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Colin Farrell & Son James Fly Home

Colin Farrell & Son James Fly Home

Colin Farrell carries his young son James, 3 1/2, through LAX airport on Friday afternoon in Los Angeles, Calif.

Last weekend, the Irish actor made a trip out to Las Vegas with his girlfriend of six months, Muireann McDonnell, a medical student from Dublin.

Colin, 31, and Muireann, 22, were spotted smooching in their hotel pool on and dined at Morton’s steakhouse. The couple also caught the Cirque du Soleil shows O and Love.

He also recently wrapped the drama Pride and Glory with Edward Norton.

10+ pictures inside of Colin and his son James

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james farrell colin farrell 01
james farrell colin farrell 02
james farrell colin farrell 03
james farrell colin farrell 04
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Photos: JRI/Dean/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Mrs. Fugly

    First! We’ll look if, it isn’t Mr. Player himself! Mabye, he’s changing his ways.

  • nobody cares

    Kim (the mother) is African American, the kid does not look mixed at all.

  • Anon.

    A sweet little boy who seems upset and bewildered by all the confusion and nonsense from the paps. Colin looks like a very caring, very protective father. I hate it when the paps take photos of the minor children of celebrities without their permission. It is harrassment and it ought to be illegal.

  • Angelina

    wow…colin farrell does not look happy in those car photos. but who can blame him? i agree with anon. its really when the paparazzi disturbs kids, they cant even have any freedom in public while they’re with their famous mom or dad. anyhow…i dunno what i’ll do without those maddox, z, shiloh or pax photos! they’re so adorable.

  • lssls

    “2 nobody cares : 07/07/2007 at 11:56 am

    Kim (the mother) is African American, the kid does not look mixed at all.”

    she doesn’t look black at all

  • Chanel

    5 lssls : 07/07/2007 at 12:13 pm
    “2 nobody cares : 07/07/2007 at 11:56 am

    Kim (the mother) is African American, the kid does not look mixed at all.”

    she doesn’t look black at all

    She could be black, I’m black and she looks like my family.

  • Mrs. Fugly

    Colin Does not look happy in the car photo’s and, his poor son, James looks scared half to death. These paps are relentless. Was it really necessary to take the pictures? I know the kid is adorable but, come on. Colin’s just with his son and, not with some slut. So what was the big deal? I don’t get it.

  • grace

    colin is hot usually!!!

  • Anonymous

    There is something wrong with this little boy. It has been reported in the past the he is autistic or something along those lines. I wish that all media outlets would have the common decency to NOT exploit children in this situation.


  • Anon.

    I wouldn’t ever say “there’s something wrong with this kid.” We don’t really know anything except to repeat or spread rumors that are totally without proof! He looks pretty “normal” to me except for being uncomfortable bcz of the paps. Whatever is going on in his life, he isn’t a celebrity and he deserves to be left alone to grow up like any other kid. He didn’t pick his parents. He is a tiny child. And if he is developmentally disabled, or has other issues, how cruel and totally unforgiveable is it to publish pictures and follow and harrass him and his parents. I agree. I hope Jared will be a decent person, as he really seems to be, and not promote these kinds of pictures.

  • Mrs. Fugly

    Stupid paps! Colin does look pissed and his son looks scared to death. What is the big deal? Just dad and the kid at the airport and leaving. It’s not like Colin was with a slut or something. The paps need to get a life.

  • Anonymous

    Anon #10 – Maybe I shouldn’t have said there is “something wrong” but what I read wasn’t gossip. I’m involved with autistic children and I can’t remember what I read or where but it was something along those lines. That’s one of the reasons Colin or the child’s nanny carries him so often.

    Autistic children are hyper-sensitive to noises and to things or people that come up to them suddenly. Shouting paparazzi rushing up to get their picture would be an absolute nightmare if that is the child’s condition.

    If I’m wrong about this I apologize. It’s just that celebrities are just as likely as the general population to have children with physical and mental challenges just like the rest of us and we should be aware and respectful.

  • josianne

    shes african so what? theres also white people in africa because when you look at her, she have nothing of black in her!!!!

    muireaan is Just another women who will be brokenheart and treat badly.

  • Julotta

    Please! Let’s hear your protests in regards to the paparazzi the next time Jared posts photographs of the Brangelina bunch walking to and from school! Hypocrites!

  • Gerarda

    Did Colin have a blood test to prove that he was this boy’s father? The kid doesn’t look at all like him. Or his ex-girlfriend for that matter. They both have dark, dark hair and eyes. James has mousy brown hair and blue or green eyes.

  • Newman

    That boy does look “special.” In these pictures, his mouth is never closed, just hanging open in kind of a dull way.

  • Pereza

    So sweet… thanks

  • [Famous]

    Barbershop – both of them – a`sap!

  • Mishaela

    Thanks Jared for the pics of James. Yes sometimes he looks scared,nad I guess we ‘all’ know by now he’s special,so what? he’s a little angel nevertheless and he’s beautiful like ever other kid
    colin is indeed a doting and caring dad,the little boy looks sweet and if razzis pics of celeb kids should not be posted that should be applied to all celebrity kids

  • Didi

    wear a rubber next time mate. daddy duty, haha. serves you right

  • [~Famous~]

    #4 = stalker

  • Tara

    He’s a very cute little boy and Colin does seem angry about the paps, which is completely understandable. Also, I believe Muireann is following behind them in a couple of pictures, wearing red and a hat.

  • http://! mimi

    Yes I think if Jared was a decent and caring person there would be no pics of kids from papparazzis at all. If parents want them photographed they will do it professionally in People like Britney and Angie and Brooke and countless other celebs have had done. These kids nor their parents asked to be famous just becuase their parents are. Its disturbing the way they are treated like zoo animals.

    Get it off Jared!

  • No, she isn’t

    Kim (the mother) is African American, the kid does not look mixed at all.”

    she doesn’t look black at all

    She’s French not Black

  • Curious

    Kim Bordenave is not “French”, she’s African American of Creole heritage.

  • Anon.

    Hey, I was the one who originally posted about how it should be illegal for the paps to do celebrity kids without parental permission. I did not make it specific to Colin Farrell. Sorry if I gave taht impression. I feel that way about ALL minor children of celebrities. Including the Brangelina kids, and anyone else out there. It is wrong. It is harrassment and it should be illegal if it is done without parental permission. I know absolutely nothing about James Farrell except he is the son of Colin and Kim(?) and that’s really quite enough to know. IMVHO.

  • angelinammm
  • Mondo Bongo

    LMAO~~~ #2 – where are you from???? I am Black American and this
    lady is darker than i am, most of us are in the mix, which have
    given my family a rainbow of beautiful color, that we [proudly]
    call our ‘Black Heritage’

  • Ginger

    Since i’m mixed, it would be so offensive for me if a was dark skined for a extremely diluted girl so much people think she’s “french” be called “Black”! I’m Canadian so it’s disheartening & embarassing for so many arrogrant afro-americano’s to think looking like hispanics is an aopprovment..witch is the only reason to claim “allmost whites”! thats very racist on their part, 2 wrongs dont make a right.

  • Curious

    No, Ginger, what’s arrogant is a Canadian, “mixed” or otherwise trying to tell “afro-americanos” (where the hell did you get that term from?) who is and isn’t black. My father is Creole, born in New Iberia, Louisiana. Half of my family looks like Kim Bordenave. How dare you tell me what race my family is!
    What should be “disheartening” and “embarassing” to you is your atrocious spelling and grammar. Go back to school and learn how to write a decent paragraph and stop trying to dictate who is and isn’t black, according to your limited experience and exposure.

  • remember da truth

    Ginger, go to school — PLEASE!!!

  • blah

    of course the kid is fucked up, look who his dad is. he probably has fas.

  • http://JustJared mrs.tootsie

    James just looks scared, and I don’t blame Colin for looking upset, he probably is. He looks like a good father who is protective,theres nothing wrong with that.

  • Martha

    If a celebrity or anyone, asks photographers to not take their child’s picture… then they should comply. It should be law! So many kids look frightened when the flashs start going off and the papz start screaming at their subjects.

    Many celebs carry their kids in public places because It’s not safe to let them down on their own in public places… there’s also the danger of them being snatched or approached by strangers or the papz. Held in their parent’s arms, they’re much safer.

    Colin has shown himself to be a caring father many. He’s not leading a wild lifestyle anymore either.

  • Yeah

    What is the big deal about the color of a person skin?? people are beautiful!!

  • Leslie

    Looks like he’s got the papa thing down, it’s really none of our business what James’ story is–maybe in the future Colin will talk about him more but I don’t see what the fuss is about.

  • Yeah

    Colin’s older green eyed brother is better looking then Colin is and always has been. Too bad for me that Eamon is gay. Oh well – still great to look at.

  • http://AnonyMous mauretta

    I feel so sick for Colin…James seems so scared…

  • Poppy

    There’s a woman in some photos…is she muireann? very-much-look-a-like…

  • zsa-zsa

    I do not see one shred of evidence that Kim is black…her name is french, which indicates that she has at least some french ancestry. So, whomever was so adamant that she is not french is wrong.I am curious where the information was obtained that states that she is black. If you are going to state that as fact, back it up, please.

    Anyway, looks white, as does her child. And they are all beautiful!

    p.s. just b/c there are people you know, or in your family who resemble her doesn’t mean that they are automatically the same race…

  • k

    She is black. She has been referred to several times in the British and Irish media as a black american model. Black people can have french names to and many do. Please note Beyonce’s mom who is “creole”/ black lousiana decent, as well as a variety of people born in French colonies, or with some french ancentry whether recent or in the distant pass. Please remember that blacks have a greater variety of shades than whites, and a perosn can be several generations blck without fresh infusion of white blood and still look like Kim. This was the case in the States and many former slave colonies, where mixed/ racially ambiguous people married others that looked like them.

  • so upset

    I just read that Colin’s son James has Angelman Syndrome. He is a great dad because he is there taking care of him. I have a son with Angelman Syndrome and let me tell you that is very hard. I want to say that he is doing right by his son. Great job Colin!

  • so upset

    I forgot to add that I’m hispanic light skin, brown eyes and my son has very light hair and eyes its part of the syndrome.

  • alex

    mr farrell looks like any conserned perent would.the paps are f***ing evil there should be a prison sentance for exploiting innocent children just for a photo of a famous happens to often and i think its disgusting.and you to for putting these photos on your site your just spredding the maddness!

  • aury

    he is special ,he is autistic . He said that at E news


    The Bordenaves are a very prominent family originally from Louisiana. Most of them still live there, and yes they are african american. The name is french because of french ancestry. but they
    are indeed african americans. many families in louisiana look like her because in the distant past they often married other blacks who
    looked the same way. So there…

  • http://Celebuzz Getting to the truth

    Based upon what I know, Kim’s heritage is French “Creol”, which makes her mostly French. Most people truly don’t understand what “Creol” means. There are many combinations of “Creol” which does not include African American. “Creol” means a mixture of nationalities which is mostly made up of Europian/Spanish background. The word “Creol” originated in New Orleans, a melting pot, from the Europian/Spanish settlers who became plantation/slave owners. The African heritage entered to some famlies when these slave owners made babies with their slaves and/or when slaves were freeded. The freeded slaves took on the last names of presidents or of their plantations owners last names. Some even took on their nationalies because they had no clue of their own background – thus claiming to be “Creol”. Actually, the slave/plantation ownere’s CHILDREN (not those who claimed the “Creol” nationality) would then be considered African “Creol”, or as some sources would say – “Creol” Negro (half African, half “Creol”). Being “Creol” does not automatically mean you are black or even part black. What it does mean is that your hertage is from New Orleans and has some type of Europian/Spanish blood within your mix of everything else you are made up of. You’re probably wondering how do I know all this ? I AM “French Creol” —- I AM a Bordenave — and — I AM related to Kim. We’ve done a lot of research on this subject, plus we’ve had testing of our DNA (MY sibling , my parents, some of my aunts and uncles). Just one of the DNA test that was taken goes back over 10 thousand years and all of the tests that have been administered have come back stating we have NO African in our blood line. We are considered Western Euthropian of “Creol” heritage from New Orleans. DNA does NOT lie, but our birth certificates do. This is not about being black or white, this is about the TRUTH of who we are. I’m just tired of people thing I don’t want to be black when they find out I am “Creol” and I tell them I am not black – I’m just want to be me. Since Kim is not my sibling nor one of my parents, I can not say the exact make-up of her DNA, but the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  • http://Celebuzz Getting to the truth

    My stupid computer – it did it again – submitted before I finished — I give up!

  • Rachel

    @ Getting to the truth. I know some Bordenaves who are originally from Louisana who consider themselves creole and Kim looks JUST like them and THEY consider themselves black/of African decent. YES, you may be distantly related to her, and yes, you do NOT have her DNA to prove her lineage, but I’d like to point out that because you can not do so, you can NOT say that she has no African ancestry. However, her dark roasted complexion indicates something of non white origin. quite possibly Native American, which you also neglected to mention in your assessment of the creole origins. Point really is this, she’s NOT white. Oh and sweetie, George Washington’s wife whom was white, had a half sister who was a slave and half black. They are still linked genetically, and yes the apple doesn’t fall far, but unless you come from the same mother and father, anything can get mixed in along the way. My DNA hails from Africa, Europe, and the America’s, yet I consider myself African American on any given day. My point is however, that even though I’m considered African American, if I wanted to, I could track my ancestry by blood and find current DNA having relatives that have no African blood in them, that’s a fact. So your argument is a little flawed love… and please do not presume to know the sordid history of African Americans, because yes, we may not KNOW where in africa we came from, much do to the plantation owners regime to rid of us of our history by dividing us and stripping us of our native tongue through the use of the whip and the noose. we DO know HOW we got here, WHAT we’ve built here and WHAT was done behind closed doors once we were here, very often by force. America has a very sordid history and African Americans don’t take kindly to those who want to tell us our history, who never lived it and don’t still live with it today. Oh, and tooting that “creole” stuff like its somehow cool, its NOT. The French used that as a class system, set up to further divide the populace and that is ignorant in itself. So Mr./Ms. Creole, the French would have considered you second rate anyway because of your lack of “pure” blood. Baffles me every time I see one of your kind clinging to that like it makes you better or it really means something. It doesn’t. Get over it.

  • http://website Thea

    Well written RACHEL – you go girl !!!! I LOVE it when IGNORANCE is put in it’s place!