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Lauren Conrad & Jason Wahler Reunite

Lauren Conrad & Jason Wahler Reunite

The Hills star Lauren Conrad reunites with ex-boyfriend Jason Wahler for a brisk walk down Sunset Blvd. on Thursday in Los Angeles.

Jason, 20, is said to be dating tennis player Katja Decker-Sadowski. He’s also has been at Orange County’s inpatient rehab facility, The Chapman House, where Lauren, 21, has visited him.

Jason has had four drinking-related arrests in the past year. “I did try drugs, but it was never my thing,” he’s said. “It was alcohol, for sure. It would take me about 10 drinks before that other side came out. It’s like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.”

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  • redherring

    She’s an idiot.

  • marymary

    This girl and her hookups. Does she only go out at night?

  • puntagorda

    I like this girl, I hope she finds her prince charming one day.

  • camen

    Racist hang with other racist. Jason is definitely a racist, but I also think LC is a racist. I have NEVER seen LC hang with anyone of color, EVER!

    The Hills is gonna totally flop this season, I think people are fed up with this bunch of washed up wannabe’s… LC used to be cute, but in her early 20′d she’s due for a major facelift. Is it me or does she has a permanent frown? She has wrinkles or frown-lines or somethings.

    As for her UGLY buckteeth friend Heidi, can anyone be dumber? Spencer has to be the ugliest guy I’ve ever seen in my life, and his teeth are even more buck than hers. How to the kiss with those things, YUCK!!!

    I feel sorry when they find a new cast to follow around next year. These camera-w h o r e wannabe’s are gonna fall apart. Think about it… what other talents does LC have. If Jason had any talent he would have his own show by now instead of milking The Hills and Laguna Beach.

    And I can’t leave here without mentioning the biggest tool of the all… Gay boy Brody. Pictures are surfing of Brody and Spencer making out. Someone posted stills on Youtube. Not sure if they were playing around for the camera, but there was lots of tongue. LOL

  • Hmm

    Carmen you are ignorant. Go and rant at some other blog, we don’t want the negative vibe you are bringing here.

  • omg

    This is so funny, I just read Carmen’s comment on TMZ. I think she is making her rounds, next will be dlisted.

  • funnyhowtimeflies

    I don’t understand why people take the time to comment if they don’t really care, it’s mind boggling. Carmen, are you really serious, you need to breathe, stretch and let it go, it’s not that serious.

  • homerun

    When is her clothing line coming out?

  • darrel

    She looks amazing on Teen Vogue, the August issue.

  • marian

    She is on the cover with Whitney right? Lucky B@#Tches.

  • crest

    homerun, her clothing line is coming out in the fall, she is also designing handbags for luella.

  • stinky

    Why even associate with that RACIST?

  • Kristin

    How is he able to bond out and leave the 4 different states?

  • Chick Williams

    She is so cute why is she wasting her time with this loser, LC move on to bigger and better things.


    You may be the last person online who hasn’t watched this video‚Ķ

  • tressah

    not that anyone cares, but this shit’s all staged. He’s with some other chick. They are just doing this stuff for her show and ratings, just like those LOSERS spencer and hiedi. BARF

  • promise

    Don’t do it LC!!! Stay away!!!

  • jessica

    Kristin, because he is filthy rich.

  • Beatrice

    Jared your site is slow, fyi.

  • Iinda

    Is she the girl on Laguna Beach. I just started watching the show on The N aka Noggin. I think she is pretty.

  • paula

    her top is fugly. I like her shoes a lot.

  • princess

    My wish is for Jason to beat Spencer, that will a kodak moment.

  • nikki

    relax people – they’re NOT dating! He has a girlfriend and Lauren has long since finished with Jason. Give the girl some credit please!

  • teresa

    well said nikki. I think they’re just friends also. i don’t see the appeal but they’ve been thru alot together and you don’t just through the friendship away after you break-up, y’know?

  • teresa

    through=throw yay i can spell lol NOT!

  • grizzlyheart

    Lauren is so beautiful, I love the new teen vogue with her and Whitney! As for Jason, I think she’s just being supportive of him as he recently just got out of rehab.

  • billyjo

    I hate Jason with a passion but Lauren has a good head on her shoulders. She would never date that guy again.

  • the sun also rises

    agreed billyjo! She seems like she’s been having a lot of fun going out lately and her career is going great too, I really don’t think she would let some guy especially Jason f**ck all that up for her.

  • Puppin

    lol @ princess I would pay serious money to watch jason kick the crap out of spencer ;)

  • queensheeba

    Maybe Jason has changed, we just don’t know. Oh, TMZ said Heidi and Spencer were at the same restaurant Lauren and Jason were at. These people will not leave Lauren alone.

  • Puppin

    linda , she is the girl from laguna beach – reruns of the hills (a spinoff show with lauren) will start airing on the n at the end of the month too.

  • blahblah

    Jason will never change. Once a racist, always a racist.

  • lmao

    Katja Decker-Sadowski, What kinda of F@#Ked up name is that.

  • linda

    Oh Great, thanks for the info Puppin, I’m watching S1 of Laguna Beach now on the N and I really like it, lol. I think she is a very pretty girl. I’m hooked now.

  • Anne

    I think Lauren is doing the classy thing and allowing Jason an opportunity to show the world that he’s done his time so to speak and is working on changing himself for the better. I think she will always have love for him and he will always have love for her but they are both smart enough to know they don’t work as a couple.

  • linda

    Puppin, another question? Do they have the S1 on DVD?

  • Puppin

    no prob linda : ) i have it on dvd and i still get sucked into watching repeats on the n loliyou’ll like the hills too – it’s totally different but it’s cool following lauren in her “grown up” life

  • Jennie

    They keep in touch, they’re still friends. Sure, they probably have feelings for each other and if it leads them to getting back together, then I’m all for it. She had some of her best times with him, just as well as some of her bad times. But, I heard he has a girlfriend. Who knows for sure what’s going on, but it’s Lauren’s decision, she’ll learn from it. Jason seems to be a bit better now, maybe rehab did change him.

  • Puppin

    season 1 and season 2 linda

  • linda

    Another question again? I’m watching S1 of LB but I’m not seeing this Jason Guy? Was she Lauren’s BF in S1? I don’t think he is cute.

  • jessica

    I love Lauren but really is it any of our business who she dates?

  • goaway

    Seriously, who wants to see two douchebags in S3, really, really really really?

  • puppin

    linda – he comes in on episode 1 of season 2 – he actually dates 3 different castmembers – he’s quite the player. he was actually in rehab when they were filming season 1.

  • goaway

    Wow, thanks Puppin.

  • puppin

    they aired the 1st episode of season 2 last night at 2am in my area (ny) but i think they’re running episodes all month so you will definitly see him probably more than you want to lol

  • linda

    OMG, are you serious Puppin, why will Lauren want to hang out with him. I guess I will be watching The N this whole month, lol.

  • puppin

    Lauren’s a smart girl but she deginitly had blinders on when it came to jason, still like i said, he was very very sweet in the beginning, it made me like him for awhile

  • gross

    Did Jason just walk out of Sunset Tan before they started filming.

  • Emily

    You guys are nuts!! but I can relate, I’m a Laguna Hills addict myself! Lauren Rules!

  • linda

    Emily, it’s embarassing. I’m addicted to this show and I’m 24. Teenagers should be watching this, not me.