media attention. fyi just cause you smile at the cameras does not make you a media whore. owmen are just so bitchy can’t you just complement someone for once in your lives for fuck sake

  • turkey

    Mmmmm i agree with you.

  • daria

    I’m a woman and I’m happy for them. Maybe it’s because I don’t have delusions of grandeur and being a princess isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Look at the unhappy marriage of Princess Di. At least she got two adorable kids out of it. You’d think that after all that crap, that job would get a lot less desirable but hey, more power to you English girls. If I want money, I’ll make it myself or just marry well. Fame is completely undesirable. IF I were to have a thing for a royal, it would be Harry. He just seems chill.

    This being said, good luck to Kate. She seems like a bright young woman and she’ll end up doing well regardless of who she marries. She might actually come to the conclusion that this $h!t is not worth it. She never seems happy in any of her photos, maybe because she’s constantly hounded. That’s no way to live.

  • Wwwww

    I think it is safe to say that William really like her, and that should be all that matters. Hopefully, it will be a relationship were both are equally in love with each other. The one sided thing is such a drag.

  • isabela.

    they make a sweet couple. kate is a cutie, and will is the prince charming!
    but i’m gonna cry when he gets married, and the bride…well, it’s not me! hehe ;P

  • c

    He loves her she loves him what more could diana have asked for him? they will have very cute babies!

  • Cheerios

    16 daria – now, thats a good post. Cheers.

    I watched Charles and Di wedding on TV. I was over moon. Fairy tales do come true. NOT. Being a princess is truly overrated as is being a celebrity and having fame. If William and this girl have found true love, then good for them. If not, leave them alone to find that special someone.

  • Cuckoonest

    Then… Can somebody why did they ‘broke up’ first???? Cuz now I’m gonna believe in the ‘publicity stunt’ thing… I mean c’mon I understand the pazzis can be really **** annoying but er… They seemed to have get used to it right?!? And since they broke up Kate was even more in the newspapers and other 5 stars nightclub than ever…

    Honestly I’m confused… Well if they get back together, fine, but I’d be very disappoionted to know that it was all about ‘publicity’… OK they’ve got a right to privacy, but still… I’m confused…