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Jessica Simpson Preps 27th Birthday Bash

Jessica Simpson Preps 27th Birthday Bash

Jessica Simpson checks out her tummy (or lack thereof) while catching a flight back to Los Angeles from Austin, Texas with her dog Daisy on Monday. She showed her pride for her home state by wearing a University of Texas t-shirt. HOOK ‘EM HORNS!! Jessica also wore jeans from Justin Timberlake‘s label, William Rast.

Miss Simpson and little sister Ashlee attended a family friend’s wedding during their stay in Austin. Jessica celebrates her 27th birthday on Tuesday, July 10th (tomorrow).

Happy Birthday, Major Movie Star star!

15+ pictures inside of Jessica showing your Texas pride…

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jessica simpson texas t shirt 01
jessica simpson texas t shirt 02
jessica simpson texas t shirt 03
jessica simpson texas t shirt 04
jessica simpson texas t shirt 05
jessica simpson texas t shirt 06
jessica simpson texas t shirt 07
jessica simpson texas t shirt 08
jessica simpson texas t shirt 09
jessica simpson texas t shirt 10
jessica simpson texas t shirt 11
jessica simpson texas t shirt 12
jessica simpson texas t shirt 13
jessica simpson texas t shirt 14
jessica simpson texas t shirt 15
jessica simpson texas t shirt 16
jessica simpson texas t shirt 17
jessica simpson texas t shirt 18

Photos: Andrew Shawaf/Andy Johnstone/Pedro Andrade/Nate Jones/
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  • tjh

    I love her jeans! Anybody know the brand?

  • me


  • DN

    no baby rumors for this singer

  • Mrs. Fugly

    She’s dropped some weight. She’s looks a lot better! Don’t worry Jessica you, tummy is flat honey! I hate to admit. Her ass looks great in those jeans. I wonder what brand they are? I want a pair.

  • [~Famous~]

    another vanilla dummy with nassatall. receding butts are dis-gus-ting.

  • Bo

    fugly ugly trashy no-talent dumb-as-a-post bimbo no matter what she does to herself. Why is she worth the space ANYWHERE!

  • anonymous

    still with the toes hanging over the shoes – like tiny little shrimp hanging on for dear life to the edge of the cocktail glass

  • D

    I believe those jeans are from Justin Timberlake’s clothing line Williamrast

  • C

    yes, those are william rast :)

  • natalie

    dog is cute
    jessica looks sooo much better when she goes with minimal make up like this. just natural.

  • Jimmy

    Does it get anymore narcissistic than this tacky moron? Standing around admiring every inch of herself, Jessica just can’t get enough of herself. No wonder she can’t keep a man, she can’t find one she can love as much as she loves herself. Geesh, she is such a brainless clod.

  • Jimmy

    Natalie, without make-up, Jessica looks like a man. In fact, it is getting downright scary how manly she has been looking lately.

  • noname

    Even her puppy looks depressed.

  • kae

    Wow, she sure has dropped a lot of weight. At least she still has some muscle mass. I don’t really care for her but I think she looks great.

  • funny

    LOL im glad im not the only one wondering what brand those jeans are. the color, stitching the cut im on love with them as soon as i found out im sharing the info.

  • noname

    Did they really decorate her SUV with birthday streamers? How odd.

  • Diana

    That dog is so cute.

  • Anthony

    she’s so hot

  • [~Famous~]

    How could people not know what brand of jeans those are..? the logo’s dead smack on her nonexistent-ass.

  • Ace Tomato

    Oh I smell an upswing. Whatever happened with Mayer, she’s dumped the brunette hair and attempt to be an indie siren and is back to being a sunny blond without too much pretense. That’s what makes her money.

    I think Jessica Simpson knows she’s more Doris Day and less Rita Hayworth. If she remembers that, she’ll laugh all the way to the bank.

  • magnus


    Blonde hair

    tiny waist

    huge rack.

    So much hotter than Rhianna or any of those nasty b*tches.

    *waits for Coco to take the bait.

  • love her pooch

    Jessica is a very cute girl, w or w/o makeup. She’s just naturally cute and does not look like a man. I like her especially because she kept her doggy and didn’t toss the pooch aside like Britney Spears did to her dogs. She must have a heart.

  • q

    “LOL im glad im not the only one wondering what brand those jeans are. the color, stitching the cut im on love with them as soon as i found out im sharing the info.”

    Jessica also wore jeans from Justin Timberlake’s label, William Rast.

  • funny

    i just figured that out but thanks q i was thinking rast or salt works but thanks lol

  • funny

    thanks q for the answer i thought they wore or either salt works oh well im not a big fan of timberlake but thanks q :)

  • Marbs84

    She looks way skinny. Is she also turning anorexic? Pictures add about 5 to 10 pounds on you so imagine her 10 pounds lighter. She looked better before when she had meat. Now, she looks like she’s gonan be a kate bosworth or nicole ritchie.

  • Didi

    she looks like sh*t. you know its a sad state of affairs when your dog looks better than you. she probably just saw pics of minnillo sucking her ex husband’s small c*ck in a mexican jacuzzi thats why

  • [marie]

    Jessica Simpson is the dumbest piece of shite I have ever seen in my life…

  • Sara Lee

    don’t know why she’s looking pissed like she doesn’t want her picture taken. She did call them to follow her all around! Why is she showing off her stomach, but can barely walk on a beach without covering up. Somebody really wants some attention.Sucks for her that her ex was drilling Vanessa in a hot tub, and she’s walking around desperate for JT’s attention by wearing his jeans. I hope her birthday is a blast with her dirty dog, and her friends that she pays for.

  • Sara Lee

    She looks old to just be turning 27, whores do age quickly

  • Didi

    she’s dying for a famous boyfriend. she practically boiled leo dicaprios rabbits in a pot at the Cannes film festival. he spent the entire event trying to avoid her. I suppose now she’s going to stalk timberf*ck for the next couple of months. serves him right.

  • Julie

    Jessica looks very cute without makeup. She is a natural beauty and reminds me of the loveable and ditzy Jessica we loved in Newlyweds. I think she’s grown up and I wish She and Nick would get back together now that they have time to be apart and hope they realize they belong to one another. Jessica has been lost and “ugly” without Nick. Vanessa is making Nick look bad and they have ZERO chemistry together. Nick and Jessica on the other hand OOZES chemistry on screen and they both are good singers. I wish they go back and do more songs like “Where YOu ARe” as they are so sweet and this is what people love about these tow, their love for one another: his acceptance of her ditsyness, her being clueless without trying too hard. Jessica are you listening?? Nick are you listening?? You two belong so much together and I wish people would just leave them alone to live their lives. Jessica needs to move away from her Dad and create her own family life with her man… NIck.
    They both made mistakes but hopefully they will get back together. I still love Newlyweds everytime I watch it. It’s like classic Lucy and Desi (yes I know they divorced) but they belonged together. Jessica has been so faithful to Daisy, the one animal that bound them together forever.. even though they are apart. Makes me think that Jessica is still not over Nick and Nick does not look really happy pictured with Vanessa, as if he tries so hard to forget Jessica…
    Daisy, bring these two back please…They so belong together. God bless Jessica and Nick….Forever in our hearts !!!!

  • [real]

    ~biggest loser in the world award goes to Julie hands down~

  • Fresh Raggedy Anne

    Her weight yo-yos as fast as Oprah. She looks great, for right now. Give it three months, she’s be bloated again


  • boss

    she looks good….but funny how the hot pics of Vanessa and Nick came out showing them both looking sexy as hell and now all of a sudden jessica is trying to show the world her flat tummy and ass…. too bad….she can’t compare to vanessa in the sexiness department….or style come to think of it, jessica has no style while vanessa makes everything look stylin…

  • Jilly

    Flat ass Jessica. Her butt is flat as a pancake. Nasty looking.

  • Sara Lee

    Yes Julie is a pathetic loser! Nick and Vanessa have 0 chemistry..umm did you see them in Mexico you moron? Vanessa is sexy, and Jessica’s an old maid. Homegirl should’ve stayed in Texas with her redneck family.

  • kathy

    jess is cute, i wonder if shes seen the photos with nick and nessa doing it?…sexy couple ..

  • Den

    This chick is so pathetic, she is calling Mayer through media shots or any famous man that will answer, especially Justin Timberlake. What does she do? look in magazines and try to figure out which celebs she can hook. Jessica is so disgusting to stand out in public and hold your shirt up so men can see her body. She would take off her clothes and stand on a block to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. What a wh*re.
    John Mayer would be stupid to have anything else to do with this desperate Ho-she will accept any man not just him, ANY MAN who has money and answer. She has sunken to an all time low. Then get her friends to come on here and post all the fake junk about her, then talk about Justin Timberlake jeans.
    That man has taste he does not want your divorced desperate housewife a$$. I think she is lower than a wh*re, those girls have better class than this thing here, who has lost all her shame.

  • amanda

    well um she looks like she’s at the airport. she looks great for no makeup & casual clothes, & I hope she stays blonde n natural, it suits her.

  • Kadi

    Come someone find out which jeans they are ( know the brand but which style) .. i have to have these jeans!!
    I dont event think you can get them in Australia!!

  • magnus

    God her ass is SO perfect.

    Not all nasty and sticking out like a baboons.

    And her nose is great. Nice small nostrils. Not some some girls with these huge ugly ass noses (until they get them fixed of course).

  • gongri

    Beautiful! Jessica, please do not make up!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dieter

    these William Rast jeans ruin every butt there are on – you can easily get 20 $$$ jeans with better cuts. There are horrible. Look what they do to Jess´ass which isn´t bad at all !!!

  • Claudia

    Real 8.33PM, Thanks for the good laugh!! hahahaha.Poor Julie, keep on dreaming Girl.

  • s.l

    jessica looks really nice shes worked really hard for that body latley so if she wants to proudly show her flat toned stomache then let her, if it was mine then id want to show it 2 the world too! Put it this way least shes not showing her tits and ass like some seazebag in mexico

  • ann

    paps really follow this fool to texas? yeah right. i think she has her own on the payroll.

  • ann

    God her ass is SO perfect.

    Not all nasty and sticking out like a baboons.

    And her nose is great. Nice small nostrils. Not some some girls with these huge ugly ass noses (until they get them fixed of course).

    Her ass is FLAT and her nose is huge. wtf are you smoking?

    I also wish people would shut up and stop saying “the girl we loved from Newlywed”. She played an idiot or was an idiot who had no freaking common sense and couldn’t do anything. She is only famous now because she whored out her marriage and then herself. There is nothing to love about this girl.

  • Truth

    Flat ass and horrible beak-like nose. That pretty much sums it up.

  • Cynthia

    She is the old Asshole! She looks the way her ugly sis used to look. She’s so dense and stupid. She would rather walk around looking like a piece of shit, getting called man face, tranny,Joe with a wig, get used by famous guys, being ignored by her ex fling Adam Levine while he’s performing on stage, being humiliated by famous guys including her ex hubby! Nick had stupid Messica looking like an ass on Newlyweds, bouncing a paddle ball off her nose, hurling a towel in her face, putting his pant leg over her fugly ass face! She would rather shoot her lips up than follow in her sister’s footsteps and simply get that long awaited nose job. Sry2say it Jess, but your new slim physique isn’t helping your career at all, I give her 2 months, she be lumpy again!