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The Simpson Sisters @ Texas Wedding

The Simpson Sisters @ Texas Wedding

A tummy-touching Ashlee Simpson and big sis Jessica return to their home state of Texas on Sunday and join relatives for a family friend’s wedding.

Jessica showed off her new slimline figure in a close-fitting strapless pink mini sundress while Ashlee covered up in a fedora, flannel pants and a white tee.

We hope Ashlee didn’t wear that to the wedding! And we hope she isn’t pregnant too!!

10+ pictures inside of the Simpson sisters rocking out Texas…

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ashlee simpson touching tummy 01
ashlee simpson touching tummy 02
ashlee simpson touching tummy 03
ashlee simpson touching tummy 04
ashlee simpson touching tummy 05
ashlee simpson touching tummy 06
ashlee simpson touching tummy 07
ashlee simpson touching tummy 08
ashlee simpson touching tummy 09
ashlee simpson touching tummy 10

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  • Angelina

    Urgh, never a fan of them. They look quite nice.

  • Angelina

    Oh and by the way, FIRSSTTT!

    Sorry, I just had to do that since everyone else is so excited about being first all the time.

  • [marie]

    Both of them have ABSOLUTELY NO TALENT!! Bad actors and lip-synchers. When will people realize that?!?!

  • everybody nose


  • hugh g. rection

    really wish they would both just disappear, and take paris, nicole and lindsay with them.

  • Darryl

    UGH! they look awful. Jessica does not look slim at all, and her legs look like a man’s. Ashlee, do something about that mess you call hair, looks like a rat got into your extensions. I agree, zero talent, why are they still around. They should have gone into real estate or something by now, but neither of them has the brains. Come on already, these two hanging out looking like messes is not newsworthy.

  • jebr

    I wish Ashlee would wear something that would show off her perfect body a little more.

  • SP

    Jessica needs to stay in Texas and find a sugar daddy fast because homegirl is losing her looks and it’s all downhill from here.

  • toby

    Aslee is wearing the perfect outfit for her body – hides it well…..too bad her face is still exposed. Jessica looks trashy as usual and they both always look like they need a shower. Totally fugly pair, why are they getting any attention at all.

  • Mmmmm

    That hat is silly, only one that can pull that hat off is Johnny Depp. I bet Jessica was pining for John watching him on the Live Earth concert, he looked so YUMMY!

  • I’m Not Obsessed

    Why are people so obsessed with talentless tabloid stars?? I mean who honestly cares?? I got tired of Ashlee Simpson ever since of SNL, and Jessica Simpson ever since her reality show.

  • Jake

    Let the rumours start, Ashlee is holding her stomach, you know what that means “PREGNENT”!!!,

  • noname

    Is Jessica taking steroids? She’s all muscled up like a weight lifter.

  • Diana

    I don’t know who bought Ashleys CDs … I didnt … she cant sing, tonsillitis or not, she cant sing!

  • grace

    i must say that i really liked ashlee i loved pieces of me but now i don´t care about her at all anymore she´s boring!

  • brandy

    These country bumpkins never have good style. Jlo came from the Bronx and she had great personal style. The Simpson girls are not trashy, but they always look like they are trying too hard, like Britney Spears.

    Jessica seems to really like to wear clunky shoes with thick soles. Stop already! When your legs are thick, you shouldn’t wear thick shoes. Strappy sandals, Jess.

  • Madeleine

    forget ashlee being pregnant! is jessica? it looks like she has a bump which would be weird seeing as she has been working out so much, you would expect her to have a flat stomach!
    maybe she is just bloated…

  • (‘@’)

    Yuck x 2 for both of them!

  • michelle

    These two should go away.

  • shopgirl

    Jessica’s dress and her Mom’s dress are both AWFUL! Who wears that to a wedding? Blech!


    ashlee looks a mess she has just threw anything on but jessica looks really pretty and nice and i think her figure is great at the minute!

  • ANON


  • Cynthia

    Retard Messica NEVER had looks! Her and Asshole ARE ugly. Asshole looks more tolerable now that she got her buzzard’s beak shaved. Ha, Tina lately seems like she doesn’t want to walk with her ‘perfect daughter’ Messica like she used to. I can imagine her encouraging Mess, had Asshole feeling left out. My how the tables have turned huh! Tina do me a favor, and stop swelling Messica’s head up. You should drag her by that Groucho Marx nose of hers and have some plastic surgeon shave that ugly nose of hers down ASAP!

  • Mrs. Fugly

    Jessica, looks great! She’s really trim now! All those work out sessions paid off. For mocking her from a few weeks ago I, apologize. She’s pretty even, though her nose is not perfect. I have a bigger nose myself. I’m not ashamed of if either!

  • Retards

    I actually think Jessica looks good, but Asslee looks like she’s in desperate need of a shower, hair brush and probably some deoderant… I can’t stand that poser bitch.. tell me why she is worthy of a blog post????

  • Mary

    in the 4th picture from the left on the top row, jessica toes are about to fall out of the shoes….i mean they are already out of the shoes. Not cute.

  • Den

    Look at those ugly knots on the back of Jessica’s legs, so nasty looking! Man thats one nasty looking broad. Forget about Assley, she is patting her tummy to start rummors. Thats the trouble with these two immature wh*res, all they do is play games. Who wants to be bothered with that. There is a real world going on.

  • cutie pie

    both sisters are ugly and have no talent and are a bunch of fakers. lip synching beyatches.

  • sl

    does it ever occur to anybody that ashlee may just be holding her stomach as she has a pain or something, why does it hav to be that their seeking attention. And i think they are both hot ashlee doesnt look too good on these pix tho every1 has bad days when they cant be bothered, but jessica looks pretty as always!

  • Heather

    I am so freakin’ angry at the comments above me! I am the girl in the striped tank with Ashley….And she is my freakin’ cousin! Ya’ll need to shut up and get a life, because you just wish that you were them. Oh, and the girl that said that Jessi wasn’t slim….i have a couple of words for you- you know absolutely nothing. You haven’t seen her up close and in person-so how would you know. And i swear i am going to sick my body guard on all of ya’ll. Freaks.

  • Heather

    oh, and by the way….THEY DIDN’T FREAKING WEAR THOSE OUTFITS TO THE WEDDING!!!!!!! Jessica wore a redish pink dress and shley wore a black dress! So shut up!!!

  • meme

    i dunno if she is preg or not, touching her tummy a lot yeah, BUT a lot of the time it is really high up, people usually touch lower down when pregnant. UNLESS she gettin the old morning/all day sickness. Either way, I dunno. BUT she looks rough as f***, nasty clothes, i mean yeah travel in comfy clothes, but you could at least wear trousers that don’t look like a clowns castoffs

  • jake

    I think they’re HOT!!…(they are not suppose to be fully dressed all the time!!…i mean it’s normal for them to look that way in these pics)
    anyway i think they’re FCKING HOT!!…(and i would love to see there pics in the wedding)