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Janet Jackson's Badonkadonk -- Is that FOR REAL?

Janet Jackson's Badonkadonk -- Is that FOR REAL?

No, seriously. Is it for real? Like, really really? Like, REALLY REALLY???? It sure has lotsa… lift!

You go, Janet!!!! *snap*snap*

Janet, 41, celebrated the Fourth of July with her boo Jermaine Dupri at a rented house in Miami. The couple videotaped each other and took the jetski out for a ride. The singer is also in town recording her new album with record exec LA Reid.

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janet jackson ass 01
janet jackson ass 02
janet jackson ass 03
janet jackson ass 04
janet jackson ass 05

Photos: Dennett/Garces/Splash News Online
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  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    God I love Janet (the only Jackson I actually like) but I am seriously concerned about her weight fluctuations. Who is she trying to please?

    Is this pic recent? She just goes up and down and that cannot be good for her health.

    Her weight corresponds with album release dates. I think Janet is suffering with this issue and it is sad. She has always been beautiful since “Good Times”. She should stop the yo-yo diets.

    Come on! You’re Janet Jackson! You don’t have to please anybody!

  • kate.


  • Mrs. Fugly

    Third! Jesus! This woman’s weight goes up and down like a yo yo! That can’t be to great for her health or metabolism. She just can’t stay at a happy medium. With her it’s tank ass or itty bitty. Weird!

  • BBperfume

    I can’t believe that Janet has ballooned up again, after all that publicity she did on her new body and diet. The magazines have already profitted from the sale when she did their covers, but it’s not all worth it now.. And her guy looks he was wearing boxers or pj.lmao!

  • hmm

    how did she blow up so fast? not long ago she was on the cover of us weekly showing off her abs. damn!

  • http://www.justjared cook

    Yes Jared! That a ss is real and very nice I might add. Thick is good.

  • Fresh

    Dayum J–how the hell did you get so big so fast??

  • angelinammm

    do you have no selfcontrol?!?!

  • dat is a big @ss bootie..dam

    I called it last time I said she gained weight an most attack me. Now she is carrying that huge desk top @ss around which has to be bad 4 her back. She looks bad. 2 holes 4 a nose. No more Penny from Good Times never will be cute like that again. At least her skin color is still beautiful. Janet’s little gremlin..She is so FAT! again!

  • http://deleted gmami

    she is so FAT!!!!!!!!! what happen to her. now, that i think about it i think that is just her butt that is big. Poor thing I blame Jeremi. I think most black man prefer women that have a big butt eventhough that is so disgusting.

  • natalie

    She must gain weight really easily. Some women are just like that.
    I say as long as shes happy with herself and shes gonna make an effort to get HEALTHY again (not skinny. skinny is not attractive OR healthy) then good for her!!

  • KrungKrung

    i think those pics is the real janet jackson, the ones in the magazine covers who appears that she’s really sexy and hot are just fotoshopped, my 2 cents, y’all, her azz is humungous, aycaramba…

  • HopeNot

    yes that ass is real.

  • Yari

    OH MY GOD,
    WHO ELSE????….
    U HAVE GIVEN!!!!!

  • Tash

    Wow! What happened? I find it hard to beelive that she can lose weight and make such a HUGE deal about it and then put it all back on. Oh well, as long as shes happy, who am I to judge?

  • tres`hot

    Go janet ! Go janet! Go Janet ! Heyyy… real woman have curves !!!! I do not know or understand what is this obsession that you have to be thin. You can be big and fabulous baby!!! It’s all a matter of how healthy and how good do you feel.
    I used to be 95lbs, ( am 5’4”) and absolutely hated my too skinny look. no boobs not much hips only some booty and legs. Now I’m a more comfy 115lbs and with better curves!! In Hollyweird, they would have called me chunky but I’m healthier and feel better.
    Go Miz Janet you sexy thang ! ‘snap’ ‘snap’

  • Pam

    What the heck happened to her? Wasn’t she recently on the cover of a magazine with a new skinny body?

  • Diana

    I wonder if the magazine photos were digitally enhanced!

    This is the real Damita Jo.

  • evie

    I agree with you tres`hot…! She looks like a real woman.

  • gini

    her ass is terrible. she should go to gym like madonna…
    shame on you janet!!

  • Miss Information

    Who cares? Women gain weight and lose weight all the time. Plus Jermaine said in an interview that he prefers Janet heavier. As long as they are both happy, it doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks, but something tells me that the weight will be lost before her next album drops. Janet has been battling her weight for most of her life, you people act like this is something new.

  • tray table buttocks

    Cousin It preafers her heavier of course, he does not want her to be desire by other men like back in the day of “Thats the way Love goes”video when she look curvier & healthier. That @SS is to big an her arms an belly are fat. Get those spider web breast implants fix their Nasty Ms Jackson. So much badonka gross.

  • Kibbell

    Those pics look really fake. Her ass and thighs look way too big for the rest of her body. Her head looks like a peanut. I am not buying it.

  • Miss Information


    I think you are right about that, because if you look closely at her arms, they are fuzzy in every pic; not clear as they should be, and what’s with that big bump sitting on top of her ass?? Oh and “Tray”, despite what you may think, there are a lot of brothers out there who like Janet – thick or thin, not just Jermaine. These pics don’t look real though. Let’s see if they get reported on ET or Access Hollywood.

  • angela

    lol @ someone not believe that is not her ass. She is a black woman. Where were you guys when Poetic Justice and The Pleasure Principle (etc)??? Wise up!

    And gmami, how can a big ass be disgusting? It is very attractive, add to the hour glass shape for a woman.Theres nothing more funny looking than a pancake flat ass.

  • Mmmmm

    Gosh, poor thing her wgt has always been an issue and she still struggling just like Opraph. She worked herself sick to pose on those covers looking cut but then she must binge and puffs out. Altho no matter how thin she gets, she always has the junk and I think it looks great!

  • ok

    The last person to go up and down in weight so frequently was the late Luther Vandross (RIP). Janet is too old to be playing the “I love my excess body fat” role. She’s got a chair for a butt. I know she’s hit middle age but damn, she was such a role model for being fit after that US magazine cover. She inspired so many. Now we know it was a sham and photoshop. Now she can do some more Tyler Perry movies and really let it all hang out. She’s gonna use that excuse..she’s doing another movie that requires her to be fat.

  • Mrs. Fugly

    It must be difficult for Janet Jackson to keep the weight off. It’s weird. She constantly struggles with her weight and her brother on the other hand, Wacko Jacko is a skinny as a rail. It doesn’t seem fair.

  • Gervais

    Maybe that ass is rock hard and all muscle. I’m drawn to her charms.

  • winnie

    If you look at the one picture of her standing behind him, she do not even look big. Now, those pants do, but she has none of the rolls like the first 3 pictures. I think someone is photoshopping her for what ever reason. Not to mention, you just had pictures of her about a week ago coming out of a store in LA looking her regular size. No one gains weight that fast.

  • Miss Information


    Exactly!!! That’s why these look fake.

  • Miss Information
  • me

    I always knew about that booty of Janet’s. That’s why I never understood the big hub-bub Hollywood made over J. Lo’s butt. Oh and the reason why Michael is thin as a rail is because he’s always tended toward the slender side since he was a kid, and he’s a strict vegetarian.

  • uknowwho

    i think she is pregnant!!!!!! i hope so!!!!

  • inhirnamy137

    looks like she gain back the weight, oh well!

  • zina

    wow! the pictures have been photoshopped! look at the 1st 3 pictures. da ass is huge and then the 4th pic is too different? so what’s real and what’s not?? i think the 4th pic because that’s exactly janet looked like in last week pics. no way a human can put that much weight in their ass in one week. in a month or two maybe but not in a week!

  • JoJo

    glad she is fat and happy but does anyone really believe her when she said she put the weight on the first time due to a movie roll?

  • Seriously…

    She’s in Miami and it’s hot, why would she be hiding a “seemingly perfect body”? Is it another movie role? Are they remaking Gone with the Wind and Janet is to play Mamie? Or perhaps it’s a movie biography about the life of Aretha Franklin (Jennifer Hudson would be better suited, she has a far better voice than Ms.Jackson ever will). what’s the spin this time? Get real people, she either chunked out or the photos on US Weekly were photoshopped.

    I have nothing against Janet, except her dishonesty. I don’t believe she gained a reported 60 pounds(looked more like 35 pounds) for a movie role. She doesn’t have the acting chops of a Rene Zelwegger or Charlize Theron for any director to bank on her putting on 20 much less “60″ pounds for a role in a film.
    Are we consumers that gullible that we would buy that story/spin? It has nothing to do with her color, I believe women of all races look better with some meat on their bones. Janet looks big, even bigger when alongside her Garfield the Cat looking boyfriend.

    Janet obviously has problems controlling her weight, perhaps she is an emotional eater like many Americans. Just be honest, tell us the truth. Don’t pretend you have it all together when you’re downing Popeyes and Hagen Dazs. We all go through tough times, some of us lose weight, but some of us, like you Janet, pack on the poundage.

  • Ava

    Janet is pretty, no matter size she is.

  • guuurrrl!

    Yes, poor Luther Vandross. I’m sure his weight problems had something to do with why he is no longer with us. RIP. Gaining and losing large amounts of weight will seriously cut your life short. The body is not designed to do this. Dieting in itself is stressful to your body. Your liver has to process that fat that is leaving your body. Lose it too quickly and you can develop stones. Yo-yo dieting also causes you to age because your skin keeps expanding and shrinking. Our skin is elastic, but it’s not supposed to do this on such a large scale, which is the case when you keep gaining and losing like 30 or more pounds. Star Jones still looks a mess and will never regain the beauty she had 10 yeas ago before she became 300+ pounds.

  • Val

    There’s an menu option in Photoshop called Liquify and one of the options is called bloat and when you place it over an image you can enlarge/exaggerate parts of a persons body. Then there’s another tool called pucker where you can do some magical liposuction.

    I’m with the person who said there’s no way you gain that much weight in one week. I think someone’s haveing fun at Ms. Jackson’s expense.

  • guuurrrl!

    I didn’t read them before, but these comments are too funny!!!!!!! People here are crazy. This is comedy!

    To me, the photos looks exactly like Janet’s body. She always had a thick, muscular high booty. Her face matches her body. It looks pudgy, like she is gaining weight. Janet is extreme, either overeating or starving. There seems to be no middle ground for her.

    Most likely, Janet Jackson suffers from an eating disorder, emotional eating issues like most overweight women do. When such is the case, a person needs to deal with the underlying issues. To gain and lose like that, she is still not happy. I know she likes to eat KFC in her off-season, but she’s getting too old to be gobbling down those kinds of fatty dishes on a regular basis. She needs to make up her mind that she would rather be healthy, get the right help for her issues (counseling), and stick with it. OR ELSE!

  • JiJi

    I feel bad for Janet. She was clearly happy when she lost weight a while ago. Who knows if she’s happy with her current look, but I doubt it.

    Either way, I hope she loses weight again cuz she’s just too pretty. She’s not that bad with all the weight, but you’re only kidding yourself if you say that she looks better now.

    I have no doubt that she can lose the weight just like she has done so many times in the past, but I’m really concerned about her health. It can’t be good for her to be going up and down like that, especially since she’s in her 40′s now.

    I hope she’ll be able to stick to one size that she’s happy with.

  • enough @ss 4 us all

    I do not know if these photos are real or not. But how can Janet’s @ss stand up so high? I think havin a nice backside is great..but she could share that @ss with others and have plenty left over. Sweatpants on a hot day in Miami. What is she covering up? There was no way she could cover up that biggey sized @ss.
    41 an living with Herman da monster and a @ss that keeps growing like de ever ready bunny. She should sing and not be seen but only her old music. An put those drumsticks down save some for someone else. It all goes to her @ss anyway.

  • It’s Me

    LOL Maybe she’s wearing pads?

  • blah

    Janet is definitely Mrs. Katharine’s daughter. She’s going to end up looking just like her. I’m a fan too and I’m distressed by how she keeps ballooning up and then losing it again. Just pick a size and stop fluctuating so wildly. Everyone gains a few pounds here and there, and she is very petite, but she needs to keep that in check. She said she was tired of exercising all the time and maybe this is just the beginning of that cycle. Girl is going to have bat wings soon if she doesn’t take care of them.

  • amanda

    those pics are digitally enhanced, shes on a few other websites with the same pics only not altered. shes def gained weight but not that much

  • ****

    Oh, she’s just getting into character for the third Nutty Professor, I’m sure.

    And Yari, your god should stop wasting time giving women fat butts and instead concentrate on giving malnourished children something to eat.

  • julia weinstein

    geeze :(

  • guuurrrl!


    You guys are crazy nuts!