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Kelly Clarkson's Ex Fights Back

Kelly Clarkson's Ex Fights Back

Kelly Clarkson recently spoke out about David Hodges, her cheating boyfriend from last year.

“My standards were low because I was lonely,” she said. “I met this musician, not a famous musician—he doesn’t even deserved to be named—and I thought he was totally into me. And then you find out, oh God, that he had this whole other relationship on the side, and that he is only dating you to get into pictures and to become famous.”

Kelly had penned the song “Never Again” about Hodges on her latest album, My December.

Now Hodges is fighting back with his own song called “Just a Little Girl”, which according to his website us “a rebuttal to a single by a former idol currently on the radio.” (You can listen to it here.)

Hodges is best known for his work with the band Evanescence, which he left in 2002. He now fronts his own band, Trading Yesterday. Check out the lyrics to “Just a Little Girl” below.


You never cared to hear the other side
So why would you care to keep this thing alive
You paint me into a memory of all your pain
But i will not be drawn into the past again

Cause all of this is all that I can take
And you could never understand the demons that I face
So go ahead and bat your eyes and lie right to the world
For in everything you are, you’re just a little girl

I never meant for you to feel this way
but Decembers were never meant to be our graves
It’s not a question of who was wrong and what is right
But time cannot heal what you will never recognize


So go ahead and cry
Go ahead believe that you were right
To keep away the dark to help you sleep tonight

Go on and decide
Who is wrong what is right
If you know inside

(Chorus x2)

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  • Didi

    stop whining your cheating b*stard and just swallow the humble pie. w*nker

  • [Famous]

    just keep eating Kelly.

  • EvilLynn

    from one half-greek chick to another: I’ll kick him in the shins for ya Kel, if I ever see him.

  • natalie

    He should just go away quietly.

  • Jill

    Cool…..I don’t care about either one of their personal lives. I just hope the music is good.

  • angie

    looks like someone is still “trying” to get famous. this sad tattoo freak has no shame. on his very own website he even has the guts to post an article that contains the littlest blurb that has to do with him even though Kelly took up the whole page. That’s the closest he will ever get to be mentioned in the press, as an cheating ex not for his music.

  • Boring

    How boring – didn’t justin and brit already do this???

  • Mmmmm

    6 angie


  • ….

    He’s just someone trying to capitalize on Kellys fame. Hopefully he’ll just fade away

  • Sarah

    What a vile person. Why is he working?

  • Marbs84

    When does a cheater ever admit he cheated? Never! What an ass! And he supposedly is doing Christian music. He’s not only a cheater he is also a hypocrite!

  • Sayini

    poor kelly lalety nothing seems to go her way..!

  • Jessie

    :roll: l.o.s.e.r. :)

  • Anon O Muss

    What a loser! And the song sucks royally. But he is kinda cute in that “Trainspotting” heroine-chic kinda way. Sorry, Kel, I do him!


    nooo jared ur giving him publicity!!!!!

  • rockerdude22

    uh oh here we go again

  • angie

    Tessa’s right, he’s getting publicity, Jared you should blurb out his face!

  • Diana

    I guess Kelly was right about him! What a loser!

    I agree … blurb out his face and dont LINK!

  • Mrs. Fugly

    God! That outfit is hideous looking on Kelly. Makes her look I believe, heavier then she actually is. It makes her look FAT! She’s needs to either find a stylist or drop some weight. Good for her reguards, to her speaking out about her cheating boyfriend. Loser. He Looks like one anyway.


    She gained some weight

  • Anonymous

    Good for you Kelly for not mentioning his name. Too bad US had to pull his name and photo out of obscurity. If cream rises to the top, he’s about to be flushed because we know what he is.

  • Brad

    You would cheat too if your g/f ended up looking like this fat pig did. She is gross.

  • ME

    And why does ANYONE give a shit about her and him?!

  • phouse1964

    My ONLY questions is – Did you eff someone else while you were with her or not? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Fade away, dickweed.

  • gina

    I can’t stand Kelly but damn is David Hodges a little bitch.

  • Mike

    Jared – this is about 2 months old. He put that sorry-excuse-for-a-song on their myspace a while back

  • rhayssa

    kelly looks great and all you haters fock off

  • Iamgorgeous

    There is nothing “little” about Kelly Clarkson.

  • pickle

    In yo face Kelly!

  • michelle

    Blur out his face and erase his name. Don’t give him any publicity.

  • guuurrrl!

    No wonder poor kel doesn’t look forward to marriage or kids.

    Kelly don’t let one bad apple spoil the whole bunch girl. Don’t allow bitterness to settle in that pretty little heart of yours.

  • Davidson

    What an asshole! If it wasn’t for Kelly no one would even know of this punk.

  • advantage

    the pros of not being skinny is that you could be pregnant and none would be the wiser. from this top she’s wearing, i would venture to guess she’s 5 months along. not that she is but that’s what it looks like honestly. i don’t think anyone should be starving to look thin but she could use some exercise. she’s still young, shouldn’t be too hard to lose 10 pounds. not only will she look better, she’ll be healthier and feel a lot better.

  • rhayssa

    she looks AMAZING and dont need to change anything

  • malibumom

    If you lay down with DOGZ you will get up with FLEAZ!!

  • Anthony

    Sad attempt to get attention,what a dick

  • angelinammm

    he’s good looking

  • lily

    i couldnt find the song. it was gone when i got there…

  • Ummm…yeah

    Why are all you people saying that Kelly looks great??

    You guys KNOW she is not keeping herself fit, and over eating….look at her when she was on A.I, she was like 20 lbs lighter. Now she has all this money and she can buy all the food she wants, that is why she is looking so dumpy. And her sales are low. If you want to make it in the entertainmen/music biz you have to look the part too…just being honest, cause thats how it is…

  • Tucker

    You call the #1 album in the world low sales?
    That makes perfect sense…

  • Ha

    they both suck(especially Kelly who looks like she’s been sucking about 10 Big Macs a day). So who cares.

  • mickey

    He will not be drawn into the past, yet he writes a song about the past. Consider yourself drawn.

  • james

    by posting his song you do what he wants.. i mean this is what he wants getting famous.. now its easy for him because everybody wants to heer his song… :S that sucks

  • sara

    blurb out his face !!!

  • shannon

    LOL this is only two months old now but yeah… it’s funny that Kelly’s never mentioned his name and no one would even know who he was except HE outted himself and why would he do that? for exactly the reason Kelly said he dated her in the first place…for fame and publicity… what a loser! If you watch him on her Hazel Eyes DVD he’s a condecending prick so in the long run Kelly is better off without him!

    As for those who say Kelly is fat… LMAO… yeah by the standards of Nicole Richey, Mary Kate Olsen, and other Hollywood twigs she’s a real heffa…but in the real world Kelly is pretty damn small. I’d take Kelly and her fat ass over someone who looks like they might break if you touch them wrong. superficial fuckers….

    I agree, blur his face out…don’t give him the satisfaction of mentioning or showing him.

  • bucdaddy

    Those are some seriously lame lyrics.

    And that awful outfit KC is wearing at least draws the eyes to her gut and away from her fug face.

  • remember da truth

    Her problem is wearing low-rider jeans. Unless you are 15 and have no curves yet they don’t look good. They give everyone a muffin top and the stomach looks bigger as it hangs over the top. I’m accused of being skinny all the time and if I put on those jeans, i’d look grossly fat.
    She is fine, she just doesn’t look how you all are used to having stars look.

  • Not Anthony Padilla

    That dude is such a loser. Im tired of people talking about Kelly’s weight. Fat or skinny, she’s still a good singer.

  • The Duke of Deception

    I’d hittttttt it.

  • Dr Jube

    jesus! They’re some SH*IT lyrics. Really shi*t. The guy needs to hear some Smiths.