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Nick & Vanessa Sex Pictures

Nick & Vanessa Sex Pictures

Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo sex pictures from their vacation in Mexico have hit the web! Censored, for now. Australia’s Famous magazine just printed them.

Can you imagine when the uncensored pics hit the Internet? Or when/if video becomes available? Oh me, oh my.

Nick recently shrugged off these nudie pics telling OK!, “Where’s the scandal? I was in Mexico with my girlfriend celebrating our first anniversary together on a private vacation. It’s not like I was caught with a Mexican hooker. We’ve all gone out and had a few too many and done something stupid. We’ve all made mistakes.”

One word: BANGIN’!

UPDATE: Apologies, pictures removed. Go Internet digging for them!

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Credit: Michael Loccisano; Photos: Getty
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  • hall

    WOW!!! Nick!!! HOOOOOOT!!!
    I think its pretty normal thing that they have sex in hot tub when anniversary.
    dont u have sex in hot tub when u are with ur partner on special day?
    I think its pretty romantic.

  • tres`hot

    Wonder when the rest of the pics will hit the net? I hope the Aussies will publish those too! Got to love those laid back downunders

  • Mondo Bongo

    Have but 1 word for Nick & Vanessa’s Sex Pictures….CHEERS!

  • angelah

    ‘gotcha! :lol: :roll:

  • tres`hot

    Yeah that’s what I’m thinking too. Damn! Angie and Brad have to be really careless and insane to be cought like this , what with the paps and Janice Min and E!, lies and Steal to write those damned stories.
    But I am still gonna hope that we could get lucky ( like that blurry vid make out in Cannes) and found a pic or two of them in passionate embrace…. may be one day Brad just got carried away cause she was teasing him and Wooo Hooo!!… jack pot!! SMOKINGGGG!!!

  • stuck

    I don’t know what the big deal is. They are having sex. We all do it. My God, if I were famous they would have caught me in a hell of a lot of situations far worse than this one. I feel sorry for them.


    Maybe a video will come out called (1 DAY IN VANNESSA) they wouldn’t be the first 2 do it lol




  • Dr Jube

    For once we’ve got something down here in Australia before the rest of the world. And, um, what an awesome find. haha

  • Matty

    Looks way too planed to me. Aside from Victoria Beckham, who actually poses while having sex?

    Word is Vanessa is a big B- and wants to be a star BADLY, what sure-fire way is there to make headlines? An X-rated video or pictures of course. They might be saying they’re going to stop it from being published, but that’s what they all say. I’m sure within the next few days the uncensored pics will surface.

    No one finds it odd that all we’ve been getting are teaser shots when any number of publications would’ve printed the full monty by now?

    Both Nick and Vanessa need a boost in their careers and this seems like the well planned trick that’ll do it.

  • tres`hot

    I’m not going to comment whether this was planned and planted or what because truly we don’t know. But hell, look at Nick’s face and Nessa’s face in the 3/4 pic of the series, I somehow don’t think they are posing or faking.
    IMO, I am pretty damn certain it has been planted in her :D and I’ll be pretty darn surprise if he can string any coherent thought at that momment.LOL

  • Diana

    I wana see their naughty bits!!!!

  • Diana

    Wow, this two are hot … nothing to be ashamed of.

    BTW..those are her feet, unless Nick is a contortionist…lol

  • grace

    OMG that can´t be true!it´s soooooo stupid

  • Emm

    I dont see the scandel either i mean they are a couple and they were on a PRIVATE vacation, that some paparazzi take it too far isnt their faulth!!
    I think they are a cute couple , jess was way 2 dumb for nick !
    and i read comments people wrote about them not having a career uhmmmm natalie do you have a recordlabel? or did mtv hire you as a VJ?? do you have millions banked?? NO so just dont be jealous !they are doing great and if they wanna sit on their ass the rest of their lives they can!! they dont need the money or attention
    talk as much as you want but they have more career than you’ll ever have!

  • hugh g. rection

    for people saying this was planned, get real! i feel right at home looking at these.

  • Michele

    TOTALLY HOT!!! I always thoughthe was too good for jessica. She made a mistake letting him go. I’m not saying he’s perfect; but i think he’s a decent guy.

  • anustin

    bwahahaahahahah….this is fun!!!!

  • indiesr

    :lol: I am loving these pictures, this is what couples in love do when on vacation, Its just because its Nick & Vanessa why the photos are all over, but come on, you know everyone does this, and if you havent you should give it a shot…erotic.

  • one not fooled

    I so agree with Kelly. Me thinks this was all a little too convenient. Both have careers on downward spirals. What a great way to create some buzz. Remember no publicity is bad publicity in some circles.

  • Tinus

    If that were HIS foot, than that would be a very strange position! haha

  • Cuckoonest

    BLIMEY O_o

  • Didi

    whats the big deal, sex in the hot tub is just a boring thursday night for me. these pics are clearly a PR stunt though, his comment “We’ve all gone out and had a few too many and done something stupid. We’ve all made mistakes” is way too defensive because sex with your girl is not ‘something stupid’ or a ‘mistake’, his g/f maybe stupid but thats besides the point. The point is, he overplayed it which makes me think he planned this. what a loser.

  • Klomp

    That’s not his foot. Can’t be… look at the position of his foot and his head. Or he’s made of rubber…would he use a rubber? Guess not hahahaah


    Nick is not the type that would do things like this for publicity. Remember, he was married to Jessica, and his star was truly not shining during that time. He is doing well right now, and have another album that will be coming out. So, I think most of you with the conspiracy theory, I don’t think Nick would do that. Now, if it was Jessica, I am sure it would probably be her father holding the camera. But, Jessica is very tit for tat, you may soon see a movie of her having sex with about 3 people.

  • Mmmmm

    Gosh its pretty bad that your vacation and hot sex in a hot cannot be private and ruined.

  • jAMIE

    Ha he’s stuck with her id rather be doing jessica bet he wishes he was to. Romping in a pool thats disgusting and desperate and jess won’t care she’ll be getting layed more than he is

  • jardley

    i’m about to vomit

  • Julotta


  • Wwwww

    NO BIG DEAL – do you know how many people have sex in hot tubs!!! The only reason they got caught is because they are celebs and the paps are pervs who don’t have a creative life of their own. This does not make me think less of either one of them. It just shows that they are not that different then me. Make Love, NOT War!!!!!!!

  • piper, with a low

    I dunno… I smell set-up. And I do think that Vanessa is the orchestrator of this.

    After all, Nick has been relatively scandal-free during his public life, whereas Vanessa, within a month’s time, had a drunken S&M lesbian moment with Lohan captured on film and now this? Mind you, Nick should’ve known better than to get caught like this, but lately, the woman invariably profit more than the guy in a scandal like this. Think Paris and that Soloman dude; Kim K. and Ray-J.

  • KD

    >>>I still would not do him – I do not find him the least bit attractive. He seems a bit vacant too.

    Ewww, me either, Team Lara. He looks like a goon with his smashed in face and tatoos… none too bright, either.

  • Matiana

    Holy moly. Great shots! They should have known better. They aren’t safe anywhere from the paparazzi. How embarassing. Looks like we a got a bit of tushy action there.

  • isitreallythatserious?

    Gotta hate that it was out in the open like that but hey…they are a couple and couldn’t wait. I have no problem with this…next time they know they should be more careful and should have went to the other side of the pool if they wanted to do the do!

    Gotta to love Nick’s face in those pics….dude is focus! LMAO

  • wtf

    wtf is he giving her head in photo no. 3? the one with big foot

    nice to know she takes it up th ass. good girl

  • Matahari

    I can not find these pictures (nick & vanessa having sex) anywhere in the internet. Only @justjared. You r awesome! waaay ahead from all others website.

  • Vanessa her ex was here !

    Good Job Nick !

    Now ..go back to Jessica and ” DO HER ” i would like to see that too.


  • rach u.k. #

    i just have to say that nick has really lowered his grade in women going from jessica simpson to vanessa she is really funny looking and not half as attractive as jessica, and its quite obvious vanessa is no lady either they knew fine well those cameras were ther why would they be right over the least jess is in the limelight for her style and her career!

  • michelle

    Man I hate to admit that I would love to see the real footage of this. I always have thought he was good in bed and it was wasted on his ex-wife.


    (KISSING) if the pic doesn’t show nevermind


    owwwwww thats rubbish

  • HottieTottie

    Don’t like them. Don’t care.

  • Magan

    HELLO! This is so a scandal! Nick and Vanessa should have been a little smarter than to fuck in front of a photog, but then again, maybe they. They are already geting paid for it in more ways than one!

  • kikky

    No wonder nick has no more contuct with his ex, Ness seems to knows how to make a man moarn.mmmmmmmm

    whoever said jess has a carreer im sorry she cant sell more records now, Are movies will flop she cannt act, She just calling papparazzis and posse for them for pictures. she has been

  • Jessica is a tranny

    This is HOT!!!!! From the looks of it, they could make a great sex tape together! Jessica simpson looks like a tranny! The disgusting bronze skin, terrible plastic surgery, she’s trash! Vanessa is much better then Jessica. And, Jessica is probably HATING that nick has a stable relationship with a hot sex life post-divorce and she has become a hag!

  • Cin

    Aaawww…look at them exchanging some fuck faces.

  • Anonymous

    Vanessa’s so hot. Love her body and especially her a**. Nick’s so lucky. I’d do her on the hour and every hour. Hope he keeps trying and makes her pregnant.

  • Jess

    HAHA check that out!

  • Matahari

    Jared, more pictures pleeeeeease? :lol:

  • http://justjared ooohhh

    I know Jessica must be in space land. That crazy B17ch let this good man get away, no, she ran him away===cray B17ch. Look at all the shit that has come after him in her life, dumb B17ch.

  • tres`hot

    LOL people are still enjoying this post! :D