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Jude Law's New Girlfriend?

Jude Law's New Girlfriend?

Jude Law grabs lunch at a local eatery with a new lady friend on Sunday in Paris, France. Looking for love in the City of Love?

The British actor was last linked to Kim Hersov, editor-at-large for Britain’s Harper’s Bazaar.

Other pictures include 1) Jude at the Dom Perignon Party during Paris Fashion Week taken on Wednesday 2) Jude making faces as he gets out of his car outside his London home on Tuesday 3) Jude leaving London’s Kabaret Club on Monday (he reported did a little breakdancing there)

And no, I don’t know why Jude is barefoot or popping his butt out. It looks like it’s been raining too!

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01 jude law new girlfriend
02 jude law new girlfriend
03 jude law new girlfriend
04 jude law funny faces
05 jude law funny faces
06 jude law funny faces
07 jude law funny faces
08 jude law dom perignon party
09 jude law dom perignon party
jude law kabaret 01
jude law kabaret 02
jude law kabaret 03
jude law kabaret 04
jude law kabaret 05
jude law kabaret 06

Photos: smlg, Splash News Online, Big Pictures/Eliot Press/Bauer-Griffin,
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  • Guillermo

    FIRST !

  • [Famous]

    Yay Guillermo, you were first!!

    Jude goes from sleazy to dapper in 5sec.

  • Didi

    what an ugly b*tch. he must f*ck her from behind, or with a paper bag over her head, or all of the above.

  • erica

    I don’t think that is Judes’ girlfriend. But good to see Jude is getting out and having a good time. Thanks Jared love to see Jude.

  • Beware of Nanny F*cker

    and hopefully she hasn’t got kids, if she has she needs to get the nanny a chstity-belt asap.

  • cd

    Was he at the fashion dior winter/fall haute couture or not ?

  • natalie

    Ugh, what the hell happened to him? Other than the sleazy nanny incident. He used to be so hot. Now he just looks old and beat.

  • Daphne

    The faces he’s making are funny. I guess he spotted the paps and had a bit of fun.

    The Kabaret Club pics — He held a party there for the Zulu dancers (see JJared’s previous post). I read that everyone were treated like VIPs and had a great rockin time. What a lovely guy. Beautiful inside and out.

  • Lizzie

    Judes’ body language says nothing. This is not a love lunch.

  • realman

    didi, you have good intentions, but you are off the mark. Jude Law is strictly a poop pusher, and is repulsed by female genitalia. in a gay couple, he is the woman.

  • coalharbourqt

    Well he does still clean up well, I’ll give him that much. But what’s up with the skinny jeans. Yuck! They should not sell skinny jeans for men, it just looks wrong to me.

  • Watcher

    Girlfriend? Gimme a break. Can’t the guy have a meal with a woman without the goss labeling them a couple already? Just look at ‘em. There’s nothing going on. He’s no monk — he sure has his pick of women — but c’mon, lay off the girlfriend bit. It’s stupid.

  • Sandy

    Thanks Jared i knew you would come through. He looks relaxed and wonderful
    in Paris – that city definitely agrees with him and except for the four pix ouside of his house which were probably taken very early he looks fine to me. The paps are always searchning for the weird pixtures that they can ke stupid commnents about and in fact that’s what they photograph, half closed eyes fleeting expressions. in a normal situation he looks great,always. He had a busy week back and forth to Paris and assisting this troop of youhng people from Africa. They treated him well when he visited and he repaid them with this wonderful party in which they were guests as well as celebs. What great memories for all.As for Natalie i suggest you see aoopthalmologist very fast as you have a serious eye problem and realman you have an even more serious one, you are not real or a man and you lost the brain that came with the costume!

  • Mery

    Thanks, Jared!

    I think Jude only have a lunch with this lady.
    Beautiful dress, at Dom Perignom, and funny pics outside his car. The paps was very close.

  • leona Graves

    iwant jude so badly,i mite be so far away in australia,born and bread here,i dream of the opp to meet him,if i did i am sure i could get him to want me as much as i want him.i havent had sex for 12months and im savivg myslf for him.i mite end up dying neva to have sex again but who cares…im sexy hot and woulkd rock judes world that hed come back begging me for more and more and it would get beta everytime….LEeLee,Perth wa.sssasssyyy.

  • ann

    i just love the brits

  • realman

    correction. a late entry has arrived and taken the prize! ann wins for most morbidly obese, meaningless person alive! now, ann, load your folds into a wheelbarrow and ooze your way off of this forum. realman has spoken.

  • AG

    I’m a french girl.
    I come on your website everyday… I adore it !
    Today, i decide to comment the pictures of JUDE with the lady because i know her.
    She’s a french girl. She calls MARIE. She participated on a tv show in FRANCE called THE BACHELOR 4 years ago i think.
    I wanted to inform you.

    Bye !!!!

  • Marine

    the girl with Jude was in the bachelor! her name is marie, and she didn’t win! Jude met her in Cannes this year!

  • Natalie

    Jude looks so funny but he is still adorable

  • Pole

    Thanks Jared.

  • erica

    AG, Thanks for the info on the girl in the pic I did not think she was Judes’ girlfriend. Also I would love to a glass of Dom Perignon with Jude.

  • karishma

    jude has new movies that he has worked on,, i cant wait until they open in theatres

  • Speculation or Fiction??

    Celebs can’t even have lunch with anyone. Next the tabloids are going to have them married, 10 kids, and having a nasty divorce with they will blame on Angelina Jolie!!

  • Ria

    I wish they have some pics of him with the Zulu guys in Kabaret. People has an item reporting that he looked sexy on the floor dancing with the Zulu guys to Justin’s Timberlake’s Sexy Back while the Zulu girls surrounded him singing “YOU bring sexy back.”That would have been hilarious and sexy.

  • dolorescraeg

    what a treat. a jude marathon….i love the pix of jude sitting at a french cafe with marie. he looks very engrossed and interested in what she has to say. and he looks fabulous at the dom perignon party. sometimes i am amazed at the intelligence level of some of the posters. they reduce the comments to potty talk. how old are they? four?
    jude’s a great actor, beautiful guy, devoted father and very charitable. these elements and very sexy puts him right up there on my want to meet and see him list. by the way jared i never mind constructive critiques of jude…it’s a free country but venom or hatred should be deleted. it doesn’t belong on these sites. please jared give this a thought.

  • Didi

    you are probably right realman. fact is, the area he lives in is the mens public toilet cruising headquarters of london. you can tell he is the type to propose anal fisting to men next to the urinals, and has his own peekaboo peephole in the cubicles. george michael eat your heart out, a new gay lord has arrived. pass the baton

  • Renaud D.

    I can confirm he is having lunch here with Marie Laurent, the contestant of the third season of the french Bachelor… They hooked up at the Cannes film festival last may. There is a striking resemblance with Sienna Miller… Check this out :

  • grandyeffour

    ya she’s from BACHELOR tv show. (guess maybe she thought jude is next bachelor?! LOL)
    nu beau?? NO, I think they were just having lunch at the same time n same place.
    juuude seriously, u have to find sum upperclass woman/girl. u deserve better.A woman like winslet or portman.

  • realman

    didi – i couldn’t have said it better myself. pass the baton – that’s genius. the flesh baton in his case.

  • Sandy

    According to a french blog Several people saw them dining in the evening and one even sent them a glass of champagne


    Que le esta disiendo la chica a Jude?….Le dise “MIRA CABRON SI ME PONES LOS CUERNOS TANSOLO UNA VES (le senala con el dedo) TE VAS A REPENTIR AVER NACIDO” HAHAHAHAHAHAH

  • dolorescraeg

    jared, in answer to your query…”why is jude popping his butt?” that’s what he looks like from the rear. that’s why his legion of female and some male fans love looking at him from the rear as well as the front. jude’s a–se was voted the best in all of filmdom.

  • Daphne

    “a striking resemblance with Sienna Miller” … well they both have two eyes, a nose and mouth with crooked teeth. The resemblance is uncanny yeah.

  • Lindsay

    hahaha Jude is so funny, i love his silly attitude LOL

    btw i think he still looks cute yeah he’s gotten older but he’s not ugly at all.

  • Sandy

    Does anyone know what marie’s occupation actually is? Is she an actress, model, …what?

  • sweet jane

    Jude, you need to get some hairplugs, luvvy.

  • sheryl

    Jude, just say no to hair plugs…you’re just fine…real fine…more than fine…and have been for a long, long time without them. And people complain that Hollywood is so superficial and overly critical about looks? No, I think it’s the rest of the world that’s lost our minds and behave rudely. But I will admit this…I do find Jude most luscious when he’s dressed down and his hair is not so “fixed” for the cameras…pretty much like he is in my daydream, where I’m on the side of the road with a busted tire, and AAA has me on hold, and he stops and offers to change it for me, and eventually has to take off his shirt, and “Bad Company” is playing on the radio, and…
    I mean, in all reality, I am a woman that can change my own flat tire, but that wouldn’t make a fun daydream, would it?

  • Jonathan

    If she’s really his new girlfriend i’m happy for him.

    Jared.. thanks !

  • Becky Lucas

    Jude Law is defenitely a handsome man. BUT- Knowing what his past is like with women, I would never marry the guy myself, let alone date him. Most celebrities try not to get with another celebrity for the simple reason that it destroys their relationships. Im seeing more and more celebrities marrying ordinary people for that reason. I heard about Lindsay Lohan bedding him. I think that’s so gross. She only bedded him cause he’s gorgeous.He only bedded her for the sake of doing her and to most likely quell her Jude thirst. Whoever gets with Jude better be prepared for the big let down he’s going to publicly induce.

  • JJ