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Prince William & Kate Middleton: It's Back On!

Prince William & Kate Middleton: It's Back On!

Kate Middleton sports a pretty floral frock and carries a large bag on her way to work in London on Thursday.

She and Prince William are officially back on, reports The Sun.

A source said: “William has persuaded Kate that the problems of dating a future king are a price worth paying. Only when they took a step back did they have space to examine how they really felt about each other. They have now talked through their problems and are closer than ever. They do not feel there is anything to hide. They are keen to start acting as normally as possible.”

Couples pictures of their rekindled romance should be popping up soon!

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Photos: Big Pictures/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Babysis

    btw that is an ugly dress, but i still love her, shes cool.

  • sarah

    she’s a princess!!

  • Mattanja


  • Mattanja

    Oke, not first.. :)

    I like her!!

  • duped wills

    Guess de old lady has talk her way back into the poor young mans life.This is her dream golddigger.The colors of the dress looks like a bed spread an awful one.

  • Anonymous

    Poor girl. She got Prince Charming but the paps are going to make her life miserable.

  • Mrs. Fugly

    She wears the same style a lot. She looks good though. She knows how to dress her body. She never looks fat. At least she slender and attractive. So, the paps won’t capture bad photo’s.

  • Jillian

    Lord, I hope they don’t start stalking this young woman like they did Diana. They stalked and ran Diana into the grave. It is a shame what they did to Diana. Now it looks like they have found a new victim, in Kate.

  • [Famous]

    2skinny, looking kinda fug..

  • no princess please

    Looking fug she is fug an she is no princess Dianna.How old is this woman with the floral mess on? She looks 35. I didnt know he dated such an older woman. She needs a brow trim. I guess prince William likes below average face women like his dad who cheated on Dianna an made her like miserable. Can we say but-t face Camilla the chain smoking mule. Things would have been so different had Dianna live.

  • MARY

    you all once again never cease to amaze me…why am I posting here even. One thing is sure, I do pray for Kate and William to have a safe life, and for the sickos wh say shes ugly; why not put yourself in her shoes- YOU TRY ALKING DOWN THE STREET AND PEOPLE FOLLOWING YOU AND TAKING PICS OF YOU! SHES NOT A CELEBRITY, ALL SHE IS DOING IS LIVING HER LIFE AND TRYING TO BE WITH SOMEONE WH SHE MIGHT LOVE, I HOPE ALL YOU BURN IN HELL FOR THINGS YOU SAY TO SOMEONE WHO MIGT BE A REALLY NICE PERSON- YOU FUG PEOPLE!

  • MARY

    you all once again never cease to amaze me…why am I posting here even. One thing is sure, I do pray for Kate and William to have a safe life, and for the sickos whO say shes ugly; why not put yourself in her shoes- YOU TRY ALKING DOWN THE STREET AND PEOPLE FOLLOWING YOU AND TAKING PICS OF YOU! SHES NOT A CELEBRITY, ALL SHE IS DOING IS LIVING HER LIFE AND TRYING TO BE WITH SOMEONE WH SHE MIGHT LOVE, I HOPE ALL YOU BURN IN HELL FOR THINGS YOU SAY TO SOMEONE WHO MIGT BE A REALLY NICE PERSON- YOU FUG PEOPLE!

  • Sayini

    yey.. they finally back on!! if there were apart to begin with..

  • ah

    Yeah she is no princess diana. Her face looks old.

  • Hulla

    She’s not a golddigger.
    She didn’t want to continue the relationship because of all the media attention.

  • myself

    She does have an old looking face..

  • Eliz

    good god, what happened to her face? It looks like a woman who is in her 50s, lay off the booze and ciggy dear.

    If she’s back with William, she does not look it.

  • Maria

    Sorry, don’t like her. William better shop around so more.

  • Dina

    Ugly, old, broing girl – come on Will, Britain deserves better.

  • Dina

    Oh, and if you take The Sun, as the source of their presumable reunion, I’m sorry to disappoint you – that’s one of the treashiest papers in Britain.

  • You/Me

    IF this is true then I am really, really happy for them. I like Kate and think William found his match in her. Kate is just classy, she has a great sense of style and I think she truly loves William, not his title.

  • Britain deserves better

    I know Britain deserves a better looking and classier princess, not this high society low life. It would be like looking at prince William and prince Kate.
    I mean really there are two prince’s now and i dont mean Harry and William..theres Charles and Camillia. I do not like this older woman sucking in that young man, shame on her. And I still dont care for Charles and his ho-re.
    Poor Dianna is right she was such a good mother.

  • Halli

    SHe’s got a beautiful smile, but she looks VERY old for her age – her skin is already sagging!

  • curly

    I would not sleep either in her position…pretty stressful time of her life I guess. And not the press but to make decisions is she going to marry the future king or not…and all about their personal relationship we know nothing of.

    Just keep in mind these are all normal people with normal problems.

  • Amy

    I bet she was up all night shagging her prince. :)

  • sarah

    whoa…she looks haggered! like at least late 30′s…bitch is only in her mid-20s??? wtf?

  • Jane

    I wish both of them well and hope the photogs don’t ruin it for Kate… it must be difficult to carry on a relationship with someone when the entire world is watching your every move.

    Is she carrying an overnight bag? Hmmm…

  • taty

    as I said before it seems a PARIS HILTON WITHOUT JAIL when a person wants to be of the ROYALTY PARIS HILTON HE IS NOT EXACTLY FULFILLING.

  • natalie

    What happened to her? She looks like she has been through a lot. She has the face of a 35-40 year old woman, not a 20 something year old. Anyway, I like her dress.

    If they are back together thats good for them. I’ll take it with a grain of salt though because William is very private. The media makes stories up about them all the time.

  • taty



  • SchoeneDame

    Methinks she’s looking a little worse for the wear. She might want to consider laying off the constant partying and drinking, lest she begin to look even older than she does now.

  • Jackie, Cincy, Ohio

    Good I’m glad they are back together they both should be allowed to be happy now the rest of the world needs to back off and let them be just that. LEAVE THEM ALONE AND GIVE THEM SPACE so maybe they can figure out if they want to be together for ever!

  • alexandra

    I knew I couldn’t be the only one who thought she looked bit older.
    I’ve never seen a late 20 year old with such wrinkled skin.

  • CMoo

    You guys have it all wrong. More than anything, Kate still has a lot of baby fat on her face. She will age well genetically. Just look at her mother as a genetic example: Kate’s face will mature into a timeless beauty. I hope that William is her true love, and vice versa. We need a fairy tale ending to Diana’s story. I only wish Charles will abdicate the crown and give the first in line to Wills. It will lend more credibility to the royal family.

  • dan

    I hate this girl. To me, she’s worse than Paris, Lindsay, Britney and Nicole combined (and I dislike all of them). Who seriously believes she loves him? She loves the discounts she begs for on cars, clothes etc because she’s “in the public eye”. You know she calls the paparazzi and then insults and threatens to sue them. At least Paris doesn’t stoop that low, she admits she likes it.
    CMoo-she is not a “timeless beauty” and her social-climbing mother is fffffing ugly too.
    Seriously gossip blogs should stop talking about her. She’s not worthy to be on the same website as her betters such as Lindsay Lohan. At least she’s somewhat interesting.

  • Bea

    She is so lovely. I am happy for her and William. Love this couple. They are made for each other.

  • CMoo

    At least Kate has a good head on her shoulders. Lindsay Lohan is a train wreck waiting to happen. I wouldn’t be surprised if Linsey ODs and kills herself. Britney Spears is clinically insane and should be committed. Paris Hilton is a 26 year-old still trying to be “cute”. Jessica Alba is a tease and when the teasing gets boring, she too will be forgotten. Scarlett Johannson is pasty white and fat. Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson share facial similarities, not so good. Care to add anyone else to my hit list Dan? Kate just happen to fall in love with a prince. You are not worthy.

  • lala

    Bea-If they’re so made for each other, then why is their documented evidence of his philandering and why are they so off-and-on again? They’ve “broken up” more than once, the press only caught it once.

  • mackenzie

    she looks so ooold

  • Dan

    CMoo-Are you daring to say this low-born social-climbing trash is better than Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johannson and Jennifer Aniston????? They’re not pretending to be something they’re not. They earn their money and luxuries through working not fucking a prince. Kate Middleton is nothing better than a whore. She fucks to get her clothes and designer purses.
    It’s also been documented that her mother insisted she go to St. Andrew’s because William was going there and encouraged her to follow him. Kate also “dumped” all her college friends when she started dating him because she was too good for them now.
    Does she sound so lovely and classy now?

  • Dan

    Is she barefoot? What white trash.

  • CMoo

    Dan, you should like a British blue blood for talking “down” on Kate. You are a effing commoner too, Jack! Yo da white trash.

  • Dan

    CMoo-Who says I’m a commoner? You know nothing about me. Just because I can write in america-speak doesn’t mean I am one.
    At least George W. Bush isn’t my president.

  • CMoo

    Dan is a member of the royal family? We need a commoner to clean out the gene pool, lest add to the hemophiliac infested in-breeding. BTW, George W. is my President and frankly, I like his swagger. Now scram, royal or not. You are not worthy of this discourse.

  • PinkRose

    No one knows for sure if they are really back on. Speculation …speculation…speculation!!!! They will always remain friends, that’s the way of royalty. When I see her leaving his place erarly morning or kissing, I will believe they are back on.

  • Walter

    I like Kate. She’s gorgeous and classy lady. Good bless her and William.

  • djd

    I agree-it’s all speculation. I just hope they don’t get married…..she’s not someone who’s face I want to have to deal with seeing for the rest of my life.

  • Bea

    to : lala : 07/06/2007 at 5:52 pm

    My feeling tells me that she is the ONE.

  • michelle

    She needs her eyebrows worked on. They are too dark and heavy for her.

    I hope they get married. I think they are meant to be.

  • Lilac

    Kate is beautiful and by all accounts, her personality is too.