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Britney Spears Apologizes for Umbrella Incident

Britney Spears Apologizes for Umbrella Incident

Britney Spears uses her official website to (sarcastically) apologize for attacking a photographer’s car with an umbrella February.

What was her excuse for causing the damage? A movie roll role!

Britney said, “I apologize to the pap for a stunt that was done 4 months ago regarding an umbrella I was preparing for my character roll a roll in a movie where the husband never plays his part so they switch places accidentally. I take all my rolls very seriously and got a little carried away. Unfortunately I didn’t get the part.”

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  • ~*~Get Real~*~

    …”Unfortunately I didn’t get the part.” ….what a surprise!

  • G


  • L in Houston

    Is she serious! That lady has problems.

  • Z

    Wow- that has GOT to be a joke!……..SHE’S GOT PROBLEMS!

  • thinista

    Is this chick serious? Surely she knows how to spell ‘movie role’ She must have done this on purpose. I can’t believe that anyone with such a high public profile, and as rich as she is is so uneducated, ill advised, or just plain dumb that she doesn’t know the difference between ‘bread roll’ ‘roll over’ and ‘role play’ ‘role model’ or ‘movie role’. This has too be a stunt. No-one is that dumb

  • [Famous]

    oh man, its good to be back. I know I’ve been missed over the past 7 days.

    Time to play catch up. I see some changes

  • maggs

    It was a letter she hand written X17 and she spelled it correctly there. Look on their website they have the actual picture of the letter.

  • GeT a LiFe

    That is the a very obvious lie! if she’s gonna lie she will have to do

    way better than that !!

  • Vince

    What a lying sack of garbage. And this lying sack of garbage is raising kids? Can’t SOMEBODY get those kids away from theis lying Looney-tunes? And how old is that picture, like come on already, Briney, you haven’t looked like that in years and you never will again. Just another lie from Britney Spears, uses an old air-brushed photo cuz she can’t handle what a slob she turned into. Go away Britney, stay away. Do you REALLY think anyone with a functioning brain cares what you have to say? Anyone who really cares about you and seriously tries to help you, you either fire them or treat them like sh#t, even your own mother. You are beyond disgusting, lady, beat it. And let someone else raise those kids, you are unfit.

  • Mmmmm

    The role was to be a wife and good mother, she didnt get that role either. She is mentally unstable.

  • cat

    this woman is a certified dope. she will do anything, and i mean anything to get public attention. i feel bad for her mom for having such an idiot as a daughter. it’s over brit, get out of the spotlight, cause every day you look worse and worse.

  • Lily

    ella ella ey ey ey

  • Kelly D

    Wow. Stupid backwater redneck.

  • Naomi


  • realman

    kelly and naomi, are there two more annoying names than these? you are obviously obese and undesirable. your comments are those of an obese arab-lover who has nothing better to do than commit suicide in your own filth. way to go, cankle sisters.

  • Anna

    lol another intelligent comment by realman. you’re obviously a troll. a “realman” would probably be at work right now and wouldn’t be on some site trashing posters and calling them obese. is that the best you can do? you don’t even know what they look like to call them obese. funny cuz the dude who calls other people obese usually is himself. i would love to see your myspace pic, oh wait, you probably don’t even have one up cuz you’re too afraid to show people what you actually look like.

  • ????????????

    So [Famous] were you getting shock treatments and testing
    out new meds,???????????

    Did you run into Britney????????? lol

  • ????????????

    realman = [Famous]
    welcome back cuckoo.

  • Mystique

    If any apology is necessary at all, it should be about those horrible outfits she wears. I can’t take anymore of those images.

  • Didi

    the f*cking psycho-wh*re has been taking crystal meth again.

    where is the Department of Child Protection? what are they just going to wait until jaden or sean swallow an ecstasy tablet and die before they do something? those kids need to be with the Grandmother or Federal Express because they’re the only adults in this entire fiasco.

  • HottieTottie

    Get someFUCKING help b!tch

  • msguidedmama

    I really don’t get it. What about those possible album titles?? holy moly.

  • Anonymous

    If she were really as good an actor as that little umbrella scene Hollywood producers would be lining up and down the PCH.

  • Anonymous

    Famous – go tell the warden it’s time for the rubber room. Realman tehe. As if.

  • ATT

    hey realman, what’s wrong with moslems ?? You gotta a problem with them dude??? watch what you wrote next time.

  • Fio

    Good for Britney for making fun of them! They totally deserve it. And she is smart enough to make fun and don’t care about the haters.

  • cat

    she needs to change that pic on her web site, she hasn’t looked like that in years.

  • ATT

    Realman, either you’re a stupid or an ignorant. I’ sure both…
    I bet you live in a very secluded environment where you just take all the crap that people told you. I feel bad for you. Poor you, you can’t even afford to see the other side of your tiny world.

  • Nonnie

    Britney needs to find herself someone that can spell words for her,
    a good publicist and a reputable psychologist ASAP.

  • MikeDaRemix

    LOL, Thanks Britney! You’re always good for a laugh.

  • Mrs. Fugly

    Shitney has just gone and lost her mind. PERIOD! Fortune, fame and married too young & divorced before 30 plus, 2 offspring to boot! She couldn’t handle it all. Now she’s gone crazy. I hope she can get it back together for her 2 sons sake.

  • tonyaford

    I guess if you want one you should know how to spell it. Somebody give the girl a bun.

  • Laura

    Sure she takes her rolls very seriously! She’s always munching on cheetos to keep her rolls nice and round!

  • anona

    role b i t ch role…her dumb a s s

  • cutie pie


  • Belle

    Apology? Preparing for a movie role? What a pile of rubbish! The only thing that Britney is preparing for is a custody battle with her ex over their boys! She is now lying to cover up for her unstable behaviour so it won’t be another thing to be used against her in court. Does she really think people are that stupid? Let me guess…..her next move? Oh, right, and she cut her hair because she had lice.

  • Belle

    Hmmm….I just read over the comments. Britney is one messed up chick, excusing her behaviour and blaming things on other people. She could use some psychiatrist appointments for her problems. Maybe realman could join, because it looks like he needs them too. Only a crazy person would personally attack people he has never even seen because of their opinions. Just goes to show, “misery loves company”…him and Britney would make a great couple!

  • ro

    @thinista: She didn’t even have a website at the time!