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Jane Magazine Folds

Jane Magazine Folds

Another magazine bites the dust — Jane magazine has folded!

Conde Nast Publications pulled the plug on the monthly mag today after staffers were told the news this morning. Its last issue will be its August issue. The mag’s official website will also be shutting down.

Gawker reports, “It’s done, everyone is packing up and has to be out today.”

Charles H. Townsend, President & CEO of Condé Nast, added “This was a very difficult decision for us. We worked diligently to make Jane a success. However, we have come to believe that the magazine and website will not fulfill our long-term business expectations.”

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  • Cat

    i never like that magazine anyways.

  • everybody nose

    awwwwwwwwwwwww—who cares?——-not meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • SimplyMe

    Why is life so boring without Brangelina on the news?

  • Mmmmm

    Rutrow ..

  • phouse1964

    I care. It was one of the only magazines that had more than “How to get a guy to like you by starving yourself and being a sex object”. I will be sad.

  • I’m Not Obsessed

    3 SimplyMe : 07/09/2007 at 1:54 pm
    Why is life so boring without Brangelina on the news?
    Cause you’re obsessed like me! LOL.

  • snappyfish

    I really liked Jane. It was a very good magazine. No celebrity crap. No Hilton, or Richie. Nice editorials. Good stories, and realistic fashion. Nice reviews of music and books.

    It was a very smart Magazine and it will be missed. I read it and Women’s Wear Daily,Elle and the occasional Allure. W on months when a celebrity is NOT gracing the cover.


  • Zahara Marley

    ^^ LOL! I need a fix too.

  • Moonlight

    ^^LOL, I hear ya! It’s defintely been a while, huh?

  • Moonlight

    Gah, I meant definetly. Ah well.

  • ligaya

    I’ll miss Jane too. Sad how tabloids and blogs keep reproducing like a gazilion rabbits, and more sustantive yet fun mags aren’t getting the support from us readers.

    Tabloids dumb down peiple’s thinking; and appeal to the worst in us by passing off lies, slurs, slander, scandal and libel as truth. We lap it up because gee, it’s fun to be a malicious hater-bitch. Then tabloids give us more of the same garbage and worse, and it goes on and on. Please, when will it all stop? How can we make it stop?

  • Sayini

    yeah.. bring brangelina and the kids back!!

  • ANON


  • Jack Jett

    I always get Jane Magazine and Genre mixed up.

    I assume Jane with go to mag rag heaven where it can hang with Rosie.

    Look for my new magazine coming out soon called POPPERS

    jack jett

  • Yari


  • Didi

    11 the celebrity hating and slander will never cease. So by default, tabloids will always exist because famous celebrities and hollywood stars are not actually people in our eyes and they only exist for our amusement.

    Since they are not people, their feelings no longer count so it’s perfectly acceptable to tear them apart. In exchange for a sh*tload of cash and some adoration, they have to relinquish their right to privacy. It’s a good bargain if you ask me and if you really value your craft and don’t seek fame then go act on Broadway or to Panto or sing songs on the subway or music clubs. If you want fame and money then be prepared for privacy invasion and vilification from the public.

    It’s not nice, buts thats reality

  • Pam

    I need more Brangelina news!!!!!!

  • A.P.

    I tried to read Jane but I could never get into it. I think maybe it was too cool for me. I always loved Sassy as a teenager, and Jane had basically the same staff. At least it did when it was starting out. Yet the same magic was never there…

  • TUcker

    It was a good magazine
    But commenter #7
    both nicole and paris have been on the cover before
    but maybe you mean Jane doesnt talk about them every month

  • [marie]

    Hahaha… um… Jane? Never heard of it.

  • Z

    To Yari(15)
    You are so funny. Ya, I need my drugg as well, bring us BAMPZS.

  • hellahuvah

    Loved Jane when it had indie cred–which, ummm, kinda negates it being indie I guess. The last year or so it was bought by a stereotypical women’s mag company and went downhill fast. Don’t need another Glamour or Cosmo. I’m not surprised.

  • AjumaPower

    SASSY MAG= so cool
    JANE MAG= pointless

    There was a story on a journalist who traveled into war zones and around the world. The title was something like, “The Hair Products I Use When I Travel.” Ugh.

  • phouse1964

    Bring back SASSY! That was a great mag! Oh the memories!

    OT, but Jared, the reason I love your page and tell all my friends about it, is because you DON’T only report on the same 4 celebs all the time. If I wanted to read about Paris/Lindsey/Posh/Brangelina – I would read some other page that ONLY covers them. Love you, man!

  • StickyKeys

    OMG how did I miss this?! I LOVED Jane! I guess that’s why I haven’t been getting any issues lately, hmmm?

    Anyhow, Jane was getting a bit full of herself and I think once they changed formats was when I started tuning out. Too bad, hopefully something cool will come along to take its place. And hopefully we’ll get it in Nebraska.


  • JaneFan

    Screw you, Conde Crap! Jane was the only decent magazine you had. I can pick up an issue of Glamour from ten years ago and it will have the same boring crap (almost verbatim) about how to starve yourself or please you man that it has in its current issue. Shame on you.

  • Kerry

    What the heck! I just got my card reading “You will receive Glamour istead of Jane for the remainder of your subscription.” I can’t believe a magazine that seems like such a force to be reckoned with (have you read the writing in that magazine? Those women sound like they have balls) can just fold like that. It stinks. Jane really was unique and irreverent. However…I had noticed more and more how designer fashion- and makeup-obsessed Jane was becoming in recent months, and that annoyed me. So did some of their deceptive cover headlines. And some of their choices of cover girls (Zooey Deschanel? That’s a woman who belongs on Jane’s cover. Avril Lavigne, Hilary Duff, Jessica Simpson…not so much). Anyway, I am still disappointed. Even if Jane had kind of sold out, they were still better than a lot of magazines out there.

  • Kara

    I am disapointed to hear that JANE Mag will be no more! This was the only magazine that I actually cared to read from Cover to Cover. I am going to miss the more intelligent side of Womens Magazine articles that came from JANE. All of the other competing magazines only have the same articles about how to please a Man in bed over & over & over & Over again!
    Farewell JANE Mag! :(

  • LaurenLu

    Dear lord. Jane magazine was amazing! It was like my comfort zone. I would get one on the way home from work, and just relax for forty five minutes. I would read that thing from front to back. I loved Jane. And im so sad to see it go. I guess the reason it failed is that most people are dumb. And it ended so fast! Its like in never exsisted. so, goodbye Jane. Thanks for everything. Your loyal readers will never forget you.

  • chloe o.

    This really blows. Im so pissed. I had a 3 year sub!!!

  • Lindsay

    This sucks. But the mag went downhill after Jane Pratt (founding editor) left. she was awesome. RIP Jane Mag. We’ll miss you!