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Matt Damon & Ben Affleck: Screenplay Coming Soon!

Matt Damon & Ben Affleck: Screenplay Coming Soon!

Jennifer Garner shares a hearty laugh with actor pal Matt Damon and his wife Luciana Damon while vacationing together in Hawaii on Monday. Both families have been in living it up in Hawaii for the past 3 1/2 weeks. If only everybody could take that kind of time off to spend with their families!

Garner‘s hubby Ben Affleck and their 19-month-old daughter Violet were also around for the fun. But it looks like only the older folk got to enjoy the a ride on the beach catamaran, including Damon‘s 9-year-old daughter Alexia.

It was also just reported that BFFs Affleck and Damon are returning to screenwriting! (They received Oscars in 1998 for their Good Will Hunting screenplay.)

Ben and Matt keep taking breaks to go surfing and hang out with their families,” an insider tells Us Weekly. “But for the most part, they’ve been writing together on this trip.”

“That’s their plan,” Damon‘s rep confirmed to the Daily News. “Whether or not they are doing it right now, I don’t know.”

10+ pictures inside of Damon and Affleck

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01 jennifer garner violet affleck
02 ben affleck jennifer garner
03 jennifer garner matt damon
04 ben affleck surfing
05 ben jen matt catamaran
ben affleck catamaran
ben affleck surfboard
jennifer garner matt damon
matt damon catamaran
matt damon jennfer garner

Photos: Big Pictures/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Violette

    They look like a fun gang

  • Mmmmm

    I hope so, love Good Will Hunting. Glad to see have reconnected.

  • Wwwww


  • G

    Who’s the third couple?

  • Katherine

    i’m glad that these two are still friends…nice to see them and their wives and children hanging out together.

    Cant wait to see what kind of movie they will come up with next, i loved Good Will Hunting….

    Thanks JJ!

  • jennyfan

    How cute are they! Wish I had a nanny and could spend that much time in Hawaii!!

  • EAD

    Garner looks miserable half the time in these pics. She needs to lighten the F up.

  • cute

    Um, how does she look miserable? She’s laughing in all of them but 2…in one of those she’s eating. People aren’t all smiles 100% of the time. Yeesh.

    Cute pics. I’d love to spend 3 1/2 weeks in Hawaii.

    Glad they’re working on a new script. Loved GWH!

  • http://! LisaM2

    EAD Your out of your mind.
    Or is your comment supposed to be sarcasm?

  • heartbreaker

    Love Violet!

  • MJ

    Matt looks good! It looks like the families enjoy spending time together.

  • Jodie

    They look like they have a ton of fun together…what great pics

  • Matt is a great actor..writer..

    Thank goodness Matt whom I luv is so generous.Matt is comin to rescue Benwho may or not have movies coming out,but no one wants to see it. Ben an Jen r not as wealthy or have a career as Matt. Ben only seems to smile in the presence of Matt& wife. JG brought Bens hotness well as his last movies.Jen should return to channel four on tv or just fade out, she can not carry a movie alone. When he is alone with Jen G he always looks unhappy.Matts wife even makes JG look dowdy. I dont find JG atractive at all.JMO.

  • realman

    comment #14 is obviously from an obese freak who has nothing better to do than spank it to two homos then commit suicide in own filth.

  • mimi

    Doesn’t anyone notice Jennifer Garner is always laughing when she’s with Matt and frowning when she’s with Ben alone? Matt Damon, you’re next…

  • http://! mimi

    LOVE BEN!!!! He looks so great on that surfboard!

    Matt and Ben have been friends since Ben was 8 and Matt 10. That is so unusual for a friendship to stay as close through all those years even in the “real” world much less Hollywood. THe gay jokes are so stupid.

    Ben is so HOT!!!!!

  • i agree

    So true #14 so true. And #16 aint that a fact. #15 clean it up and head back over to d=listed,ok or is it Perez? Ben has become so boring. I would not pay to see Ben or Jen unless Matt was in their movie.A fact.
    Ben does not do it for me I use to think he was cute he is ok now that is it. Some celeb dads are hot an their being a smiling happy dad adds to it,but he is the opposite when he is with Violet he seems semi-happy but with Jen he looks depress, so I do not think he is into her as a wife. She and him 2gether so not a turn on.

  • lula29


    They never smile together because they are in a happy marriage.

    Frowning is the new happy.

  • realman

    i agree, please wipe the baby poop off your shwanz, it smells like gerber, you molesting canal pal.

  • junebug

    i am so sure that ben affleck is a meat head in person. he just happens to be friends with matt damon, who is brilliant. jennifer garner gets major points off for being with ben affleck and for always carting around that ugly daughter of hers. but she still kicked ass in alias.

  • coochie

    Ben & Jen look like they’re both so boring in bed together.
    Sorry. When I look at a couple, I always think about their sex lives for some reason.

  • http://! mimi

    Actually #22 I bet IN BED ITS HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ben does have a very high sex drive and not for Mat.

    Now Angelina and Brad I bet its NOT NOT NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And June Bug you are so wrong its BEN who is brilliant- just watch some intelligent shows like Chris Matthews and Bill Mahar instead of bEING on these stupid blogs and you would know. My BEN is wicked smart.

    Plus #14 I believe is an obsese freak –you are right realman!

  • matt is a family man

    Ben has a small we-we as shown on Jareds.We all know by the careers each one has who is the smart one. Angie an Brad what are you a nut this is a Damon-Afleck thread.But sense you mention them they are both good-looking and do-able.You two sound like high schoolers from Perez’s site, newbie immature kiddie haters.
    Everyone has their own opinion. Geez. Why are you two calling posters fat? you two are probably fat and bullies and that is why the bully in the yard its my way or no way mentality. People yal are sooo right Matt is da bomb. Ben career has stalled.





  • I love My Batty Men.

    I want to say that every single one of you are idiots. but sense I have post my own anti-Jen Gardner post, I wont.

    But come on now 14, how do you know that people wont go see Gone Baby Gone?

    And 24, how do you know that Matt is a family man? Just because you seen some pictures on a blog dose not mean you even get a glimpse into who he really is.

    A Person

  • I love My Batty Men.

    I want to say that every single one of you are idiots. but sense I have post my own anti-Jen Gardner post, I wont.

    But come on now 14, how do you know that people wont go see Gone Baby Gone?

    And 24, how do you know that Matt is a family man? Just because you seen some pictures on a blog does not mean you even get a glimpse into who he really is.

    A Person

  • EAD

    I was referring to all her pictures in general.
    Maybe it’s the razzi setting her off, because most of time she looks like she spots them and it’s that same old miserable look on her face. The only time I see her smiling a lot or the most is when she’s with her daughter in the park, but when it’s just her and Ben (at least lately) they don’t exactly look like they are having a great time. She’s an actress in the middle of paradise, get the mean puss off your face.
    Just my observation.

  • jean

    Ben Affleck just don’t have the “it” factor. He became famous only after attaching himself with JLo. Matt Damon was much luckier, not as handsome as Ben but knew how to choose his role , much talented and charming.The two had come a long way, Matt was a solid A list while Ben and his wife were still stuck on B listed actors.

  • wa wa wa

    24 matt is a family man : 07/05/2007 at 8:35 pm
    Ben has a small we-we as shown on Jareds
    Where did you saw his we-we ? can you post it ?

  • http://! mimi

    Yes,PLEASE I need to see his we-we toooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

  • crazy

    mimi is obsess and a perez nut.hahhaha

  • nellie oleson

    You know it was a imprint of his weiner stickin up and it look tiny, just saying. Mimi get a job gurlfriend you so sick.
    Ben A.,is grubby lookin like he dont bathe.
    Matts a Hottie.

  • realman

    every comment here is from a child molester. use the baby wipe next to your victim and wipe the blood and poop off of your shwanzes.

  • Angelina

    does your comment count realman?

  • grace

    Ben got soooo old looking since he married JenGarner!Yeah both are smiling with Matt and his wife and on the 2nd pic or in that boot they look totally bored and pissed especially on the 2nd pic!JMO they have some issues and not because this are only 2 pics because the last pics of them were looking totally the same.Oh oh!

  • gatita

    Me encantan pienso que la amistad de ellos ha de ser maravillosa despues de tantos aƱos han de ser como hermanos.

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