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Nick & Vanessa Sex Pictures

Nick & Vanessa Sex Pictures

Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo sex pictures from their vacation in Mexico have hit the web! Censored, for now. Australia’s Famous magazine just printed them.

Can you imagine when the uncensored pics hit the Internet? Or when/if video becomes available? Oh me, oh my.

Nick recently shrugged off these nudie pics telling OK!, “Where’s the scandal? I was in Mexico with my girlfriend celebrating our first anniversary together on a private vacation. It’s not like I was caught with a Mexican hooker. We’ve all gone out and had a few too many and done something stupid. We’ve all made mistakes.”

One word: BANGIN’!

UPDATE: Apologies, pictures removed. Go Internet digging for them!

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129 Responses to “Nick & Vanessa Sex Pictures”

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  1. 26
    LOL Says:

    Looks like Nick is in deep concentration LOL I honestly don’t know what they were thinking? It’s not like they’ve never been followed by paps before. Oh yeah, Nick said they were drunk and did something stupid. Maybe he should try laying off the alcohol for a day.

  2. 27
    tres`hot Says:

    Thanks JJ, like I said definately Nessa’s foot… been there , done that!! LOL … Still could not get over the look on Nick’s face … all too familiar no.. hahahahaha……….

  3. 28
    celi Says:

    Jared, do you know that Perez keeps on getting stuff from you? He copies things that you post ahead of him.

  4. 29
    EvilLynn Says:

    you know what SUX???? Forevermore, I shall be self-conscious about what my friggen FEET look like when I’ Ms. Minnillo’s “position” as it were…. :)

  5. 30
    Team Lara Croft Says:

    That looks like Nick’s foot in the air. The foot is very muscular. That is not Vanessa’s foot – can’t be.

    I stil would not do him – I do not find him the least bit attractive. He seems a bit vacant too.

  6. 31
    Mrs. Fugly Says:

    Whoa! Yeesss! Let’s screw out in the open. Might as well make their own porno and sell it. Geez!

  7. 32
    Aliyah Says:

    I really do not see the “scandal” in a committed couple celebrating their anniversary at a private resort with sex in a hot tub. Shame on the paps for invading their privacy. These pictures were obviously taken far away.

    They were drinking & got carried away with their passion. Big deal. More power to Nick & Vanessa for being so in love.

  8. 33
    wana Says:

    This is priceless! At least we know their have a good sex life, what a way to celebrate their aniversary, no?

  9. 34
    Daisy Says:

    WOW!!!!!!!! His ass is white!!!!!!!!!!

  10. 35
    abby Says:

    #4 tres`hot : 07/04/2007 at 11:37 pm
    OH. MY. GOD. really check out Nick’s face !! I am sitting thinkin , my god I’m such a perv…. I wanna see the pics…. and above ALL I WANNA SEE BRANGELINA LIKE THESE…. they would be unbelivablly HOTTT!!! , I think I’d be up in smoke if those were Angie and Brads pics…..



    Anyway, no scandal here, imo, other than some free publicity for the two who obviously rang in the 4th with a BANG!

  11. 36
    meee Says:

    Aliyah–I completely agree with you!!

  12. 37
    dina #1 Says:

    Doesn’t Nick own part of a football team. Or maybe it’s baseball. But I think I read he was a part owner in some type of sports team. I don’t know for certain as I don’t follow him.

  13. 38
    ELENA Says:

    Its horrible

  14. 39
    gmami Says:

    I honestly think that they knew that the paparazzi was there they are so nasty both of them

    vanessa is so freaking fake she dates whom ever will help her with her career.
    i feel sorry for both of them look how low they stood to gain a little of publicity.
    Their parents must be so proud of them. Plus, they both have no talent it actually think that
    paris hilton has more talent than these two.

  15. 40
    Amy Says:

    Public sex. Wow. They wanted to be photographed.

  16. 41
    Suzie Says:

    I’m not so sure that it was for publicity, given the fact that they’ve been pretty private about their relationship and haven’t displayed it all out there like his relationship with Jessica.

  17. 42
    kikky Says:

    Nick face looks priceless. No scandal here they are a couple

  18. 43
    boss Says:

    people tend to forget that the paps know how to hide like osama…nick and vanessa probably had no clue the paps were anywhere near them so why shouldn’t they get it on in the pool…they look hot and props to them for having a great sex life! but i do agree with the person who said they hoped the pool was cleaned out..lmao…

  19. 44
    yami Says:

    just plain gross

  20. 45
    Ummm...yeah Says:

    Those are some racy pix….

    not THAT dirty…

    kinda hot…

  21. 46
    Barbara Says:

    #31 you would look vacant too after a session like that

  22. 47
    Barbara Says:

    Sorry I meant #30 Team Lara Croft

  23. 48
    TiFF Says:

    Can’t wait to see the Uncensored!

  24. 49
    Yari Says:

    WELL I’M NOT!!!!!!

  25. 50
    Belle Says:

    i think Brangelina are more careful than these two. hehehe.

    Really nothing wrong with them having sex since they are in a relationship but if this was planted to further their careers thats something else.

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