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Orlando Bloom Rocks Pornstache

Orlando Bloom Rocks Pornstache

Orlando Bloom works the pornstache (UH, NO THANKS!) as he leaves the Duke of York Theatre earlier this week after rehearsals for David Storey‘s play In Celebration, which officially opens tonight.

In Celebration is a 1969 drama that tells the story of three brothers who are unhappy as they have to travel back to their parents’ Yorkshire home for their 40th wedding anniversary. Once there, tension immediately begins to mount between the three brothers until one of them begins angrily lashing out at the rest of the family, tearing apart their illusion of happiness.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Orlando’s mustache in full bloom?

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orlando bloom pornstache 01
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  • almost

    I agree eeww. hopefully its just for the play and he will shave it when its over.

  • Ruth

    It doesn’t look that bad! He is acting in a play and the look is just a part of the character he is creating on the stage. I am glad that he is finally doing some real acting instead of the really awful movies he has appeared in over the last few years.

  • Melissa

    Shave it!

  • Didi

    he looks like a paedophile

  • JoJo

    agreed it’s aweful..but thankfully only for the play.

    anyone know who that guy is behind him (long hair dude)in the walking picture? He is in so many pics with him…must be an agent or something. I see him as often as I see him with Aleen.

    Good luck with the play orli!!

  • KC

    Well I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt since I guess he’s doing if for the play.

  • KC

    JoJo I believe the man behind him is his assistant Michael Lagnese.

  • Mika


  • Sweetpea

    Eeewwww is right. He looks like a weasel. Not working for him.

  • grace

    ewwww horrible

  • Mmmmm

    LOL too funny

  • xy

    these photos are only from last night’s rehearsals! the play premieres tonight, in two hours exactly that is!

    so far the play’s booking until september 15th. press night is on july 12th.

    i hope for good reviews and decently behaving fans. everything else would be quite embarrassing for orlando.

  • ricki

    I didn’t know the play premieres tonight.

    I don’t care for the mustache, but some of the reactions here are stupid.

  • West

    Charlie Chaplin ?…

  • xenu

    The ‘stache is cheesy, but as others have said, it’s for the play, which is set in the late ’60s. That’s the way guys looked back then.

  • Ali

    omg?! I like him but urgg…

  • barnes

    he looks like Adam Brody.

  • Tara

    Nice dirtstache

  • lindsey

    the play starts previews on the 5th, but doesn’t officially open until the 16th.

  • Lilly

    So is he with penelope cruz again?

  • ricki

    Penelope is a lesbian, so he can’t be with her, can he?

    I hope he does well with his play and that stupid fangirls won’t ruin it.

  • mackenzie

    I hope it’s for a movie

  • Leah

    Maybe he’s working against the “SEX-APPEAL” look for a reason ;)…

    Exhausted, under-fed, frusterated, jeez I’m kinda concerned for him. That E-talk b*tch Lainey wrote another article blaming him being the reason for Kate’s anorexia and to ppl he’s either TOO pretty or TOO ugly…I hope the stress of all this doesn’t get to him.

    I think the dude behind him is one of his old buddies, Clive.

  • xenu

    “That E-talk b*tch Lainey wrote another article blaming him being the reason for Kate’s anorexia”

    I wonder if the people saying these things in order to shift responsibility realize just how bad they make Bones look. They make her out to be this helpless, stupid bimbo who can’t make a decision on her own and defers to the Almighty Boyfriend at every turn. I can’t stand her, and even I give her more credit than that. Seriously, have 40 years of feminism and women taking responsibility for their own lives completely escaped these peoples’ notice?

    *steps off soapbox*

    The story of him getting back together with Penelope Cruz appeared in News of the World, for Pete’s sake. I would hope most people have more sense than to believe it. I don’t mind her at all-Tom Cruise Stink nothwithstanding-but…News of the World, people. Jeez.

  • ricki

    I’m so sick of lamey and company blaming him for Kate’s illness. No one forced her to take drugs or to starve herself.

    He’s so much better off and happier without her in his life.

  • new of the stupid

    Penelope has been in Los Angeles and NYC the last month, partying with Shakira, Demi Moore, and lastly with John Mayer. She just returned to Barcelona after June 21st to start her new movie. She hasn’t been anywhere near Orlando. But nice try, Kim. I mean, The News of the World. *g*

  • [Famous]

    a ‘LOL’ is all I can get out.

  • Mika

    No NEW OF THE STUPID I’m not that crazy Kim girl. I know who your talking about. I was just curious because I read that and sometimes the rags are right, they just sensationalize everything. I don’t really keep up with Orlando that much anymore and I don’t know much at all about Penelope I was just asking in case there was any other mentions about this.

    Anyone see his play? DETAILS?

  • Barbie

    Come on….it’s just for the Play !!!
    (I hope he shaves it off…lol)

    Anyways i wish you th best Orlando.

  • janey

    With the curly hair, he looks like Monty Python’s Michael Palin!

  • celeb watcher

    Not a good look

  • alisha

    it looks different and everyone knows that no one likes different but i think he pulls it off.

  • emily

    hopefully that smustach is just for the play!!
    i think he and keira knightly should be together instead of him with penelope cruz!!

  • emily

    hopefully that smustach is just for the play!!
    i think he and keira knightly should be together instead of him with penelope cruz!!

  • n

    He kinda looks like Brandon Flowers from the Killers now.

  • emmy

    well… to be honest, i kind of dig that mustache. orli can do no wrong lol :D

  • http://windowslive bibbles

    he needs it for a play that he is in