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Heidi Montag's July 4th Bikini Blow-Out

Heidi Montag's July 4th Bikini Blow-Out

Heidi Montag and fiance Spencer Pratt just happen to get photographed yet again while frolicking on the beach on Independence Day in the Pacific Palisades. The Hills honey got into the holiday spirit, turning heads in a stars and stripes bikini. Quite the festive July 4th bikini!

See part I, part II and part III of Heidi and Spencer‘s adventures on the beach. How many of these photo ops do you think they’re under contract for?

Other pictures inside Heidi, 20, and Spencer, 23, out on the town late last month on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, Calif.

25+ pictures inside of Heidi & Spencer marching on their PDA parade…

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heidi montag july 4th bikini 01
heidi montag july 4th bikini 02
heidi montag july 4th bikini 03
heidi montag july 4th bikini 04
heidi montag july 4th bikini 05
heidi montag july 4th bikini 06
heidi montag july 4th bikini 07
heidi montag july 4th bikini 08
heidi montag july 4th bikini 09
heidi montag july 4th bikini 10
heidi montag july 4th bikini 11
heidi montag july 4th bikini 12
heidi montag july 4th bikini 13
heidi montag july 4th bikini 14
heidi montag july 4th bikini 15
heidi montag july 4th bikini 16
heidi montag july 4th bikini 17
heidi montag july 4th bikini 18
heidi montag july 4th bikini 19
heidi montag july 4th bikini 20
heidi montag july 4th bikini 21
heidi montag july 4th bikini 22
heidi montag july 4th bikini 23
heidi montag july 4th bikini 24
heidi montag july 4th bikini 25

Photos: Mike Carrillo/, Cliff Sobel/Splash News Online
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  • cai

    these two are such media whores. they “tip-off” the papz themselves to have their pics taken. pathetic…

  • bob loblaw


  • H

    Oh come on this is old already. They’re posing the same as they did last time they were on the beach. Please how DO THEY make you money Jared?! seriously because they will never be uber famous like they want to be. UGH

  • michelle

    Where is her ring anyway?
    What a joke these two are.

  • Sahara

    So what are these two flaky idiots that the paps bother with them? Her plastic boobs are so hard-looking and phony and he is about as dorky looking as they come. Neither of them has half a brain working and all that phony posing is laughable. Move on, nothing to see here.

  • shopgirl

    I cannot stand them! And why is this fugly girl always in a bikini, does she think she’s a model? AS IF!!!!!

  • Luke

    Yeah, she’s always in a bikini, POSING POSING POSING!!! Amazing, even with the over-the-top boob job she still looks so utterly average. Maybe she work on her face. And maybe they should just disappear, they do nothing except pay photogs to snap pictures of them posing.

  • eww

    she’s so cheap! fake fake fake
    ewww she’s disgusting! i mean really she makes me sick.

  • things to maje you go hmmmm

    Jared asked “How many of these photo ops do you think they’re under contract for?”

    Honestly, as long as you’re willing to post them Jared- they’ll keep taking them.
    Solution – please don’t post them!

  • Hater

    Oh my god this bitch is hot! I would love to do her down and dirty!

  • Ashley

    Theese two are just so gross, they make me sick, who wants to see pictures of them????

  • Jill

    What a couple of goobers. You know they see the photogs. so they start trying to look all stupid…..Good Gosh they make me sick!!!

  • [~Famous~]

    Hollywood’s favorite Celebrity couple back at it.

    Everyone loves them!

  • PinkRose

    Maybe. it’s just me, but I would hate to see people using the Canadian flag to cover their stinky azz. To me it’s just not patriotic to use the stars and stripes in this way. Just ATTENTION-SEEKING.

  • Teresa

    She’s so gross. Girlfriend is so damn pale and plain she needs to work on her face instead of worrying about her boobs and her bikinis. I mean bleached white hair, pale face, plain eyes, plain everything. Typical white chick.

  • TR

    Honestly Jared, enough! Stop feeding the fire. These two are not famous, interesting, atrractive, newsworthy or even worth having to comment about. Stop before everyone turns on YOU and your website. Even Perez won’t run this junk.

  • ANON


  • Didi

    well what do you know, its the nobodies again, pretending they are a celebrities. Reality tv wannabes are not stars..and that includes all the talentless American Idol c*ckfags.
    Stop giving these cockroaches a medium please

  • myself

    those boobs are hideous..and her face..she really god struck with the ugly stick!!!

  • jess

    Keep posting, i love laughing at these 2 idiots.

  • Gia Jolie

    I can’t stand these plastic fake California freaks who become famous for doing absolutely nothing! MOVE ON!

  • [~Famous~]

    Jared gets the biggest laugh watching people get pissed off over these two wonderful celebrities.

    Heidi and her booobs are HOT, and Baby Brad Pratt looks more like the old Pitt everyday.

  • Bit me

    r they going to get their own show

  • Jennie

    She’s never “natural”, always posey and yucky. Sick of them, I’ve never seen a guy who’s so desperate for attention. I wonder how much they pay photogs to take their pictures. Photogs will do anything for money ! Even if it means that they have to take pictures of these nobodies !

  • Mrs. Fugly

    Well, Hell’s Bells! When, you look that good on the beach I, think media whoring is considered acceptable! They, both make a good looking couple. This is WHAT should be worn at the beach-NOT SPEEDO’S!!!!! I love the couple openly kissing and squeezing. That’s fucking HOT!!!! Holy shit!! Gives me dirty thoughts! lol!

  • nika

    I kinda of agree with cai lol.

  • Jess

    Mrs Fugly, if these two plastic posing idiots make you hot, you need therapy. This girl needs help, too, she can’t seem to be anything but fugly.

  • Cam


  • audrey

    haha…this is funny. keep the pics coming jared.

  • mackenzie

    stupid stupid stupid

  • Cat

    i hate them both. i wouldnt mind if the next bus they see hits them.

  • Beckett

    OMG – that dud is such a tool! Seriously – WTF!!!!!

  • Shmoo

    Wannabe celebutards. Nothing more.

  • tam

    they are pathetic!
    cant stand how the pose to the cameras
    so annoying

  • Mimi


  • lilflowa

    Do they not realise that the public see through them? i mean come on already HOW MANY BIKIN FOTOS CAN YOU TAKE?!?! AND HOW APT SHE’S WEARING THE FLAG AS A BIKINI!! COINCIDENCE MUCH?? ERR MAKES MME SICK

  • Mrs. Fugly

    No! Keep the pics comming Jared! Mabye, they will get more dirty and nasty with their media whoring. I find it amusing.

  • camina

    she is ugly and he is uglier. stop posting their fake pictures. no one wants to see them

  • tessa


  • donny

    I love how everyone says they are fake and what not. Of course they are. That doesn’t change the fact that YOU are a fat, ugly girl and Heidi is not. Deal with it.

  • Tara

    Isn’t their 15 minutes up yet??
    Media sl*ts

  • gini

    she’s so stupid and she’s not pretty. she’s not an interesting person.

  • Annie Mc

    I actually feel sick every time I see this guy – they wont last long as we all know he will return to his ‘Playgirl’ routes sooner or later…… Pass the bucket.

  • Tealeaf

    Nice Posing Heidi, are those two pretending to be Real Models posing for Vogue, and I guess Heidi feels she needs to show off all that money she spent on surgery. BLAH!

  • Palm Beach Princess

    they really are media whores….. ill bet they invite ALL the paparazzi and shutter bugs to some party or even worse, when/if he pops the question….jeez, its just like the eva longwhoria and tony parker thing

  • Tina

    Well, Heidi does look god, but HELL why the…shift isn`t they over?! Spencer is just a jackass!

  • Trish

    How many more of these faked photos do we have to look at? I cringed when I see these two.

  • David

    The Hills was dumb as hell, sorry, dumb as heck, I turn it off immediately, or at least turn off the sound. But these are really nice pictures, she looks very well here. Pity about the appendage ( Spencer ).

  • Natalie

    Heidi is gross… but I wanna know where I can get her bikini!?

    Anyone know?