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Gerard Butler @ Live Earth

Gerard Butler @ Live Earth

Scottish stud Gerard Butler introduces a band during the Live Earth London concert, at Wembley Stadium on Saturday in London, England.

Live Earth is a 24-hour, 7-continent concert series taking place on 7/7/07, bringing together more than 100 music artists and 2 billion people to trigger a global movement to solve the climate crisis.

The 300 star has been busy filming the Guy Ritchie-directed film RocknRolla. Gerard stars as a One Two, a street-smart mobster who has learned to play both sides of the fence.

And is it just me or did Gerry grow a massive birth mark on his left earlobe overnight? He didn’t have this mysterious marking on his ear a month ago! See Gerry at the MTV Movie Awards last month.

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Photos: Gareth Cattermole/Dave M. Benett/Frederick M. Brown/Getty
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  • lauren

    oww oww!

  • Mrs. Fugly


  • Cynthia

    Love you Gerry!!!

  • Iolee

    He is awesome in 300. Hopefully the new flick will be good too. That mole is to be concerned of but unless it’s always been there and was covered with make-up. Can anyone please post a link to where I can see his acceptance speech at the mtv movie awards?

  • TiaBia

    I love Gerry Butler…XOXOXOXO!!!!

  • Oh No!

    Oh NO! Is that a wedding band?? Say it isn’t so! Another hunk taken..:(

  • Just Jared

    I don’t think so, it’s on his right hand.

  • PingyPonga

    Sexy Gerry never dissapoints me!

  • PingyPonga

    One more thing, what band did he present?

  • Susan

    Not a wedding band – the ring is on his right hand and he has worn it for years – it was a gift from a girlfriend about 10+ years ago. Is it possible his character in RocknRolla wears an earing and the mark is on his earlobe so it will be placed in the same spot each day?

  • giorgia


  • Bit me

    i need a fan

  • Oh No!

    WOW she must have broken his heart if he’s still wearing the ring she gave him after 10 years!!

  • Colbert ROCKS!

    Jared you rock my world thank you !!!! Yummmmmmo!

  • Yo

    I would love to lick this gorgeous man all over. Thank you Jared for the pictures.

  • HottieTottie

    He’s gay, isn’t he? He’s worn that silver band on his right hand for almost 20 years now. Some say it’s from his partner.

  • [marie]

    I have a secret crush on Gerard Butler. What a cutie patutie…

  • GBfaninTX

    HottieTottie he is NOT gay!!
    Scroll back for Susan’s explantion on the ring…:-)

  • theresa

    This guy is an inspiration!

  • HottieTottie

    GBfaninTX, I’ve heard that explanation countless times before (as in, being put out there). However, I’ve heard more times that he’s gay. No judgment here, to each their own.

  • BBoyd


  • Diana

    The way a hot man should look like, yum! and such a good actor (not a combo we see often)

  • Sophie H.

    Gerry is not gay. He actually used to date a friend (female!) of mine. It’s was quite a few years ago now, he wasn’t making movies in America then. He is a nice guy and he is not gay, believe me, he’s totally straight.

  • http://deleted LOL


  • Luv Gerry

    GERARD IS hot NO MATTER WHAT!Nice @ssets on him..

  • cheddar

    Thank you Jared!!! I wish Gerry would go ahead and just finish the rip in his jeans until they are off!!

  • Sarah

    first of Jared, you rock man!

    Gerry be looking finer than fine! interesting marking on his ear. Cant say I have ever recalled seeing it there before, but who knows?Possible accessory for “RocknRolla”lol.

    Doesnt matter…Gerry is so frikin HOT!and ubber talented & versitile.


  • Shoegal

    He`s so HOT!!!

  • LaLa

    Yummy! Gerard and James McAvoy are the 2 hottest scottish men in the scotland. :)

  • Kathy

    Actually if you go back to June 28th when Gerry is in the limo, looking less than happy, you will see a small dot on his ear lobe. It could have something to do with the new movie. If it doesn’t he better go have it checked out. His ear looks swollen.

  • Anon.

    Really glad he participate in the Live Earth concert!!! He is really a nice person. Very down to earth. Met him two years ago and he was very sweet. Anyone doubt he is a good actor, I urge you to rent a little gem from Scotland starring Gerry and Emily Mortimer called :”Dear Frankie.”
    Emily Mortimer plays a woman running away from an abusive relationship with her deaf, 10 yr. old son and her mother in tow. She’s been lying to the boy and sending him fake letters from an absent father she claims is a sailor on a merchant ship. When the ship she “invented” actually comes into port, she has to find a real person to pretend to be his long absent father for two days. It is a heart-warming, delightful film that miraculously does NOT slip into cliches.

  • cheddar

    Dear Frankie was wonderful!!! Wasn’t the little boy great in it too? Hopefully he will have a great career in acting.

  • HottieTottie

    Sophie H. : 07/07/2007 at 5:38 pm

    Gerry is not gay. He actually used to date a friend (female!) of mine. It’s was quite a few years ago now, he wasn’t making movies in America then. He is a nice guy and he is not gay, believe me, he’s totally straight.

    Best bullsh!t reply in the thread.

  • angelinammm


  • wow

    This man is so Hott!!! I can just stare at these pics all night. thanks jared!

  • rory30

    Gerard is by far the sexiest man alive! He looks great in a tux, suit, ripped jeans or a loin cloth. I love his looks, accent, and especially his being a nice guy that COULD be a “bad boy!” He is yummy!

  • Sally Tomato

    Gay, straight, bi or tri, he’s walking pheramones incarnate.

    Throw in the burr and the smile and it’s “mop up the floor” time.

  • Candy

    does anyone know where i can watch it?
    i saw it live (kasabian was of course brilliant) but i’d love to see it again…
    gerry butler is so hot!!!

  • Bon

    If he’s gay, I envy every freakin gay man that he would be attracted to.

  • Amanda

    Love you Gerry.. keep up the great work… xoxoxox

  • amangel

    I :heart: him!!!!

  • Lucilla Epps

    I am one of many of Gerry’s fans, but please respect the man! His private life is his PRIVATE life and not tabloid fodder. Give him space and the respect he deserves. Enjoy his movies and give him all the support you can, but understand that while we fans would ALL love a piece of him, there is not enough to go around! Admire and respect, but give the man some peace!

  • penny


  • Yeah

    Who cares if he is gay or not, his buisness. He is sooooo hot and a fantastic human being. Gerry has a lot more Class then Brad does.

  • Boo

    If Gerry were only just handsome (which he is)..tall (yes)…athletic (you bet!), and a good actor(he can morph into any character and be believable)…I would love him. But he’s more than that. He was a Glasgow University HONORS graduate, and as Glasgow University of Law HONORS graduate (summa cum laude)…so he’s very smart; he became a lawyer in civil litigation. He’s passionate..he follwoed his dream of becoming an actor. He’s kind to fans and to other actors.if not to everyone. But to make him even more wonderful, he is so charismatic and funny!!!! Seeing him on American talk shows where he can keep up a lively banter with his storytelling skills…is almost too much for me to take: I love this man! I am Gerry-addicted! And I love the way he rides a horse…the way he sings a la phantom…the way he moves with a bow/arrow and a sword or spear…and then theirs the Scottish burr. He’s “bonnie’ all right…and he’s a “laddie” we can all love. We wish you greater success, Gerard Jamess Butler!

  • Lolly

    If we clone Gerry, I think it might be a step towards saving the Earth. Somebody steal some DNA…

  • Mmmmm

    Blood hell, he is so fricken Yummmmmy! More Gerard Jared …

    Lolly, couldnt agree with you more, more men like him roaming the earth certainly would make for better scenery. Mmmmmm

    If he is gay, I want to beg the gay commumity … “Please threw one back for us” Tehee

  • SugaMama

    I think I need to take a trip to Scotland.

  • Yeah

    48 SugaMama : 07/09/2007 at 1:02 pm
    I think I need to take a trip to Scotland.


    Me too!!!

  • Bettyboop

    “Amen” is all I can say to Boo. Let’s stop the speculation about his private life and just enjoy him in all his glory. He’s very charasmatic and I love his sense of humour. He’s devilish and that makes him funny. Good Luck! Gerry in your new movie. Although I would like to see him play ‘Heathcliffe’ in Wuthering Heights. I think he’d do a fantastic job. He could roam the moors of Scotland instead of the English moors, etc. etc. Also I’d like to see him tackle ‘Mr.Rochester’ in Jane Eyre. So many actors have tried that, why not him. Just my opinion.