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Claire Danes @ Valentino Show

Claire Danes @ Valentino Show

Claire Danes and British beau Hugh Dancy attend the opening of the exhibition ‘Valentino a Roma: 45 Years of Style’ at the Ara Pacis in Rome on Friday. With around 300 garments and rare archive material, the exhibition is a retrospective that will celebrate Valentino’s 45 years of creativity.

Claire, 28, and Hugh, 31, met on the set of Evening, which is out in theaters now.

More pictures inside of Danes and Dancy at the Valentino Show…

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claire danes hugh dancy valentino 01
claire danes hugh dancy valentino 02
claire danes hugh dancy valentino 03
claire danes hugh dancy valentino 04
claire danes hugh dancy valentino 05
claire danes valentino show 01
claire danes valentino show 02
claire danes valentino show 03
claire danes valentino show 04

Photos: Franco Origlia/Getty, Splash News Online
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  • Dumdums

    The clothes are uninspired and dull and she looks more haggard everyday.

  • Pam

    Fugly homewrecker! She’s a mediocre actress and is flat chested with an ugly face.

  • name

    Hugh Dancy — that has to be a stage name.

  • Anna

    What’s so stagey about “Hugh Dancy”? His father is Jonathan Dancy, published philosopher. Anyway, his sunglasses are silly but I think she looks great here.

  • Ciev

    weird, i saw her and her boyfriend in Rome that Friday near Piazza Venezia. her hair was up and she was wearing a dark blue dress, looked homely. i’m surprised i noticed her at all.

  • Violette

    I think she’s been looking really pretty recently, and they make a very cute couple.

  • Didi

    finally some pictures where the homewrecker looks nice.

  • Wing

    she’s really great in the movie SHop girl. mediocre actress? I wonder how many of her movie you’ve seen, Pam. guessing 1 or none. I think she’s pretty and flat chested makes she’s even more attractive.

  • natalie

    She is normally pretty but I don’t like that ouftit on her. I don’t think it fits her body well because she is flat chested. Hugh looks hot though!

  • Jeru

    Both perfect from head to toe :D


    PD. Stop the jealousy haters!

  • http://deleted LOL

    she’s cute…LOVE

  • Sarah

    She’s so boring…she should give up. Her career is going down the pooper anyway.


    I think it’s funny that whoever her publicist is, they’re trying to morph her into Gwyneth Paltrow circa 1997 – in that latest Vanity Fair shoot she looks EXACTLY like her (that’s no compliment to her or Paltrow mind you, :lol:) — on ET, when they showed the photo shoot, they even said the exact same thing they used to say about GP, that she was looking like Grace Kelly, and they did a side by side — of course, Danes looked NOTHING like her, which made it even more pathetically hypetastic and hilarious.

  • Pam

    Hey Wing, I saw Shopgirl and she was MEDIOCRE. Steve Martin was great in in. She is not pretty. You must be blind! I guess you like girls who with bodies like a 12 year old and no boobs. What ever turns you on.

  • WTF

    She’s so blah! Not cute or pretty at all.

  • jess

    If you say she’s ugly, u must be really pretty then.

  • Ricky

    She looks like a plain jane and is rather unattractive. She’s not a great actress and usually looks fug.



  • Suzanne

    She’s so boring and really can’t act. I saw liked the movies that she was in (Little Women, Family Stone, etc.) but couldn’t stand her in them.

  • Jimmy

    At least she’s not as manly looking as Chinnifer Maniston. Now she’s fug.

  • bam bam

    Hey, didn’t she steal her sister’s boyfriend in that movie The Family Stone? It’s funny how she stole some pregnant girls’ husband in real life too.

  • Andie

    God, I HATE the term ‘homewrecker!’ It makes it sound like the guy had nothing to do with it, that he was just a helpless victim of the dreaded homewrecker. While I certainly don’t condone getting involved with a married man (or woman), that is such a sexist, out-of-date label, especially when all the details aren’t known.

  • Billie


    Billy Crudup had left his seven-months preggers wife, Mary Louise Parker, for Claire Danes. That’s not homewrecking? Enuff said.

  • shopgirl

    I love Claire’s look & style. She looks beautiful here.

  • Mrs. Fugly

    Mediocre actress I guess. I haven’t watched to many of her movies. A bit flat chested. That’s okay. I have small boobies too. I rather be thin and have small boobs then, be fat and have big one’s. I like the white dress and black accessories.

  • Mrs. Fugly

    What up with this Valentino show shit? Valentino hasen’t shown me much. Look at Sienna’s photo shoot in that, one fugly sleeping bag of a dress. Sienna must have been on something to be wearing that shit.

  • Angelina

    wow, i gotta say, as much as i dont like her…she actually looks pretty hot there. ilove her hair and dress. but his boyfriend should seriously get rid of those pathetic shades.

  • Niki

    Yawn……Boring, dull looking girl.

  • Andie

    Uhh, yeah Billie,I know. But that’s just it: Billy Crudup left his wife. He decided. I’m no big fan of Claire Danes, and I’m sure she’s not innocent in all this, but the term homewrecker lets the man off too easy. He could have stayed with his wife if he’d wanted too. He wrecked his own home, probably long before Danes ever entered the picture.
    That being said, some marriages are bad ideas from the start, and I wonder if Parker & Crudup were in this category. The timing of the breakup was a sin (with her pregnancy), but they’ll probably both be happier in the long run than they would have been together.

  • coloredarrows

    oh, come off it. she’s beautiful and you guys can’t admit it. yeah, billy crudup dumped a pregnane mary louise parker for her but you know what? he was the one who lacked loyalty–not her. now you all are attacking her LOOKS because of her ACTIONS? how one-dimensional…

  • xenu

    If she and Hugh Dancy ever spawn, that kid is gonna have the most beautiful eyes.

    And yeah, she did a bad thing regarding Billy Crudup, but he made the choice to abandon his pregnant SO. I doubt if she held a gun to his head. For all we know, Claire may deeply regret that whole period and has vowed to never do it again, so I’m in no place to pass judgement. The only person who has a right to be outraged by the whole situation is Mary Louise Parker. The rest of us don’t really know what led to that whole situation occurring.

  • snappyfish

    Hmmmmmm. She is pretty. But seriously a whore. Every single movie she is in she sleeps with a costar. Remember when Julia Roberts did this crap in her early career? Same this with this chick.

    I also hate pseudo-pretentious intellectuals. She went to Yale, great school, for awhile, she quit. Didn’t finish. Yet, she has made comments that it just wasn’t challenging for her…..Please.

    Self important so called celebs are such fun to make fun of.

  • snappyfish

    Billy Crudrup was not married to Mary Louise Parker. She was 8 months pregnant with his child. Which is just as bad.

    I think Danee did MLP a favor…who would want such a creep

  • Linda

    I don’t condone cheating in any way shape or form, but you can’t steal a man from someone who does not want to be stolen. There had to be something terribly wrong for Billy Crudrup to leave, but Clare Danes should have stayed away from him in the first place.

  • Pam

    coloredarrows : 07/08/2007 at 7:06 pm

    oh, come off it. she’s beautiful and you guys can’t admit it. yeah, billy crudup dumped a pregnane mary louise parker for her but you know what? he was the one who lacked loyalty–not her. now you all are attacking her LOOKS because of her ACTIONS? how one-dimensional…

    In case you can’t read, people think she’s unattractive and can’t act. It has nothing to do with her homewrecking ways (which does not endear her). She’s not beautiful. You must have low standards or are blind. MLP was pregnant so Claire should have known better and staid away. billy on the hand is a creep.

  • Michael

    She is beautiful, has great boobs and a rocking body!