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Leo DiCaprio @ Live Earth

Leo DiCaprio @ Live Earth

Leonardo DiCaprio lends his voice to the cause, drumming home the dangers of global warming and urged people to go green while onstage during Live Earth New York at Giants Stadium on Saturday in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

“We can’t afford to fail,” said Leo. “This moment is a tipping point in history.”

The Revolutionary Road actor then proceeded to introduce the man of the hour (well, 22 hours), environmentalist and former vice president Al Gore. Leo described Gore as a “global messenger of hope when we most need it.”

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Photos: Evan Agostini/Mat Szwajkos/Getty
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  • Avgi

    First of ALLLLL!



  • Lady LL

    I love you LEO!

  • Sam

    Whoo hoo! thank you for posting these pics.

  • Scooby Doo


  • Babysis

    even though i don’t really think “global warming” is really happening.
    I have began to like Leo. He’s starting to seem cool.

  • Alessandra

    woohoo, Jared – thank you! I was waiting for pics of Leonardo from yesterday! He looked so fine when he was onstage and gave a really good introduction to Mr. Gore.

  • Alessandra

    How can you say global warming is not happening? 99% of scientists in the world say this is a reality!


    He looks so fat in face now

  • Cyndi

    SIGH – Leooooo.

    He really is into the recycling this – I have seen him wear that same brown shirt so many times for about the past 5 years or more :-).

    Thanks Jared, baby!

  • Cyndi

    fat in the face!?!?! you must be joking.

  • Babysis

    Alessandra the world hasn’t even gone up 1%, IT’S NOT HAPPENING!!!
    And yeah right 99% of scientists in the world say this is a reality, it’s not. it may be an 8th of a percent hotter than it was last year but it’s not going to be the same every year.

  • blondie

    Leo. For the love of Mike,
    please go and save Jennifer from her funk.
    Take her around, and just let the tabloids go
    complettely nuts. Kiss her in public and squeeze
    her rear end until it turns red.

    Give us a thrill!

  • WingNut13

    Baby, you’re fooling yourself if you think this world is not in crisis.

    THAT is reality.

  • Scooby Doo

    Alessandra, I totally agree with you. The evidence of Global Warming is undeniable. It’s been ages since I’ve heard anyone try to deny it. Babysis must have been living under a rock for the last decade or better; maybe she just emerged from one of the recently melted glaciers…

  • C

    People that says that Global Warming isn’t happening, have no idea what they are talking about. IT’S HAPPENING!

    Thanks for the photos, Jared! He looks great.

  • Natalie

    Leo has a gorgeous smile. I admire that he uses his celebrity to bring attention to a serious issue. And for people who are still thinking global warming is not real or important, take some time, read the literature and get informed.

  • [~Famous~]

    Yeah Leo, you rock! You’re 8 best!

  • Mrs. Fugly

    He looks a hell of a lot better with the goat-tee thing off! Much more handsome. Goat-tee’s belong on either bikers or hillbilly’s.

  • curly

    Just look at the weather here in Europe, global warming IS happening. Right now.

  • Brandi

    There are a great many reasons to believe that the recent warming of the planet that has been recorded is not unusual given the climate history of the planet and what we are learning about the influence of solar activity on our climate. It’s not whether the planet is warming, it’s whether it is warming to an unusual degree that is out of sync with the normal warming and cooling cycles the planet has been undergoing for millions of years. THERE IS NO CONSENSUS. There are MANY scientists that dispute that (A) unusual global warming is happening, (B) that if it is happening, it is a bad thing (i.e. warmer periods are historically linked to larger, healthier populations and cultural/intellectual advancements), and (C) that if it is happening, that it is man-made, as opposed to being caused by increased solar activity. If you want more info, please see the following link:

    Unfortunately, the whole documentary is no longer available online, but there are clips you can watch and articles you can read if you are interested in the OTHER SIDE of the global warming argument.

    As for the celebrities involved in this, while it is possible that many or most of them are sincere in their desire to help the planet, remember that celebrities are notorious for jumping onto bandwagons that give them an opportunity to get their faces in front of cameras. Check out this link for environmentalist celebrity hypocrisy:

  • lauren

    wooo i loveee leo!!! he is so smart and hot!

  • Elli

    Thank you so much for the wonderful pics! You are the best when it comes to pictures! Keep up the good work for the fans all around!!!

  • [marie]

    I wish Leo would come out of the closet already….>=\

  • lilkunta

    Al Gore was in/@ DC Live Earth w Trisha & Garth. Did he fly to NJ ?

  • Falling Star

    Yay, Leonardo – he has such a sweet smile; he looks fantastic!

    P.S. Al Gore came by mass transit. You know, all these people are trying to do their best; they admit they aren’t perfect – at least they are trying to do good instead of sitting around and doing nothing.

  • Kira

    A very grounded young actor….thanks for all you do, Leo! Looking forward to seeing the new film with Kate….

  • Lindsay

    yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Leo, hes gorgeous!

    i wish he would distance himself from Al Gore though…hate that guy!

  • Mel

    First off, 99% of scientist aren’t saying global warming is happening. The majority of scientist who agree with global warming are also the ones receiving funding by people who are making money off of the “scare” of it all. In the mid 70′s it was believed we were going to go through another ice age. Many scientist believe the ice caps melting, etc is just the end of the previous ice age. Our government is not taking a hard stand on global warming except where it involves using it at an advantage to put a tax on it. Many have the opinion that this is just another way for the government, celebrities, etc to make money and be seen. Ask Al Gore how much money he’s making by promoting Global Warming. He’s making millions, do some research about the companies he’s involved in. It’s hilarious the rich trying to blame and shame the middle class for global warming while they are taking their private jets to their over electrified functions.

  • Mrs. Fugly

    On Comment #22, Oh God, here we go again! Why does everybody have to assume most male actors that, are hot and single are gay, gay, GAY?! Let’s assume he, probably hasen’t found the right woman for him yet or, does not feel like settling down yet. Mabye, deep down he desires he’s beloved Rose (Kate Winslet). Kidding. lol! They would have hooked up already.
    Does a young, sexy hot actor that, happens to be single have to be assumed gay?
    I know Giselle and him looked very serious for a while and, then KABOOM-the major breakup. I think both just didn’t want to make a commitment. Marriage takes a lot of effort, patience and work! Can’t really blaim the one’s that don’t want to commit. You get married, punch out a couple of kids. You’re busy taking care of the kids. Sex, is last on the list. There’s a chance the wifey becomes a fridgadare, or frightening to most men. The wife becomes a big fat, greasy cow. Also, the wife screaming at the husband he’s, a fucking bastard and you did this to me in, the delivery room. It’s the guy’s fault the bitch got pregnant right? Last I heard it, takes 2 to make a brat. It’s a guy thing a know but, I can understand, how I guy can feel. Say, the role reversed. The wife wouldn’t want their husband to become a big fatso either. Nothing worse then a big fat beer gut! Oh well. Shit happens. I don’t think Leo and, a lot of the hottiest young actors that, are always being pinned gay are, not gay at all. Just don’t want to make a serious commitment yet.

  • Didi

    Alessandra only scientists on a big payroll say global warming is a fact. and 99% is a dubios figure. currently the scientific community is split so its more 50-50. Granted, there are persuasive arguments on both sides however, I for one dont believe we are all doomed since the scientific community is unusure themselves despite the environmentalists claiming global warming has been proven because take it from someone in the hasn’t so forgive me if I am sceptical. Both sides have a lot of money to make, thats the only fact, so expect this scientific tug of war to last a while.

  • Didi

    Environmentalists are bigger zealots than the gas guzzling republicans so take whatever both say with a pinch of salt. Global warming was happening way before industrialisation began so many scientists are certain global warming itself is a natural occurance and not man made. I am on the fence myself, so I am not gonna go green just because some celebrities tell me to.

  • Alessandra

    Didi, you are so wrong. I am not just speaking out of my a$$. Reports about the reality of global warming are reported in scientific journals like Science and Naute – peer-reviewed journals, which means they have to be factual and reviewed by other scientists who are experts in the field. They aren’t paid by anyone. On the contrary, the very few scientists who say global warming is not happening or is not a problem, are people who have are on the payroll of oil companies and other concerns with vested interests. Look at the scientists and experts in economics and sustainability who join the chorus about the huge problem with global warming if steps are not taken now – people like David Suzuki, people like Jane Goodall, people like Paul Hawken – look into their background and tell me they are doing this for money.

  • Alessandra

    that should have said Science and Nature

  • Impeach Bush

    Gore is someone American can be proud of, too bad his presidency was stolen my Bush.
    Gore wants to save the planet. Bush is destroying the planet with his many wars.

  • omg

    I’m sorry but anyone who belives that the amount of carbon dioxide we humanbeings are releasing out into the atmosphere, ISN’T affecting the planet, must be ignorant.

    ….and this kind of ignorance is no bliss.

  • Alessandra

    Also, to the person who said celebrities get on the global warming bandwagon to get attention and praise – Leonardo for one, was talking about global warming on his official site 10 years ago. If he wanted to get on a cause for attention and praise, he wouldn’t have picked one so controversial and with lots of skepticism from people like you. He could easily have associated himself with something like a disease or poverty – causes which are important but which no one would criticize any celebrity for being involved in. I think he and many other celebrities are sincere and it’s not that people should only believe and take action because a celebrity says so, but I don’t get why these celebrities get slammed for being involved and bringing attention to an issue, when they could easily have sat back and done nothing about social issues.

  • desire hayden turner

    I am a dispossed ectopian.

  • desire hayden turner

    I mean a disposessed ectopian!

  • anon

    His documentary The 11th Hour is getting Oscar buzz and got great reviews in Cannes. Can’t wait to see it. His mother is beautiful and looks almost younger than he does.

  • zsss

    “Leonardo for one, was talking about global warming on his official site 10 years ago. ”
    you’re right he interviewed Bill Clinton about the deterioration of the ozone level in 2000?
    he’s not hypocrit like madonna

  • Cookie

    He’s lost a lot of weight. He looks good.

  • Courtney

    I love Leo!! I just beacome a fan again of her after being sort of annoyed with him. I LOVED Blood Diamond and The Departed!

  • Scooby Doo

    Mel & Didi,

    Your diversionary tactics will not work. You are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts. It is a FACT that Global Warming is taking place whether you want to believe it or not. Thankfully, a majority of scientists have already admitted as much. Most are not arguing over whether or not GW is taking place because that is pretty much a given. They are trying to hash out what the effects will be. Al Gore is a noble man fighting to bring attention to a worthy cause. You may not like the messenger, but that is no excuse for you not to heed the message. I know of no one who is placing the blame for GW on the middle class. We ALL live on Earth together, therefore we ALL should be stewards of it. Even if this is a hoax, which it certainly is not, what is the harm in conserving energy and being less wasteful? This is the only home we have. What do you think would happen to us if we allowed it to be destroyed? Why don’t you ask more urgent and relevant questions such as: Why aren’t the oil companies doing more to reduce pollution created by their refineries? Why aren’t gas companies quickly developing alternative fuels that burn cleaner thus reducing greenhouse gasses? Why won’t all car manufacturers increase the miles cars get per gallon of gas to a more reasonable and efficient number? Why did the Bush White House let their energy industry cronies write the energy policy for the USA? Why are Exxon Mobile and other such companies reporting BILLIONS of dollars in profits while gas prices continue to soar leaving most people in this country with no choice but to pinch pennies and/or work overtime to keep gas in their tanks and food on their tables? Ask yourself, WHO is profiting from all of that? In the past, I spent many days defending the intelligence of my fellow Americans to my foreign friends. However, you just reminded me why I stopped. When I am not busy living life, I sometimes come to JJ to kick back, celeb watch, and enjoy a bit of light-hearted fluff for a change as I’m sure most on this site do; but I couldn’t let you get away with that. Now back to the subject at hand…Leo is so cute!

  • Doriane

    Leo looks great. I love that he sticks by the same cause and is so sincere about it.

  • natalie

    Leo is awesome. Not only is he one of the best actors right now, he is doing his part to make the world a better place. He has been very vocal about environmental issues. I get the impression that so many celebs just write a check to a random charity every couple of months without being actively involved. Leo seems dedicated to bringing attention to the issues and using his fame in a positive way. I have a lot of respect for him!

  • Scooby Doo

    23 marie, it wouldn’t matter to me if Leo was gay, but I think he might still be dating that model from Israel. I can’t remember her name, but she’s very perdy :-)

  • Neil

    Alessandra only scientists on a big payroll say global warming is a fact. and 99% is a dubios figure. currently the scientific community is split so its more 50-50. Granted, there are persuasive arguments on both sides however, I for one dont believe we are all doomed since the scientific community is unusure themselves despite the environmentalists claiming global warming has been proven because take it from someone in the hasn’t so forgive me if I am sceptical. Both sides have a lot of money to make, thats the only fact, so expect this scientific tug of war to last a while.


    Acutaly your wrong Didi, the scientific comunity is not split it is the westerm media that gives voice to the .0001 percent of anti-gloabal warming scientist because they think to be otherwise would be ‘unbalanced’ reporting. That minority of opinion has lots of money behind them just to make sure they are heard and that we will be unsure in our resolve. Al Gore only reported the consensus of what most
    ‘responsible’ scientist know to be a fact.

  • Anon.

    You know what? While we sit here and argue about it, what would be so bad about doing things to ensure cleaner air and water? What would be so bad about conserving energy? All the things being proposed aren’t things that will hurt anyone. So, whether you believe it or not, where is the harm in being a more responsible member of the human community? Where is the harm in asking that we have cleaner air and water, and that our cars and appliances are more energy efficient? Recycling isn’t that complicated! You don’t even have to be smart to do it! LOL! Where is the harm in insisting that laws be enforced to stop corporations from polluting our water and our air and destroying the environment so that animals and plants are dying out? I don’t want to swim in filthy lakes or eat fish from polluted waters. Do you??? It’s all good. So like the Nike commercial says: Just Do It!

  • Doriane

    Way to go Anon! I completely agree. Why fight something that will do good either way.

  • angelah

    i love the pics j! thanx