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Scarlett Johansson Films Woody Allen Spanish Project

Scarlett Johansson Films Woody Allen Spanish Project

Here are the first pictures off the movie set of Woody Allen‘s yet-to-be-titled Spanish Project!

Woody was joined by a frequent collaborator, his “criminally sexy” starlet Scarlett Johansson.

The director-actress pair were back in action, shooting scenes for Woody‘s movie on Sunday in Barcelona, Spain. The film, out 2008, also stars Spanish stars Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz.

“I hope I can present Barcelona to the world as I see it, the same way I presented Manhattan to the world as I saw it with my eyes,” Woody has said. “I want to write a love letter to Barcelona and from Barcelona to the world.”

Woody, 71, has directed Scarlett, 22, in 2005′s Match Point with Johnathan Rhys Meyers and 2006′s Scoop with Hugh Jackman.

15+ pictures inside of Scarlett and Woody reunited…

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Photos: Kadena Press/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Hulla

    Barcelona truely is the greatest European city right now.

  • Didi

    all this bint does is woody allen about some f*cking diversity scarlett?

  • jonathon

    Scarlett Johansson, what a lack of talent, why is fish-lips still getting parts? She doesn’t seem to have much upstairs, advertising that she gets tested for AIDS once a year, what a dummy, apparently she is too stupid to protect herself from all her sexual partners, and then is stupid enough to advertise she has unprotected sex. But thanks for the warning Scarlett, LOL. All this before she was 21. She is just not even attractive, not even with all the air-brushing her mag ads do for her.

  • Didi

    I agree Barcelona is a brilliant city, it p*sses all over London as far as culture, art and architecture is concerned. I went for one week with work and didn’t want to come back.

    And the men walking around are so f*cking gorgeous. They do ride bikes a lot though.

  • mate

    No one will bother with Scarlett but Woody Allen, he’s a creep and she’s creepy, and creepy and young is how Woody likes them. Scarlett is grtting a little old for Woody, though, so soon he will move on to younger girls and Scarlett will be doing those low-budget Sci-Fi bombs that all no-talent actors end up churning out. Scarlett can play a mutant, her lips are perfect for a mutant fish/man thing.

  • everybody nose

    ewww……woody married his adopted daughter……sick o’..I think scarjo is fug

  • Didi

    she may be American but her actual American accent sounds fake and put-on..its so weird. She’s probably the only person who has trouble with her indigenious accent. get help Scarlett..

    jonathan any girl that sh*gs Benicio del Toro in a lift must have gutter level standards anyway. I am not suprised she’s a regular visitor at the VD clinic..she must be part of the furniture by now.

  • LMAO

    Scarlett Johansson “criminally sexy?” Uh – NOT! What’s criminal is how the media keeps trying to convince us she’s sexy when she is just about as average as they come. And her acting is below average, noone sees her movies.

  • LL

    There was a film a while back called Barcelona. It was really good. Every actor has their fave director they dream of working with. Leo/Marty Scorcese, Penelope Cruz/Pedro Almodovar, Russell Crowe/Ridley Scott, Brad Pitt/David Fincher Nicole Kidman/Baz Lurhman. That’s how artists are. It’s about relating to others who share your artistic point of view. ScarJo likes Allen.

  • Hulla

    What’s wrong with riding bikes?
    It’s healthy. Or do you mean motorcycles?
    Motorcycles are sexy.

  • J

    I can see why he loves Scarlett as his muse…she is one of the few actresses today that is a throwback to the older movie starlets…from the studio days. More about the look…

  • I’m Not Obsessed

    Scarlett is smart to give Woody a blow job just to get her jobs, cause she knows that Woody is one of Hollywoods heavy weights.

  • Didi

    I hate pedal cyclists and motorcyclists, because they always flout traffic laws, the b*stards. I’d ram them all at 70mph if I could.

  • mouche

    Although I find Woody the person rather bizarre, I like a lot of his films, and Manhattan was a great movie imo! I am absolutely looking forward to see this film! Barcelona is such a fantastic city!

  • I’m Not Obsessed

    I honestly don’t understand Scarlett’s appeal.. She’s looks like every other Hollywood blonde. To be honest, I’ve only seen one of her films, The Island. The only Hollywood blondes I admire and respect are Charlize Theron and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

  • scandalmonger

    Oh noo not again a Scarslutty movie!This girl can´t act!!Always this monoton voice!
    She looks so fucking ugly!Wow did someone peed over her head?
    Wow Scarlett looks and acts like she is a very very cheap girl!I bet she would give u a blow job for just $5.
    Scarslutty is so stupid she isn´t even able to control her spincter muscle.
    And the only reason why Allen still wants her for his movies is because he is an doddering,blind ,old geezer!


    cant wait to see it , great post:)

  • panther

    Scarlett is fugly and her vag is already worn out and any movie with her name in it tanks.

  • grace

    OMG ahe looks fucking ugly in every single pic and this is for a movie?She´s full of make up,and looks even with that like a monster!The hair colour is awful,it´s way to light for her!BTW her nose looks huge!
    She´s such a bad actress and she always tells shit in interviews.

  • Democrat

    Are this 2 sleeping together? she is soooooo cheap and played out and her movies sink at the box office.
    She reminds me of whores like Madonna and Marilyn Monroe.

    Can we move on to better actresses we care about and are much more intriguing?

  • mickey

    It’s so gross–Woody is only working with ScarJo because he wants to get into her pants. If he didn’t think she was hot, he never would have worked with her this many times. It’s certainly not because she is some kind of extraordinarily gifted actress–her acting is so very average. Woody Allen is a pig.

  • jazzman

    The only reason Scarlett sticks with Woody Allen is because Scarlett knows Woody is a doddering blind old geezer, as one poster put it so perfectly, and the old geezer will stick with anyone who doesn’t know he is an old geezer. Has Scarlett made anything people flock to see? No and, in fact, her name will keep many away. She will never be a Sandra Bullock or a Nicole Kidman or any number of talented beautiful actresses that bring people TO their movies simply because of their names. Scarlett’s name will never sell tickets, and she needs to stop with the conceited air since her movies are always not well-received and she isn’t enough of a beauty to make people forget she can’t act that well. This movie will be another waste of time, too, and Woody Allen and Scarlett Johansson together is the kiss of death for any movie.

  • maui mel

    “mickey : 07/09/2007 at 1:30 pm
    It’s so gross–Woody is only working with ScarJo because he wants to get into her pants.”

    And Woody, being so old and tired, knew he wouldn’t have to work at all to get into those pants! Hopefully, he can remember how to use a condom, since by her own accounts, this chick has been way used.

  • Ruth

    Whatever you think about his personality, Woody Allen is still one of the greatest film directors working today and his movies are always interesting and worth watching. He likes to work with the same actors time after time (almost like a theatre group) and seems to be enamoured with SJ’s work. As for SJ, she is quite a good actress for her age and was excellent in Match Point. Acting is about talent and not necessarily what the person looks like. She is still very young and should start giving LESS interviews and working harder on her acting ability. As for shagging Benicio del Toro in a lift, they both denied it and heaven knows if it happened or not. Del Toro is the best actor working today and the sexiest.

  • Stellartes

    Listen to you all losers…so negative…no wonder the world is so f*****d up! You make me sick!

  • Martin

    She hasn’t any talent…and she’s dating Ryan Reynolds…why her Ryan why?

  • maui mel

    Ruth, people don’t go see Woody, they don’t go see Scarlett. Scarlett can’t act, and people don’t waste their money on no-talent actors who are too full of themselves to get some acting lessons. People think Woody is a sick selfish bastard because he is. Scarlett will never be any better than she is now, and that’s that. Woody is over, still hanging on, but who pays to go see Woody Allen movies? Not enough to make his movies anything but duds. So this pair is perfectly matched, they can feed each their inflated egos and THINK they are so much more than they are, and their movies will not make money and they will convince themselves that they are too talented for people to get. LOL, these two are pathetic, and the public knows it. And the public has the last word when the ticket sales are counted. It will take 5 minutes to count the ticket sales on this bomb.

  • Mariana

    I don’t like Scarlett. Woody has good and bad films, but I don’t understand the hate over them, the cruelty this post.

  • Grant

    I don’t see any hate, just the truth about a couple of snobby people who think they are more than they are. Scarlett herself brags about her multiple sex partners and she did say she gets tested for AIDS annually and people will comment on her stupidity when she is advertising it herself. As for people’s comments about her movies, what’s hateful about the truth? Scarlett is not an exceptional actress, and her movies ARE box-office disasters because her looks are too average to make us forget her lack of serious talent and that is the truth. People just don’t like Scarlett and they don’t go to see her movies, and Woody is not mainstream with his movies OR his personal life and this movie WILL be a box-office bomb. And that’s the truth.

  • Mrs. Fugly

    As much as I hate to say it, Scarlett is a very beautiful gal!

  • scandalmonger

    Yeah guys u rock the comments!Scarlett is nothing than a ugly pig,look at her hugh nose!That girl is such a big NoNo who always pretends to be a super brain!But she isn´t.This girl is so fucking brainless!
    Why does she support Al Gores Live earth and at the same time she drinks Fiji water?Arrogant bitch.

  • Josh

    Mrs Fugly needs glasses. Scarlett is NOT hot, NOT beautiful, and too average in every area including her acting. People don’t see Scarlett’s movies until they are released to video, won’t go box office prices to see her. Same goes for that sicko Woody, people don’t pay to see his crap. So they are making a movie together, HAHAHAHAHA, yeah right, will only take a few minutes to count the take on this tanker.

  • Mrs. Fugly

    Oh Scandalmonger!
    I had a really tough day. You made my day! You’re post is so funny dude. I laughed my fucking brain off. Woody Allen is a dirty old man trying, very hard to get in Scarlett’s pants! If, he hasen’t already been successful. Blind, horney old geezer!

  • remember da truth

    These comments are incredible for their stupidity!! You do realize that it’s perfectly obvious that it’s a few posters posting over and over again under different names? Jealous much, people? Your rants show an angry obsession. This woman somehow has struck a nerve where people want to trash her for being beautiful and getting good roles. Maybe it’s Lindsay Lohan posting all this, like when she scribbled on a bathroom wall in her drunken jealousy about ScarJo and the esteem she has in Hollywood.

    Scarlett’s movies are not meant to be blockbusters. The people here are as stupid as the Fanistons who claim, as if they think they are being smart, that A Mighty Heart won’t sell as many tickets as The Break Up. Well DUH!! Romantic comedy vs. serious small budget movie about world affairs and a brutal real-life death. Hmmmm… Scarlett makes indie movies mostly, and they are not intended as the car crash, rom com smirk at the camera, run of the mill movies for you mouth breathers. ScarJo is regarded very seriously in Hollywood. She is only 21. While Lindsay Lohan is making Mean Girls and one Disney remake after another, she’s making Lost in Translation, Girl With a Pearl Earring, Love Song of Bobby Long (or whatever the name was of that Travolta movie).

    Woody Allen is a creep, but don’t paint her with that brush. She is making movies with a renowned artist, and at her young age, learning a lot and acting with other top actors who still want to work with the freak.

    As for getting tested once a year for AIDS — you idiots!! She is doing what ALL people should do and “advertising” it for you numbskulls to see that it’s not a shameful thing but a normal thing to have an annual checkup that includes an AIDS test. Guess you were too stupid to figure that out.
    Just like you all still are too stupid to figure out that she never had sex in an elevator with Benicio del Toro. In an interview, she was talking about how the media exaggerates things and the tabloids downright make things up. She said for example if she were to share an elevator with Benicio del Toro, next thing you know it would be all over that she had had sex with him and she really didn’t want to have to address such things. So of course, next thing you know, she’s had sex with Del Toro in an elevator! He, when asked about it, at first was surprised, because it had never happened, then thought it was funny and good publicity because he had done nothing since Traffic at the time, so he said yes, then regretted it and has since denied it, but to no avail. The stupid will still perpetuate the story.

    ScarJo does not talk about her lovers. In fact, she is famously so closed-mouthed that she dated Josh Hartnett for years and never said one word about it, never even confirmed that she dated him! So where people get off thinking they know how many people a young girl has slept with is beyond me, but like I said right off, jealous much?

  • Mish

    Barcelona is a wonderful city. I love “manhatten” the movie so im hopeful that this film will please visually. Scarlett seems to be what diane keaton and mia farrow was to allen in his earlier career. Im not a big fan of hers as an actress but i like that she chooses interesting parts and isnt vulgar and annoying a la lohan, spears hilton etc. After allen hooked up with his step daughter though I lost respect for him as an artist.

  • scarlett sucks

    She’s horrible. She’s got no talent and she’s ugly.

  • donny

    She’s beautiful all you fat ugly girls out there. Stop hating on her.

  • scandalmonger

    Scarslutty isn´t only ugly I bet she also stinks to high heaven!
    Remember that neighbours from her appartment complained that there was in the whole storey a breath-taking smell coming from her appartment!Hello???Her door was closed and ppl outside on the storye could still smell the crummysmell out of her appartment?When her appartment stinks like that Scarslutty has a serious Problem :she stinks like hell.She is nothing more than a a load of bullshit .
    Oh BTW @remember the truth :what ever!I ´don´t like shallow movies either. That´s not what I´m talking about!Scarslutty is a horribel actress with a boring monoton voive !And that sucks.Oh and she is ugly!
    But u r a pity,I bet you are a fat ugly girl who thinks Scarslutty is beautiful because she is a little thicker than the other girls out there!
    So you can see you have sth. in common wich Scarslutty!

  • cutie pie

    flat butt with fake plumped up lips / what a faker.

  • operagal

    I agree, i think she’s totally overrated, and she only looks good when shes wearing a bunch of makeup and the right clothes, and her picture is being taken at the right angel. Other than that, i think her face is pretty ugly, and have you ever seen her walk in videos? She walks funny..
    As for her acting, she is completely monotone and boring, and is terrible at any unique characterization what so ever.
    So my question is, why the hell is she so famous!? Why the hell is she on a cover of a magazine just about every month and why is she in a new movie every month? That’s what confuses me, if neither her looks or her talent are that great, then why does she get all this attention that she donest deserve?

  • Pamd

    VKB was a great movie except ScarJo is not that great of an actress!!! I think shes beautiful but the girl can’t act. I really really want to like her but shes so bland…in every movie I’ve seen her in. Girl with the Pearl Earring was only her best one.

  • Lauren

    Scarlett Johansson ruined Barcelona for me. I cant bare to hear her voice. Ive seen high school kids in plays do a better acting job than her! Ugh! How does she get work??