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Britney Spears is No Pushover

Britney Spears is No Pushover

Britney Spears runs into the local gas station to use the public restroom while her rumored love/manny waits in her Mercedes on Monday in Malibu.

But she’s wearing shoes ya’ll!!! Okay, but she forgot her bra home again. We can’t win ‘em all!

Brit Brit wore a t-shirt with the words “NO PUSHOVER” emblazoned across the chest. The pop princess also wore a big brown studded belt and metallic heels.

Sundahl recently accompanied Britney and her two songs to Bel Air Presbyterian Church for Sunday service.

Bigger pictures inside of Britney using the public restroom… Check out the big grins on the Taco Bell employees!

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  • [marie]

    You look like a crackhead Britney. Why don’t wear your natural hair for once and stop wearing horse hair extentions. You’re not fooling anybody… >=\

  • [~Famous~]

    Hahahaha!! Fcuking ewwww!

  • C

    omg, she looks worse than ever!

  • Jack E. Jett

    Poor Britney seems to get all the shit and very little glitter these days.

    I love her. To me she represents all that a celebrity should be.
    She is a white trash train wreck that became a superstar. How Cinderella is that. Unlike, Denise Richards whose claim to fame is sucking a huge cock (who can’t do that?) Britney has talent, and we will love her even more when she makes a huge comeback……or O.D’s.

    She also looks like she would be a blast to party with.

    Jack Jett

  • jessica

    I really believe that she just does not care anymore.

  • anonymous

    She could at least comb that rat’s nest hair for this photo op she created by stopping to use the public restroom……ewwwwwwwww.

  • wing

    i don’t wanna see her fugly nipples. Just wear a **cking bra, you STUPID ****ING brit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sistahc

    Check out the Taco Bell guys (girls??) in the background. They’re so excited. Britney has totally made their day. Poor bastards. Mmmmm now I want a nachos belle grande…

  • richard

    aww brit looks soo beautiful..i cant wait for her comeback!

  • kbcan

    She looks so much better when she just wears something simple and casual, like jeans and a t-shirt, like she does here. But her hair is always a mess though these days with those nasty extensiona. And it would be nice to see her wearing a bra, because unless she plans on having getting corrective surgey as she gets older, those boobs are going to be hanging down to her knees.

    The “No-pushover” saying is Britney’s way of telling the world how “Strong” she is, and that she will do whatever she wants. Too bad she isn’t smart or mature enough yet, as she needs a whole more guidance right now in her life, her fashion choices, her career, etc., based on the repeated mistakes she keeps on making as of late

  • but

    what happened to her, she used to be sooo pretty. its’ like she just gave up on herself or something.

  • Amri

    Cover those disgusting nips, you skank!!





  • Juzxsero

    Her hair extensions makes her look sooooo trashy

  • Oh No!

    I can’t believe this girl who is a MILLIONARE, uses bathrooms at gas stations! WTF!

    She’s a WHACK job!

  • BritneyRocks!

    I Love Her! she rocks!

  • BritneyRocks!

    I Love Her! she rocks!

  • maggs

    I can’t help but love this girl. She seems so real. What you see is what you get. Brit doesn’t fake anything. I bet she is a blast to party with.

  • natalie

    Honey, please start wearing a bra. You can find them on sale at K-Mart if that’s more your speed.

  • kelly

    She looks hot!

  • enrique

    Britney looks hot. Keep it up Britney. Don’t listen to all the haters! Your album is going to be hot!!! soon you will be wining grammys.

  • lois

    Britney looks like an old horse who’s been rode hard and put away wet.

  • britney is a strong mom,woman

    Britney is Gorgess and a great mother to her children.Other celebrities should learn from her.She has great strength,I mean she bounces right back and does not let things get her down.I feel she is a role model to 25 yr old women and 30-40 ish women. Just learn from her strenght.

    I think she is such a strong woman.And she is creating a style in her clothing wear which will become a fad soon.Her hair is like Bo Dereck’s and I think it looks good.Her perfume is still a huge seller.So please learn and take her courage to heart.She is not a stuck up celeb she is kind.And she dates a regular guy and attends church with him.No one can say she has not change.

  • lois

    To Comment #24: Crack kills. Stop using it.

  • Jake

    That’s NOT her boyfriend. That’s her bodyguard/manny. LOL For a blog site, you sure are out of the loop. It’s not even John Sundahl. John Sundahl was in the Enquirer and it’s not the same guy! LMFAO

    Talk about lacking credibility. Sad.

  • D


  • j

    seriously,I use to love her and she use to top herself by looking amazing and no she does it by looking dreadful :(

  • robin

    that’s not her boyfriend or that john guy. it’s just a guard/nanny

  • bla bla bla

    No One will post a pic of bodygaurd and caption that it is john sundahl cuz its not. JS has grey hair, this guy, her old Bodygaurd from may 2006 who saved spffrom falling onthe sidewalk. Not one site will write Js’s name over the BG’s pic of him with her in church. dinner etc.. she is paying him again to work for her as allie left or got the boot. She was clever enough to get out fast (3months post rehab and gone)But her 12 yr olderm former alcoholic, AA councellorm is exactly what she needs. What a loser!

  • reader

    taking two songs to church? where they gospel songs?


  • britney is a strong mom,woman

    So glad you all have heard what Ive written. And I agree with myself to.Being a strong woman and a good mother is a goal all can reach. She is just living her life and taking great care of her babies and bizness. I admire that and I see most of you all do to. Lets all hold cyber hands and just thank our lucky stars our Brit Brit is back solid. Her stage performances are just the beginning of whats to come,they were the bomb!

    When she actually takes the world by storm again it will be our best, luckiest and happiest day.Thanks Britney the woman now, the mom, the actress and performer for coming back whole. We can hardly wait to buy our tickets and see your live performance, no matter what a ticket cost We will all unite and be there. So strong, loving and Talented. She’s come back everyone. Thank goodness. Please let her life be your guide.

  • britneyfans

    She is hotties celeb , luv u brit

  • ann

    He’s her bodyguard. That’s all. I also don’t think she’s dating the John guy anyway.

  • nina

    she look beatiful she’s pretty you are just jealous poor you .she don’t care about you

  • she look great

    i’m not fan of her music but i like her because she’s simple and she don’t care about what people said she’s very strong woman

  • here we go again

    Maybe a little sex will bring this genius, back to reality and the real world.

  • here we go again

    #26 Jake!!!!!!!!!!! go Jack off!

  • natali

    she’s hot the haters are idiot

  • Bit Bit

    Britney ! Britney! Britney!……. where to start…. you know I actually did not care so much about you untill you started to mess up big time (marrying the loser.Fed-X).. I kept thinking ,’she is gonna see what a loser he is and clean up her mess’… yup you did actually figured out what a loser he was… but you never clean-up. It’s soo hard pulling for you…ooyyy!!! May be I have this thing about underdog or may be it’s just dogg?? Anyway you kinda lookin’ like one nowadays… Clean up will you bit@h! And really if you need the good sexx , go ahead have some…it’ll clear up the skin give you better temperament and makes you smile!

  • here we go again

    #32!!!! britney is a strong mom,woman
    ROTFLMAO :lol:

    hold cyber hands.
    Thank our lucky stars.
    Take the world by storm.
    Luckiest and happiest day.
    we will all unite and be there…hahahahahaha..right..:lol:

    thanks for the early morning humor :lol:

    Hey for real i hope Britney gets it together, for herself, but it’s
    not going to make my day.

  • http://deleted LOL

    OMG that tits……:lol:

  • vivian

    What? She doesn’t own a racer back bra? sheeeesh! She needs one bad. Not sexy to have nips point strait south like and 80 year old.

  • bob

    41 you are stupide idiot haha

  • Nonnie

    She looks like a “witch” with her black, stiff, long hair from the
    neck up. From the neck down, she looks like a “hooker.” Doesn’t she ever spend some time alone? Now she needs a drug counselor–real estate mogul to keep her company? Where are her boys? Get this poor child someone who is qualified to do a serious intervention of some kind PLEASE.

  • Anon.

    She looks very disturbed. She should be placed in a mental hospital. It makes me cringe to see pictures of her. I look forward to the day (soon) when she will fade from public attention. Her life isn’t a reality show. I feel sorry for her mother and her two kids.

  • QuitWhining

    What happened to Allie? She is always photographed with Brit. No photos of her for a week or more. Where is she? Did Brit kill her or sumptin’?

  • lorenawoods

    time to shave that head again child! start over, do not pass go, do not collect $200. just get the fuck over yourself, coz God knows, everybody else has. you’re a hasbeen……………….go away!

  • Shmoo

    Forget “pushover”. Try a “push-up” as in bra, ya hillbilly!

  • emily

    she wasn’t w/ that sundahl guy she was w/ her bodyguard thats she’s been hanging around with lately