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Kelly Clarkson: Drinking Just Adds Calories!

Kelly Clarkson: Drinking Just Adds Calories!

Kelly Clarkson dresses casual in an orange tee and jeans as she arrives at the airport in New York City on Thursday night.

The American Idol champ recently opened up to USA weekend in their July 13-15, 2007 issue.

On her boyfriend cheating on her last year: “My standards were low because I was lonely. I met this musician, not a famous musician–he doesn’t even deserved to be named–and I thought he was totally into me. And then you find out, oh God, that he had this whole other relationship on the side, and that he is only dating you to get into pictures and to become famous.”

On the stress of her second album and two bouts of pneumonia: “Everything caught up with me in a bad way. My body was wearing down, and my emotions were wearing down. I was trying to get over someone. I hadn’t seen my friends and family for a while, and it was becoming a nuisance [to see them] because I was so busy. I was traveling, and then there was more added to the schedule. It just got chaotic. I was 24, and that is pretty young to be the boss of so much. And it caught up with me. I couldn’t smile. I couldn’t do anything. I broke down. I cried so much I couldn’t speak. I was that tired. I was drained. I didn’t want to act, didn’t want to smile–I didn’t want to pretend. I just broke. …It was the lowest point of my life and my career.”

On having tried marijuana once: “It was in Amsterdam. It is legal there, and it is not legal here. I don’t ever do anything illegal here. I have never smoked anything in my life. I’ve never tried any drugs. I wouldn’t do anything that would cause holes in your brain or your nasal cavity. Call me Texan, but I don’t think of marijuana like that. I don’t understand people who drink too much. I think, ‘Why do you drink so much? It just adds calories.’”

On her weight issues: “I have never been to a point where I have been so unhappy that I have said to myself: ‘Oh God, you are fat!’ I don’t allow myself to go there. I know when I am unhappy with myself–and then I am like, ‘Wow, stop eating so many cookies [and her other favorites, cake and pumpkin pie] and get on the treadmill!”

Bigger pictures inside of Kelly Clarkson at the airport…

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  • kate.


  • Lizzie

    Ouch, the stress is showing — an independent woman forced in to a submissive posture by Clive Davis uber industry. A hard lesson to learn, hopefully she will take it, move forward and make good to hear music again.

  • realman

    she is a two sport athlete. she won on idol, and she beat kobayashi in the eating contest. what a pig, just like every one of you who post a comment after this one.

  • Tucker

    I love kelly!!!
    So pretty!

  • ….

    Kelly is amazing. No words are needed to explain how great she really is.

  • [Famous]

    That’s a funny looking dude.

  • natalie

    Shes still a normal, down to earth person. Thats cool.

  • angelinammm

    marijuana – is – good
    Europeans understand that

  • Tom

    She is who she is, that’s why I love her. No airs or phonyness about her. How refreshing to see someone so open, honest and frank.

  • Anonymous

    realman/famous = same person

  • tres`hot

    Feel soo sad about that comment ,’ my standard is low’. Sometimes in life you do end up with jerks because you thought they were into you or that heat of the momment of thing but to actualy come out and say my standard is low is kinda sad.
    Poor kid, I hope she’ll end up with someone nice.

  • angie

    i love kelly, she’s always got a smile on her face, never a diva!

  • Oliver

    Thats what I like about her, she doesnt care what other people think. Even if she knows, she doesnt look good without make up, she’ll still wear no make up because she feels comfortable that way.

  • Anonymous

    She was talking about her BF in 2004, David Hodges. Her last BF was Graham Colton, and they broke up because she was too busy and he was too.

  • Natalie

    Gotta love her and her pure voice

  • Rockerdude22

    i love how shes has the #1 album in the world!!


    u gutta luv kelly!!!

  • Tucker

    I know right!!!
    #1 album in the world!!!
    That sounds insane to hear.

  • chanck

    what a fat woman now !! :O

  • gini

    she seems to be a good girl. Fat but Cute.

  • Thessa

    Aww, she’s cute! :D Not fat but also not thin.
    She looks good

  • Mmmmm

    I think she is very cool and very real, too bad she is very naive. She is best that AI has turned out.

  • Brangelina

    I love her openness. I admire open celebrities like Kelly Clarkson and Angelina Jolie, who don’t care what others think about them. They say their opinions honestly.

  • Graci

    I don’t understand her…I mean she talks about why people would ever try marihjuana, then why the hell have you tried it.

    Don’t think u are a good-girl…people shouldn’t even try taking drugs.

  • inhirnamy137

    Kelly needs to leave somethings to herself, or until her autobiography comes out.

  • Clint

    I’m glad singer/songwriter Kelly Clarkson told the truth about trying marijuana once in Amsterdam. I won’t hold it against her. I’m still a fan. I can understand why cancer patients use marijuana for medicinal purposes. Hopefully, Kelly says “NO” next time. It’s not healthy for her brain cells. Live and learn. Thanks. Have a fantastic Friday! Peace-out!

  • blondie

    If she does not want to be attractive and represent herself as pretty,
    then atleast try to be pleasing to the public eye. Just look at her in
    this picture. She looks like she just got off of a fishing boat. Stop
    the clown act. Stop the “I’m just plain and simple” act. Stop looking
    like a gutter rat, and lose that fat apple pie face, and lose 40 pounds.
    Soup, salad, and a hunk of bread…exercise. Otherwise, you will just be
    another big fat, out of shape singer, that can not get a man. You are
    becoming a joke, when I think that you are really an idol.

  • blondie

    Is it possible that she is a dike,
    and she does not know it.

    Honey, ask yourself if you are really attracted to women,
    and that is why you do not like to dress up and hike up
    those boobies, like you should.

    Life is too short not to be the best looking girl in the room,
    and have all of the men peeping at you, out of the corners
    of their eyes.

    Darling, put on those false eyelashes, and throw you hair
    all around. Blow us a kiss, Miss Kelly. Sit down at our
    table and cross those pretty legs.

    Let your slip show if you want to!!!

    You are a woman. Go ahead and purr like a kitty.

  • jjm

    Tha sad thing is when she did the recent appearances and duet with Reba McEntire I was looking at the MILF!

    I am glad she knows when she is unhappy with her weight! Now I like a girl with meat oner bones and I love some baby weight on a women. But since she hasn’t been pregnant and tries to wear sexy clothes all I can say is work out that ass!

    I am thinking there are some holes in that brain without drugs!

  • stumped

    interesting to know that the only way to be a real woman is to hike your tits to your chin and flash your snatch to the world. I’m sure the mothers of the world are relieved to hear that. Kelly is absolutely adorable. She’s hardly fat by the standards of what MOST Americans, and I’m sure quite a few of the fat asses on this very board, look like. I’d love to see some of the people who cry pig, fat, whale, etc. I bet each and every one of you outweigh Kelly by at least 50lbs. I like that Kelly is just Kelly, no pretense, no diva like behavior. It’s about time someone be real. GO KELLY

  • Dana

    This girl just continues to trash others when there is a problem. She is basically saying David was a nobody and that he was low class etc. Kelly needs to stop putting others down to try to build herself up or to justify the things that have happened. Maybe she should find out more about the guy she sleeps with before she does it, or wait a longer time, then she wouldn’t be so pissed off when it doesn’t work out.

  • Lucy

    Kelly is a perfectly normal girl, why should she HAVE to wear make-up just to go to the god damn airport!!! i mean come on, get realistic, she’s gotta wear make-up in music vids, tv appearances, photoshoots etc etc she has to have ‘normal’ time too!!! shes beautiful!!!!

    and about the whole marajuana thing, she didn’t knowingly take it, just take a listen to the radio interviews she did last mnth it’ll be in one of those, she talks about it there!!!

    and those of u that think she’s fat u seriously need to get a grip, she’s beautiful and looks like a woman should!!!

  • Lucy

    um excuse me Dana, but WHEN has Kelly EVER trashed another celebrity?? huh?? i’ll tell ya when, NEVER!!! David pretty much is a nobody, i would have never heard of him if he hadnt dated Kelly, and ppl that dont know they dated wouldnt even know shes referring to him when she talks about who she dated back then!!! so she’s not ‘putting’ anyone down… he pissed her off of course she’s gonna be mad, what girl doesnt get pissed when a relationship turns sour!?!?! she’s over it now, it’s not her fault she’s continuously asked the same stupid questions in every interview!!

  • Lucy

    oh and btw the whole marijuana thing makes it seem like she’s on drugs, in Amsterdam they sell brownies with marijuana in them, and they sell these in coffee houses cuz its legal there…so she ate the marijuana by mistake cuz she obviously didnt know it was in there. shes a sensible girl, and is by no means a pot head!!! shes one of the rare stars that actually has brain cells!!!

  • Greg

    I swear she looks like Rossie O’Donnell….bwaaaahaaaaa!!!!

  • Brenda


    It’s not nice to trash people like your fans do…’ll get a bad name for yourself. Ouch!!! you already have one.

  • sue

    Kelly needs to get over herself.The guy was hired help! He was in her band. If he’s a wanna be musician what was he doing in her band? She must have thought he was pretty good at some point.Kelly does NOT have the #1 CD in the world. Hanna Montana is #1 in the US.Kelly’s lastest finished 2nd, and she was lucky to finish 2nd with the CD she put out. Now she is caliming she smoked marijuana just to get some street creed to go with her wanna be rocker-chick CD. Pitiful!

  • Missy

    Gawd, I hope she gets a makeup endorsement deal SOON. Kelly, try a little, honey; you aren’t cute anymore.

  • Ollie

    Whats the big deal about pot? What, cuz its illegal? Its less harmful than alcohol and many perscriptions out there. It helps people who cant sleep, it helps with cramps and moodyness, and overall helps reduce stress. Its a wonderful gift from nature that man has villified for no good reason.

  • Don

    Lucy, maybe you need to learn a few things before speaking. David was not a nobody. He was with a successful group and he was the one who was given the task of “helping her” write because he was established and good, and the label was willing to use his stuff, not hers. That is why he was with her. He wan’t her paid employee or band mate. To a lot of people Kelly is a nobody. All depends what music you follow.