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Kelly Clarkson @ Live Earth

Kelly Clarkson @ Live Earth

Kelly Clarkson performed a five-song set for Live Earth on Saturday at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey — “Walk Away”, “How I Feel”, “Never Again”, “Sober”, and “Since U Been Gone”.

The Idol champ wore a “BE HAPPY” jelly bracelet and a “Let’s Get Lippy” t-shirt.

Download Kelly‘s interview with Carson Daly here, “Walk Away” here, “How I Feel” here, “Never Again” here,”Sober” here, “Since U Been Gone” here. All the videos are in .WMV format. Thanks so much, Rick!

More pictures inside of Kelly rocking out to Live Earth

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Photos: Mat Szwajkos/AFP/Stan Honda/Evan Agostini/Getty, Reuters/Mike Segar
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  • Natalie

    i love her hair. kelly definately makes some catchy songs. i just wish she would dress better for her body!

  • Jessie

    Look! Its an actual woman.

  • Darcy

    LOVE Kelly! She did great, although “Sober” could have been a little better.

  • Alex

    She rocked that stage!

  • laura

    Wow, Kelly looked great and sounded awesome live! Her set was one of the best all day so she should be very proud. I’m definitely gonna have to catch her next tour.

  • Didi

    was there an earthquake when her fat a*se jiggled about?

    talk about a new meaning for occupational hazard

  • ….

    she totally rocked…she shouldve stayed and did more songs

  • ….

    she totally rocked…she shouldve stayed and did more songs

  • [marie]

    I don’t like her outfit, but hey she can wear what she wants… ;)

  • Mrs. Fugly

    HA HA HAHAHAAAA Hawwww! Didi, Hit that right on the head dead on. You crack me up girl!

  • Izzie

    love her!!!, she gave a rocking performance, it really is a shame that she had to cancel her summer tour.

  • Jon

    wow. kelly clarkson is amazing. and all this time, i never knew it. she was the BEST performance out of all the new york performances. and i loved the rawness she sang with in sober and oh wow, the catchiness and energy in ALL of her songs. i am so buying her cd tomorrow.

  • J3$$!C@

    Loved Kelly’s performances. She sounds so awesome live. She also looked pretty, love the hair.

  • christine

    Kelly Clarkson held her own among the far more established acts, i.e. Police, Bon Jovi, Madonna. Kelly was amazing!

    PS. She looks great. Those weight comments are just getting so old.

  • sara

    fuck all of u who bash her
    anyway i loved her performances!!!!

  • rockerdude22


  • luke

    Wow, she is a nice curvey woman, just the way I like them. Great performance, one of the best of the night.

  • tessa

    i love kelly

  • Yily

    I spent $15 on her new album and it sucks! Kelly, you owe me money girl. Your cd was horrible!

  • Billie

    Ugly outfit.

  • Mrs. Fugly

    We’ll the outfit only look good on the skinny one’s.

  • Shauna

    Kelly has a great laided back personality that is very refreshing compared to many other artist out there now. She is very approachable, and humble. She has a great talent, and that really is the corner stone for success in the entertainment industry, but, she really needs direction in her clothing selection, and appearance. She is much too talented to look like a student who just stepped up on stage in a college town club on open mike night.

  • rat

    wow! I think every single fan Kelly has left posted on this site! You guys rule. Maybe next year you can find someone cool to like. ;-)

  • Linda

    Real woman’s body?? I feel bad for her, having all those extra pounds and still having no breasts. She’s a pear-shaped dude!!

  • Nicolle

    Yeah, I think it’s strange that she’s plump, yet has no boobs. She has Rachel Ray’s body. They both kinda look alike.

  • Mrs. Fugly

    Yes, her and Rachel Ray can be sisters. Ha ha! My husband always is ragging on Rachel Ray’s big arse and small tits. I saw Metallica on Live Earth. They kicked ass!!!

  • realman2

    i see folds of blubber. she is a roll model.

  • Tucker

    I love her outfit!!!

  • rhayssa

    she looks so HOT

  • ana

    Love Kelly’s performance. She has a great voice

  • Brad

    Fat. Greasy. Pig.

  • Tucker

    Fuck you brad

  • yuhuu

    I don’t personally like Kelly’s looks, nor face, but I think she is seriously really talented. Love her little raspiness (if it’s even called like that) in her voice + not to mention that she has managed to make very good hit songs.

  • remember da truth

    These comments are funny! All the superficial idiots are saying the only things they know how to — she’s fat and they don’t like her outfit. They dont’ even get how they are really saying so much about themselves….. and their sad lives!

    No one can knock this girl for her talent, her ability to perform live, her refreshingly natural and fun personality, her independence not to follow the crowd. The only knocks anyone can make on this girl are about her looks because no one would take seriously anything else or else reveal themselves as just a bitter, mean-spirited lazy doofus sitting around taking potshots at celebs they know nothing about.
    And still, Kelly is cute and many find her sexy. It’s such a shame that there are so many losers out there, but they sure make me laugh at them!

  • mimi

    Her performance left me exhausted. Does she have to shout all the time in her songs?

  • Marisleysis

    Why is it that when women gain weight they always sing the same ol’ tune of “I’m not going to follow the Hollywood standard of being a size double zero. I like to enjoy life even if it means having a cookie once in a while. I embrace my womanly curves.” Please! You don’t get that size by eating a cookie once in a while. You have to be eating in a really unhealthy way to look like that.
    Then the skinny ones always say things like “I do not have an eating disorder. I work really hard, and sometimes I just don’t have time to eat.” Sometimes it’s the same girls that conveniently say whatever happens to fit at the time depending on their body size.

  • gini

    she’s really cute but not hot.

  • Tarah

    Whether you like Kelly or not you can’t say she isn’t real! She’s one of the rare artists today that takes what she does seriously! She doesn’t party, she stays out of the tabloids (aside from a few articles here and there)and she is very down to earth. She loves what she does and it shows! I LOVE her new album. It took a few listens to grow on me but let me tell you – It is worth every penny! The lyrics in every song are raw and real and completely relateable! KELLY CLARKSON ROCKS!!!

  • Elenia

    GO KELLY!!!

  • Mrs. Fugly

    It looks like she’s indulged in way to many cookies instead, of the occasional cookie once and a while. She’s been scarfing those cookies and other crap up!

  • Jill 3

    I really don’t get these comments on her weight. Ummmm, she isn’t trying to be a supermodel or an athlete. She’s a singer. I think she’s rather attractive, but even if I didn’t I can’t imagine I’d be posting such sexist and degrading things on a public message board.

  • Patty

    Kelly sang beautifully and looked gorgeous. I love her and I love her new album. She rocks!!!

  • mj

    Kelly is amazing!!! So cute and “normal”. You never hear of drinking,drugs scandals or rumors! She is a hard working natural talent. And everyone who thinks se is fat is just crazy. She has a very sexy curvy body. What- you think she’d look better with DD implants??????

  • Pam

    Kelly, geez put down the cookie once in a while.

  • grace

    i love her songs!

  • Mmmmm

    She is fab, love her! What an amazing accomplishment for her .. to play and be involved in such an event. She does have every right to be there, she is very talented!

  • AP44

    Kelly’s awsome performances were the only reason half of the worldwide audience watched live earth.

    People who say ‘she needs to put those cookies down, she’s fat, blah blah blah’ I just don’t get you. She’s average, perfectly normal down to earth awsome singer, not some Kirsty-Allen-weight-obsessed-jenny-craig-freak. Why don’t you tell your sort of stupid comments to talentless, size -10 PARISite Hilton who deserves it.

  • AP44

    Kelly, you ROCK!!!! You’re 1 of the very few truly talented artists who haven’t and never will be affected by Holloween, California.

    Negative commenters of KC, losers, you suck!!!!

  • cat

    she is the most wonderful singer//roll model out there. i love kelly