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Hayden Panettiere is Bikini-licious

Hayden Panettiere is Bikini-licious
  • Hayden Panettiere rocks out in a bikini.
  • Beyonce injures two fans, visits them in the hospital.
  • Madonna lays the smackdown on reporters.
  • Shia LaBeouf gets personal in Vanity Fair.
  • Hilary Swank slips into a bikini.
  • Gwen Stefani takes to the beach with baby Kingston.
  • Jude Law to do some good doin’.
  • David Spade‘s nose comedy.
  • Has Avril Lavgine copied another song?
  • Celebrities look so good in high-waisted skirts.
  • Teri Hatcher irks other Housewives with “desperate” move.
  • Nicole Richie is due in court tomorrow morning. Postponement denied.
  • When Alicia Keys and Keith Urban performed “Gimmie Shelter” at Live Earth this weekend, it was for the first time in person. “Keith had been in Australia, so they rehearsed the song over the phone,” says a source.
  • NBC’s Saturday-evening telecast captured 2.7 million viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research. In total, nearly nineteen million people tuned in to watch the Live Earth concerts on NBC and cable channels affiliated with the network. The total audience of 18.995 million includes viewers who watched at least six minutes of the telecasts on NBC, CNBC, Telemundo, the Sundance Channel, Bravo, MSNBC and Universal HD.
  • Former Jerry Springer bouncer Steve Wilkos has landed his own show. The Steve Wilkos Show will premiere Sept 10 on the CW network. /
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  • Jive

    Hayden needs some serious parenting, but it is obviously too late. For years, she has been teasing men wearing sexy clothes when she was barely out of puberty. I have to wonder about parents who allow their young daughters to act like sl#ts before they are even 17. Now Hayden appears to be a full-blown ho in training, and I predict Hayden will be the next Lindsay. Hayden’s stupid parents have introduced Hayden to the club scene, taking her around showing her how to have a good time. They say Hayden doesn’t drink booze, but so what, Hayden has LEARNED how the club scene works and as soon as she hits 18, watch out, this is a party girl ready for the party scene. Hayden is quite full of herself, which is a turn -off, but she sure is obviously ready for the guys, and she will attract the ones that will use her and toss her. Move over, Lindsay and Paris!

  • [~Famous~]

    She really does look like a Russian gymnast.

    Shia LaBeouf’s gonna have a Huge career!

  • hay

    Cellulite bootie and pratically naked -real innocent -what is this lilo going to be -doing to herself.

  • Montana

    Get a grip, Hayden, your posing is so rehearsed. You are too young to act like Lindsay, grow up. I remember when someone yelled out to Hayden and called Hayden Lindsay as Hayden was going into a club she was too young to be going into, and Hayden yelled back, “Don’t call me that!” In your dreams, Hayden you will never be as beautiful as Lindsay, but you are already hitting the clubs, so maybe you can compete in “other ways” besides looks. Hayden tries too hard to get attention, and it comes off pretty pathetic. Another hollywood attention-wh#re, just what we need.

  • Mmmmm

    Live Earth was great on HD.

  • Joshua

    Hayden has been running around like this since she was old enough to know that naked attracts men and attracting men is what Hayden wants to do. She’s been practicing for years, and she is pretty good at it. Yeah, WAY too full of herself, nothing innocent about this girl and not even 18. Pretty sad for one so young. That photo of her in that ugly yellow dress was the writing on the wall, the look on Hayden’s face was quite smug as she shopped with Rumor Willis. Yeah, Hayden, men look at you, but only because you make yourself look like you will them all on. Not something to be proud of at your age.

  • on top

    Hayden, put your clothes on, little girl.

  • [~Famous~]

    Isnt she at the beach? Lol

  • kookie

    Ya know, I am really tired of this kid. Hayden, put some clothes on and grow up already.


    She has really small boobs ..

  • Moonlight

    #8, Exactly. She’s at the beach, so I don’t get why the hell people are telling her to put clothes on. O_o
    I dunno. She seems sweet to me, and until she proves otherwise, I’m not going to think bad about her.

    Beyonce…such a sweetie. I like her.

    Gwen looks good, Kingston is a cutie.

    Nicole isn’t going to court tomorrow. People is reporting that the trial was delayed again.

  • EyesOpen07

    Regarding Nicole, it’s TMZ vs. – they are they only two outlets “confirming” anything – nowhere else (not even on E! Online – because of the Simple Life, I thought something would be up there by now).

    So, interestingly (and ironically), just like Nicole alleged pregnancy, nothing is confirmed just yet. We’ll just see what happens tomorrow.

    I won’t say is more reliable when it comes to celeb legal dramas because that arena is TMZ’s real specialty. General gossip/news, I would put in that category.

  • I’m Not Obsessed

    Hayden is the new Lindsay Lohan. Why is Haden such a big deal?? I mean I know she’s on Heroes. But so what?? She is so overrated?

  • web kid

    Definitely WAY over-rated. But then, so many are, it’s the paps and photo-ops that keep no-talents in the news. Hayden makes me yawn, and I don’t watch Heroes. She’s just another Hollywood nothing that knows how to get the paps interested enough to churn out photos of her.

  • Mrs. Fugly

    She’s lost weight. She looks good. It’s a good thing for her cuz, she’s pear shaped. She has small boobies and can get a big ass and thighs if, she’s not careful. She looks good now. She needs to maintain how she looks now.

  • Hulla

    God, what a hot bod.

  • Bali

    Thanks for contributing, Hayden, but your bod is not hot, you are not hot, nothing about you is hot, now go get into something appropriate for the child you still are. Your mother should be ashamed of you.

  • Angelina

    I don’t know much about this Hayden girl but from what i’m hearing…she’s turning into the next lindsay or paris? well, i hope she isn’t because she’s got a quite a GOOD career ahead of her. Not only is she attractive, but she can act and kind of sing? that’s pretty good for a girl at her age. but if she does start clubbing and getting into rehab, she’s going to spoil that career. i hope for the best for her and hope she turns out to be someone who the whole world will repesct.

  • cutie pie

    another flat butt pale white girl

  • wow

    people need to chill out and get a life because in the picture above the girl is at the beach and people wear bikinis at the beach its not a photoshoot assholes.

  • Alison

    is it just me or is everyone a little bit b*tchy?
    lol. the fact of the matter is that none of us have actually met her, gotten to know her, or have any real clue as to what kind of person she is.

  • Zac

    honestly, i think hayden’s pretty damn hott so shut up everybody with all the negative crap. and to who said she has small boobs, shut up because they’re still nice!

  • becca

    wow alot of people are really rude. She isnt fat and shes on a beach why are you telling her to get her clothes on??…jelous much..

  • Ryab

    she is hot so everyone shut up

  • Chris

    i’d fuck her so hard…she’s so hott..god

  • david carfora

    after seeing that picture she can do what she want’s and enythink she want’s to me!!!!!!!
    i mean like words can’t describe how great she looks in her bathours

  • alex

    as many people have said, shes at the beach… most girls wear bikinis on the beach so its not really a big deal

  • Sean

    listen..the girl is beautiful..and young so why cant she have a little fun…i only hope i run into her at one of these clubs lol…shes goreous

  • Branson

    Life is just too short. She can do whatever she wants.

  • Jack

    shes ded fit i dno wat all u others tellin er 2 put er clothes bak on are talkin abwt idiots

  • james

    i dont know what you guys are talking about. hayden is a goddess. shes a 10 out of 10. if you guys cant see that then check to make sure your still into women. smokin body and perfect face = perfect women

  • Rachel

    She looks cute! Why is everyone freaking out because she is wearing a bikini ON THE BEACH. OMG!

  • michael

    i am a middle aged irish male. i never had sex with a whte woman. i work as a freight elevator operator. i would love to mount her and make her big with twins.