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Hugh Jackman's Son Gets His Hair Straightened

Hugh Jackman's Son Gets His Hair Straightened

Hugh Jackman takes his 7-year-old Oscar to get his hair straighted at MU hair salon in Sydney, Australia on Saturday morning. (Oscar had a head full of curls before.)

Hugh‘s wife Deborah Lee Furness and Ava, who turns 2 on Tuesday, also joined in on the fun. The entire family later on got their java fix at coffee shop “The House of Robert Timms”.

Oscar was wearing a cast on his right arm. He broke his it late last month after falling from a tree. And hey look, Oscar‘s picking his nose!! (;

The 38-year-old Aussie hunk recently returned from a short trip to Los Angeles.

15+ pictures inside of Hugh and his fun family…

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hugh jackmans son hair straightened 01
hugh jackmans son hair straightened 02
hugh jackmans son hair straightened 03
hugh jackmans son hair straightened 04
hugh jackmans son hair straightened 05
hugh jackmans son hair straightened 06
hugh jackmans son hair straightened 07
hugh jackmans son hair straightened 08
hugh jackmans son hair straightened 09
hugh jackmans son hair straightened 10
hugh jackmans son hair straightened 11
hugh jackmans son hair straightened 12
hugh jackmans son hair straightened 13
hugh jackmans son hair straightened 14
hugh jackmans son hair straightened 15

Photos: Ben McDonald/Bauer-Griffin
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  • lauren

    i love hugh

  • Anonymous

    this is another example of


  • Jessie

    Hmm.. probably should have just shaved it I think.

  • KrungKrung

    how come his son looks like black? i mean, it don’t look like him at all…

  • Didi

    i love hugh jackman. what a man

    we want pictures dammit.

  • Didi

    hes his adopted son

  • http://justjared dina #1

    4 KrungKrung

    Because he is. I think he just have trimmed it some. Peace.

  • Didi

    dunno why you’d get a little boys hair straightened to be honest, would be much easier to shave it.

  • To didi


  • anonymous

    Didi sounds like a racist

  • Didi

    aww hello again friend :)

    no racist here ‘to didi/anonymous’. I only hate f*cktards with no life who follow people..oh and madonna fans.

  • leave this family alone

    Hugh is his father. Leave this family alone to raise their son as they see fit. His son may have asked him to do this for all anyone knows. It’s just hair. He is a cutie.

  • er

    Oh God, what have they done to his hair? Not cute, not cute at all.

  • Didi

    thanks for the pics JJ
    i preferred the kids hair curly personally

  • Didi

    ava is very cute, finally some cute celebrity kids as opposed to being subjected to heidi klums little monstrosities.

  • [~Famous~]


  • KrungKrung

    Didi : 07/07/2007 at 9:32 pm
    hes his adopted son

    7 dina #1 : 07/07/2007 at 9:36 pm
    4 KrungKrung

    Because he is. I think he just have trimmed it some. Peace.


    oh i see, that’s why, cool…

  • danni

    that’s absurd. why would you straighten a child’s hair?

  • magnus

    Well you f*ckwad racists.

    That kid is Maori not black.

    How stupid do you pro-black losers feel now? Or do you even know any other races than black and white?

    LMAO @ accusations of racism cause someone asked why’d you’d straighten a little boys hair. Defensive much? lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Natalie

    the sons hair looked better curly! beautiful kid though

    hugh is so hot

  • anonymous

    i think didi must be half

  • MMM

    Seriously? You people are so cruel to say that the boy should shave his head and to ask why he is black. Kids sometimes want to do fun things to their hair and their parents let them, and adoption is a wonderful thing (he’s adopted). Also, what is with calling Heidi and Seal’s kids names? They are cuties too and have nothing to do with this post. Ugh, I just don’t think we should pick on kids unless we are all going to post our baby pictures and rip on each other and our parents.

  • Didi

    why does deb look rough as f*ck in every photo. whats wrong with being presentable. I am all for casual but for f*cks sake.

    as for his hair. the boy probably wanted it straightened but
    whats odd is he has an opinion thats acknowledged at age 7. what happened to parents saying no.

  • Kim

    Yall all stupid.. whatever color the kid is.. let him be..

  • [marie]

    He’s a cute kid… and yes I think his hair would look better if it were cut or shaved. Hugh is still hot…=)

  • Didi

    the boy’s race is irrelevant, they are his parents, biological or not.

    the relevant part is that Hugh is hot as hell.

  • Lizzie

    Hmmmm she looks happy, those family smiles are genuine, and the teenaged angst is genuine as well. Debra Furness doesn’t dress like a model. She does dress to please her needs/self. Sometimes that is painful to look at. He obviously does spend happy time with his family, the body language proves it. Nothing looks staged or as uncomfortable as the Matthew Broderick/Sara Jessica Parker snaps recently did. They are engaged in normal ways. cool.

    What the hell – methinks that I would NOT be interested in 99% of all the posters on this list, and many wouldn’t be interested in me…isn’t that what choice is all about?

  • lurker opinion

    Black, blue, green or white, a seven year old boy is too young to have his hair straightened.

  • Rona

    Im so over Hugh. He’s not hot anymore and Im sick of him on the movies too.

  • Colleen

    His hair cut looks cute! It will be curly again in a day or two. Thanks for these photos Jared!

  • RA

    Why is a child’s haircut fodder for public ridicule. It’s NOBODY’S business but Oscar’s parents. He is not a celebrity.

    As for Oscar’s heritage, he is NOT – I repeat NOT – Maori. He is a racially mixed child, born in the United States of America. Hugh and Deb have both talked very openly about Oscar’s adoption many times.

  • Rachel

    Lay off, folks–listen to yourselves, criticizing a child’s appearance! Lord, what’s wrong with the world when that becomes okay? Firstly, ANYTHING a child does should not be thrust into the public eye, I don’t care who his parents are…Hugh and Deb and family should be able to go out at home without being trailed by photogs (as should every celeb). Secondly, he doesn’t exactly look as though he was traumatized by the experience and it probably was his own idea; Oscar is a young man who speaks his mind and knows what he wants. The reason he hasn’t even had his hair cut for months and months is because his daddy shaved his head for The Fountain and that freaked Oscar out so much that he wouldn’t let anyone near his head with scissors for a long while (true story, Hugh and Deb both have mentioned this in interviews). My kids want different stuff done to their hair all the time, because their friends’ hair looks a certain way. As long as it isn’t dangerous or it doesn’t call for dyeing it bright purple, I try to accommodate them, as I’m sure most parents (including Hugh and Deb) do. It keeps the peace in the house AND lets the child experiment with his individuality in a harmless way. And hair grows back. So y’all need to calm down and back off. Pretty soon we’ll be seeing comments from people who object to the way this family walks down the sidewalk or how they drink their coffee. Thank goodness they go through their daily lives not giving a crap what anyone on JJ says.

  • aj

    So Hugh is married to a really old lady, loves to sing showtunes and has adopted kids? Not GAY at all ;)

  • Shelly

    Unlike Angerlina, Hugh listens and takes part in all aspects of his son’ life!!
    Hugh has listened to his son;s request to have his little boy’s wanting a hair straghting,unlike Angerlina not having a clue what to DO W/ Zahara’s DOO which she has stated in the media several times!

    Some Mother Angerlina is…she has a nanny for each child, I wonder if any of her children know their mother at all? And where home is ie multiple homes they have resided in?I have counted at least 10 in the 5yrs,.Angerlina she has adopted Maddox, not to mention all the hotels and different schools and daycare centres!

    Hugh and his wife are very hands on parents they ROCK!!!

  • angelinammm

    Shut up Shelly ;p
    you’re just jelaous coz you didn’t go anywhere all your life

  • angelinammm

    btw it is wrong burning child’s hair like that
    but I think thay are great parents

  • Tathinha

    Hahahaha what a ugly hair…

  • Shelly

    Hey #36
    I have lived in Canada,Mexico,Europe,and Beleise.
    I have have also enjoyed my travels to Australia,Morocco,India,Greece,Turkey,New Zealand,and Jordan to name a few I suggest you see Petra and ride the train from Casablanca to the Atlas Mountains they are astonishing and Mystical!
    My cildren ALWAYS had A home and never traveled unless school was on a break and I had a live in houspkeeper who never subbed as a parent!
    And do not forget to see Ayers Rock and if your in Vancouver,BC you must take the tram to go sking.
    I have also lived in 6 states within the US.
    Next year it;s South Anerica the children have their degrees and they
    are living abroad,per chance do you have a passport?

  • Davilyn

    Ashton Kutcher, Tim Robbins, John Lennon, Patrick Duffy, Clark Gable, Ralph Fiennes, Burt Reynolds, Pierce Brosnan, Andre Agassi, Richard Marx, Desi Arnaz, Antonio Bandares, Cal Ripken Jr.; all have lived with and/or married older women. Are/were they all gay too?

    Patrick Wilson, Harry Connick Jr., Martin Short, Gordon MacRae, Robert Preston, Matthew Broderick, Antonio Bandares, Dick Van Dyke, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bobby Darin; all sang show tunes. Are/were they all gay too?

    Steven Spielberg, Brad Pitt, Guy Ritchie, David Kelly (Michele Pfiffer’s husband), Richard Burton and my father; all adopted children. Are/were they all gay too?

    WOW! What a narrow minded, sterotypical view of the world you’ve got there. Whatever you’re doing in your life right now, expand it a little; read some books, take some classes, widen your circle of friends. GET OUT OF YOUR ROOM and go out into the world actually meet some people. Then form some opinions. I’d bet you’d be surprised at how they might change.

    And for those of you who feel the need to come to a public website and critize an innocent child…SHAME ON YOU! And for the one hundred millionth time…his son is of mixed race; african, caucasian, hispanic, hawaiian and American Indian. If you knew ANYTHING at all about Hugh Jackman, you would know this. Which just proves how much of internet chatter is mindless bullsh*t; morons spouting off about that which they know NOTHING about. Hasn’t there got to be a better way than going through life THIS STUPID and UNINFORMED, yet having absolutely no hesitations about opening your mouths and confirming that fact, with thousands of people listening in?

    As for Deb’s look…it was a casual Saturday morning outing with her husband and kids. And it’s in these situations that most of these paparazzi photos are taken. Must she dress up for these occasions so that the internet audience across the world can give her a “thumbs up?” My God, look at the way we all dress these days? We all look like pigs.

    With the trashy lives that most of these celebrites lead; changing sex partners like they do underwear (hell, some of them don’t even wear those…hello Britney), in and out the rehab revolving door, broken marriages, tantrums, believing and acting out like they’re better than the rest of the human population just because of they’ve got some money and -if they’re lucky- more than 15 minutes of fame…then along comes a sweet, happy, unpretentious little family (who have just as much fame and money as the rest of them) who just go about their lives causing no scandals of any kind and you have to tear them apart because of unsubstantiated rumours and opinions formed from looking at unauthorized photographs taken of them in unguared, candid moments.

    But you want the trash though, don’t you? And since there’s none to be found in the Jackman family, you just make some up. How utterly pathetic.

  • Davilyn

    I cannot believe some of the venemous comments that are allowed to be printed here, yet the name of a very famous actor was censored. For the record (and I’ll play with the spelling), the name of the actor who’s name was not printable is…D*ck Van D*ke. Remember him? The star of one of the greatest sitcoms in the history of television and of course, Mary Poppins.

    Very strange.

  • Diana


    Why not cut it short? He is such a cutie pie …the father too.

  • Fat-girl

    I don’t know, it’s his kid… I guess he can do whatever he wants. I do know one thing though, when people talk about Michael Jackson dying his oldest kid’s hair blonde that draws jeers across the board. I guess that is because people assume it falls in line with the rest of we believe is the Michael’s behavior in terms of wanting to appear as white as possible. HJ, however, gets a pass on that… perhaps because he already is white? I don’t know, just askin’…

  • digott

    You know interracial-international adoptions have been increasingly popular the last TWENTY+ years. The average intelligent adult can immediately make that connection when viewing a family with obvious diverse ethnic backgrounds.

    The vast majority of people run their Saturday morning errands in casual wear sans make-up. Isn’t it nice that the Jackmans have not gotten caught up in the celebrity facade? More power to them.

    As for Oscar’s hair, the little guy most likely wanted it done. Deb adored his curls and always seemed to hate having them trimmed. Could be Oscar is growing out of being a Mommy’s boy. Typical 7 year old behavior.

    And Oscar is most definitely NOT picking his nose! C’mon, Jared, don’t you remember that Seinfeld episode?

    Jared, be kind to little children. You were once one yourself.

  • operaghost

    What a lovely, loving family. I love seeing Hugh with his wife and kids. Very refreshing. He obviously takes a lot of pleasure in being with them.

  • one not fooled

    No one thinks its a little weird for a young boy to be getting a press and curl? Hugh and the wife knew the kid was black when they adopted him. Black hair is different than caucasian hair. Hell, even brad pitt acknowledged that they needed someone to show them how to groom Z’s hair Why can’t his parents make an effort to learn how to comb the kid’s hair?

  • Jessie

    35 Shelly : 07/08/2007 at 2:53 am
    Unlike Angerlina, Hugh listens and takes part in all aspects of his son’ life!!
    Hugh has listened to his son;s request to have his little boy’s wanting a hair straghting,unlike Angerlina not having a clue what to DO W/ Zahara’s DOO which she has stated in the media several times!

    Some Mother Angerlina is…she has a nanny for each child, I wonder if any of her children know their mother at all? And where home is ie multiple homes they have resided in?I have counted at least 10 in the 5yrs,.Angerlina she has adopted Maddox, not to mention all the hotels and different schools and daycare centres!

    Hugh and his wife are very hands on parents they ROCK!!!

    lmao. Because you’ve seen a few pictures of these people you realy know their so hands on. :roll:

    From the looks of it, I doubt that boy wanted his hair straightened. Yup, he realy listens to his kid.

    And yeah, Im sure angelina’s kids do not know their mother. Poor things. And ofcourse they have a nanny for each child. Right. Ive never seen those kids with anoyone BUT brad or angelina.

    :roll: :roll: :roll:

  • L

    OMG! I haven’t been around in awhile but I see that when Pigzilla Hilton’s site got changed all his 13 yr olds came over here. Alot of the comments on this thread look like they came from children.

    The kid is cute no matter how his hair is done. Who knows, the child could have asked to do his hair like this, which in that case it is good to let a child make his/her own choices at this age b/c it helps to build confidence and self esteem.

  • Aylin

    Oscar is so cute! =) Cutest celebrity kid out there!

  • Prix

    I don’t understand WHY they would want to straighten the childs’ hair.

    Judging from these photos, the childs hair doesn’t look better, it just looks damaged.

    It’s hard to believe that’s the look they were going for, Oscar does seem to be disappointed with the results.

    You don’t see him smiling in any of the photos, do you?

  • Fat-girl

    I just thought about this. My neice, who is bi-racial (I’m Black) asked me to flat-iron (straighten) her hair when she was 7 and I did. I thought it wasn’t a big doeal, it wasn’t chemical and therefore temporary. She has gorgeous curly hair but it was cute straight as well. I didn’t see it as a reflection of her wanting to be anything other that versatile with her hair because within African-American culture, women straightening their hair is perfectly acceptable. Men doing it is something different entirely. I think that is where my personal bias comes from. It’s just not seen as masculine or self-loving for males to do it. (although Conks were popular in the Harlem era) My biracial nephew has large blonde curls and has never given two thoughts about his hair. He has certainly never expressed a desire to straighten it. My brother would freak if he did and think it was ‘gay’ :o/ And it would be seen as a rejection of his race within our cultural context. Funny how what’s cool for girls is NOT for boys.

    And whatever Brad and Angie are doing with Z’s hair is great. She’s a doll evertime I see her.