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Britney Spears Can't Poop in Peace

Britney Spears Can't Poop in Peace

More pictures of Britney Spears and her new mystery man have surfaced! Manny? Bodyguard?

The first set of pictures showed a bra-less Britney, who can’t even pee (or poop) in peace, using a public restroom on Monday in Malibu, Calif.

These pictures show Britney‘s mystery man shielding her from paparazzi…

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britney spears mystery man 01
britney spears mystery man 02
britney spears mystery man 03
britney spears mystery man 04
britney spears mystery man 05

Photos: David Aguilera/London Entertainment/Splash News Online
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  • suzy

    oh my god! that hair is so wrong

  • ramar

    Britney IS a poop! God, she is so dang disgusting.

  • Didi

    What the f*ck is with that wig? looks like she got raped in the bushes and has just come out. And britney pooping in the toilet is probably her most dignified position. i wouldnt be suprised if she took a polaroid of her t*urd deposits and put it on her website.

  • britney looks so AWESOME

    Wow, I knew she was BEAUTIFUL but close up she is awesome!

    I think this demostrates Brit Brit’s Power and strength the way everyone wants her, wants to be her, or want a piece of her. If we all could just have a day filled of wonder as she does daily we would all be so happy.

    Im very happy
    to see her out and about loving life and loving people. Clearly the smile on her face shows her love of life. Concern always for others is her upmost thought, she has come back strong and fearless. We should all learn from her experiences and how she has dealt with it all, with dignity and class. We owe her praise. I will be the first to say, thankyou Brit, and please follow.

    We LOVE you Beautiful one ..Britney.

  • anon

    no mystery, obviously her bodyguard

  • Didi

    Im very happy
    to see her out and about loving life and loving people. Clearly the smile on her face shows her love of life. Concern always for others is her upmost thought, she has come back strong and fearless. We should all learn from her experiences and how she has dealt with it all, with dignity and class. We owe her praise. I will be the first to say, thankyou Brit, and please follow.

    We LOVE you Beautiful one ..Britney.


    I hope for your sake, that your being sarcastic.

    god f*cking help you if you’re not.

  • No thanks

    DAMN! Now I see why she’s always wearing hats.

  • Our world is coming to an end…


  • Sam

    What the hell kinda crap is that? That wig is worse than a cheap 4.99 halloween witch wig for a costume. I mean it looks like she bought it at party city, seriously! wow! what’s up with her lately?

  • mina

    OMG that is disgusting. This girl will never make it. She doesn’t have brains, no talent, no style, she’s to weak, girl give it up and take a shower for crying out loud.

  • Mmmmm

    Well at least she is not barefoot in a public bathroom like she usually is, lets hope she put down some TP on the seat but lets hold our breath on that one.

  • mina

    And nr 4 and nr 6 are you for real???? dignity??? strong??? Britney??? You must be joking. You can’t be serieus. I can’t believe that you are.

  • amber

    why doesnt she show her normal natural hair…i wonder if it all fell out??? maybe she has a sickness?…

  • [marie]

    Whoever put those extentions in her hair was smoking poop…

  • piper, with a low

    Can anyone say rat nest?

    Jeez, honey, call up Beyonce’s people or something!!

  • [marie]

    And BTW… her REAL hair is peaking out in the front I guess those particular strands could no longer stand to be glued in with the rest of that rat’s nest … >=(

  • bob

    leave her allone you are idiot

  • lili

    mina shut up bitch she’s beatiful and she has talent you are a big idiot

  • sarah

    i bet it smells…

  • Amy

    What is wrong with her? She looks horrible and it is so sad because she has the potential to be beautiful. Or at least very cute. She constantly looks dirty and as if she’s afraid to look in the mirror and that makes it seem like she has some real mental problems.

    Why does she insist on using bathrooms in gas stations? Doesn’t she have a home or at least the common sense to go somewhere a little more private or, I don’t know, clean?

  • Eve

    She is the living definition of “gross beyond words”.

  • Diana

    I am sure she is beautiful under all those hair danglers.

    Why not let the world see her cropped hair? I bet it looks nice.

  • Shmoo

    Hey- britney looks so AWESOME -

    If by “beautiful” you mean she looks like canned a$$ and if by “owing her praise” you mean that she deserves to be publicly mocked for her horrid parenting skills, poor fashion, lack of talent and general has-been-ness, then I totally agree.

    If you seriously think she’s someone to admire, look up to and emulate, you need to up your standards.

  • sasha

    hahahahahahahahahahahhaha @ #14.
    but yeah that hair .. it’s not cute.

    i definitely miss the old britney, it’s sad lmao =[

  • Ariel

    where are her kids???? pamela anderson is better mother than her…

  • cream

    Britney, go away, we know the over-the-top posts are you. TRUTH – you are over, Brit, and you AND your ugly tits and your scruffy hair extentions and your naked twat couldn’t turn on a lifer in ANY prison. You are a nasty trailer-trash b#tch to all who love you and PLEASE sign your kids over to someone who can raise them with love and intelligence, you have neither. What a wreck of a human being.

  • Prix

    WHAT is that on her head? It looks like burned spaghetti!

    It is inexplicable to me that with millions of dollars at her fingertips, this woman insists on looking like a homeless drug addict with a head injury.

    Why doesn’t she hire a stylist? Is it possible that she has tried but nobody will work with her?

    I wonder.

  • Lost_The_Pornstache
  • britney looks so AWESOME

    People cherish .Britney has done wonders in her life. Strong and Independent comes to mind.You all are right call, Beyonce and let her know she was singing about Britney when she sang ‘IM A SURVIVOR’. Right now you all are confused but the light will come and then you all will pay homage and give accolades to this BEAUTIFUL AND INSPIRING WOMAN KNOWN AS Brit Brit.

    Iagree with myself and I am glad you all see that she s not gone she has come back STRONGER, Walking TALLER, RESPECTABLE AND THE LOVING MOTHER that has triumph through it all. Lets hold up our heads high and say we knew she would come through for all ou usWe will be faithful and support her and love her through it all.Thx Brit Brit we knew you could do it and we are all so proud.

    She should have her own hair extension beauty projects and I know we will be there to buy us all a wig or extentions..made by Btit.

  • [~Famous~]

    Die Britney!

  • Sarah

    Looks like she can’t wash her hair in peace, either…oh wait she just decides that she doesn’t want to wash her hair.

  • (‘@’)

    I am sure she can afford a better, much better hairstyle than this nasty, greasy hairdo…my god…

  • Melissa

    Poor Brit’nay. I really do feel sorry for her. This is just pitiful. Can no one help her? She really does look like trash. trash trash trash….This is a true testiment that no amount of money can take you out of white trash. It must be a bred instict. Genetic, if you will. Maybe that is the wrong thing to say because I’ve never seen any of her family look this bad.

  • Mrs. Fugly

    Oh it Shitney again! Can poop in peace babe? What did you expect ya’ll stupid girl?! Damn her wig so UGLY! Where do you think she’ll shit next ya’ll? Oh holy God Damn! She already peed and took a dump on her head it looks like. Damn! you disgusting girlfriend! Next time aim for the toilet sweethart!
    U see the bodygard she is with don’t you? She’s probably doing him too! Oh what fun in the back seat with Shitney! Let’s party Ya’ll!

  • bdj

    That is one jacked-up weave. The bald look suited her better. Come on Britney, remember the days when you were a superstar and actually looked cute. Go back to those days.

  • Dilek

    The authorities should seriously take over her children…i feel bad for the kids.

  • W

    oh……that hair…..I wanna puke..

  • Mrs. Fugly

    Oh yeah before, I forget. The reason Shitnet decided to picked a 7-11 to take a dump is, she wanted to purchase a Big Gulp to rinse the Jez outta her mouth from, giving her bodyguard a blow Job!

  • marya

    Imus’ infamous line best describes Britney – nappy-headed ho.
    she is nappy-headed and she’s a ho.

  • Anonymous2007

    Britney looks naturally pretty here! Good job!

    As far as her career is concerned… To those saying it’s “nowhere in sight”: that’s not true! Britney’s publicist has said that if all goes well, the new album will still be out this fall, and a MTV VMA Awards performance is in the works. It makes sense. The single would probably come out in mid-August, the big performance in late August, and promotion and interviews up until the November release date. It doesn’t take a brain scientist to figure it out. Britney isn’t as stupid as people make her out to be. She knows that a major change will be coming, so that’s why she’s probably laying low and just relaxing, partying, going out to dinner, etc. Give her about 4 or 5 weeks and let’s see what happens. She DOES have a big chance of coming back… Everyone here is interested in what she has to bring… The “average” person who DOESN’T come on gossip sites like this don’t know about HALF the scandals and candid photos of her. Most just know that she had partied a lot after getting divorced, she can dress sloppy from time to time, and she shaved her head. That’s it, that’s all. Other than that, most people are still interested in how she’ll bounce back. That CURIOSITY alone will spark hype and interest in her new music. You’re kidding yourself if you think otherwise. If other run-of-the-mill rappers or singers can hit the music scene just because they have songs with good beats, a household name like Britney is SURE to make it big again. Pair that with a hot video and eye-catching performance, and she’ll be back in America’s good graces.

    So, in short… She DOES have a chance of coming back. By simply dressing in jeans and a T-shirt, she looks ten times better than we’ve seen her recently. Imagine when she actually has stylists again! The negativity really gets old after a while. She may have taken her newfound freedom and ability to be lazy a little to far, but that doesn’t make her a bad mother, it doesn’t make her a drug addict, it doesn’t make her a fat pig, or any of the other things many of you throw at her… She’s a normal person who hit the music scene because of her catchy songs and theatrical performances. That’s all, that’s it.

    Give her a break, if possible.

  • Shauna

    Anonymous2007 : 07/10/2007 at 7:15 pm
    I am not a Britney Spears basher, but it is quite obvious that the public has turned the corner on it’s Britney Spears adoration. I believe that she has damaged her image so severely that her audience is totally alienated, and the rest disinterested. That is being kind. Her slovenly appearance, and trashy behavior has repulsed many more. Her chances of ever being a ‘Pop Princess” again are nill. She had a lot to lose, and she did a fine job of it. She has no one but herself to blame. The best thing for her to do imo is to ditch the entertainment industry and concentrate of raising her two young children. Maybe in five years or so, the world will have forgotten her antics and she could try again. Anyway, that’s just my view on it.

  • Shmoo

    So is this big “performance” that’s in the works gonna be as talent-filled and awesome as her poorly choreographed and lip synched House of Blues shows? If so, sign me up!!!!!!

    **rolls eyes**

  • Anonymous2007


    I don’t fault you for having that opinion. You, unlike most other posters, actually speak your opinion in a respectful way.

    However, the situation can be looked at in two ways. Yes, many people have changed their perception of her. But I promise you, I’m not lying when I say that I could ask a few people RIGHT NOW about Britney and they’ d probably say she’s a good performer, had good songs, and they interested to see what she has to bring.

    Again, many other artists can become popular just for having a good song with a beat you can dance to… If they can do it, so can Britney. Honestly.

  • Anonymous2007

    And to Shmoo:

    No, the upcoming performance isn’t going to be anything like the HOB shows. It’ll be a NEW song, NEW choreography, and filled with talent. You know, just like her THREE other VMA performances that made headlines. Remember? Kthx.

  • popoface

    I’m 100% certain that those are extensions glued onto the remains of her real hair , now all dyed black.

    Does she ever wear a bra ? I love those chunky dark nips !!

  • tricia

    she’ gotta take off the extension thing asap, or she will be real bold!

  • sparrpw

    I think she’s going for the RASTA look.

  • gini

    poor girl

  • Dave Lee

    She is and always was great to look at.
    I just love her legs.

  • babygal

    maby if every one will leave ger the hell alone she can get some where in life if people would live her and her kids alone she probvley would have not been in rehab so maby in sted of dising her you should understand wat kind of life she has so all of you grow up and try and go thought wat she is going throught right now
    lol peace lozers