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Kate Middleton in Wonderful White Jeans

Kate Middleton in Wonderful White Jeans

It was business as usual for Berkshire-born Kate Middleton, who was spotted leaving her London home and heading into town on Tuesday and Wednesday.

White jeans suit her so much more these these yucko jeans.

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kate middleton white jeans 01
kate middleton white jeans 02
kate middleton white jeans 03
kate middleton white jeans 04
kate middleton white jeans 05
kate middleton white jeans 06
kate middleton white jeans 07
kate middleton white jeans 08
kate middleton white jeans 09

Photos: Big Pictures/Bauer-Griffin, Andy Robinson/Matt Keeble/Splash News Online
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  • Angelina

    her other jeans aren’t that bad..i know its silly to tuck in your shirt and everything but it looks really good on her.

    anyways, i think she’s overrated. she’s mainly only popular because of prince william…she’s pretty and probably smart but i think all this media attention is crazy.

    she’s looks nice btw. she’s got good fashion style.

  • Mattanja

    I like her!!

  • Jay

    For some reason I can’t stop noticing how baggy her cheeks are.
    They look like they’re sagging.

  • HottieTottie

    2 snaps up!

  • Mattanja

    She looks nice and has a good sense of fashion.
    Kate and William make a lovely couple.

    She is not overrated, it is just the paparazzi who make her that by following her around everywhere.

  • Jinx

    Its appalling that she is being criticised for a pair of jeans which looked perfectly fine. Media outlets even as innocuous as this blog, still has influence on young women. How many young girls/women would look good in a pair of tight skinny white jeans? I wish jared would refrain from making such inflammatory remarks…what does he know about skinny jeans anyway?

    As for Kate Middleton, it is obvious her popularity is due to her association with William, good luck to her, he could have hooked up with someone much worse

  • Mambo

    I don’t like Kate Middleton. She looks way too old for her age and dressed that way too. Guess she has to impress her future inlaws.

  • A

    i think she looks good here but something is strange with her face
    actually she looks old
    and she is still average you should remember that this girl is millionaire
    so with all her money she is supposed to look amazing which is not the case.





  • julia weinstein

    She’s elegant, love her style.

  • scandalmonger
  • kate

    Cheeks hanging? What utter bullshit! Some of these comments her come from idiotic 10 year olds that use mommy’s computer. Maybe Just Jared should make this a r rated site to cut these assholes out.

  • !00

    “9 LEAVE HER ALONE : 07/04/2007 at 12:15 pm




    yes leave her alone nobody cares about her!

  • bobo

    No Actually William said it wasn’t the media that ended it – and he said that in his interview with Matt Lauer -

    She has saggy cheeks already at her age – she is butt ugly and has a retarted body.

    William would do well to get away from her, she is a manipulative little cow, changing herself to suit whoever is paying her bills or who might pay her bills later on in life.

    new kate with her low cut tops aching to be back together with her ;’big willie as she calls him.

    She works a 4 day week and has taken at least 6 vacantions in the last 6 months – if she does marry him, she will die of exaustion – she will have to have a harder work ethic than she does now

    I really really dislike her

  • william run

    She looks like a old 40-45 not a pretty 40-45. Will could do better.Like 2 of her shirts.If she is not that old she looks it rough looking woman.

  • curly

    And just WHY should she look amazing??
    To please who?

    She´s European so she doesn´t have to look like a plastic bag.
    I think she looks better and more attractive than most American celebrities.

  • snappyfish

    she is lovely. Clearly he cares for her. They were together (still are) for 5 years. I think he wants her to have a life outside of being hounded by the press.

    Remember that is what killed his mother. Being hounded by the press (and a drunk behind the wheel)

  • to curly

    ” 16 curly : 07/04/2007 at 1:14 pm

    And just WHY should she look amazing??
    To please who?

    She´s European so she doesn´t have to look like a plastic bag.
    I think she looks better and more attractive than most American celebrities.”

    i m european too and her style is boring
    this girl is WEALTHY (and it’s easier to look good when you’re rich)but
    she still looks average
    contary to a lot of non famous not rich girls who are more beautiful and stylish than she is and they don’t even have her money.

  • bobo

    clearly William doesn’t care for her cause he has broken up with her
    at least 4 times and it is not clear that they went out for 5 years
    it may have only been 3, no one knows but we do know he has strayed

    that is not her fault but it is her fault to stick around him like a sycophant that she is

  • Melanie

    To me, white jeans are horrid and I don’t understand why they are fashionable. Though Ms. Middleton wears them better than others.

    I find her very pretty and if anything she has an unpleasant expression due to the papparazzi constantly following her.

  • sophie

    she looks like a brunette Lauren Conrad from The Hills. And yes, whoever said it, she does look way older than her age.

  • natalie

    Cute outfit and a pretty face.

    She always looks so old though.

  • kate so old lookin

    so old looking. an she does look like blah lauren conrad never knew who she was either til i saw her here. Not pretty. below average..fug so old looking.unibrows.wrinkly..dont do it will.

  • Dumdums

    She’s aging very fast in the rotti-kingdom.. I guess the british royality like their women to look like rotweillers just like Diana said.

  • K.S.

    This girl sucks and needs to go away. I agree with bobo, she does nothing. After graduating from St. Andrew’s she didn’t even get a job for a year or so. She was counting on marrying William. She has nothing else going for her.
    While buying a car, she threw a fit at the dealer because she thought she get a discount because of who she is. She also insisted on getting a free Burberry purse. Classy? I think not.
    William could do much better and he knows it. I hope this getting back together crap is bullshit planted by her sorry ass.

  • Junk in the trunk

    I like the blue jeans better than the white. The white make her look hippy and she does not have big hips. The blue jeans make her look long and slim. Much better.

  • Pandora

    I think she’s attractive,yes. I agree, though, she looks beyond her years. I’d put her at least in her mid to late 30′s. She’s lost a bit too much weight lately, which explains exactly why the white jeans *do* look good on her. At least she’s not a bimbo and has elected to remain a brunette!

    And yes, there are plenty of girls who lack Kate’s funds and look better, yet are not in the limelight. It’s obvious why this is the case.

    As to the fact that William could have done a lot worse,that’s very true!

  • taty


  • taty

    it does not seem to them KATE IS a PARIS HILTON

  • Didi

    she’s too prim and proper for him, and he’s too young for the whole settling down/commitment malarky. i think he just wants a slut who’ll shut up swallow for now.

  • K.S.

    Taty, you’re right. She is Paris Hilton without jail.
    I dislike Paris Hilton just as much but at least Paris has “worked”, still more than what Kate has done. Her “accessories buyer” job is a sham.

  • Walter

    Oh grow up! Paris Hilton? It looks to me as school yard talk

    Kate looks wonderful. I like her style.

  • kellygrrrl

    Leave the girl alone!!!!!!! I cannot believe how ruthless the British paps are. They make the American photogs look mild and tame. I fully understand why she needs to “pretend” that they are broken-up. If she does choose to marry him, I wish her luck. That is not an easy life. It’s sad!

  • mel


  • dan

    kellygrrrl-don’t feel bad for the girl. she complains the paps are harrassing her and then bitch purposely leaves clubs through the front entrance (instead of the back exit) so the paps can photograph her. she lives for this shit.

  • Gen

    To WALTER and Kellygrrrl,

    I agree with both of you. Why, pray tell, should the future King of England marry a stunninglgly beautiful, yet brainless aristocrat? Wills is not an oil painting, but Kate has a really great body and while she is not extraordinarily beautiful, she is pretty and she’s “normal” compared to the other girls who are boring aristocrats. They should get married for love, not titles. I mean, Prince Charles married Camilla Parker-Bowles for LOVE, enough said. WHY DO MOST OF YOU HATE HER? Fucking idiots.

  • Zephi

    saggy cheeks? boring? average-looking?
    What the hell kind of comments are those?? I’m sure no one on this blog personally knows this woman, so how do you know she is boring? Because she wears casual shirts and pants, and (gasp!) she re-wears them! You can’t say she has no style, because her style is wearing classic clothes! Average-looking? So only a drop-dead gorgeous girl should be with Prince William? So the rest of us should just bury ourselves in the hole, and only beautiful people should be given a chance?
    Saggy cheeks? I’m not even going to comment on that one.

    She looks good and probably has the personality to match.

  • Jamie

    It seems that she always has this slightly smug expression, like she pretends not to care but inside she’s all “I’m getting all this attention, hahah! I was so smart to snag that William.” She probably thinks she’s really clever. About her looks: well, that’s in the eye of the beholder. Certainly she’s amongst the top rated BRITISH beauties that hang around the princes.
    Still, good for her. She knows how to play her cards.

  • Sheri

    You people who post on this site are too much…this poor girl, whatever she does you find fault..i.e., if she wears the same outfit twice she is frugal, if she wears something new, she is frivolous…if she frowns at the constant press intrusion (and none of us, I’m sure would want that 24/7) she is miserable, if she smiles and is pleasant, she is smug. Some (most) of you are downright nasty and I can only hope that you don’t carry that attitute through to your own personal lives. I’m sure there’s not one person on this site who knows Kate, or knows anyone who knows her, so how you can claim to have personal insight to her personality, intents, etc., is crazy. I don’t really have an opinion of her one way or the other, as I also don’t know her, but to be so judgmental based on no facts is rude. For that matter, none of you know William either (you only wish), so whatever they choose to do with their lives, either separately or together, is pretty much up to them and certainly nobody’s business. I go on this site to check out the pictures..secondly, I check out the comments, tho most of them are disgusting…and most of you sound like you need lives of your own.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    She is quite beautiful.

  • Will 4get de old lady

    Who ever said she was below average is right waayyy below. Okay she looks old enough to be his MAMA! That is one hard to look at woman. She looks older than my aunt who is 36. She must give it good or has a great personality. Same for Camilla the donkey-horse face.

  • Davidson

    Again, with the moral hysteria! What the hell! All these slurs (slut, ‘ho, bitch…what have you) are most bigoted. No, it doesn’t matter if they’re universally popular or if you’re female. Racist slurs against blacks incorporate stupidity and laziness into their definition (just like anti-female slurs incorporate sexual immorality) and yet they are slurs b/c they make stupidity and laziness synonymous with blackness. The same is true of anti-female slurs. Bigotry is bigotry no matter how you try to rationalize it and it is inexcusable.

    Besides, there’s no point in condemning female sexuality (especially since heterosexuality is natural and promiscuous males are lionized) unless you believe being female is immoral.

    On topic: I don’t care either way about Kate and William. He sadly has morphed into his father, in terms of behavior and physical form, and she just seems like a tag-along with no life of her own.

  • Rae

    They must be back together- looks like we’re back to the conservative Kate again. I don’t have a problem with anything about her other than the fact that her only goal in life seems to be marrying William. She’s older than him and she’s admitted that she had a picture of him taped above her bed in grammar school and was nicknamed ‘princess-in-waiting’ for her interest in him. Is that not weird to anyone else? Now she’s pretty much devoted the last five years of her life to him and being his perfect girlfriend. Whoever William marries is going to be in every magazine in the world. I’d just like her to be someone with a bit of spine and individuality if I have to watch her for the next x years, and those seems to be the last descriptors that would be applicable to Kate.

  • dan

    Rae- you pinpointed her personality. She has no other ambition in life than to marry this guy. She’d be considered pathetic if he wasn’t a prince because any girl that follows a guy for this long is a loser and desperate.

  • myself

    she has a man face and she’s fat

  • Susan

    Whatever jeans she wears,her leg is too short.Why she always wear boots?(whatever seasons)

    She may be a perfect school girlfriend for Prince William.However, I don’t think she is an appropriate candidate for the futuer queen!Don’t forget, she’s the next generation of coal-miner workers!!

  • Susan

    She is too ego…..It’s hard to image that she can be the next ‘Princess of the people’ !

  • Cuckoonest

    I think she looks as she has always looked: secure with herself (which is good), proper (also good), perfectly groomed (good, too) and confident that she is going to marry the heir to the throne (not so good, because I do not think she loves William as much as she loves being William’s girl).



  • Bull

    I think she has some cute pieces. Like white jeans are cute, for beachy towns but not London.

    Also, she just seems messy to me, like maybe she can bring some clothes to the dry-cleaners, or pull out some starch and start ironing.