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Wentworth Miller Photo Shoot Outtakes

Wentworth Miller Photo Shoot Outtakes

Check out the latest outtakes of Prison Break star Wentworth Miller in his photo shoot as the spokesperson for for Nam Yang French Cafe, a Korean coffee drink. If you missed the commercial, check that out here.

Favorite pose: Wentworth laying in a bed of coffee beans.

15+ pictures inside of Wentworth looking sexy in his black suit…

Just Jared on Facebook
wentworth miller photo shoot 01
wentworth miller photo shoot 02
wentworth miller photo shoot 03
wentworth miller photo shoot 04
wentworth miller photo shoot 05
wentworth miller photo shoot 06
wentworth miller photo shoot 07
wentworth miller photo shoot 08
wentworth miller photo shoot 09
wentworth miller photo shoot 10
wentworth miller photo shoot 11
wentworth miller photo shoot 12
wentworth miller photo shoot 13
wentworth miller photo shoot 14
wentworth miller photo shoot 15
wentworth miller photo shoot 16
wentworth miller photo shoot 17
wentworth miller photo shoot 18
wentworth miller photo shoot 19

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  • Didi

    f*ckable indeed

  • Mrs. Fugly

    Hee Hee! First! God Damn! I have a hard time believing hey’s gay. It can’t be true!

  • Naomi

    looking too damn good: GAYELICIOUS! gay gay gay gay gay gay gay, he and Zac could be a hot couple. Zacworth Effler!

  • ewwwww

    yuk yuk yuk yukky

  • Mrs. Fugly

    Fuck! Still gay or not. Still looks fuckable!

  • Hulla

    He’s so fucking hot and I love the way he speaks, soooo sexy.

  • zie

    what?he’s gay?seriously????

  • ~*~Get Real~*~


  • Tuuli

    I love HIM

  • er

    So he’s seriously decided to settle for commercials as his career path? What a waste of good opportunity.

  • BB

    Gay/straight? Who cares? The man is fiiiiiinnnneeeeee

  • Mama Bear

    Mmmmmm…love the broad shoulders. I dare say he’s bigger than Dom Purcell in that department.

  • Sandra

    Exactly! Who cares??

    HES SO HOT!!

  • Babysis

    one word: SEXY!!

  • sarah

    hot hot hot hot hot!!!!!!!!I love him!!!!!!!

  • Your eternal

    Message for Wentworth.

    Dear Wentworth,








    Beige pants, new balance sneakers…miss so much !!!

  • KateJJ

    finally went news!!! i’ve been dying for weeks!!!!!
    stop with the gay rumours. he’s so not!

  • Caribbean JoliePitt Lover

    There should be laws against this guy’s sexiness. Thanks Jared, was going through Went withdrawal.

  • lorie

    i love my angel face

  • Giuliettonzola

    I wanna be a coffee bean!!

  • blabla

    Yeey Wenty, haven’t seen him in a while.

    LOVE him!

  • Max

    I hope he is gay but the

    j’espère que vous maîtrisez le français parce que French Café, c’est cool mais si ça vend pas en France…

  • kohan02

    he is so hot & good are so good i think..
    i’m big fan of Went & prisonbreak. n through his interview, his actings, attitude about life..i like him more than ever.
    all about him..tell he is good person n i believe. that is good enough to like him.
    there are lots of rooomers~about his sexual identity. i think it’s just a rumer.
    there are no reasonable evidence ,no pics, n real person can tell about it is true. just a gasip. that’s all.
    if u don’t know what it is true, don’t have to tell nothing about it.
    if u like Went, believe him.
    if u don’t like him, why~ concernd about?

  • Sprinkles

    Don’t get me wrong. This man is the hottest eye-candy on earth but these pics make him look like an alien in pain. I still heart Wentworth!

  • porky

    He’s gay as the day is long there are 3 new Frecnh magazine articles reading it. Either way he’s as fine as they come

  • Went Team

    Be good……..too !!!

  • Princeton Alum.

    Hey all,

    Went to Princeton and was a year behind Wentworth! He’s gay sorry to burst the bubble but during his Princeton years he was dating a guy in my dorm.

  • [marie]

    Just because a man is sexy, intelligent, ivy-league educated, sensitive, talented, sexy, hot, tall, sexy, pretty, and did I mention sexy…?

    What was I talking about?

    Oh yeah… just because he’s all those things does NOT mean that he is gay. Keep on truckin’ Miller. =)

  • Hulla

    I don’t even care if he’s gay or not.
    Doesn’t make him less hot, does it? ;)

  • Emma

    Just because he doesn’t have a girlfriend or a wife, does not he’s gay, and just because he’s very sexy and very pretty and obviously takes care of himself does not mean necessarily that he’s gay, he looks like the kind of person who would tell the truth so why would he lie about being gay when there is nothing to be ashamed of it!
    He’s not gay!!!

  • Anya

    Gawd, what a gorgeous, fuckable piece of man-meat!

  • Went Team

    Went is gay or Went is not gay !!!

    I DON’T CARE !!!!!

    Went have a boyfriend or Went have a girlfriend !!!!

    I DON’T CARE !!!!!

    The only thing that I know is :






  • Crabby Girl

    Who cares if he’s gay or not! It’s not like any of us would ever hav ea chance with him!!!

  • Katie

    Lemme shag it. :)

  • [Famous]

    marie, still jacking huh…?

  • A Bit of Sense

    Hmm… You’re right of course, Went Team, it is none of our business, but in case anyone’s interested in the TRUTH behind those latest ‘gay’ rumours perpetuated by a certain other blogger, here’s one example of how much total bullsh*t he was talking.

    PH posted (and I quote): “They spend a lot of time at each other’s houses,” says our mole. “Wentworth has been pretty reclusive since he’s become famous and he’s been even more of a shut-in since he started dating Luke.”

    The TRUTH is, that would have been pretty tricky over recent months, as WM and Luke MacFarlane haven’t even been in the same country! And WM has certainly NOT been a shut-in; he’s been spotted multiple times around his LA neighbourhood.

    This info was posted by Saffy on a couple of Wentworth boards:

    “I belong to the Luke MacFarlane yahoo group. Luke was filming ‘Iron Road’ in China from mid-April till early June, followed by 2 weeks filming in Canada, for the same project. He only got back to LA on 20th June. The latest candids of Went that have surfaced were taken in Larchmont Village on 15th June:

    Prior to that, there have been numerous sightings of Wentworth throughout May, all in LA, including at Borders, swimming at the Y, and near Pinkberry in Larchmont. He was also pictured at the Arclight on 18th April with the slightly older lady.

    Wentworth finished filming PB in Dallas on 15th March. He’d been living there since June 2006. A photo of him on his road trip back to LA was taken by a fan at a gas station in remote Texas on the 16th. He flew out to Korea on the 21st March and spent just 2 days there. Luke was added to the cast of ‘Supreme Courtships’ on 20th March and thereafter, spent most of the rest of that month plus part of April filming that ultimately failed pilot. As they reportedly only started dating around early January (according to PH’s ‘source’), during which time Went was living in Dallas, I find it VERY strange that this relationship was able to blossom to a point where they could actually consider moving in together. Oh and Luke was in a brief Theatre producton in LA in February.

    I call bull on PH’s ‘source’. ”

    So basically, these two guys have only been living in the same city (where, note, they were never photographed together or reported as being seen together) for 1 month out of the last 6! It seems a damn sight more likely that they don’t even know one another than that they are in a “serious relationship”.

    Oh, and ‘Princeton Alum’, what a load of bullsh*t from you too! Why don’t you take your lies and go and hang out with Perez Hilton somewhere smelling appropriately of cow dung.

  • SArock

  • Penny

    Perez Hilton helps give gays a bad rap. What a shameless, fat, ugly and disgusting slob he is. Ever seen a picture of him? Ewww. Why do people listen to that fat gross manwhore anyway? He’s obviously obsessed with Wenty. Perez, take the rejection like a man and stop spreading rumors about that beautiful and intelligent man.

    Went honey you are fine and keep doing your thing. I’m looking forward to PB this year.

    Love the pix. Thanks Jared. :-)

  • Went Team

    Penny you’re right !!!

    I’ve got an idea !!

    Show to this “idiot” man and all like him how many we love our Wentworth.

    All magazine all around the world, internet, blog…have spoken about that damn rumor !!!

    Join the WENT TEAM & all of us send a message :

    WE DON’T CARE !!!


    I DON’T CARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BE NUMEROUS !!!!


    START !!!!!

  • meemee

    He’s so sexy!

  • Ilovewent

    Well done ‘a bit of sense’ for bringing rationality to this board. I love you!

    Look how many people now believe WM’s gay solely based on the crap peddled by one lying blogger. WOW! And we can thank PH for bringing s**t stirrers like ‘Princeton Alum’ out of the woodwork. There’s too many people who want to jump on the bandwagon.

  • Ilovewent

    And Porky you said that there are new French magazine articles saying that Went is gay. Aren’t they are the same magazines that were telling us a few months ago that he had been going out with Amie for a couple of months? Doesn’t say a lot for the French press that they print stories based on what’s in a gossip blog site.

  • angelinammm

    he is too pretty

  • Kez

    Well I just creamed myself! LOL!

  • Ginnie

    I for one AM NOT jumping on PH’s bandwagon. I don’t beleive a word that comes out of that man’s lying mouth. It’s amazing how it only takes just one single person to start a rumor and then it spreads on the internet like wildfire! Come’on this is coming from PH’s mouth, he’s not the most reliable source. It’s crazy how there is NO evidence WHATSOEVER, no pictures, no videos, no NOTHING, yet people still get all riled up over what PH says and actually beleive him! I don’t buy it for one second! Perez is the :evil:

    Rock On Wentworth!

  • Katie

    He is so sexy in his black suit! oh… oh.. yummy! I love him!! 웬트 좋아요!

  • ㅋㅋㅋ

    내가 못가질 빠엔 차라리 게이가 낫다고 생각함..ㅋㅋ

  • Softspoken

    Were are the new candids of Went?? I read in another site that Jared had the new candids. I already saw them. I just thought it was kind of odd that Jared has not posted them yet. Anyway, Wentworth has lost a WHOLE LOT OF WEIGHT!!! he looks frightening… but still ultra sexy. Damn I miss him. I want to hate him but I can’t! That is so frustrating . But about those candid pictures, I you haven’t seen them, they are a must see. I believe they were taken at the Larchmont village in L.A. He is sooooo skinny it makes me sad.

  • maria

    omg ppl use r all so deaf!! hes not gay he even admitted it on tv during an interview.. and havent u guys seen that he goes out wif girls!

  • Vivian

    He’s so gay it almost hurts. But whoever hotties that’s gonna have the privelidge to pound his ass has got my jealousy.