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Jennifer Garner Teams With Revolution Studios Again

Jennifer Garner Teams With Revolution Studios Again

Jennifer Garner greets a fan in the parking lot of Revolution Studios in Santa Monica, Calif. on Friday morning. It seems like the film studio and Jen are teaming up again! Revolution Studios produced her smash romantic comedy 13 Going on 30.

Jen is just getting back into the daily grind after her two-week family vacation in Hawaii with hubby Ben Affleck, daughter Violet and actor pal Matt Damon‘s family.

UPDATE: Jen is sporting a Valentino “Histoire” patent purse.

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Photos: London Entertainment/Splash News Online
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  • gala

    she looks good

  • Mmmmm

    She looks fab, cant wait to see what she is in next thanks JJ

  • Mmmmm

    btw does anyone know what bag is she carrying?

  • scandalmonger

    she´s fugly and she looks like a 45year old lady that can´t dress and please no Jen movies anymore her acting is shit she always has the same expression on her face and she´s looking like she´s farting the whole time.
    BTW look at those ugly granny shoes!!!!
    Oh and how often do you think is Manifer getting plastic surgery??Her lips are looking like a fat bockwurst.She definitely gets botox shots.
    ewwww she looks like dog dirt.

  • Hulla

    Wow, she loos so natural and great.
    Love that bag!

  • Katherine

    Geez, SCANDALMONGLER tell us how you really feel.

    Good lord with people and their hate.

    i like Jen, she is sweet and not fake, cares for her family, she’s a great mom and a devoted wife. Good for her. I hope she makes more movies, i’m missing one of my fav shows–Alias! She rocked on that show.

    Thanks JJ, cant wait to see what she will do next.

  • [Famous]

    Fug Fug Fug.

    I’m just happy her forehead is covered.

  • natalie

    that purse is hot! i want one

  • Rii

    Beautiful woman! And a great actress. I miss Alias.
    But I’m looking forward to seeing her The Kingdom, it seems like an interesting movie and she is in great company with Jamie Foxx, Jason Bateman and Chris Cooper.

  • angie

    horray I love Jen!!!

  • EvilLynn

    I wanna mug her for her purse :)

  • [Famous]

    Great actress? wow

  • TK

    The bag is a Valentino…

  • may

    Lol…great actress…lol, lol, lol, cute, lol, not, not not. She looks like an old hag, you people must be old old old, if you think she looks great. As for being a great mom, who wouldn’t be, if you had three mexican nannies to help you lol…the paparazzi never take pictures of the nannies…they didn’t take pictures of Matt Damon’s wife next to Jennifer so they definitely don’t take pictures of the nanny. Rich b#tch always playing the goody two shoes, and the “good mom”…she is mommy wierdest. Her husband has a small wiener, she loves saying hello to her little friend. They disgust me, they both look like trailer trash…but you old people can keep puting them on a pedestal, you who say she is looking good…oh please she has my mom’s a#s.

  • wondering

    Wow, May, your mother would be so proud that you’re talking up her a#s online. What has this lady done to you? Then again, I’m old. Sorry, girl, but you’ll be older, too.

  • Amy

    May, your mom must be HOT then.

    Love Jen. Love Ben. Love Violet. I miss Alias too! She’s underrated as an actress, as far as I am concerned. May probably though JLo was a good actress.

  • Amy

    And, btw, I’m not old.

  • Mrs. Fugly

    I want those exact same jeans! They look wonderful on! She looks good.

  • Mrs. Fugly

    OMG! I almost pissed myself. You are too funny. You crack me up. Especially, about Jennifer’s mouth looking like a fat knockwurst by Botox. You’re fucking hillarious!!! I still want her jeans though.

  • daisy

    I agree with may that is one ugly bitch why is she getting movie roles can’t act only her alias die hard fans find this fugly woman beautiful you can just imagine what these women look like. She must like small weiners and poor Benny Boy looks like shit that’s what he gets for marrying fugly, she heeded her fans advice and hid her huge forehead, by wearing bangs. She hid her cellulite with the jeans lol lol.

  • Jake

    Never could see what the big deal is with Jennifer Garner. Sorry, but without all the make-up and photo-shopped pictures, Jennifer is a very plain chick and her acting skills are quite limited. I hate it when she puts her hair behind her ears, which are quite big. Very unattractive.

  • DD

    Love her jeans! What kind are they?

  • mimi

    She really has a man’s face. I saw a picture of hers and Cindy Crawford was standing next to her, her head and face is twice as big as Cindy’s and it’s very angular.

  • memo

    6 Katherine : 07/06/2007 at 4:00 pm
    Geez, SCANDALMONGLER tell us how you really feel.

    Good lord with people and their hate.

    i like Jen, she is sweet and not fake, cares for her family, she’s a great mom and a devoted wife. Good for her. I hope she makes more movies, i’m missing one of my fav shows–Alias! She rocked on that show.

    Thanks JJ, cant wait to see what she will do next.


    i agree on the hate part.. these comments are way too much..

    i suspect some of these hags are coming from FF, typing the psychotic posts and then going back to FF pasting them and making fun of the level of hate in here. LOL,
    THEY talk about hate?!?

    after writing ugly stuff about angelina’s mom, wishing bike accidents for brad and discussing shiloh’s mental health because she had an open mouth or she looked shocked when she was sorrounded with 35 screaming paps around her…

    at first i found the crazies scary, but now it’s just plain funny.

  • daisy

    well it seems like the only people who are waiting for her movies are her die hard fans who finds fugly georgeous, its sad that her fans are into denial. In alias she looks like a man look at her features liv tylers dad and jen were seperated at birth. her last movies were flops who wants to see jamie fox he sucks too did you stupid people know that tabloid mags are photoshoped you can just imagine what this manface really looks like. By the way did you see ben in vegas he got hit with the ugly stick too poor benny boy little weiner.

  • might be from FF


    is FemaleFirst down or what??

  • Lisa

    Sure there are a few nutcases on these blogs, but many times when someone posts an opinion about a “star” that is just a personal opinion but not flattering or supportive, these posters are jumped on for “hating.” This is a very over-used condemnation of people who have a right to post legitimate opinions about entertainers who are……entertaining us. As entertainers that we pay to see in movies, we certainly have a right to form opinions about them. And posting opinions on blogs should not get posters automatically condemned as “haters” if someone doesn’t agree with an opinion. Sharing opinions about stars IS what these blogs are for, and it is my opinion that the stars pay PR people to attack anyone who has an opinion about these stars that the stars don’t like. Calling people haters for just posting an opinion is the same as trying to silence free speech. Stars get so upset when their phoney-baloney PR schticks don’t fool the public and how easy it is to call everyone haters when stars’ actions and words make a lie out their feel-good PR machines.

    That said, I don’t think Jennifer Garner is a good actress, and she is quite plain. Do I hate her? No, of course not, I don’t even know her, I am commenting on her acting skills and her looks, and I have a right to my opinion without being called a hater.

  • Mrs. Fugly

    To DD: They are Seven jeans from (Citizen’s of Humanity) brand. You can find them at Macy’s. If, you got a Lohmann’s around in you’re area you, can possibly get a pair at half the price at Macy’s. I fucking want a pair. I have to wait. My husband will through a fit because, I already bought a lot of jeans already. I did not tell him about my Express jeans purchase today. It was a sweet deal. I couldn’t pass it up.

  • memo

    27 Lisa : 07/06/2007 at 11:07 pm
    i don’t like the word hater either.

    but at least people here do not talk ill about the deceased or make fun of an innocent child. hater sure sounds childish but hate gone too far might mean on the way to dangerous — and i’m not talking about “a few” nutcases, trust me.

    just read (or reread) my post, and then decide which way to protest :)

  • Lindad48

    I love Jennifer Garner, she proves herself a real lady in a world of few. She is so the girl next door, and I believe she is beautiful inside as well as out. I miss watching Alias, I am a true fan; and excited that she is back to work on either t.v. or a movie.

  • daisy

    what bothers me lisa about jen’s fans is that they act as though they know this woman personally how do they know if she’s even a good mom this woman has a mexican nanny, who is to say that all her public park outings with violet are not photo opts. Who is to say if she is fake or real or not these celebrities are rich trying to sell you an image so that you go out there and buy their products,to me as i see this woman she is fugly has aface like a man and she cannot act and her movies have floped so jens fans want us to believe
    otherwise.and by the way benny boy has a little dickie lol did you see his little erect weiner how lol bye now.Now you can call me a hater all you want just because i don’t agree with you it’s not going to change the way i feel or millions of people feel who feel exactly the way i feel . there i’m done with this topic.

  • about damn time

    there i’m done with this topic.



  • Lisa

    memo, yes, some sites are pure venom, that is why I do not bother with Perez Hilton anymore – I dislike the coke dribblings he adds to people’s faces, and his personal “artistic” touches and comments are many times too crude and too mean. When Perez went after Christie Brinkley’s absolutely beautiful daughter in a horribly nasty manner for no reason, I was out of there – made me feel personally dirty to participate on his blog after that ugly display. This lovely, intelligent young lady did nothing to deserve his venom, it was totally gratuitous. This blog seems better (TMZ is nothing but Paris so I don’t bother with that one, either) but there are always going to be spiteful morons who just use these blogs to spew venom. And I do agree, it is disgusting when posters attack at a personal level, or attack innocent children and family members; Pointless and mean.

    What is the point of “writing ugly stuff about angelina’s mom, or wishing bike accidents for brad and discussing shiloh’s mental health because she had an open mouth or she looked shocked when she was sorrounded with 35 screaming paps around her…” This goes way beyond legitimate criticism and is just plain mean. But it does seem that ALL critical posters are broad-brushed as haters and are lumped in with the really mean posters and the word “hater” has lost all meaning. And as Daisy stated, fans act as if they know stars personally when they defend them, and when they defend them with as much venom as the so-called haters, they become haters, too.

  • anonymous

    The brangelina fans now hate Jennifer Garner too! Before they hate Jennifer Aniston only, now they have started to hate Jennifer Garner too. Why?
    She isn’t relate yours Brad and Angelina,because you bring them in this thread. Jennifer is a good mummy and also if i don’t know her, i see from the pics of Violet.
    Hate a woman because is happy with her baby girl, is insane! But at the end you what you want wait from the brangelina fans

  • lula29


    I completely agree with you. I can take valid criticism and just plain out dislike of celebs I even like. I deify no one. They are celebs, they are all selling us stuff, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, it’s their job. I think everyone should strive to be the best at what they do too, so hell, sell it to me and sell it to me well. But if you’re not selling it, I feel I have the right call it.

    Garner is a crap actress. She always was. Her backstage antics don’t make it any better. She ruined IMO the only star vehicle she had trying to get at Affleck. And I don’t hate her for it, but don’t try and convince me she’s innocent as the driven snow. I’d appreciate her more if she was like “yeah I did it, what?”

    But mainly I don’t care for the way I’m supposed to believe Garner saved Ben Affleck from the evil J.Lo and that I’m supposed to value Garner’s milky white blandness over Jenny Lo’s spiciness, because being non-offensive and bland is some how a virtue. And as if Jennifer Lopez some how ruined Ben Afflecks life. How? Because his fan base stopped liking him because he dared date a puerto rican. Thank God he married the right (read white) Jennifer. I’m so sorry I just don’t buy into it.

    And to top it all off, the Garfleck relationship doesn’t seem that great. They don’t make out, they don’t really touch, they were on vacation and barely looked each other in the eye if at all, at least according to the photographs and yet everyone is suppose to believe their marriage is the example of a successful, everyday union. Bullsh*it. These two are having issues and it’s obvious. I don’t want them to divorce because I don’t know them personally, but I simply don’t buy into the image that they are a “normal hollywood couple”. I find it quite sad that some people see the way they interact as normal. They simply don’t have good energy between them IMO.

    Now you can like them if you want. I don’t hate Garner, I don’t find her talented and I hate how she’s being marketed and it’s the image I’m railing against more than anything. I don’t find what she projects at all attractive or inspiring, but if you do, don’t take my opinion personal. It’s JMO.

  • l’invidia…..chebruttabestia!!!!!

    Hey lula finally you said something articulate that is not: she is a crap actress, she can’t act, she is ugly, I can’t stand her, her baby is ugly like the mother, her marriage with Affleck is fake, they aren’t happy, she is a bitch because she trapped him getting pregnant….at least you explain your point of view and even if I don’t agree with you, I respect your opinion!

    Anyway I’m still a little bit perplexed by your assurence that they are having issues…are you the lawyer of one of them? If it is the case, maybe you need to remember that the code of conduct of a lawyer is to be a little more professional! Watch out…you can loose your job!
    I don’t think she is a saint (luckly I add….nobody in this world is a saint) and I don’t like her because of the image that she is selling! I like her because she is normal, nothing too different from an ordinary woman! I like her because, from the pics that we see, she seems a good mother and wife, I like her because IMO she is a good actress, I like her because IMO she is really beatuful…but again: beauty is in the eye of the beholder! So, after I said that I think that I said it all!

  • grace

    lula and daisy: totally agree with you!!!!

  • anonymous

    Memo for Just Jared:
    I know that you are a great fan of Brangelina and that you delete every nasty word toward them, and i know that you hate Jennifer Aniston and for this you don’t delete every nasty word toward her.But you could delete the nasty words toward other actress and celebrities in your blog,because i know that this is the nest of the brangelina fans, but other fans have right to post here and they have right that you don’t use a double standard. So if you delete the nasty comments on Brangelina and CO, you must delete the nasty comments on: Jennifer Garner, Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise, and many others. Thanks in advantage!

    PS: How you can see, you can continue to don’t delete the nasty comments on Jennifer Aniston!
    Thanks again

  • lovelife

    What is her bag and where can I get one?

  • amy

    I just don’t like this woman and don’t see why she’s a celebrity. Guess because she’s married to Affleck. I don’t think anyone would pay any attention to her at all if she was still married to Scott Foley. I hated 13 Going on 30. I thought it was just like her: cloyingly cute and ridiculous. As for her acting skills, she knows how to cry and kick ass. Big deal. She’s no great actress and I won’t be going to see whatever new movie she’s in. Her 15 minutes should be up. They would have been if she wasn’t married to Affleck.

  • may

    I totally agree with what lula said especially this;

    But mainly I don’t care for the way I’m supposed to believe Garner
    saved Ben Affleck from the evil J.Lo and that I’m supposed to value Garner’s milky white blandness over Jenny Lo’s spiciness, because being non-offensive and bland is some how a virtue. And as if Jennifer Lopez some how ruined Ben Afflecks life. How? Because his fan base stopped liking him because he dared date a puerto rican. Thank God he married the right (read white) Jennifer. I’m so sorry I just don’t buy into it.

    MY TAKE:

  • grace

    ok now i have to write something about the JLo thing,too!
    I never liked her and I´m not a fan of her,so don´t come on that.I was also annoyed by Bennifer1 and so on but they were TWO in a relationship,not only JLo.
    Ben was together with her and he was obviously happy(the first time leastways) and she didn´t destroyed only HIS career that was Ben himself,too!Not only JLo!!!!!!!!
    I never read that Jlo said something negative about Ben,that´s just him!He always says something about Jlo,I really don´t know why!and I remember an interview he gave,after the split from JLo and before JG there he said that they were just so in love and didn´t recognize the media attention so much!What´s that?????
    So stop saying that fucking JG saved Ben,because there was nothing to save,just his career!Great,yeah I would also like to be the women,to save his career!That´s all she means for him,because he is obviously not so much interessted in her and the whole family thing!It´s his new image and Garner stands for that the new image.

  • Anon 2

    Maybe if you flagged the comments, he’ll be able to delet the comments. He does not read the posts, you know?

  • EvilLynn

    The Jeans:

    Seven for All Mankind. They’re called the “A Pocket” design. Don’t confuse them for the knock off “7″ jeans that are sold at places like Lane Bryant or Express. Also, SFAM and Citizens of Humanity are two different manufacturers.

    Those also look like Carbon A can find them online at

  • EvilLynn

    The Valentino Bag is the “Histoire” and it costs more than the first I car I owned ($1795. The car was $1700)

  • NitaPitaToo

    Lula29, you must be like 14. Not every adult likes PDA, especially married ones who wish for their private lives to remain private. They hold hands, kiss in public, but leave the good stuff for their home….wish everyone else did that!

    All of the negative comments are laughable because they are not really criticism of something Ben or Jen have done, it’s pure pettiness. They don’t know they any better than any other fan, but proclaim to be A-holes anyways.

    As for J-Lo, her own man-to-man hopping is reason enough not to like her. I do like her music, but she seems to use people and discard them like yesterday’s trash. Ben finally saw through that and decided not to marry her. They have both moved on with their lives and I think the “adoring fans” should too.

    I love Ben, always have, always will and think Jen is sweet. Their daughter is adorable and if some people think otherwise, oh well.

  • lula29


    Garner has done some man hopping herself, and that’s well known, so please. I don’t dislike her for that, I dislike her because she’s a cr*ap actress who wouldn’t be famous if it weren’t for the fact she married Affleck. Affleck’s fan base has really overdone the “Garner saved Affleck” bit, it’s too much to stomach.

    Who’s talking all out making out? I’m just sayin’ a nice stroll on the beach hand in hand, both playing around with their kid together alone, on their 2nd anniversary. They just don’t seem like two people who have that kind of connection to me. They seem more like friends.

    These people seem like couples to me:,0,2,0,3

    But none of this:

  • sb

    NitaPitaToo, what proves that Ben affleck decided himself not to marry jennifer lopez? Their marriage perhaps never took place because JENNIFER LOPEZ DECIDED not to marry him. That’s not because you want the things that these things are real. SOME PROOFS.

  • Jennah

    Oyyy some people..Jenn is AMAZING! she’s a true, real person who devotes herself not only to her career but primarily and most importantly her family. You go girl!