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Matt Damon & Ben Affleck "Ante Up for Africa"

Matt Damon & Ben Affleck

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck puts all their chips in for the “Ante Up for Africa” celebrity poker tournament during the World Series of Poker at the Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada on Thursday.

Proceeds from the event raised support for the Enough Project and the International Rescue Committee, benefiting survivors of the crisis in Darfur, Sudan.

Damon, 36, was knocked out within the first five minutes of the tournament. What (bad) luck!

“I’m here to try and raise money and awareness for the tragedies taking place,” he said. “I really hope it becomes an annual event. I hope it does and I hope it doesn’t. I hope we can solve this issue and refocus the efforts on something else in Africa.”

Affleck, 34, expressed how he doesn’t play much poker anymore because of his family. “I’ve got a kid [daughter Violet, 2] and I’m directing movies,” he said. “I have hardly any time now. Poker takes a lot of time if you want to stay good. I don’t want to suck. I was good. I’m still good. Family is better though.”

As of Monday, both of their families were still on vacation in Hawaii.

15+ pictures inside of Damon playing poker for the few short minutes he was still in the game…

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matt damon ante up for africa 01
matt damon ante up for africa 02
matt damon ante up for africa 03
matt damon ante up for africa 04
matt damon ante up for africa 05
matt damon ante up for africa 06
matt damon ante up for africa 07
matt damon ante up for africa 08
matt damon ante up for africa 09
matt damon ante up for africa 10
matt damon ante up for africa 11
matt damon ante up for africa 12
matt damon ante up for africa 13
matt damon ante up for africa 14
matt damon ante up for africa 15
matt damon ante up for africa 16
matt damon ante up for africa 17

Photos: Ethan Miller/Getty, Jae C. Hong/AP
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  • Bit me

    I thought The Pitt was suppose to be there

  • :)

    Hey hey hey vive la france et vive le poker!!

  • Mmmmm

    Awww what a sweet comment from Ben, just goes to show you – you cannot change a man, a man changes when he want to and for the right reasons. Jen and him are great together .. Love Syd

  • Bellebeesting

    Cool – totally love both these guys and hope they are writing another script for a film.

  • scandalmonger

    bla bla bla ben…. whatever.
    that´s just his new fucking image nothing more!OMG

  • cassy

    !It´s weird that Ben always talks about the whole familiy thing but when he is with his family he always looks pissed and bored.Not always with Violet but always with Jennifer.Esecially the last pics!His statement didn´t fit to his body language and his face!But he tells waht some ppl want to hear so it works out!






  • Didi

    i bet they were playing with monopoly money really

  • Scorp

    7 LISA SMITH : 07/06/2007 at 10:49 am


    Actually, it was Don Cheadle that started/sponsored this particular event not George.

  • LMAO

    1 Bit me : 07/06/2007 at 9:39 am
    I thought The Pitt was suppose to be there
    He was invited, but I doubted he’d be there with the family in Prague. If they had been in LA he probably would have made the short trip. The JP’s are probably on their way to a short vacation.

    P.S. A couple posters stated he was at the Bellagio and then The Palms…It’s always funny to me when certain posters say Brad was spotted somewhere and then a day later it proves false. Unless I see a picture I don’t believe JACK!

  • Cynthia

    AAAAAAAAaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, whatever

  • Lisa2

    dear cassey #6

    Look at the picture of ben with matt above right. He looks “pissed and bored” too. Maybe that’s just his “look” when photogs are around. Maybe if he was grinning in every picture you probably would criticize it as “hogging for the cameras”. Some celebs just can’t win with you all.

  • l’invidia…..chebruttabestia!!!!!

    Lisa2, you are totally right!
    That’s the reason I don’t wanna pay attention to what these people have to say about the Afflecks!
    Whatever they do….it isn’t right! So why bother?!
    I like them and even if I know that there aren’t perfect or saints, I like their public image! Maybe because I can’t stand people who are always smiling or always kissing!
    Anyway I know that my battle is lost…people like to see what they prefer to see and they also like to be cruel and mean whitout a reason! Maybe that’s why this world is so fucked up!

  • cc

    Ben days are over. He is Matts side kick offically.Who thought matt dorky be like this and ben be like this lol. With nothing attached to his ibmd and below 0 measured acting skills he is almost non celb right now. Poor Ben. God said don’t revange revange is mine. So here it is.His life is fucked up as hell actullay now it is a little better it seems like he paid his dues.

  • luv Matt

    Matt is so Hott.Ben the gigs up your hotness factor is gone zzzzz boring Afleck.Matt is a great actor.

  • Matt is fabulous

    6 cassy
    !It´s weird that Ben always talks about the whole familiy thing but when he is with his family he always looks pissed and bored.Not always with Violet but always with Jennifer.Esecially the last pics!His statement didn´t fit to his body language and his face!But he tells waht some ppl want to hear so it works out!

    You are so correct.And if there is a script let Matt do most of the writing.Do not let Ben act in another movie.It would be so boring and would fail remember his last movie just awful.Matt movies are entertaining.Matt has come out of his shell and is a STAR! Ben is a yester-day has been.I hope Bens negativity does not rub off on Matt.

  • nice guy matt

    Afleck’s lying he is itching to gamble,he is an addict. Porn,gambling,on-line s-e-x that is Afleck. He has a addictive personality. Hes rambling on bout bein a father, his wife is just public image drama. He aint in love jmo. Matt you are smart deal with Ben out of public he can bring a good brother down. Matt you are on your way to a rewarding career don’t let Ben’s crazy habits bring you down,friend or not.

  • lula29

    I like both Ben and Matt, but whoever said he looks pissed when he’s with Matt is lying to themselves. He looks happy and content actually.

    He and Garner look like they are dealing with some marital issues. This doesn’t mean they are breaking up, but things aren’t peachy keen between them either.

  • Girly

    Omg Matt is so hott..i’m so turned on .. cant breathe, i am drewling. the things i would do to him hehe

  • Lisa2

    Lula29 youare one of the negative assholes I was talking about.

    I was talking about the picture above which if you have a negatve attitude abot Matt and ben (like yu have about Jen and Ben) you would say he looks “pissed and bored”

    Everytime there is a picture of Ben, violet or Jen you have got to get on and go on and on about how they are not happy based on random snapshots — like that makes you know them?

    Why are you so vested in them breaking up? BIZARRE. You must be one UNHAPPY chicka.

  • Lisa2

    Lula 29

    YOU WISH!!!!

  • mel

    i love their bromance :)

  • new name

    BA loves JG and Violet.I hope they stay together they make such a cute couple.Ben is really trying to keep his family together.He is a sweet guy and Matt is also. I believe they will write a great sceenplay.I loved GOODWILL HUNTING that was such a good movie.

  • cutie Matt Damon

    Lula29 keep on with your bad self..I think you are right about the Aflecks,trouble is brewing in that marriage &by the time 2nd kid comes around Ben will leave not long after.
    But I digress. I just think Matt is super cute when he smiles.I hope like the other posters Ben does not hurt Matt in any way. Maybe since Matt is involved things might pick up 4 Afleck..its a long shot becuz Afleck’s movies are hard to watch,he is not a solid actor. Afleck doesn’t have the it factor.

  • may

    Run ben Run from Jennifer Garner…don’t let her get you stuck with another baby. Ben looks so unhappy….it is so obvious he is bored. JG does not seem like a good match for him…too bad he thought she was going to help his career…Not!!!!!! JG is really into him but unfortunately he’s not that into hr. The body language tells it all.

  • julia weinstein

    Matt is so handsome, boyish good looks. Yummers!

  • Anonymous

    Pitt not there because he’s at home.Angie didn’t let him go because he had to babysit the kids.Say what you will about AFleck at leat he isn’t pu$$y whipped

  • lula29

    Yeah because taking care of your own kids is being pu$$ywhipped. Wow, some of y’all must like the idea of single parenthood because from the way you sound a man is never supposed to be that into helping out at home, but be half-assed like Ben Affleck. I guess that’s why you like the Garflecks.

  • daisy

    Matt looks good Benny Boy looks like shit. I can’t get past his little erect weiner his skinny legs and man boobs. He is not so hot anymore. Only Jen’s die hard fans find this fugly couple cute. I’m beginning to wonder what these people look like. they must be old like them or fat or out of shape they must be filled with cellulite like jen . lol lol

  • Happy Pu$$y whip BP /AJ has good stuff

    27 Anonymous
    Pitt not there because he’s at home.Angie didn’t let him go because he had to babysit the kids.Say what you will about AFleck at leat he isn’t pu$$y whipped

    What does BP have to do with this,at least we know he loves Angie.. pu$$y whipped you say?,..mmm interesting because Ben is known for his mast-er-ba!ion obsession. Ben sittin in a room door locked his porn-o rolling as he plays wit that tiny it-ty vienna.
    How can Ben be Pu$$y whipped when he doesnt want to be wit his faux wife and he scarcely takes care of Violet. Probably down loading the JLO booty an his tapes he made wit her.
    At least Matt looks dam good and can act..luv im. Go Matt Damon! Jealous Much?

  • Love Matt

    :mrgreen: Matt looks gorgeous, all tanned and hunkilicious. That shirt drapes so beautifully on him. Doesn’t Ben know the etiquette? Never ever touch a player’s shoulder while he is at the table, it’s bad luck. :(

  • http://! mimi

    To the above posters Lula29 et al: Never once saw Matt touch his daughter or be with his daughter at any time during the trip to Hawaii. Despite all those days. Saw many pictures of Ben with his daughter however. But that just doesn’t fit into your agenda (hateration of the Afflecks) does it? So lets just misconstrue the facts to fit our agenda.

    Guess this fundraiser wasn’t important enough for Pitt and Clooney to come and support the Darfur.

  • http://! mimi

    Your not our
    Darfur not the Darfur

  • lula29

    To Mimi et al,

    But you did see Damon interacting with his wife . . .

    I don’t know if Damon is father of the year. He seems to be into his family and I don’t think Affleck doesn’t love his daughter. I do think on an everyday basis Garner is the one who does most of the work and I’m sure it’s the same for Luciana too. The difference is Luciana is a stay at home mom.

  • lula29

    Matt does look great tanned.

  • Damon looks young&Hot

    Mimi is a Prezzynut ignore her she is polluting Jared’s wonderful site cuz the ‘steal everyone else’s news and post it on your siteas his own Perez, comment section is still down.Perez has no class, like Jared.

    Anywayz lula29 u have a right just like the barf=fleck fanz to post your opinions like they do.And u do not have to explain.A lot of us read your comments and agree we just do not post.As usual the jealous likes of mimi and crew bring in Pitt/Clooney/Angie.

    They no we are right so they have to try and throw other names out to try and distract us saying we dont believe the hype some of us feel ‘its a troubled marriage’why cant others see it that way and not Afleck fanz way?mimi try and keep the BIG LEAGUER’S OUT OF IT YOU KNOW PITT,CLOONEY,ANGIE.They have said nothing mean spirited about Ben..Matt is helping Ben as much as he can but even Matt cant perform or reform Ben or his career.Matt is a good daddy he always speaks highly about his kids and his wife(and without looking like hes bored to death with the convo.)

  • coochie

    For once, I think Matt is getting really hunky. Anyway, go see El Cantante instead of Bourne Supremacy on August 3. Well, at least see Bourne the following week. hehe

  • derfler

    I am repeating what someone once wrote about Matt on another site, but it still applies: “For a guy who has a woman’s butt, Matt Damon is quite adorable.”

  • me

    why are people so unkind? Are your lives so miserable that you must find fault in other peoples happiness? This is a poker tornament for the purpose of raising money for those alot more unfortunate than ourselves. Get over yourselves.

  • cc

    I agree with mimi. Matt wife luciana is a stay at home mom whose job is taking care of her children. She is not a celebrity so everymove she make is not in the public eye like Jen is. Anyways I belive this is matts year. He never been in hot list I mean I never heard women call him a hot guy like clooney and Pitt .But this year he is getting that.Ocean 13 interviews did a magic to his apeal. I bet he doesn’t care if he doesn’t get paid for his role because he got something he never have out of it- a good looking guy title. But honestly I don’t think he is that gorgeous I mean he is fine but not someone to fanatise about.

  • The Batt/Men Love is my OTP

    Ben and Matt are a love supreme.

    I hope at some point in their lives they can say this openly. I hope they have expressed this in some form to each other Privately

    This is not saying that they are gay, but if they were, that would be wonderful too.

  • Matts a Keeper

    I adore Matt and agree with Lula29. Further more I say Garner is more a tv show actress cuz she is not a big screen draw. I remember when she was on soap operas.Bens appeal has gone down considerably,he is no longer cute in anyway to me jmo.
    I wouldnt pay to see him but you can bet I would go see Matt Damon in a heartbeat.Even Bens brother seems to be doing well. Matt is just so adorable. Ive always like him,he is just sweet and I dont think he has a womans @ss,he has a nice @ss and just the right size. Dont realy know why Ben is so unappealing he just is .

  • alexie

    Matt looks gross LOL, pudgy too! He is quite ugly actually.

  • Haraye

    There is obviously a lot to know about this. I think you made some good points in Features also.