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Andy Baldwin & Tessa Horst Stay Strong

Andy Baldwin & Tessa Horst Stay Strong

Hawaii’s Bachelor Lt. Andy Baldwin and his bride-to-be Tessa Horst are still together and looking mighty fine.

The couple competed in the “Cholo’s 2000 Swim” off the Hawaiian island of Oahu on Saturday. (Cholo’s restaurant organized the swim event — they serve homestyle Mexican cuisine.) Hundreds of people turned out to compete in and watch the 1.2 mile swim in the waters off Waimea Bay.

Both Andy and Tessa completed the swim in good time. Officer and a Gentleman Andy waited for his “rose” and greeted her with a hug and a kiss as she crossed the finish line.

You can check out this recent interview of Andy and Tessa with KITV 5 Island TV News, which aired on Thursday. Tessa reveals she’s going back home to California on Sunday (today) but will be back to move in with her handsome Navy doctor (rumored to be in August).

40+ pictures inside of Andy & Tessa swimming up a storm…

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01 andy baldwin tessa horst
02 andy baldwin tessa horst
03 andy baldwin tessa horst
04 andy baldwin tessa horst
05 andy baldwin tessa horst
06 andy baldwin speedo
07 andy baldwin speedo
08 andy baldwin speedo
09 andy baldwin speedo
10 andy baldwin speedo
11 andy baldwin speedo
12 andy baldwin speedo
13 andy baldwin speedo
14 andy baldwin speedo
15 andy baldwin speedo
16 andy baldwin speedo
17 andy baldwin speedo
18 andy baldwin speedo
19 andy baldwin speedo
andy baldwin shirtless 01
andy baldwin shirtless 02
andy baldwin tessa horst 01
andy baldwin tessa horst 02
andy baldwin tessa horst 03
andy baldwin tessa horst 04
andy baldwin tessa horst 05
andy baldwin tessa horst 06
andy baldwin tessa horst 07
andy baldwin tessa horst 08
andy baldwin tessa horst 09
andy baldwin tessa horst 10
andy baldwin tessa horst 11
andy baldwin tessa horst 12
andy baldwin tessa horst 13
andy baldwin tessa horst 14
andy baldwin tessa horst 15
andy baldwin tessa horst 16
andy baldwin tessa horst 17
andy baldwin tessa horst 18
andy baldwin tessa horst 19
tessa horst swimming

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  • ace

    wow they are nyce together as a couple

  • A:L


  • grace

    Good for them! We need a TV wedding.

    Thanks Jared.

  • 2985

    She really is almost as fit as he is! No wonder he chose her. She runs regularly as well, right? Sounds like they’re well-matched in the fitness department, er, in a manner of speaking I guess. ;)

  • [~Famous~]


  • Jill

    Good looking couple

  • Sammy

    What a cute and beautiful couple! Aside from being a natural athlete, Tessa has so many more qualities that attracted Andy. She’s smart, kind, elegant, sophisticated, funny and has a lot of class.

  • Monique

    YIKES!!! The perimeter has been breached we have a grape smuggler at 10 o’clock! haha

  • preesi

    Hes got the weirdest body! Not attractive at all! YUK!

  • Mrs. Fugly

    God! WTF? He’s wearing those gay looking Speedo’s? Good Christ! Speedo’s don’t look good on anybody. He would look so much better in board surf swimtrunks. Of course, she’s in a yucko bathing suit as well. Perfect pair then!

  • Mrs. Fugly

    Oh! It was a swim off. Good for them. That explains the fugly swimsuits. You think Speedo would come up with better styles then. Whatever.

  • Didi

    speedos? are you boshing me or what.

    does he think he looks good in those.

  • Sammy

    They both have great bods. Sexy speedo’s!

    Mrs. fugly and preesi – these people live their lives by living up to their names. What’s wrong with you? Never seen skin before? Go out and get some tan.

  • jess

    cute couple, love them!

  • Davidson

    His chest and upper torso look off somehow.

  • morgane

    his body is crazy!!!!!!!!!! he has the best man legs ive ever seen, very fit and muscular

  • Diana

    I hope they are for real.

    She looks sweet, and he looks attentive towards her.

  • [marie]

    Why does he always look like he’s sucking in his gut…? Riddle me that… >=\

  • Mrs. Fugly

    Marie, probably because, he’s got a beer sucking gut! Suck it in dude! There is a thing of showing too much skin. Speedo’s make men look like frogs!

  • ITA

    9 preesi : 07/08/2007 at 12:13 pm
    Hes got the weirdest body! Not attractive at all! YUK!

    ITA ! Look at this picture
    It’s not a normal body. Weird I tell you just Weird.

  • Kelly D

    Men should NOT wear speedos. Ever.

  • Megan

    He has a weird body…. it just doesn’t look right.

  • checkers

    nice looking couple… Tessa looks like she has toned her body and lost some weight…

  • babyt

    I think he has nice looking shoulders and his upper back is nice. But something looks weird about his lower back. Its like his back merges into his waist and there is not a difference between the two. So then it makes him look like he has a thick waist and somewhat of love handles. If he lost some muscle mass he’d look better. He just looks like a big chunk of muscle and theres not so much definition.

  • h

    uhh.. he was a lot hotter WITH a shirt on. his body is strange and makes me laugh.

  • natalie


  • A Certain Smile

    There are a variety of body types in the world children. He has a small waist. A lot of men who are very athletic do. Nothing weird about his shape. Give me a break.

  • Christine

    eh. his rib cage is like waiting to burst. he needs to stop sucking in his gut. and is that buttcrack hair i see??

    as for Tessa, she’s cute. but her body is below mediocre. NO ass whatsoever and how many butt folds can a person have? ick. her legs are nice though, long and slender.

  • Nikki

    Thanks for the new pictures! They definitely look like a couple in love, and I hope nothing but the best for them. To all those haters: don’t hate on Andy’s body just because you wish you had a 10 pack like him. He has a big chest because he’s a navy DIVER and needs big lungs! Personally, I think both Andy and Tessa are beautiful inside and out!

  • david

    he’s not sucking his gut. he’s a competitive triathlete. They all have supernatural bodies. He’s too fit, if that’s possible. But, he’s still hot. Speedos were made for guys like him.

  • Mrs. Fugly

    Natalie, My sediments exactly. I first, second and to affinity with that! Gross. Mega GROSS! Andy & Tessa burn the Speedo’s. Then, have a nice screw by the fire!

  • SchoeneDame

    Mrs. Fugly-
    Do you mean ‘my SENTIMENTS exactly’? You do know what sediment is, right?

  • Kira

    Thanks, Jared, you did it, again!!!

    Great photographs of the exquisite couple (inside/outside)….know the romance and relationship is set to (private) but most of us fell in love with this young, lovely couple! They have renewed the faith of many in (true) LOVE and inspiration in remembering that “anything is possible”. Their parents must be very proud of (both) of them!

    Continued blessings to “Andy and ‘Tessa the Gem’”….!!

  • Mrs. Fugly

    Schoene Dame, Yeah, shit like you that, settles at the bottom of a fluid. So, I had a brain fart. Okay, my sentiments exactly! Go to hell and kiss my ass okay?

  • preesi

    He somehow looks womanly at some part of his body

  • lynne

    What is wrong with speedos? They aren’t the best but he doesn’t look nasty, just like a well muscular man. Anyway the main thing is that they seem happy, I hope it stays that way. Thanks for keeping us informed, I know they are trying to stay private and get to know each other better.

  • Mrs. Fugly

    Whoever invinted Speedo’s had, fug on the brain. Speedo’s don’t look good on anyone. I don’t care how fit & toned you are or Andy is. I know they were meant to fit snug so, sand won’t go up you’re ass. To me, you would look better off NAKED! Enough said!

  • Gross II

    28 Christine : 07/08/2007 at 4:41 pm
    eh. his rib cage is like waiting to burst

    OMG you are right. GROSS

  • Call it what it is

    Oh they’re sweet together. Try to remember they are just regular people who found each other on a TV show–and not professional models or actors and that said, they look GREAT. It’s good to see they still look happy together–hope we get a televised Andessa wedding.

  • Anne

    They are a beautiful couple but I would have to agree with the comments on his Speedo. I don’t think ANY man should wear those things. I’m glad they are both athletic. They have inspired me to challenge myself physically. Best wishes to them.

  • Naomi

    Aw, they’re cute.
    But I would not let my man walk out of the house in a freaking Speedo. That is just disturbing.

  • Hannah

    Oh my! Sorry, speedos are hideous things and should be outlawed.

  • moondancer

    As someone else mentioned – he’s a tri-athlete!!! He’s buff because he works out. Tessa is an athlete too and has always been toned (not sure why some people think she wasn’t).

    The speedo and suit Tessa is wearing are what athletes wear to swim in competition! He’s not going to wear trunks and she’s not going to be in a bikini when they’re in a race. Sheesh!!! Get smart people!

  • kiersten

    They both have strange bodies if you look at them for more than a second. It does not matter really but he seems to go out of his way to try to flex and puff up and show off. He needs to grow up and knock it off with the gay posing. I cannot believe he is not gay.

    Tessa has the most unusual personality after having seen the show. I do not see the attraction regarding her at all neither in physical or personality. There must be something though.

    If they are happy, great but what a sad lame way to meet and then become a couple and talk about marriage. You have to be in it for some publicity, there is no other answer. It is one of the most disturbing shows on television.

    Andy and Tessa are all over this board leaving comments.

  • moondancer

    I seriously doubt Kiersten, that Andy & Tessa are “all over this board leaving comments”. I think they have better things to do and it’s just people like us without anything else going on that are posting.

  • Allie

    They are so cute! Love this couple :)

  • Mrs. Fugly

    Comment #38 OMG! That is very gross!! Like, I said before. He’s better off going naked.

  • preesi

    yeah! yuk! #38 is right! wtf is that!

  • Jen

    Geez, aren’t their fifteen minutes up yet? Next fifteen minutes will start when he ‘comes out’.

  • Anon

    I think Andy looks hot. If you’ve got the body and the confidence to pull off a speedo, (which Andy has) then I say go for it.