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Katie Leung Rocks Runway Fashions

Katie Leung Rocks Runway Fashions

Harry Potter star Katie Leung, aka Cho Chang, rocked a couple of runway fashions at the premiere and after-party of Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix in London, UK on Tuesday. The premiere took place at Odeon Leicester Square, the after-party took place at the Old Billingsgate Market.

Katie, 19, donned a gold version of the Lanvin Spring 2007 runway look with a simpler neckline. The British-Chinese actress finished off her look with a black hard-case clutch and Christian Louboutin pumps.

To the after-party, Katie paired her Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2007 dress with and black ankle heels.

Who wore them best — KATIE LEUNG or THE RUNWAY MODELS?

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01 katie leung dolce and gabbana
02 katie leung dolce and gabbana
03 katie leung dolce and gabbana
04 katie leung dolce and gabbana
05 katie leung dolce and gabbana
06 katie leung lanvin
07 katie leung lanvin
08 katie leung lanvin
09 katie leung lanvin
10 katie leung lanvin
katie leung dolce and gabbana 01
katie leung dolce and gabbana 02
katie leung dolce and gabbana 03
katie leung dolce and gabbana 04
katie leung dolce and gabbana 05
katie leung dolce and gabbana 06
katie leung dolce and gabbana 07
katie leung dolce and gabbana 08
katie leung dolce and gabbana 09
katie leung dolce and gabbana 10
katie leung dolce and gabbana 11
katie leung lanvin 01
katie leung lanvin 02
katie leung lanvin 03

Credit: asow007, kevinnn; Photos: Dave Hogan, Getty
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  • Hassy

    First ….Again…Am I ?

  • delana

    Katie and Emma look pretty!

    Rupert looks hmmm.. as always

    Daniel hmmmm is wearing too much make up or maybe needs a little bit of sun tan and he looks really short next to the others castmenbers

  • Didi

    who the hell is katie leung and who the hell still likes harry potter? haven’t his balls dropped yet?

  • chrissy

    she is pretty. haters go away.

  • Angelina

    sheesh didi, what’s wrong with you? in a bad mood? come to mommy and she’ll give you a hug…

    katie looks really pretty (in her golden dress)…she’s not chubby anymore and i hope she got rid of that silly accent of hers! i love everything she’s wearing excluding the purse, i especially adore her heels.

    as for her leopard dress, i ain’t liking it one bit. i know its the fashion and everything but im totally anti- fur (even though she’s not actually wearing fur but i still depise anyone who’s wearing animal pattern/ fur stuff). but still, katie’s got a really pretty natural face and her hair’s nice. oh and katie’s pixs with her family are so adorable!

    as for emma, i would’ve prefer her dress without that fan shape thingy sticking out in the front and her brooch. but otherwise, she’s grown…since the first harry potter premiere! lol

    daniel looks scary. he’s like a gentleman. no…he looks more like a vampire with that pale pale skin of his and his bushhy eyebrows. he should get a tan…fix his eyebrows a bit (yes, even though he’s a girl) and get a proper stylist. he’s wearing a suit! ekk!

    rupert looks cool…lol, has his own style. not much to say about him.

  • Lisa

    Katie looks better than either of the models! She looks great. She has way better style than Emma, she always looks better than her and she’s not even the bigger star of the movie!

  • suzy

    she is pretty andi love her fashion sense.
    also there is nothing wrong with being pale u seem to think dan lives in sunshine land , it is not very sunny here at the moment and were getting flash floods.

  • bataglio

    K & E are wearing the same Louboutins?! The horror!

  • Sarah

    For someone who stars in Harry Potter, she dresses pretty good. She’s also beautiful

  • magnus

    This chick is not famous. I get the whole asian bias/racist crap but come on. Who wore it better? The models and that chick looks 12 and will most likely never be heard from again once those movies stop being made/forced down our throats. That dance sequence in the last one was one of the low points in cinematic history.

    Anyway. Leave your racial biases at home in your heads kiddies. I mean it’s bad enough we have sons and daughters of rich kids being thrown at us as ‘suddenly celebrities’ but add this too? You’re killing the star system you purportedly love JJ.

  • A Certain Smile

    Oh, the inbred racist is back. Always quoting on every one of color. JJ as a Asian person why tolerate this? This is your blog you don’t have to.

    Katie is beautiful inside and out which can not be said for the inbred racist.

    By the way, Katie’s accent is because she was raised in Scotland. It is her natural accent and not made up for the films.

  • julia weinstein

    She’s very cute!

  • vicky

    Thanks for the pics! I’ve never seen Katie’s family before.

    Katie looks better in those dresses, cos she picked the golden version of the first dress and she didn’t tie herself up like a present with the 2nd dress.
    But what happened to Katie’s style? Last year she wore great dresses to the premieres. This time around, I don’t like either dress. Her hair is also a tad too big. Hope she can redeem herself on another premiere.

    On the other hand, Emma Watson looks gorgeous. The top construct doesn’t make her look flat-chested (unlike Katie’s golden dress), and those gem-accessories lighten up the dark blue dress.

  • vicky

    8 bataglio : 07/04/2007 at 10:28 am
    K & E are wearing the same Louboutins?! The horror!

    Did they go shopping together? That might explain Emma’s suddenly improved style,lol.

    6 Lisa : 07/04/2007 at 9:48 am
    Katie looks better than either of the models! She looks great. She has way better style than Emma, she always looks better than her and she’s not even the bigger star of the movie!

    That was last year. Last week, I saw pictures of the cast in front of the Thames. Emma looked great in her olive dress, whereas Katie looked ragged in her granny dress. Really hope that Katie will pull out a gorgeous outfit next premiere.

  • al capone

    emma is a beautiful.and she looks better than katie
    dan very handsome and cute.
    rupert isnt handsome and ordinary.

  • scandalmonger
  • magnus

    FYI A Certain Smile: Pointing out racism is not racist. I’ve had to point that out here before.

    You are a textbook bigot. You’re racist 100%. You jumped on what I said regarding her but left the whole point about the rich kid celebs alone. Because you’re a racist and you know you are.

    You are who should not be tolerated. You’re a pig. You’re disgusting.

    This chick is not famous and no one cares about her. Ask yourself: if she weren’t asian would she be on this site? No she would not and any other answer than that is a lie.

  • hena

    Katie Leung’s pictures are on this site because she’s in Harry Potter, not because she’s an Asian. You ugly bit ch is jealous of her because you’ll never ever have a chance as an movie actor.

  • Anthony

    The models..this girl looks 12…

  • hena

    If you don’t care about her, how come you reply and reply again? LOL
    Just ignore this post, bit ch!

  • Maung Kyaw

    There are so many Chinese actresses prettier than her. She’s so typical-looking and flat-faced.

  • Jim

    Wow , this girl knows how to dress.

    Great job!! She looked better than the models in both outfits. Impressive.

  • Celeb_Star

    why even ask these questions – the runway models always look best!

  • Donna

    Maung Kyaw: Sure there may be some prettier girls out there but Katie won the role fair and square. She stood in queue for 4 hours, went to the audition, got called back and got the role so in the end does it matter if there are prettier girls out there or if she’s too flat-faced?

    As for the clothing choices, I think she looks really good. Can’t compare with the models since they’re trying to look edgy rather than Katie’s take on making it cute/sophisticated.

  • anon

    jk rowling picked her out for the movie — she insists only “non-famous” actors/actresses star in her movies of the books she’s written. so katie just tried out for it and got it! her parents own a restaurant in scotland.

  • shopgirl

    Katie takes the 1st look, but the 2nd dress belongs to the runway model by a small margin. All in all, you have to give the girl props, she has a great sense of fashion and knows what works for her.

  • magnus

    hena fail English? That’s unpossible!


  • NC

    Katie looks awesome! I love the Lavin Gold dress – very sophisticated. Good on her for sharing the limelight with her family. Big respect for the girl.

  • Grace

    Tom Felton? Anything? He was there.

  • Amy

    So what if Katie Leung isn’t the prettiest girl on earth. She’s pretty, she’s Chinese from the UK, and she plays the character pretty well. She’s not brilliant but she’s natural. She was so nervous at the premier, holding onto her arm in a closed body language. Adorably nervous. I like her.

  • Amy

    If you don’t like Harry Potter, so be it, but seeing as the movies keep breaking box office records and the 7th book has blown away pre order records, I don’t think it’s being shoved down our throats. The series was always planned to be 7 books and they’ll be done soon. I don’t think the movies are the best adaptations they could be, but I’m not going to sit here and insult people who are in them.

    Not all of them will be famous. You’re right, but Rupert and Dan are already working outside of Harry Potter and this is an iconic film series that stands over the decade. They have made film history and literary history and they are important. Not to mention they’re more successful and rich than most of the people here will ever be. That won’t be a measure of happiness, but I think people need to check where their jealousy interferes with their opinions. They are just as legitimate of celebrities as the Highschool Musical kids and MORE legitimate than Paris Hilton for sure.

  • hehe

    hahaha some people said that Katie looks 12, well i think she looks more mature than Emma there. Talk about racist! I’m asian and i dont give a F about Harry Potter movies but you know those who like them know the characters and yeah, they’re famous including Katie.

  • Amy

    “hahaha some people said that Katie looks 12, well i think she looks more mature than Emma there.”

    Yeah, Katie is 17/18 (I don’t pay attention to particular dates but she was 16 when she was cast). And she looks like an older teenager. Emma looks really young with the blonder hair

  • jess

    y’all wanna knoe something???

    why are you all talking about racism??


    KATIE and EMMA are both VERY PRETTY!!!

    DUHH!!! we all knoe that katie looks so much better than the models!!!!!!

  • JUDY

    I think katie leung is very pretty and looks great in those outfits. People who are making the racist comments are ignorant and stupid. Grow up!

  • Pam

    Asians have a tendency to age slower than Caucasians so a lot of them look young. I know because I am one. I think that Katie looks great and is very pretty. Racist comments are inappropriate and uncalled for. Those people are just jealous because she’s part of a successful movie franchise and gets to wear designer clothes.

  • Grace

    Agreed. Katie is beautiful, and she is important. She’s Harry Potter’s first kiss. It’s not like she’s some really side character that nobody knows.

  • Chrissy

    Silly accent? What silly accent? If you are telling me that having a Scottish accent is silly then you have insulted the whole of Scotland you ignorant swine! Katie Leung was born and bred in Scotland and is of Scottish nationality. Her ethnicity is Chinese.

  • magnus

    “Asians have a tendency to age slower than Caucasians so a lot of them look young.”

    So now you’re superhuman? LOLOLOLOL

    F*cking typical racists can’t see the forest from the tress.

    If this chick were black or Indian all the little bigots piping up in here wouldn’t have cared about her. Of course there’d be a whole new group but the chick probably wouldn’t have been posted on this site.

  • Kayleigh

    Katie looks beautiful…as for the silly accent, it rocks…but im scottish so i would say that…are there any pictures of Tom Felton or was he not there?

  • Rachelle

    Wow magnus.
    Who are you to tell us about racism?

    Obviously you have some hatred against asians. She isn’t posted on here just because she was asian. Who cares what her race is anyways? Don’t go around here calling people racists just because they’re trying to defend Katie. You’re the one who is being a pig. You go around trying to start crap. Do us all a favor and stfu.

    For all the haters out there I’d like to tell you that Katie beat out 3,000+ girls for the role. So I’m saying that she’s pretty much the best person for the part.

    Anyway, getting back to the topic, I like the dresses better on Katie. I just don’t like her shoes on the second outfit.

  • Makiki

    I think, that Katie wears that dress better, than runway models. :) she looks absolutely wonderful.

  • PV

    Katie looks very nice in those dress

  • Haldir

    Silly accent? A Scottish accent is silly? That’s ridiculous… so we can now tell you that any other accent that isn’t Scottish is silly. Thank you kindly for the insult! Come on.. it’s a bit hard to get rid of an accent, you know ;) I agree with Crissy.
    All the racial insults need to stop, alright? There are Scots and Chinese folk all over this page, and I’m feeling doubly insulted right now. Not to mention the respect that you ought to show Katie the respect that she shows to her fans. Does she insult her fans publicly?

    And Katie looks absolutely beautiful in those dresses. Better than those models any day. She can pull off any look! I love her… she’s such a sweet girl too. I hope she doesn’t get TOO influenced by the media, like all other celebrities do…

  • alice

    katie is a very pretty girl, wonder if shes got brains as she has beauty. anyway to all those haters out there and not to mention racists.youll be gettin KARma. just coz shes asian you racists have a go at her especially you magnus.asians are very PRETTY since they dont age as fast as caucasians.haters,you know deep down youre all jealous cos she got the part of cho..soooo..GET OVER IT UGLIES!! YOU HAVE A GO AT HER COZ SHES PRETTIER THAN YOU HATERS!

  • alice


  • stephany

    hi, katie. ur such a beautiful person in the whole wide world. please email me. luv ya