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Kelly Clarkson: "I'm Afraid of Mouth Herpes"

Kelly Clarkson:

Kelly Clarkson gives a very candid and hilarious interview in the August 2007 issue of Blender.

On what she does in her free time: “You know, I never go out. If I’m in L.A., I’m usually at my house playing Guitar Hero.”

On her lying music label, BMG: “Everyone keeps saying how hard this record because be because of all the crap surrounding it, but that last one was really hard to make. I literally got told to my face that it wouldn’t sell more than 600,000 copies. And I got lied to. One reason I don’t like working with people at the label is that they like. They told me, ‘We really want you to go to Sweden. These people really want to write with you.’ So I flew to Sweden with lyrics I’d written to this track I’d been sent, ‘Since U Been Gone.’ I get there, and the writers are like, ‘Oh, we already have lyrics. We just want you to sing it.’ It was really awkward. It was mean. That’s why there’s no relationship with them. Because I don’t like to be lied to.

On ex-boyfriend David Hodges, former Evanescence keyboardist: “I didn’t even really like the guy. I’m more mad at myself for being so blding. Why would I pick someone like him to date? What’s wrong with me? … It’s fine in the end. Maybe I had to go through that and learn more about myself. Maybe that’s why I don’t date much, either.”

On how many boys she’s made out with: “Four? No, wait. Oh my God, five! I have major trust issues. [laughs] I just don’t make out with people. That’s a waste of my kisses and time. And it’s so personal. It’s like, my face. Plus, I’m afraid of mouth herpes.”

On her face-to-face meeting with music exec Clive Davis: “It was nice. IT was just the two of us, and his dog. I was like, I don’t know you very well, and I am not a bulls******. I get you don’t like the album. You’re 80; you’re not supposed to like my album. I said, ‘Clive, I’m going to make tons of albums. It doesn’t have to be mainstream every time. Then he kept bringing up people he’s worked with. ‘You’re a Whitney! You’re a Mariah!’ ‘First of all, Mariah writes a lot of her stuff. Secondly, I dont’ want a career like either of those singers. That’s why it’s hard for us to make an album. You don’t know me! You don’t know what I like, and you don’t know what my fans like.”

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  • ….

    God i love her, plus that covers hot

  • [marie]


  • Mrs. Fugly

    Wow! She looks like Rachel Bilson’s size and she is sooo not! Amazing what the airbrushing does! Mabey, they put her face on Rachel Bilson’s body? No?

  • J3$$!C@


  • Minnie

    Too bad she doesn’t really look like that though. Quit with the airbrushing. It just makes her look worse when people see her real pictures and she looks so bad these days.

  • luke

    I can’t wait to get this magazine. She is so damn interesting and I love that she tells it like it is. No one else like her. Love the pictures, yummy. Mouth herpes. lol

  • Mama Bear

    Kelly Clarkson said:

    “I was like, I don’t know you very well, and I am not a bulls******. I get you don’t like the album. You’re 80; you’re not supposed to like my album.”

    LMAO! Rage against the machine, girl, rage against the machine! :)

  • Tucker

    Kelly is so much the shit. I love her so much. Can’t wait for this magazine to hit newstands.

  • rhayssa

    shes HOT,damn

  • ace

    RESPECT. pure and simple.

  • gossipgirl

    ‘First of all, Mariah writes a lot of her stuff.’

    Love what said about Mariah Carey ^^. Mariah sure does write almost all of her songs.

  • angie!

    sheesh!! she sounded rude when describing her conversation with C.Davis show some respect!!

  • [Famous]

    eat eat eat kelly, keep on eating.

  • Nowhere

    I love her.

  • Dr. Feelgood

    “‘Clive, I’m going to make tons of albums.”

    >Nobody knows that for sure. I think that was Clive’s point.

    “It doesn’t have to be mainstream every time…‘You’re a Whitney! You’re a Mariah!’…I don’t want a career like either of those singers.”

    >Who does she think she is? Alanis Morrisette? Oh wait…going back to Clive’s point…where the hell is Alanis now?

  • Anna

    Where is Whitney? Where was Mariah for a while? No career is a constant high- unless you die at your peak, and I *really* doubt that’s Kelly’s career plan.

    Paraphrasing her conversation with Clive, it does come off rude at first glance. But anyone who’s ever heard this woman speak, knows she wouldn’t actually *say* that- hence it being part of ‘I was like’ NOT ‘I said’. Take a moment to wade through that crime against spellcheck and you would realize that.

  • Kyle

    About the mariah/Whitney comment, I think what Kelly meant was that she never wants to be as big or as famous as they have become. She blew up soooo big and sooo fast with the Breakaway era, and i honestly believe that it scared her (being THAT famous). Maybe this album is her way of leveling things out a bit. Getting life back to “normal” so to speak. She’s made it very clear that she’s not in it for the fame OR the money and i truly believe that. She’ll have a long, successful, career and I personally can’t wait to see what else she has in store for us.

  • Dr. Feelgood

    “Where is Whitney? Where was Mariah for a while?”

    The fact that both women had ALREADY established long and successful careers well beyond most aspirants like Kelly could even dream of achieving by the time their career-stumbles took place — largely, if not wholly, because of PERSONAL and not musical/artistic reasons — makes that a moot point.

    I think the man’s track record (that included having signed true alternative acts like Janis Joplin) makes it safe to say that if there’s anybody who’s NOT naive in the music business, it’s Clive and not Kelly, which puts him in a better position to help her secure FIRST a firmer career on which to stand on before she can afford to wager the “alternative” music she thinks she’s making.

  • Natalie

    Wow she loves to talk. haha. Anyway I have respect for her. I wish her all good things :)

  • Brandon

    WOW! She looks so hot! I subscribe to blender!! SO pumped to get this issue! I’ve always been a HUGE Kelly fan and this does nothing but make me love her more!

    and to all of you criticizing her weight: 1-she doesn’t care, 2-you don’t always need to find a reason to pick someone apart and 3- It’s not airbrushed, she is only bigger around the waist are…not the top.

  • Marbs84

    I think what kelly meant about Clive saying “you’re Mariah!” “You’re Whitney” is that her style isn’t Mariah not Whitney. Yeah it’s true that he signed Whitney and Janis Joplin but those were in his younger days. There’s a big age difference. She’s 25 and he’s 80. And yes, she’s right about it when she said he does not know her because if he did, he would know that kelly’s fave bands are The Toadies, U2, Aerosmith, Guns & Roses. He would know that kelly loves Rock. He would also know that Kelly lovers country and singer-songwriters like Patty Griffin, Ryan Adams etc. Kelly has such an eclectic taste in music. If he took the time to get to know her then maybe he would understand her.

    I think that Clive could not stand the fact that a small town 25 year old woman said “no” to him. Clive thinks he’s God in music. And that everyone should vow to him.

  • Brandon

    AMEN MARBS!!!!

  • Dr. Feelgood

    As it stands now: her first singles have relatively flopped; the album, getting mostly so-so reviews (see – trumping her claims of this being her more “artistic” one), debuted at number 2 this week behind Miley Cyrus (I don’t even know who he/she is) and is predicted to tumble next week; and her tour has been cancelled due to poor ticket sales. You have to have more than one big album before you can afford to become THIS swell-headed.

  • tifftuff

    GO KELLY! I have so much respect for her now. Plus, “My December” is my album of hers that she’s made. I encourage everyone to buy it, tracks like “Sober” and “Maybe” are really all that. Plus, she’s funny. “Mouth herpes” lmao, me too Kelly. Me too.

  • gigi

    Actually, Dr. Feelgood, Kelly’s album debuted at #1 on WORLWIDE SALES. Even if she only sold 291k in the US, she’s sold 390k in total. That means she still has a worldwide impact. Her “swell-head” is probably rightly earned. After all, going 14x platinum is nothing to laugh at.

    And btw, her single is hardly a flop. Unlike past singles which started off very slow but gained momentum quickly, Never Again shot off pretty fast and is NOW dropping, but staying consistent. Its sales will eventually go platinum. I think her next single Sober isn’t getting much airplay and that’s probably the relative flop, but oh well.

    Frankly speaking, I don’t like to follow They have different tastes from me, and I quite enjoyed “My December” for its artistic expression AND good music. Kelly’s just experimenting, let her be.

  • Dr. Feelgood

    Well then, I’m really hoping she’ll be able to do more “experimenting” in the future. We will see then.

    BTW, metacritic is not just one opinion. They just compile all reviews from all publications/websites. =)

    And I also happen to like this album, but NOT because of Kelly’s reasons.

  • Dr. Feelgood

    And I don’t think peaking at #8 is a “real” hit by Kelly’s standards. First week sales are also not indicative of long-term sales. Nearly all albums by high-profile acts debut high because of hard-core-fan sales. We will have to see if this album has “legs”, which by most indications, it isn’t predicted to have.

  • Scofield Lover

    she has high ego…i hate her…

  • laura

    It’s ridiculous that some people are holding Kelly to this unrealistic “standard”. What artist hasn’t had ups and downs in their career? For the amount of negative buzz and lack of label support that went on for months and months prior to her album’s release, I think these sales numbers are great. For me, high sales (while nice) is not always a true indicator of good music.

    And you can bet that she will be making more records. If RCA is so stupid as to cut her loose, there are other labels who will be running to snap her up.

    I’m interpreting the Mariah/Whitney comment as Kelly just wants to establish her own style and music. Good on her.

  • david

    Is anyone tired about her bitching about her label in every interview?

  • AMB

    Ha! Some of you are confusing confidence and maybe a little cynicism on her part with conceit. She is far from full of herself. She’s just not inclined to believe the same people that told her her last CD Breakaway wouldn’t sell more than 600,000 copies. I think I would think twice about listening to the advice of those who were so incredibly wrong before. Also Clive Davis hated one of Kelly’s biggest hits to date, “Because Of You” a song she originally wrote when she was 16 and had to literally cry so they would even put it on her last record. Whether or not you are a fan of that song, it touched a lot of people. And I think that is what matters to her the most. Impacting people on an emotional level and sharing her own personal demons so people going through the same/similar situations know they are not alone. She sees this as almost a mission in her life, if you will only care enough to listen.

  • Tucker

    she bitches about her label because the interviewer asks her about it in every interview.

  • rockerdude22

    god kelly is sooo hott!!
    when does this mag..come out??
    i wanna buy it

  • rockerdude22

    she dont bitch about her label
    they ask her the same question in every interview.

  • rockerdude22

    tucker u beat me to it.. haha


    omg i really luv kelly!!
    she looks adorable

  • Sarah

    Kelly Clarkson has a great body. Stop calling her fat. I hope the best for her in the future.

  • amanda

    um….who typed that article? it looks like a 5th grader did.

  • Didi

    what a conceited bit*h. f*ck you kelly you no talent ho.

  • shannon

    LOL nice typing skills for whoever typed that up but thanks for the snips of the article. Kelly looks HOT and to those who said nice airbrushing wtf are you talking about? that’s exactly what Kelly looks like with make-up on… I get so tired of people acting like Kelly is the only celebrity whose photos get touched up… newsflash they ALL do. I love how candid Kelly is…she never holds back which is what makes her so interesting to follow LOL.. no censor AT ALL!

    She’s right Clive hasn’t found any artist in recent years that I’d be interested in that’s for sure! and he thought Avril’s latest CD was the best music he’d heard all year…gag… he tries to turn almost every female artist with a big voice into Mariah or Whitney not realizing it’s not 1980 anymore…dude step into the 21st century…it’s not that bad here! I do see way he’s scared…Breakaway made 100million dollars for the label… they want and need a repeat but it’s not Kelly’s responsibility to single handedly save the label. She should be able to make the music she wants. and wow at the label lying to her..that’s shitty…and LMAO at them saying Breakaway would only sell 600K how stupid do they look for that? no wonder Kelly doesn’t really trust their judgment.

    GO KELLY! fight the good fight girl! at least she’s fighting for her artistic integrity….

  • Re

    Go Kell!! prove Clive wrong…he’s dumb anyways…the rock music is probably to loud and it herts his ears so thats why he didn’t like it…hia losaa

  • Truthful

    Kelly is so immature and conceited. Same bitch fest, new article. Bad label, bad Clive, poor widdle me. As far as the cover goes, airbrushing into submission is the way to go for new Kelly photos apparently. Hardly recognizable.

  • gossipgirl

    LOL, love how Kelly speaks her mind to her boss. Not many artists have the balls like her to say what she said to him, haha!

  • Thessa

    Love the pics and the article!
    The second pic looks weird, but love the others :)

  • Mrs. Fugly

    I think Clive does have some good intuition for an old man. Remember a couple of years back Clive, picked three songs for the last 3 runner up girls on American Idol. Clive picked some hard one’s man. The only one who had the singing chops for a “Whitney” song and, sang it well was, FANTASIA! Diana DeGarmo or whatever the fuck her last name was. Well,it mut have been bad because, I don’t remember what she sang. Diana hang on by a thread. Then, their was this troll like Hawaiian girl. Can’t remember her name. We’ll, as we all can recollect, the gal from Hawaii was all cutsy but, couldn’t sing all that well but, she got to be the third runner up for some odd reason. I think because, she cried. Clive picked, “Can’t Live” for the girl from Hawaii. “Can’t Live” song is a very challanging song. Even, Celine Dion starts her chest thumping thing while, singing this so, I imagine this song is even Challanging for Celine. Of course, with the gal from Hawaii it, was either suck it up and sing well or totally butcher the whole song. We’ll, she tried and sang her little hart out but, did not have the singing capability or vocal stamina and octive range for this song. Some parts she sang well but, for the high notes. Holy Shit! She sounded awful. So, she was eliminated. Their was the proof in the pudding she, did not have the talent. Mabye, music writing. Oh well. So, Clive knows what he’s doing. Kelly should know that.
    Kelly does have the vocal chops. A lot of the new stuff she does, sound like she is shouting. She needs to stick with the soul & blues stuff. Like, she sang on American Idol this year. She’s got the talent of a Janis Joplin minus, the drugs man. Drop, the hard rock. She sounds like she is shouting. She wasting her talent. Stick with the blues. When, she sings the blues I, almost cry. It gives you goosebumps. That saying a lot for me because, I don’t cry easily. I’m just a bitch!

  • http://justjared ooohhh

    She talks to much. I believe the chick is crazy.

  • Courtney

    I LOVE THAT GIRL! LOL She has such a great personality.

  • blondie

    I want to see Kelly treated like the billion dollar
    star that she is.

    I want her to have a private chef that is also
    a nutritionist.

    A body trainner.

    A private life coach.

    A private hair sylist and make-up artist.

    A driver, that is a bodyguard, and mental health coach.

    A personal assistant, that is also a person that knows where to go,
    when to go, and how to present herself.

    A public relations specialist.

    The more money that she spends to aquire these professionals,
    I think, the better her career will become.

    (Oh, and someone that understands what the public is interested in
    hearing, so that all of her songs do not sound like all of Pink’s
    monotomous songs….screeching, yelling, hollering, inaudible,
    hippie music!!!)

  • Amanda

    Clive is a huge jerk. He should have some faith in his artists.

  • fawk kelly

    i hate her ego so much… she talks sh!ts about clive davis all the time..can she even give some respect to the person who actually funds her to produce this album…look at what she said about her ex too..omg kelly i have lost my respect to you seriously..