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Katherine Heigl: 1 Dress Down, 26 to Go

Katherine Heigl: 1 Dress Down, 26 to Go

Katherine Heigl takes a break from using her iPhone and films a chasing scene on Thursday in NYC’s Tribeca with co-star Malin Akerman for their upcoming romantic comedy 27 Dresses.

Katherine, 28, was visited on set by actress pal Jamie Lynn-Sigler. The day before, she filmed scenes at The Boathouse Restaurantin Central Park with co-star Edward Burns.

More pictures inside of Heigl filming 27 Dresses

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katherine heigl 27 dresses 05
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Photos: Steve Sands/Bauer-Griffin, Hector Vallenilla/
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  • Violette

    Not liking her look in this film.

  • Mrs. Fugly

    Second! Look makes her look fat & fug. Sorry!

  • bataglio

    she IS fat & fug, that’s why

  • sarah

    she makes me laugh!! with her hair, she looks great!

  • Mel

    Guys that’s her character looks. She is suppose to be looking that ways since Malin’s character plays a supermodel. She toned down the look of Katie’s character due to that.

  • Paul

    She looks gorgeous as ever. You guys must wonder women have weight issues. Katherine is what… a size 4/6. Geez.

  • ah

    Yeah she is fat, knock kneed and fug.

  • d

    She has battled her weight for a long time. Don’t forget how heavy she was when she was on Roswell. That’s probably why she smokes so much.

  • sarah

    she deosn’t look fat, if she deos,I ‘m huge!!!

  • Sam

    Wow- I don’t think she looks fat at all! Oh wait, that’s right, if she’s not a size 0 she’s fat. Get a life people! Oh, and I love those flip flops she’s wearing.

  • Emi

    She’s not fat and she’s definitely not fug.

    A lot of jealous fatties in here, huh?

  • Lala

    Ok, she is so full of her self, I personally do not care abotu her weight, its a woman thing… but she needs to not forget how far it took her to get to where she is now and becos she is in this hit show does not garantee her position tomorrow, if not before the show’s over… You would think she be a little humble but nope miss know it all here becos she’s been in a few (and I mean a few) flicks she thinks she is the queen of Hollywood Hill!!!
    If you really wanna know about her, check out all the striaght to DVD’s she’s been in!
    How hard does it take someone just to be humble… I pray that’s not the case but with her attitude, watch her return to the HAS BEEN group!!!

  • Amy

    She doesn’t look glamorous – and the girl cleans up VERY well – but she also doesn’t look fat or ugly.

    Lala, you’re nuts (and, I’m guessing, foreign). The fact that she paid her dues in straight-to-DVD movies kind of counteracts your entire argument, don’t you think? Once you’ve paid your dues and have gained some success in Hollywood, I personally think you’ve earned the right to enjoy your success. This girl is by no means an overnight star. Did you have some sort of bad experience with her asking for an autograph or something? Why the attitude?

  • natalie

    Katherine is adorable and seems like a total sweetheart from what I’ve seen. I love her, and she has a ton of talent. Anyone who has seen her work would know that.

    And Katherine is NOT fat. Nowhere near fat. Some of you just love to rip on famous women’s weights and its pathetic. She has a normal body. If you think Katherine Heigl is fat than I’d love to see what YOU look like. Unless you have the perfect body (which noone has), you need to stop talking smack.

  • ilaria

    she looks ok..

  • md

    Good God, she’s NOT fat!

  • Dylan

    If the first photo is Katherine, I’ll eat my hat, lol!

  • Sam

    Lala, what the hell are you talking about????

  • ck

    “If the first photo is Katherine, I’ll eat my hat, lol!”

    Katherine, 28, was visited on set by actress pal Jamie Lynn-Sigler

  • Mrs. Fugly

    She used to be a 4/6 possibly. She don’t look that size now. Looks more like a size 10/12 if, you ask me. I’m not trying to be mean. Just saying what I see. photographs don’t lie. I know the camera adds 10 pounds. A size 4/6? Gnaw. Her thighs no way can fit in a size 4/6 jeans! Sorry!

  • Mrs. Fugly

    I’m not fat. I’m a size 2/4. hee hee. Skinny looks hot!!!!

  • jamie

    i adore her!

    she’s beautiful and a sweetheart!

  • Dougie

    She looks average, nothing special and i don’t buy that it is b/c of the movie. W/o airbrushing, she is painfully plain and with an annoying personality.

  • Play it again Sam

    She has the ‘girl next-door’ look. She’s playing the plan Jane from what I heard but I’m liking her gorgeous look from Grey’s and KnockedUp much better, that was hot.

  • http://nope katie fan

    what are u talkin bout here??!! are some of you blind??? she is definitely NOT fat!!!!! her figure is very good and she looks beautiful, although she looks better with blonde hairs!

  • heigloholic

    Are you people blind? She’s not fat. Just check out the fourth pic. her real figure is clearly outlined under her top and her waist is tiny. She just has those billowy tops on because, in case you haven’t heard, she’s playing a plain jane in this movie.

    Geez! No wonder actresses are looking more and more anorexic these days. I’m sick and tired of actresses looking like boys! Curves are hot! (^@,^)

  • mary

    its tru, why do ppl have to be such arse wholes, she is a good weight, she is tall pretty and in my eyes a woman, just becuase she is not size 0 she is fat for goodnes sake, and ppl blame the media, its thier own stupid self.
    she has boobs, she has a stomach and she is gorgeous,
    she is perfect in my eyes,
    She has a simular figure to me, not skinny so she looks as if she is dying becuase of the lack of food but healthy, happy glowing and curvy
    so get a life and stop cussing ppl
    stupid jackass!

  • kitty

    My thighs are a size 8-10 and I am 5’7″ and her legs are definately slimmer than mine. There is no way she is a size 10. Maybe her top because she has big boobs but even thats unlikely. Even if she were, this girls is tall she carries it well. She’s only fat by hollywood standards which are completley rediculous and need to change.

  • Veronica

    She looks fat here sorry

  • kayleen



  • Allie

    whoaaaa she is NOT fat. not even close.
    jealous much?

  • Matthew

    In Roswell she was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever laid eyes on…and it was mostly down to her curves. It makes me laugh that some idiots have been brainwashed by a handful of GAY fashion designers who are dictating what the perfect woman’s body should look like….as if gay men have ANY idea what a sexy woman is.

    At NO other time in our history has a waif been seen as the ideal. In fact quite the opposite….a rounded, glowing healthy woman is a natural and beautiful sight, and it is *exactly* what appeals to a male’s mating instinct. At least those of us who still know out own minds and haven’t been brainwashed by the homosexual fashionistas. Was Mae West a sickly, strained looking bag of bones? Was Marilyn Monroe? NO! I’d kick ten A-lister skinny bints out of my bed to make room for Katherine Heigl!