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Hayden Panettiere @ Capitol Fourth

Hayden Panettiere @ Capitol Fourth

Hayden Panettiere sings the song “Try” from the Bridge To Terabithia soundtrack at PBS’ A Capitol Fourth concert celebration at the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.

The Heroes actress also sang “The Star Spangled Banner”, which you can watch here. Not too shabby for a budding singer! (Remember, she has as pop album called “Fallen Love” coming out next year!)

You can check Hayden out at the rehearsals for Capitol Fourth here. Bigger pictures inside…

Hayden Panettiere sings “Try” (Bridge to Terabithia)

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Photos: Jamie Rose/Getty Images
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  • katie

    im sorry
    i cant take her seriously as a singer lol
    she is not very good

  • how nice?

    she looks great but i cannot stand her voice…

  • Sara

    Wow. Um, that was not good. I’m not saying she’s the worst person I’ve heard sing the national anthem, but that was hard to listen to. I’ve heard better at high school sporting events.

    Maybe she’ll sound better with some “studio magic” behind her.

  • victoria

    very awkward.. she’s trying too hard.

  • Hassy


    She’s sweetheart…

  • ???????


  • Naomi

    she sounds like a 12-year old sorry her voice isn’t mature enough ( no charlotte church here :s)

  • wanted

    I feel stupid for asking this question but who is she?

  • Stacy

    I agree. I think she is a great actress, but I dont think she should be a singer.

  • http://justjared sexy

    she worst actress and even wrost singer just make her go away nasty ugly short fat noe

  • [Famous]

    good try, I’m sure her album will be on the way very very soon.

  • toned

    Her acting abilities are limited, her singing is worse. But she is so full of herself, I guess she manages to fool some of the people some of the time that there is more to the package than there actually is. I do wonder, why wouldn’t a friend (or her parents) be kind enough to tell her she needs a little more work before going public with her not so ready voice. Lots better talent out there but it’s all about who has the best PR machine. She must have a good one because there is way too much hype about this so-so chick and she just doesn’t deliver. Yawn

  • http://justjared sexy

    ughy fat slut

  • Hannah

    It sounded okay. I don’t think her voice is nearly strong enough to sing that type of song.

  • Joshua

    OMG, that was about as good as a grade-school play. Who is telling this chick she can sing?

  • Sue

    Come on, dont be so hard on her. She is 17 and it was her first time performing. She has a nice voice, she just did not sing that great. But it was not bad or awfull. She is not Xtina or Kelly Clarkson, but at least she sang live which is more than you can say for LL, Hillary Duff, Ashley Simpson, Britney.

  • Juls

    wow…. heroes is awesome… this? not so much.
    let’s just say that she wouldn’t have made it past auditions for American Idol.

    Cutie, though.

  • Juls

    PS -Ashlee Simpson sings live. I don’t care for her voice or music, but she definitely sounds better than Hayden. Lindsay and Hilary… hahahahaha…. jokes.

  • amle

    OMG that was hilarious ~~~ or terrible

  • no singer

    Horrible that was just horrible. Keep her day job whatever that is. Hayden is the oldest looking 17 year old. Have you all see her mom?She is another Dina Lohan.I dont find her that cute sorry- average.Her 4head is so large,da whole head is.

  • sara

    Hayden PLEASE take some singing lessons before you wanna sing infront of thousands of people

  • mackenzie

    I’m sorry Hayden but that was not good

  • angelinammm

    OMG love the dress

  • michelle

    No it was not great, but if she recorded it in a studio and then lip synched it would sound pretty damn good.

    So, take a tip from Hilary Duff, who can’t sing a note, she never sings live…smart girl. Lip synch your way to respect. Duff is completely created in the studio and she is a multi-millionaire….and people keep talking about what a role model she is. Right…fake your talent and look cute and all the world will love you.

    At least this other girl had the cojones to sing live.

  • esd

    okay, she may not have the best voice, but at least she got out there and didn’t lip synch like the rest of the pop stars today. give her a little credit. plus I’m sure she’ll sound ten times better on her cd once the producers mix it, like michelle said about Hilary Duff.

  • Angelina

    what’s up with all the bashing again? it’s just a girl trying to get a proper career. for her voice…it’s okay, not that bad but i’ve heard better. i’m not sure if she’s good at acting coz i’ve never watched heroes but if she does act well, she reminds me of the next scarlett johansson. she’s pretty but the dress, hair and shoe’s are a tiny bit too old for her.

  • RL

    Her voice was sooo not great in some parts of the song. Especially when she was trying to sing “trrrryyyyy”. Kudos for her for going up there and singing live. But please, please!! don’t go and record your own album. This is enough already. Thank you! Stick to your show.

  • Jennie

    I think she sounds great, and it’s true. She’s singing live, Hilary, Ashlee and them aren’t ones to sing live. I don’t get it, you bash her and say she sounds awful, yet she has enough guts to sing life. That’s something you can’t say about Hilary Duff. Hilary doesn’t even have a singing voice, she just got lucky off of Lizzie McGuire. Pathetic.

  • gini

    nice dress. that’s all.

  • myself


  • Mrs. Fugly

    WTF! She looks good but, sings like a TROLL!! Blech! Her voice sucks! SORRY!!!!!

  • Mrs. Fugly

    I agree with myself #30. FAT! Sings like a troll!

  • somegirl

    i know in the song it says “if u try if you just believe you can you will..” well in hayden’s case she sure did try and I bet she really believed she could sing but she def. sucked lol. The background vocals sounded better than she did.

  • abbs

    not very good. gotta give her props for actually singing live though.